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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Please do expand i have not heard this before
  2. Salam Forgive me for my ignorance but why will this rajah occur I mean the Imams have had a time of rule even thought it was not according to their rights, is it because they will be given a chance to rule over the Ummah and be giver the respect they deserve which they could not do so before due to the oppressive leaders of the time?
  3. Asalamalaykum If you live in the UK you can contact the Islamic Centre of England http://www.ic-el.com/en/ or the Al-Khoei Foundation https://www.al-khoei.org/. They will help you get a taalaq from your husband. They are very helpful and supportive will represent you in the proceedings. Islamic Centre of England contact: 0207 604 5500 Al-Khoei Foundation contact: 0208 960 6378 Hope this helps.
  4. Asalamaykum There are many misunderstandings amoung people. I have seen girls being told they cannot consume niyaz as they are ritually impure ie hayz also some men think they cannot consume niyaz that has been given in name of a Masooma ie Fatima Zahra(sa) Seems quite illogical to me
  5. SalamAlaykum Soyam is the 3rd day after someone's death Chehlum is the 40th day after someone's death
  6. (wasalam) Imam Mahdi (atfs) in his own words: I am Mahdi; I am Qaem (the upriser); I am the one who will establish justice on the earth as it has been filled with injustice. More hadith can be found at: http://www.duas.org/maximofmahdi.htm Hope this helps.
  7. Imam Ali (as): The believer is such that joy is evident on his face whereas sorrow is in his heart. His breast is at his widest (biggest heart) but his ego is at its lowest. He despises high rank and shuns reputation. His grief is long lasting and his ambition lofty. his silence is much and his time occupied. he is grateful, extremely patient, and immersed in deep thought, He is thrifty with his needs. He is good natured and mild tempered. his soul is firmer than steel whilst he (his ego) remains lower than a slave. Imam Ali (as): Silence will create respect and dignity; Justice and fair play will bring more than friends; Benevolence and charity will enhance prestige and position; Courtesy will draw benevolence; Service of mankind will secure leadership and good words will overcome powerful enemies. Imam Muhammad Baqir (as): Our followers are of three kinds, One who follows us but depends on others, one who is like glass but is involved in his own reflections, but the best of those who are like gold, the more they suffer the more they shine. Imam Hasan Askari (as): Generosity has a limit, when crossed becomes extravagance; caution has a limit when crossed becomes cowardice; thriftiness has a limit, when crossed becomes miserliness; courage has a limit, when crossed becomes fool-hardiness. Let this moral lesson suffice: refrain from doing anything which you would disapprove of if done by someone else. Imam Hasan Askari (as): Let piety be your provision, patience be your garment, and buy hardship in the path of Allah. Be true in your speech, trustworthy in performing your deeds, prolong your sajdah (prostration), deal with others with best behavior, and treat your neighbour amicably. Perform your prayers even with those whom you think to be your opposition; attend their funeral ceremonies, visit their sick, and give them their rights. Verily I tell you that whosoever is honest and has good behavior in the eyes of others, he is the pious Shia whom I will be proud of. Therefore, fear Allah, be as adornment on behalf of us and be not as shame that defames our name. This is the only way by which others shall be attracted toward us (the AhlulBayt of the Holy Prophet saww) (wasalam)
  8. (wasalam) كُلُواْ وَاشْرَبُواْ وَلاَ تُسْرِفُواْ is translated as "Eat and Drink waste not by excess" So simple and eloquently put by our Creator :angel: Adhered to would solve most of the world problems
  9. (salam) Ya Ali Madad Allama Syed Muhammad Sibtain Kazmi has been arrested in Iraq, Baghdad by Interpol in relation to the killing of head of sipah e sahaba, Azam Tariq (lanatullah) which he was wrongly accused of. I sincerely request for everyone's duas that they do not hand him over to pakistan authorities and for his safe return to UK inshallah. Please do sign the petition for his release: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/government-of-iraq-release-allama-muhammed-sibtain-kazmi-return-him-to-the-uk Labayk Ya Hussain (a.s)
  10. Wanted to double check for someone Although I was expecting a sister to reply Thanks Brother WSalam
  11. (salam) Is one allowed to attend a juloos in the state in Hayz, I know one is allowed to enter Imambargahs but not Masjids, what is the ruling for attending juloos? Also can one touch the Alam as l have hear from a zakira(l will not name) that the Alam can be touched while in Hayz but it is better not to?
  12. Thanks for your contribution, it makes sense now. I think l was thinking too literally :angel: May Allah Bless you
  13. (salam) I hope you are all well. I was reading through the sayings from the Nahjul Balagha app and came across one saying which I did not understand. It is saying number 84: "Those who have come alive out of a blood-bath live longer and have more children." What does this mean??
  14. (wasalam) Assuming you are asking about the nafila prayers of the night, this page gives method of performg Salatul Layl Tahajjud Prayers: http://www.duas.org/tahajjud.htm Hope this helps
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