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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. JazakAllah for your detailed response. So you suggest that I have a haram relationship till the time i get permanently married to her? Because if I do forgive the remaining mutah period the next year would involve me talking to her occasionally going out with her etc even if I am able to control my urge to hold her hands. That is all haraam if I am not in a marriage with her. If I do not engage in intercourse my relationship would be halal and have barakat. Yes I agree with you if I do slip then the blame lies entirely on me. I would have committed a haram. So you suggest I do a smaller haram and continue to be engaged with her till our permanent nikkah? I dont know how familiar you are with the Pakistani society but seeking fathers permission for mutah is not a viable option. Permanent nikkah right now before the actual shadi date is not a possibility either due to some cultural reasons( pls note if it was up to me i would get my permanent nikkah today). Unfortunately thats not how it is. Engagements are common practice in our culture and I am aware they have no religious value. There is no black and white in situations like these. I feel Ulema dont use the mimbar to talk about these topics. These are common problems faced by majority of the muslims but seems like us youngsters are caught in the middle due to our elders preferring culture over religion. Will Ulema ever come out and talk about these everyday problems? Dont think so. Even the Marjas dont have consensus on this matter. Ayatullah Sistani and others take a conservative approach and just say it is not permissible. No one presents a solution in situations like these facing Shia population at large. May Allah forgive me if I have sinned but the whole point of the mutah was to not commit any haram
  2. She is shia. She knows about taqleed but there are many Pakistanis who dont really do taqleed but do refer to the Marjas on rulings. They are also known as the akhbaris. Nevertheless I have explained to her the importance of doing taqleed and she shall do it. The question is in this case where I am in the taqleed of Ayatullah Saeed Al Hakim and she hasnt done taqleed yet would my mutah be valid?
  3. The girl hasnt done taqleed yet. What is the ruling in such a case? I would never put my kids in a situation where they would have to wait 1 year to be halal for each other. Before you suggest a similar solution for me let me tell you permanent nikkah is not an option due to reasons not relevant to the topic. Also those trying to be saints and saying that my intention is physical contact only please be practical when you are engaged to someone you do engage in intimate conversations. If you meet the least you do is hold hands. Am I wrong for wanting all of it to be halal?
  4. What if the girl follows a different marja? In such a case who's ruling would be followed? What is the ruling of Marjas in such a case?
  5. I recently got engaged and my engagement period is 1 year. I got into mutah mariage with my fiance with the intention of getting to know her better the halal way and to be able to meet her. We had agreed to no sexual intercourse during this period. I am a Pakistani and asking permission from the girls father for mutah is impossible because its a taboo subject even among the Shias. I am in the taqleed of Ayatullah Sayed Al Hakim and he allows mutah with virgin girl without fathers permission given that there is no sexual intercourse. The problem is that many Marjas such as Ayatullah Sistani who are very popular in Pakistan dont allow mutah without fathers permission which brings doubts in my mind. We do engage in physical contact such as hand holding. Please note that the girl is educated and works at a well reputed organisation. She can take care of her own financial affairs but lives with her parents. My questions are as follows: 1) Being in the taqleed of Ayatullah Sayed Al Hakim do I need to worry about what other Marjas say about fathers permission? 2) Is my mutah valid? Am I committing any sin if I engage in physical contact with her? 3) Since it is an engagement and the father has already booked the date for the permanent nikkah his approval for the girl to marry me is implied. Does this count as fathers permission? Given that it is impossible to ask him about Mutah. Permanent nikkah before the marriage is not possible because of some reasons which are not relevant to the topic. Would appreciate your feedback since I want my relationship to be blessed in the eyes of Allah and free from Haram.
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