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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thnks fr ur advice... m sister and i am electronics engineer.. there are very jobs in electronics trade..i tried but could not find proper. there are more software based jobs for that u need to know programming lang. and i do not much. its very hard for me to sit at home soo long day by day i am getting depressed!!...
  2. Thank you soo much for ur valuable advice. i am admin.. but after having high qualifications too i am nt able yo succeed in life... hope i get soon inshaallah... :) thank you... :) Shukriya... :) fr ur advice
  3. Salam everyone, i have been trying to get a job but could not find any. every time i give some exam i could not clear it after my had work too. please tell me any dua which i can supplicate and can clear the competitive exam and can get a job. it has been 4 years i am trying please tell me some dua will be very thankfull to u all.
  4. well one of my hindu friend was debating me.. thats y i asked..n i live in India thats y i ..i was asking...i too do not about this..
  5. are all the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata truth or fact? did krishna mention in bhagwat gita that this world is made for OUR PROPHET(P.B.U.H) AND HIS FAMILY(A.S)?? and they are about to come to this world?? and what about vedas? in what manner their saying match with quran? and lastly which prophet was send to India??
  6. thank you every one for reply.... ya i know... but i am sure.. any ways thanks..
  7. we have been under its influence since 13 years!!...my family do not believe in such things... we never had bad intentions against her...but yes she is jealous..accusing someone for black magic without a proof is very wrong..earlier we were not aware but now we our..u do not know because you do not know her..my relatives say and my aunts sister and even her mother also do black magic she herself told us!!!
  8. well she is not that old.. and i cant threaten her.. well in the dua u have written what is 7 n 3 in it.. i cant understand..please help..
  9. Thank you everyone for the reply.. but how to know that it is a black magic done or just a thinking or imagination of oneself? means how to know that any task of any thing is getting ruin because of black magic or because of oneself?? how much blame can we put on unsuccessfulness of a particular task on black magic or evil eye??
  10. thank u so much @theislamhistory @PenOfTruth @bunny old for your wonderful replies... also it possible to remove black magic from a house??... are house bewitched? or it is the person only? except from dua can i wear something?a ring or anything?
  11. Salam to all momins, i and my family have been facing lot of problems due to my aunt(chachi) who has been doing black magic on us since 13 years!!!!.... Earlier we were not aware of her evil acts..we shifted to our new home which was quite big and from that point she has hatred from us..i live with my mum dad n sis n we four have no progress in our lives...any thing we do we most of the time fail... my father having excellent academic and service record could not get the promotion..when my aunt came to know that my father went to a place with flight she cried alot..n i too in my higher secondary school went to alot of prob facing two accidents in a year during my examinations..n could not concentrate on my studies that well inspite being a good scholar..then when i went for engineering she again cried alot..n i too could not get success...ending up not getting a job.. my mother also facing lot of problems.. having severe joint pains and skin disease.. and from the time we came to this new home my mother has to eat lot of medicines..n she could not get cure also..my sis being a good scholar could not make up in exams that well..!!!!... THE ENVIRONMENT OF OUR HOUSE IS ALSO NOT GOOD... THERE IS NO PEACE IN THE HOUSE..N PEOPLE IN OUR LOCALITY ALSO SAYS THAT MY AUNT DOES BLACK MAGIC!!..THERE NO PROGRESS IN LIFE LIVING AROUND HER HOME..EVEN A GIRL LIVING IN FRONT OF HER HOUSE DIED...THERE IS NO PROGRESS IN OUR LIFE INSPITE OF PUTTING LOTS OF EFFORTS!!!.. PLEASE CAN ANY ONE SOLVE MY PROBLEM?????..... CAN ANY ONE TELL HOW CAN I OVERCOME THIS BLACK MAGIC..CAN I REMOVE BAD LUCK AND EVIL SPRITE FROM MY HOUSE???.. PLEASE HELP!!!....
  12. Allah SAYS IN QURAN "And certainly We raised in every nation a messenger, saying: Serve Allah and shun the devil." (16:36) SO WHICH PROPHET WAS SEND TO INDIA??
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