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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. and you yourself are using KASHMIRI with your name and yet you say that hyper nationalism is a curse we know CPEC is a thorn in your eyes and you cant digest the very fact that so much of investment is coming in Pakistan
  2. al-syedia

    Pak Tour

    great its really grt meeting someone from SC
  3. al-syedia

    Pak Tour

    wats the update on paktour?
  4. it was too damn hot here in karachi still is i once was about to be admitted in a HEAT STROKE CENTRE
  5. panzerwaffe sir is u'after so long time
  6. there???

    1. al-syedia


      send me an email at

      ali-tajdar@hotmail.com plz

    2. Abbas.


      Sab khair hai bro?

  7. after sooo long detention allama got freed ALHAMDULILAH
  8. so far zarb e azb has been a success but in my opinion the real battles will be fought in the cities
  9. well its so sad and disappointing I really don't understand the difference between being a teacher and being a follower if ya know wat I mean
  10. pak serials in my opinion have been providing a great family entertainment here in Pakistan some of the serials to look fwd to are AANGAN TERHA DIN DHOOP KINARY
  11. another sad and tragic incident may Allah hasten the rise of IMAM _E _ ZAMAN a.s and he was travelling in a rickshaw a great proponent of shia muslim unity a professor and educationist a loss for the Pakistani nation
  12. The separation of erstwhile East Pakistan in 1971 was a grave shock for our nation. December each year reminds us of this tragedy in which Pakistan Army was trapped into a civil war, resulting into disintegration of the country. Since then, there has been a little dispassionate research by nonpartisan organizations, to find out the facts in proclaimed atrocities committed by either side starting from Mar 1971 till the creation of Bangladesh. Most of the literature available on the conflict in English or Bengali, consists of personal accounts and views of those who were directly involved in the
  13. mukhtalif tu nahi bhai wohi purana spamming scene on hai khair seyy
  14. welll posts by DV and marbles were really informative and enlightening really enjoyed reading those well on the lighter part what is load shedding>????? lolx
  15. both countries especially india should accept pakistan and this re unification thing will go for ever
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