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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Iraqis are cursed yesterday they let down our imams a.s prophets righteous companions recently they let down ayatollah Mohammed baqir al sadr ( they greatest scholar we had) coz of Iraqis indifference caused kerbala battle of siffeen do not trust Iraqis!! They are cursed! So many imams shahhadet happen end coz of Iraqis this so called Arab nationalism is bull [Edited Out] ayatollah sistani is Iranian ayatollah bashir al najafi is Pakistani who is leading Najaf hawza??
  2. Salaam can you delete my account please and shouldn't you have a option to delete ones own account? Are we living in a dictatorship?
  3. "Iraqis cannot together cannot organise a prayer in a mosque" enough said.....
  4. Maliki is delusional he is just obessed and addicted to his "Kursi" (throne) sayid jaafer aghaei said in 1994 during the uprising against (or after) " shia of iraq not ready to rule after saddam they'll fight each other" look at was is happening today.... I mean who has authority in iraq Najaf hawza got ignored... (Apart from thousands volunteers) who were mainly young passionate Shias honestly they are no match for daesh even the pershmagas are finding it tough and withdrawing from certain areas..... I don't want my fellow Iraqis to get offended or take it wrong but Iraqis individually are ni
  5. http://t.co/Ala9rP2Zk9 Salafi promoting jihadists in Oxford central London http://t.co/jwxrYBnavL
  6. Animals only kill to feed their stomachs only in rare occasions animals kill humans... Please stop disrespecting animals
  7. What's even more sad is you saying it!!! Reply if your man/women enough??
  8. Democracy is a fraud..... Maybe ayatollah sistani needs to take over!!!
  9. As much as I hate to say this..... But shouldn't we blame ayatollah sistani as much as we blame nur al Maliki the whole world knows shia and Sunni plus westerners iraq is under his control and power..... Allah swt has blessed him with this power why not make Iraqis life better under his guidance??? What is he scared of? He doesn't have to copy wiliyat faqih system but I'm sure Shias Sunnis Christians wil listen to him!! Ayatollah sistani should and could take responsibility rather than give statements Islam is the answer to all problems.... Ayatollah khomenei didn't have it all Rosey he went t
  10. Not a problem.... Brother keep us informed you seem to provide good information.... Plus they say he is descendent if imam hussain a.s ( looks like Mossad done their homework) the war in iraq syria and Lebanon as I see it all to undermine Iran.... Isis are known as disposable assets just like al Qaeda Taliban ttp lashkar jangvi they using them wen their finished they'll dispose them
  11. Looks like Uncle Sam is going to carry out targeted strikes..... USA is willing to help yazedis and the Kurds but refused to help Iraqi goverment.... Strange Vice in raqqa
  12. Another troll here..... Let's just say everything you say is true (in theory) where are the Taliban waahabi/ salafi/ takfiri , the Sunni Saudi goverment, Sunni Qatar, Sunni Jordan Sunni Egypt Sunni Libya Sunni Tunisia.Sunni Malaysia/ Philippines For the Sunni Palestinians who are getting killed mercilessly or do you believe in the shia conspiracy 1 billion Sunnis are getting there asses whopped by 5 million Jews it's a shame brother fix you own house before pointing the finger...... Iran (Islamic shia goverment) today is sitting with the world powers discussing their nuclear programme they ref
  13. Apparently the Sunnis from Mosul have turned against Isis after blowing the prophets shrines and historic mosques they'll go running back to raqqa where the Syrian army and defense forces will have them sandwiched between Syria and iraq they'll be easy pickings and lots of rivers of blood of these takfiris and no more ranting "hello snackbar" ( they don't deserve to say allahu Akbar) only real Muslims do!!! Qassem soleimani at his best again!!! May Allah swt protect him!!
  14. Yeah good news.... Send a few to Iran so they can start reverse engineering them (they probably already have) then carpet bomb the terrorist and their allies their dead bodies will be very fertile for the barren Iraqi land.....
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