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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If you choose to repay a broken covenant through fasting, the Kafarrah is fasting for 60 days. What are the options when doing this? Is it allowed to break up the fasting into smaller subsets, or must all of them be done consecutively? I have heard that the Kafarrah for breaking a fast intentionally is also 60 days of fasting, and that 30 days must be fasted consecutively whilst the remainder can be broken into smaller sets. Does the same apply for a broken covenant?
  2. Apply sactions. Collectively punish and crush the resolve of the people because the resolve of the regime will nevere be broken. Turn the people against the government. Get rid of the regime. Install new pro-US regiome. We've heard this before.
  3. Sorry about reviving an old thread, but this is just pure fairy-tale fantasy and displays serious ignorance of historical truth. Murdering a group of people with the aim of eliminating them is genocide, and can be used for ethnic cleansing. Yes, Israel's policies have been close to, if not completely genocidal on many occasions. Ethnic cleansing is the riddance of a certain ethnic group from a certain area, by genocide or otherwise (e.g, killing some, scaring the others out). Yes that did happen in 1948 (or around then) when 600,000 to 800,000 Palestinians were expelled from the newly formed
  4. "or he may act on the fatwa of another Mujtahid who it is permissible to follow. " Ho do we know which of the other Mujtahid's are permissible to follow according to Seestani?
  5. It might depend on how they came to their respective conclusions. The precaution may be because, after extensive research, the hadith are not clear on the issue, or, that, because not enough research has been done on the issue by that Marja, that Marja gives a precaution about what to do. Does anyone know how Marjas come to the conclusion that something is an obligatory precaution?
  6. What is the meaning of "then let him stop her from evil"? Does this mean that he must ensure that she should stop working as a prostitute afterwards, or that it is recommended to do so? Why do those who say it is permissible insert that "let him stop her from evil"?.
  7. Provided marriage with intention of divorce is haram there is a big difference
  8. Going by the first post, I think that even though you might have some interests, they certainly aren’t “intense” enough to still make it hard to keep thinking about you know what. It is important for to change your life such that you are so deeply interested or involved into other things in your life that you scarcely have time to acknowledge the fact that you aren’t married, as your mind is almost continuously occupied. One way you can do this is by: Making “compressed” time tables, in which you have more things to get done in a certain day than you have time, which can make sure that you are
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