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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Most of what is said in the article is OK and it is great to see someone repent after sinning, and very remarkable for a singer. The problem isn't in declaring music haram (which it is), the problem is that he has chosen the wrong sect in islam.
  2. This thread was created before. It didn't get any response but in the chatroom I did get a good admin to do it. But now my name is screwed again.
  3. Whatever these people know about the Imams (a.s), they never benefited anything from their knowledge.
  4. Haha, the "nifty" was a joke by an admin, but luckily I got another admin to remove it.
  5. I don't think that someone above the age of 10 should be believing in myths and hoaxes.
  6. It happens step by step. Once you are convinced that there is a creator, you will start looking for the correct relation for that creator. Once you accept Islam, submitting to the Creator (SWT), by logic and by reading the Quran and realizing its miracles, you will deduce that it says nothing but the truth, among which is heaven and hell.
  7. Nope I'm the same guy, changed my name. Actually I wanted it to be Shia-Guerilla. I never asked for the "nifty".
  8. I wonder if I am still considered to be one of those. I swear by Allah (SWT) that I have been a shi'i all my life and that I only created my infamous thread after a short while of believing sunni fabrications and misinterpreting the Quran myself. In the thread I have stated that I talked to a sheikh and that I am back on the straight path more than I ever was. I think alot of people accepted me, whereas some users remained extremely malicious towards me. It is obvious however that I wouldn't have made up a story of converting to sunni Islam if I wanted to fake being a shia. Monitor my post guy
  9. That was cool. I'm just glad it wasn't another Gangnam Style mimick.
  10. If Hezb didn't reform back then we would all be speaking Persian by now. Lol just kidding bro, but lets get real, in Lebanon you could always find **** to talk about anyone, any party, any leader. Idealism is not the way to go in Lebanon.
  11. He never did in the interview, I just said I wouldn't be surprised he did due to the way he seems to approach things. I don't seem him talking like the avarage marja3, even the interviewer was surprised.
  12. I'm talking about Mojtaba Al Shirazi and his excessive cursing and cussing. As for the interview, the controversial statement is at the 20 or 23 minute mark.
  13. I watched bits of an interview with him and I wouldn't be surprised if he said those things. Extremely weird. In the interview he does say things like "Either let them convert to Islam or die". Never seen a weirder Ayotollah except maybe Al-Shirazi. This is the full interview in arabic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOgsm8B6JJ0
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