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  1. Iraqis are cursed yesterday they let down our imams a.s prophets righteous companions recently they let down ayatollah Mohammed baqir al sadr ( they greatest scholar we had) coz of Iraqis indifference caused kerbala battle of siffeen do not trust Iraqis!! They are cursed! So many imams shahhadet happen end coz of Iraqis this so called Arab nationalism is bull [Edited Out] ayatollah sistani is Iranian ayatollah bashir al najafi is Pakistani who is leading Najaf hawza??
  2. Salaam can you delete my account please and shouldn't you have a option to delete ones own account? Are we living in a dictatorship?
  3. "Iraqis cannot together cannot organise a prayer in a mosque" enough said.....
  4. Maliki is delusional he is just obessed and addicted to his "Kursi" (throne) sayid jaafer aghaei said in 1994 during the uprising against (or after) " shia of iraq not ready to rule after saddam they'll fight each other" look at was is happening today.... I mean who has authority in iraq Najaf hawza got ignored... (Apart from thousands volunteers) who were mainly young passionate Shias honestly they are no match for daesh even the pershmagas are finding it tough and withdrawing from certain areas..... I don't want my fellow Iraqis to get offended or take it wrong but Iraqis individually are nice humble believers collectively (as a English saying goes) "they can't hold a prayer in a mosque" so many prophets a.s, companions shrines shia mosques have been destroyed right before worlds eyes so much genocide of believers and minorities yet they blame everyone but themselves "Iranian influence, American influence Mossad waahabi/takfiri conspiracy" 5000 Hezbollah fighters are protecting Bibi Zainabs a.s and yet there's millions of you who had the best weaponary yet they packed and ran away... Yet we hear many shia laughing at "certain" companions running away from battle of uhud... The Iraqis need adopt Iranian mentality the way they love their country and proud of their history they have minorities too and Kurds they trained Hezbollah which is the best in the world in guerrilla warfare... They trained asaib u'll haq mahdi army badr army without them you'll be lost... Today they are protecting sammarra shrines of our imams... There is one sahih hadiths that come to mind and this is directed to all Shias " the first to reject the imam of our time will be the Shias" today our Iraqis Shias got exposed and certain parties will remember that and use it against you in long run against saddam Iranians fought for 8 years sacrificed million men pakistan fought 4 major wars with India Hezbollah fought many wars with Israel Afghanistan which has defeated super powers of his time ( British, soviets, Alexander the Great ) I don't mean to rant on but this soap opera is going on and iraq is going to be in turmoil inshallah trey will unite if not May Allah swt unite the shia of Ali a.s
  5. http://t.co/Ala9rP2Zk9 Salafi promoting jihadists in Oxford central London http://t.co/jwxrYBnavL
  6. Animals only kill to feed their stomachs only in rare occasions animals kill humans... Please stop disrespecting animals
  7. What's even more sad is you saying it!!! Reply if your man/women enough??
  8. Democracy is a fraud..... Maybe ayatollah sistani needs to take over!!!
  9. As much as I hate to say this..... But shouldn't we blame ayatollah sistani as much as we blame nur al Maliki the whole world knows shia and Sunni plus westerners iraq is under his control and power..... Allah swt has blessed him with this power why not make Iraqis life better under his guidance??? What is he scared of? He doesn't have to copy wiliyat faqih system but I'm sure Shias Sunnis Christians wil listen to him!! Ayatollah sistani should and could take responsibility rather than give statements Islam is the answer to all problems.... Ayatollah khomenei didn't have it all Rosey he went thru some tough times...... In iraq we were blessed with ayatollah baqir al sadr ( the genius of our time) but Iraqis ignored he would've been the best leader but Allah swt knws best all I say Najaf hawza and Qum hawza need to come together rather than have their boxing match the Arabs, Iraqis have to admit Qum has been shia capital for a while so put ur nationalist ideas to one side and unite!!! " a great civilization only gets conquered when it destroy it self within"
  10. Not a problem.... Brother keep us informed you seem to provide good information.... Plus they say he is descendent if imam hussain a.s ( looks like Mossad done their homework) the war in iraq syria and Lebanon as I see it all to undermine Iran.... Isis are known as disposable assets just like al Qaeda Taliban ttp lashkar jangvi they using them wen their finished they'll dispose them
  11. Looks like Uncle Sam is going to carry out targeted strikes..... USA is willing to help yazedis and the Kurds but refused to help Iraqi goverment.... Strange Vice in raqqa
  12. Another troll here..... Let's just say everything you say is true (in theory) where are the Taliban waahabi/ salafi/ takfiri , the Sunni Saudi goverment, Sunni Qatar, Sunni Jordan Sunni Egypt Sunni Libya Sunni Tunisia.Sunni Malaysia/ Philippines For the Sunni Palestinians who are getting killed mercilessly or do you believe in the shia conspiracy 1 billion Sunnis are getting there asses whopped by 5 million Jews it's a shame brother fix you own house before pointing the finger...... Iran (Islamic shia goverment) today is sitting with the world powers discussing their nuclear programme they refuse to bow like the "Sunni goverment" coz of Iran Hamas has rocket capability Hezbollah is the only movement to defeat the Israelis you carry on with you're "Taliban" or "Islamic state" if you can't help your own people (palestinians) we should never rely on you lot!!!
  13. Apparently the Sunnis from Mosul have turned against Isis after blowing the prophets shrines and historic mosques they'll go running back to raqqa where the Syrian army and defense forces will have them sandwiched between Syria and iraq they'll be easy pickings and lots of rivers of blood of these takfiris and no more ranting "hello snackbar" ( they don't deserve to say allahu Akbar) only real Muslims do!!! Qassem soleimani at his best again!!! May Allah swt protect him!!
  14. Yeah good news.... Send a few to Iran so they can start reverse engineering them (they probably already have) then carpet bomb the terrorist and their allies their dead bodies will be very fertile for the barren Iraqi land.....
  15. I've said what you should happen to these seines read my earlier post see if you agree
  16. Heavy fighting reported outskirts of samara imagine in Isis take over city first thing they will do is blown the imams shrine (astagfrillah) and we will be arguing "what shall we do?" The brutal truth is in war innocent civilians women children elderly die and suffer the most we as shia of Ali should try to not let that happen or keep it to a minimum as much as possible...... They blew prophet yunus a.s and prophet Seth a.s and that's their prophet too do you really think they will spare any of the imams? I say kill them on the spot no more prisoners just like metal cut metal let brutality meet brutality ( but none of this decapitation or cutting limbs) just shoot them in the head...... Just cut off the link to samara let the tribes and former Baathist suffer a few months under their control then they will realise how good the shia really were!! Or just take out the tribes who were allied with them and make sure this never happens again!!! Oh yeah eid Mubarak to you all!! http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2014/07/tribal-revolutionary-conference-erbil-rage-maliki.html http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/07/28/the-isis-caliphate-s-coming-blitz-of-baghdad.html
  17. Ok you claim syeds only marry steds and is a Hindu tradition?? Time for a history lesson boy... Syeds left the Arab countries because they were being systematically being killed hence why you hear and see syeds from Lebanon all the way to India/pakistan most of the sub continent syeds migrated from Uzbekistan hence u see lots of bukhari syeds even ayatollah khomeneis father was known as al hind he was from Kashmir... True it suited syeds being fitted in a sub continent caste system and keeping their faith intact but religiously syeds can and do marry non syeds in Shiasm..... It is the 4 major school of thoughts that have made it haraam for syeds to marry non syeds that's why lots if syeds in pakistan stay Sunni (just for that reason) maybe 4 major schools of thought need to change their ruling and plz stop posting pictures of men with 1 eye reminds me of the dajjal..... By the way pakistan was created by a shia muhammed Ali Jinnah pakistan army, intelligence was created by a shia pakistan air force is 60% shia,,,,army is 40% shia many of the generals are shia if Saudi Arabia think the whole of pakistan army are gonna come to their rescue they are mistaken maybe a few sympathizer because waahabi/salafi/takfiri cult has been exposed hence the operation in the tribal areas,... The highest award in pakistan is nishan e haider (symbol of haider) not symbol of Abu bakr (which means father of goats as he was a shepherd..... Most sunnis don't even know hit real name) Umar or Uaanso stop calling names and moderators clear the rubbish please
  18. There is just too much politics!!! But all I knw Shias are the majority if they can't control a few militias god help them against a proper army!!! The problem isn't winning land it's about keeping it that's the difference between a proper army bashar al Assad went through the same dilemma back and forth but then his generals and Hezbollah help smarten them up Iraqis need to be courageous and gonna have to give a big sacrifice and there's only 1 man who everyone finds just Shias/Sunnis/ Kurds and it's ayatollah sistani with him leading and behind the scenes Iranian generals.... On the ground Iraqi foot soldiers they will be victorious even bashar al Assad needed Iranian quds force there's no shame in asking fellow brothers for help..... Otherwise they will be going back and forth for years and they have to be brave and ruthless in the battlefield!!! Inshallah
  19. The Quran says: “Fitnah is greater than killing”(Quran 2:217) 5:33 The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter Quran overpowers the sunnah killing innocent people blowing up shrines of prophets and saints blowing up shia mosque executing shia Sunni and Christians and other minorities threatening to blow up imam Ali a.s and other imams a.s shrines if that's not waging war against Allah swt in Muslim lands I don't know what is??the mushrikeen threat was neutralized that's why they were pardoned They video you posted contained slander.... And you put that video up
  20. Ok fair point maybe not every Baathist but everyone of them included in causing fear fitna, fasad, taking up arms against the state and killing people mercilessly they will still mount to a in high thousands
  21. Salaam brother but when that quote come saying ayatollah khamenei criminal and ayatollah blood thirsty devil I stopped listening! Ayatollah shirazi has his own opinion but he wasn't the leader of revolution as for giving second chances please we can exactly see what's happening in iraq when former generals and Baathist were giving second chances they are killing Shias by the thousands bad policy or not by Maliki.... No major islamic school of thought caters for this barbaric crimes against the Muslims.... Maybe brother you need a second chance in your thinking.... Thousands of shia Muslims died during the revolution over 6000 scientists were killed by Mossad those who were with the regime or stayed silent are just as culpable in their crimes hence why we raise our voices for palestines if we don't we are just as guilty as Israelis but how can we really knw what happened during or after the revolution I trust ayatollah khomeneis ra judgement... Today the same revolutionary ideas the same Iran is sitting with the world powers on the same table ( even after threats, war Iran-Iraq, sanctions,arm embargo, cannot purchase wheat, rice or medicines) the same Iran whether we agree or not with their policies you have to admire them for standing up and not being humiliated like the rest if Arabs or Muslim countries.... So brother think again contemplate and write something appropriate without cursing or slandering any scholars
  22. Congratulations on you engagement...... Maliki made a big mistake by letting them Baathists go ayatollah Khomeini executed every single puppet of the former regime in their thousands..... people cried " what is he doing?"but he was thinking of the longer term... Iraqis need to better trained and fight for their country nobody will come to their rescue personally their should a fatwa ordered by ayatollah sistani/shirazi/najafi anyone who bears arms against the Iraqi state... Killing innocent people spreading fitna, fasad, fear and intimidation in the population and anyone associated with Isis should executed on the spot (credible evidence needed tho) no more war prisoners the takfiris are taking advantage of our patience when we show we mean business they'll go back in their gutter holes!!! Shia/Sunni/Kurds unite and just execute them... Stop beating round the bush
  23. My family went 6 years in a row to Syria I myself been 3 times (before civil war) my sisters wife could travel at night and be safe all the shrines were protected and the history of Syria now look at Syria with all these takfiri groups I knw who me and my family prefer!!! There was no genetically modified food no national debt free healthcare free education and lots of tourism so he done well for his country ..... Any updates about raqqa army base being taken over? Keep the Shias informed please!!
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