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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I guess I'm different. I just stopped asking questions and found many of my answers by simply searching and on the bright side many older users and discussions were very logical, non emotional and convincing I'm not sure anymore which I look for older posts.
  2. No offense but there is many many topics on this. You can search it and read many discussions
  3. http://www.houseofquran.com/quransys/qsys.html
  4. Please don't be offended by what I'm about to say but how did you two get married? Was it love marriage or arranged and pressured from the family? It could be she isn't attracted to you sexually from the sounds of it and she's voiding having sex with you and even kissing you, or it could be other reasons but it's just a thought I had.
  5. Ayeesha


    Hey everyone that has replied. I started practicing in high school and I went all in and over the years it has tired me out. I guess people would call it "burn out". I started slowly losing interest and I let shatian get the best of me. After awhile I married someone that was contacted to the masjid and he was my motivation of going but after a year or so things didn't work out and we divorced and now I'm completely not practicing. My family also doesn't practice and I live in a state where Muslims are scarce and for the Muslims I do know their far behind me in Islam. Unfortunately I don't go on Muslim forums either which I used to use for reminders. I sincerely want to be a good Muslim again and have a purpose. Enough about me. Is everyone good anything new?
  6. Ayeesha


    Salam - How's everyone doing? I don't get on much anymore but whenever I do the chat is dead :( I see so many discussions but so little time. What's new with me if anyone cares. Well, I fell off the train and I'm not a practicing Muslim anymore and I pray I am guided again In Sha Allah. Make dua for me. This world is too cold to die not having a purpose. Message me friends and I'll give you my Facebook or contact info if anyone ever needs someone to vent to, have discussions with or just simply have a conversation with. I hope whoever reads this has a wonderful day.
  7. Yeah, I was actually at a Arab restaurant and on the news I heard a Shia masjid was bombed, ran outside to tell my mother and she was so sad subhanallah, it's sad this is happening in Ramadan... I can't even eat now but everyone stay blessed and Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah keep us safe and if we go there's no better way going then praying to him.
  8. Roaming around and ran into this and subhanallah it caught my attention after not listening to quran for such a long time :( SALAH ALHASIM https://youtu.be/azV_h5Q_ODU
  9. I didn't know much about shias so I joined in 2012 and there I just browsed and posted some questions.
  10. My husbands best friend has become a Shia (not practicing) and my husband is very religious mashallah, his at the masjid everyday and one day I asked him "you don't care his shia" and he said "no, why would I care" Allah said to everyone their own" ... so he basically doesn't care as long as they respect each others beliefs. We actually live near a shia masjid (it's been destroyed not sure if their rebuilding it) but his open minded as long as you dont insult his beliefs and the same way and to many we'd be considered salafi or extreme but we're the complete opposite. Too many judgmental ppl these days.
  11. I've only met two ex shias and they were both proposals. One was born in Iraq and he converted to Sunni when he was 18 and the other I don't know but he was born in Iran.
  12. ' I was born there and haven't lived there long. Long story short we aren't Saudi but my family hated living there especially my mother. My mom didn't have my father around a lot since he was working so when she went outside the religious police where very strict, they would yell at her if she didn't wear her gloves in hell like summer. Basically woman were treated like [Edited Out]s if they went out without mahrems. Some woman would get yelled at if they looked side to side because they thought they were looking at men. I don't think they ever treated us differently, we were young;. But I did hear VERY disturbing stories about some men kidnapping native women without papers and raping and killing them. They kidnapped kids too. SO DISGUSTING! My mother decide to leave that country after my 4 year old sister almost got kidnapped by some natives from Pakistan that lived next to us. My mom ran after the man all the way to his house [Almost 20 men in the house] she ran back out and went to the masjid, all the men in the masjid beat those men up and when the police came they all got 80 lashes each and they were never seen again. That's all I have from experience. We didn't live in a big city so it might be different there. We might be moving to Saudi someday too. My husband was accepted in Medina University but he didn't go and now he'll reapply so we'll see if his accepted again. We want to be closer to medina and mekka.
  13. Arguments and disagreements happen but it's how you handle them that will show you if you'll make it or not. Some couples rarely fight but when they do they blow up and it's probably why they don't argue because they know the outcome.
  14. How's the pregnancy Zaynab? I think you're getting closer to due date, right?
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