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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 786 Comparing IRI to the west is like comparing apples to oranges, one is a state which follows and is governed by a specific religion and the other is purely secular who's laws were originally influenced by Judeo-Christian beliefs but through its secular nature has evolved way beyond those early influences. If you want to compare apples to apples, compare with another state that follows a state religion like the Vatican. I am not sure if any other state is a comparator. One thing in common between the 2 is that the citizens of each (IRI and the West) overwhelmingly selected their form of government through revolution (IRI, American, French, etc.), ratification of their constitution and form of government (referendum in IRI) and then continuous evolution through their established system of government and elections. Was salaam
  2. 786 In Bob Woodard's book "Bush At War" he states that the US intelligence community had a Shiite Grand Ayatullah as an asset code named "The Pope" who supported the 2003 invasion. He states they paid his 2 sons substantial amounts of money for the support. The individual is not named. So your comment about Rumsfeld's memoirs about the same war are interesting. Allah (s.w.t) knows best!!! Was salaam
  3. 786 The names of Allah (s.w.t.) have power contained within them. What the Sufi (or Gnostic) master does is read your Nafs with your permission to determine which specific problems exist within your Nafs and advises you on which names (zikr) to do and how much to resolve the specific ailment. It is similar to going to a doctor who performs tests and then prescribes medication, except this concerns your Nafs. Just like taking medication that is good for you in the wrong dosage can cause harm (side effects), reciting the names of Allah (s.w.t.) excessively can have "side effects" that can cause harm. The source of all of the Sufi groups except for 1 emanate from Imam Ali (a.s.). One (I forgot the name claims their Master to be Abu Bakr). The Gnostic giants within the mainstream Shiite doctrine (Imam Khomeini (r.a.), Allameh Tabatabai (r.a.) & Ayatullah Bahjat (r.a.), etc...) also had Masters who guided them as part of their Gnostic training. You should read "The Light within Me" by Imam Khomeini, Allameh Tabatabai and Shahid Mutaharri for more information about the Gnostic path. Now from my perspective on the group you are having discussion with: you are not accepting the Sufi master's Wilayah because he himself is under the Wilayah of the 12th Imam (a.s.). You are doing spiritual taqlid. If they insist its anything different and its actual Wilayah or he himself is not under the Wiiayah of the Prophet (s.a.w.a) or the 12 Imam (a.s.) then avoid him/them. If you choose to go it alone, the simple one's you can recite without any issues are "La illaha Illallah" and "salawat". The rest of the names only in moderation. If you choose to spend long hours in zikr and focus on specific ailments than seek a guide. Was salaam
  4. 786 We know from hadith and historical events concerning the event of Ghadeer that all of the prominent companions who were present during that day of Eid did Bayah to Imam Ali (a.s.), so I would like to reverse the question and ask who actually took the formal Bayah of Abu Bakr? We know that Umar and a few companions did so at Saqeefa and that Imam Ali (a.s.) was forced to after 6 months, but who else actually lined up and did Bayah? I have never heard a hadith or historical event related to a day of celebration were all of the muslim masses lined up to formally give him or Umar when he ascended the throne Bayah!!! The only recorded events in history to my limited knowledge of a mass and public Bayah ceremony was at Ghadeer for Imam Ali (a.s.) and then again when the masses begged him to assume the Caliphat after Usman's death. To me this offers further proof that the event of Saqifah was a Coup and the only person's who did formal Bayah were those who supported the new leadership and the rest of the muslims remained silent because Hadhrat Ali (a.s.) chose to remain silent and allow it for the reason's that are well established. (NOTE: We also know from history that the Prophet (s.a.w.a) did not forbid Bayah of a worldly ruler regardless of there faith/iman and so the Imam (a.s.) also never forbade his followers from either doing Bayah or just accepting the new leadership and moving on with their daily lives) Just another way of looking at history:) Was salaam
  5. 786 Brother Zaveri, Can you please clarify your statement, is the Hadith itself invalid or the the attribution of the Hadith to Sunni sources invalid? In this particular case, when the Sunni author quoted it from a Shiah source, what was his intention? Does he accept it as true and accurate or is it done in passing or quoted and then refuted? This clarification would determine if the reference has any merit and to what degree (the authors standing in the Sunni community of scholars). It seems that some on this forum are taking your statement to mean that there isn't a sahib Hadith naming all of the 12 Imams (a.s) that is sahih period (Shiah or Sunni sources), others are assuming you mean only in Sunni sources and some are reading your statement as refutation of using this particular reference as incorrect only! Can you clarify for the forum? Was salaam
  6. 786 I wanted to provide a slightly different perspective just as food for thought for people discussing this topic. We know as fact that only very special people can become part of the spiritual Ahlulbayt. We also know that those with blood relations can be excommunicated (e.g. Prophet Nooh's son) for unbelief. So what about those Sayyid's who are believers, but not special (which is the vast majority)? If you were given the special honour of touching something that was touched my one of the Holy Masoomeen (a.s.) how would your react? Would you just consider it another piece of cloth, a relic or would you revere it or just respect it? What if a human has X% of the Holy Masoomeen's DNA and blood? You do not have to revere that person (unless they are truly special), but you can show simple respect and courtesy as you would any other brother/sister regardless of what you personally think of them unless they have openly declared unbelief. If they have openly declared unbelief, then it will be Allah (s.w.t.) who will judge them and excommunicate them in the after life and it is not our place to pass judgement. Your job is to simply show the level of respect you would any other believing brother/sister without judgement. Was salaam
  7. 786 This is interesting from a historical perspective for those interested in history and sociology but a comparison to women in similar circumstances within Sunni dominated cultures would provide a very unique perspective on the impact of Mutah, positive or negative from a religious standpoint. Since you have a keen interest in the subject have you considered doing an analysis and comparative study? Was salaam
  8. 786 I forgot to add Hujjatul-Islam Bahraini who is the resident imam of IEC Maryland and the Sharii representative of the Rahbar. His biography on their website provides his credentials. Wassalam
  9. 786 To my knowledge the ones in the west who have claimed Marjiyyat are Syed Hussein Nassab of Toronto and Shaykh Berri of Detroit. You can check their websites. I know Abbas Mezbahzadeh of Washington DC (Northern VA) who is an Ayatullah and an Arif but not a Marjah. Syed Aqeel Gharavi is a Mujtahid and received his ijaza from Ayatullah Makarem-Shirazi but I thought he resided in India. I had not heard that he moved to the West. In fact, he had even stopped visiting the West for some time. Additionally, I know people who confirmed that Ayatullah Majeedi is a Mujtahid and was a judge in the Islamic Republic which requires one to hold the Ijaza of Ijtihad. One other Scholar who frequents the West is Syed Muntazir Mahdi who is a Mujtahid. He informed his family and friends in San Jose, CA about recieving the ijaza from Ayatullah Bashir. I am not sure if he has moved to the West or continues to just visit for programs and majlis. Also, to my knowledge the latter 3 are all mujahideen but have not declared themselves as Marja's. I do not have any verified information about Shaykh's Sodagar or Abdul-Ghani but they seem to be extremely knowledgeable. Wassalam
  10. 786 Before we go bash every Sayyid, I would like to posit that what the 2 brothers may have meant by Ahlulbayt is that he is an Arif. Similar to Hadhrat Salman being of the the Ahlulbayt. The kissing of the hand is strictly a sign of respect when practiced by most Shia, Sufi or Sunni's. Anyone who does so with any other intention is committing shirk. Remember, our faith holds intention in higher regard then action. Your Salah can be an act of shirk if your intention is incorrect. Was salaam
  11. 786 I have seen a number of discussion about Islamic Banking and specifically if the IRI is following the Shariah laws. Unfortunately, most people have argued based upon assumption for or against without providing any factual data or research. I thought I would provide a few links to research and news articles for those interested in the topic. They can use these as a starter set to do proper in depth research to form their own independent conclusion. 1) For the conspiracy theorists - Rothschilds view on IRI :http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/rothschilds-want-irans-banks/ 2) For high academics a Harvard study on IRI Banking -http://ifp.law.harvard.edu/login/view_pdf/?file=Islamic%20Banking%20and%20the%20Conduct%20of%20Monetary%20Policy.pdf&type=Project_Publication 3) For those who prefer Islamic Researchers - --- http://www.irti.org/irj/go/km/docs/documents/IDBDevelopments/Internet/English/IRTI/CM/downloads/IES_Articles/Vol%202-1..Sami%20H%20Homoud..PROGRESS%20OF%20ISLAMIC%20BANKING..dp.pdf ---http://www.irti.org/irj/go/km/docs/documents/IDBDevelopments/Internet/English/IRTI/CM/downloads/Distance_Learning_Files/Lecture-8_Related_Reading-2_Future_of_Islamic%20Banking_DrTahir.pdf 4) For a perspective from within IRI --- ---http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xtgcry_new-islamic-banking-laws-ratified-in-iran_news 5) The Banker Publication lauds the success of Islamic Banking in protecting IRI from recession -http://www.thebanker.com/Markets/Islamic-Finance/Islamic-banking-keeps-Iran-recession-proof?ct=true The area not covered above is monetary policy and currency standards. The global sanctions are actually forcing the IRI to convert to a Gold standard addressing another issue some on this forum have raised: 1) http://cancelourdebt.blogspot.ca/2012/01/international-gold-standard-era-begins.html 2) http://www.eurasianet.org/node/65643 3) IRI maybe the biggest holder of GOLD globally - http://www.zerohedge.com/article/secret-iran-gold-holdings-leaked-tehran-holds-same-amount-gold-united-kingdom-and-buying-mor 4) http://www.presstv.com/detail/2013/01/14/283517/iran-to-phase-out-euro-dollar-in-trade/ Was salaam
  12. 786 Attached is a video describing Ayatullah Bahjat's (r.a.) views on Ayatullah Khamenei. The video is in Farsi. Can someone please translate it? Was salaam 786 Attached are two videos describing Ayatullah Sistani's views on Ayatullah Khamenei. The video's are in Farsi and Urdu. Can someone translate them? Farsi: Urdu: Was salaam
  13. 786 I have a theory I would like to share and maybe the members who are strong in the science of Hadith can pursue it. If you study Jewish jurisprudence, they pray towards al-Quds, orient their synagogues towards the city and pray Salaat daily with their arms crossed and rise and bow without using their arms similar to some Al-Sunnah. Now when Islam was first introduced, the Muslims did similar things as the Jews and then changed to distinguish themselves when ordered via the verse of Quran. This may have caused the difference because of lack of communication and possibly the Omayyad's fitnah later. Allah (swt) knows best! Was salaam
  14. 786 Brother TheIslamHistory you have done an amazing job of debating using proper texts, proofs and logic. Unfortunately, the other side only used their own individual mental framework, distorted hadith's and partial tafsir's used completely out of context and when confronted by facts only abused his opponents and reduced the debate to an argument without any valid proofs. Unfortunately, he made it a personal objective to represent his community at all costs instead of striving for the truth per his handle. May Allah (s.w.t.) bless you and guide you to continue spreading the truth. I also pray for brother Just the Truth. May his journey be successful and as he contemplates this conversation/debate with an open mind after stepping away from it for awhile Allah (s.w.t.) opens his heart to the truth that was made clear to him during this debate. Was salaam
  15. 786 Brother Just the Truth - I did not agree with your position on the other thread and found your translation/tafsir of the verses under discussion in that thread to not be credible or in-line with Shia or Sunni thinking but interestingly I agree with you on your position as stated above in post #6 to a degree. Let me explain...... In my view, the Prophets and their Vicegerents had many roles. Here is a simple way I have come up with to explain the roles by dividing and/or distinguishing the roles using the titles conferred upon Imam Alis (as): 1) Caliph of Muslims - This role implies leadership in political and economic affairs of their respective Ummah. 2) Amir al-Momineen - This role implies religious leadership and guidance according to divine law for the believers. Interpretation of the law according to the commands of Allah (s.w.t.) and the Divine book for the Prophet and the Divine book and the Prophets Hadith for the vicegerents. 3) Imam al-Mutaqeen - This role implies gnostic and philosophical leadership for the true believers with absolute faith. They provided deeper insights into the meaning of the Quran for their followers from amongst the believers to help them practice self purification and reconstruct their selves to reach higher levels of faith, knowledge, wisdom and to understand and live within absolute Tawhid. 4) Wali-Allah - This implies being the Proof of Allah on earth. This within their role of being the Sahib al-amr and the guide per the respective Quranic verses and fulfilling all of the responsibilities conferred upon the Proof of Allah (s.w.t.) by the Command of Allah (s.w.t.). I believe that it was Hujja upon all of them to defend roles 3 & 4 to the death, but not the first 2. They only accepted the first 2 roles if the community accepted them and/or the situation allowed them to fulfill the office properly. Otherwise, they could shun them and that is why each Prophet and Vicegerent did not fight for those roles and only gave their lives when 3 and/or 4 (when relevant - because I do not believe each Prophet was given role 4) were threatened. In the case of our Imams (as), Imam Ali (as) did not fight for Caliphate, did not accept it when offered to him later until he was forced, Imam Hasan (as) agreed to the peace treaty and all of the other Imams (as) remained silent on the issue. Only Imam Hussain (as) took a stand when Yazid (la) attempted to attack roles 3 & 4. Additionally, those Prophets who faced a tyrant who attempted to claim roles 3 and/or 4 for himself did the Prophet risk everything. Otherwise, the just quietly preached to and guided the community of believers. Now to be clear and this is were we may differ in our beliefs is this does not imply that Allah (s.w.t.) did not choose the 12 Imams (as) for the role, and did not provide major hints to humankind that these special servants with these outstanding traits and characteristics were the most or I might say only one's worthy to be placed into these roles and followed to achieve maximum benefit and absolute salvation, but he left it to humankind to decide and that is part of our test. Otherwise, he would not have given us free will and would have made all of us like the angels, or all of us muslims with perfect eman/belief and would not have given Shaytan permission to mislead humankind. Allah (s.w.t.) will only force the issue with Imam Mahdi (as) and Prophet Jesus (as) during the end days to show all of humankind past and present what could have been if they made the right choice(s) before the end of the world. Additionally, those Prophets and Vicegerents who were given role 4 can and do perform that role through Ghaib. That is how Imam Mahdi (as) is like the sun through the clouds. It is the counter force to the force of Shaytan who also operates in the Ghaib. This is from me and if anything in what I have said is the truth it is from Allah (s.w.t.) and anything in error is from me and may Allah (s.w.t.) forgive me and guide me. Allah (s.w.t.) knows best! Was salaam
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