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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    al-syedia got a reaction from starlight in Pakistan   
    and you yourself are using KASHMIRI with your name and yet you say that hyper nationalism is a curse
    we know CPEC is a thorn in your eyes and you cant digest the very fact that so much of investment is coming in Pakistan
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    al-syedia got a reaction from Chaotic Muslem in Happy Birthday   
    love ya alll
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    al-syedia got a reaction from Gotham in Good Movies And Serials - Indo-Pak-Expats   
    pak serials in my opinion have been providing a great family entertainment here in Pakistan
    some of the serials to look fwd to are
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    al-syedia got a reaction from Durr-e-Najjaf in They Killed Allama Taqi Hadi Naqvi   
    another sad and tragic incident
    may Allah hasten the rise of IMAM _E _ ZAMAN a.s

    and he was travelling in a rickshaw
    a great proponent of shia muslim unity
    a professor and educationist
    a loss for the Pakistani nation
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    al-syedia got a reaction from Hasan0404 in Power Outtage Reaches New Heights In Pakistan   
    welll posts by DV and marbles were really informative and enlightening
    really enjoyed reading those
    well on the lighter part
    what is load shedding>?????
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    al-syedia reacted to pakistanyar in A Paki Diamond   
    You need to change your role models, this shaukat raza shaukat asks to get paid thousands for pointless entertainment. And Pakistanis from poor neighborhoods go out of their way to invite him.
    Majlis has become a show off thing, who can invite who and what kind of food their was. The Quality of Majlis is at a all time low in many area's in Pakistan. People don't take anything useful home from these majlis anymore. And this will only lead to decay of values. You Pakistani Shia are on a path to self destruction. You need to wake up.
    You and your friends invest your money in idiots like him while the Taliban/LJ/Sipah-e-Sahabah are investing money in makeing themselves stronger. If you keep up this [Edited Out] you can blame yourself for these Shia Killings in Pakistan.
    No one will help you until you decide to help yourself
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    al-syedia got a reaction from Saviour in What Is Shiachat For You ?   
    great comments people
    well im coming over here on sc for the last 7 yrs now
    and it is just like a family to me
    though the older members are not seen here so often now a days
    but even then when i recall my time 7 rys ago
    there was alot of activity here every day and every hour
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    al-syedia reacted to Aly ReZa in Interesting Threads   
    Salam alaikum to every one
    Sorry if this thread is not in its appropriate forum.
    As I have came to this site just a 3 months before and came to know many things which I was not aware of and some threads which are really very interesting to read like quiz, debates etc
    I know there are many threads which I and other people also are still not aware of.
    Lots of new members are also coming day-by-day so it will be interesting to them also.
    I have made this thread so that all the members can contribute their favourite / interesting thread links so that the other member can have a look on them.
    May Allah s.w.t reward all of you for your efforts.
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    al-syedia got a reaction from miqdadnaqvi in Shadi Ki Drkhwast Krty Waqt Ehm Nukat   
    ahem ahem
    ham bhi hain yahan
    admin sahab
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    al-syedia got a reaction from Mullah_Habib_uDeen in Mournful Eid - Quetta   
    @ seeker and HUSEIN guys
    what i said that the hazaras are descendents of GHENGHIZ khan was told to me by a HAZARA himself.
    and why i say that they are more easy to be identified is more because of their looks yeah u r rite that the sectarian killing organisations that are targetting shias do have all the records of shias but in very limited places do shias live in such a majority like MARRIABAD in QUETTA which is a shia dominated neighbourhood.
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    al-syedia got a reaction from khuram in áØÇÆÝ   
    copy paste zinda bad
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