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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I just want to ask since when Israeli/wahabi trolls are permitted on Shiachat & are allowed to spew their degrading rubbish about our great leaders & especially against HEZBOLLAH. Instead kicking them out from this forum, these Israelis, wahabis, these adulterated semens are promoted to advance level? Why? I have found these two and I am sure there are more. @NameRemoved @RemovedName Dear @Hameedeh are you aware of this? P. S. Before anyone lectures me for my language, please remember I have zero tolerance & no respect for those against HEZBOLLAH. Enemy of HEZBOLLAH is my enemy. So, if you ban me for this then I am better off without you. And then I'll know you are MI6 "Shias". Made in United Kingdom, Pentagon.
  2. It's OK brother. I was just teasing(joking) you. Thing is I was just wondering about how to remove najasat from things that we cannot move. There must be a way.
  3. I hope I am not breaking any RULE replying on females thread. I simply couldn't stop myself not to reply. Apart from what religion or the society says about tattoos, I just find them totally gross. What is so proud feeling in transforming your body into a walking poster? I mean it is like a shirt you cannot take off rest of your life. And what is even more disgusting are people I call as "skin poets". Those who put ridiculous quotes on their bodies. I mean if you have your mantra or magic word/quote, then why don't you put it on a paper or on the mirror that you see everyday? Why you must show it to the whole world where others can see or I can see & then expecting that I shouldn't say anything or have no opinion about it? Of course I would say my opinion loud that people with tattoos are big idiots & shouldn't be allowed in public wearing shorts. Now you want a butterfly. I'm sure just recently you must have seen some really beautiful & colorful butterfly and now you want her under your collarbone. But hey, that butterfly won't look as beautiful as the original one. No matter you bring Leonardo from the past & makes him to draw. Secondly, if you think you might be able to fly like that butterfly & after having it on you, then you are totally wrong. It won't happen. But chances are you make men fly away from you who might be interested in you but your tattoo put them off. But hey, it's your life & as they say my body my choice, you can do what you want but I hope you will keep my words too in your mind. Others will have their opinions too.
  4. No, not sure but kind of. Let me explain. Thing is apartments are cleaned either by the ex tenant or by the landlord or by cleaner hired by the landlord before the new tenants move into the house/apartment. But, it is hard to trust their style of cleaning. I mean one may wash him/herself from the cleanest/finest water but if not done according to Sharia he/she remains najis. Similarly, knowing for sure the ex tenant consuming alcohol/pork & then dropping, throwing or touching, najasat can be everywhere. So, I wanted to ask what is the best way to clean the apartment especially door/cupboard handles, knobs & floor etc.
  5. And if you were wise, you would have not been wasting your time trolling. Except if you get paid for this.
  6. AS.SALAM.U.ALAIKUM to all, I would like to ask how to remove najasat from immovable things like door or kitchen cupboard handles or even from floor? Also note that there is no particular najasat I am concerned about and also there is NO possibility to use kur water, (unless I intend to ruin the whole apartment ) which I am definitely not. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Wa.Salam, Ali
  7. Thank you dear friend. Stay blessed.
  8. AS.SALAM.U.ALAIKUM I know that Tuna fish is halal except for dog toothed & scale-less tuna. Since there are many different types of fish, I would like to know about yellowfin Tuna & skipjack tuna that are sold in cans in the country I live. Skipjack are mostly scale-less so I don't consume them. However, yellowfin tuna does have scales but they are very small and are mostly visible behind head and are lacking behind the corselet. So my question is can I consume yellowfin Tuna considering they have scales though small & not much visible. Please share your thoughts & views. Regards, Ali
  9. Brother Rizvi! Thank you so much for your detailed answer. May Allah BLESS You and others.
  10. As.Salam.O.Alaikum I have one question and I will really appreciate your thoughts on it. Is it ok to hadiya/gift the thawab/reward of the Quranic verses/chapters or duas to Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) or AHLEBAIT (عليه السلام)? I am asking because in some cultures when they cook some especial meal particularly rice on some occasion or even on Thursday nights and when the meal is ready then some elder recites some quranic verses/chapters or different duas & then he/she gifts that to all Prophets (عليه السلام) and AHLEBAIT (عليه السلام) to saints and other martyrs and momeneen/momenaat muslemeen/muslemaat etc. I myself do this but then I just got confused only about how can we gift the reward to AHLEBAIT (عليه السلام) when they are the one this whole Universe and everything was created for. I hope you understand my point and I am looking for your answers. W.Salam, Asad
  11. Thank you for your answer. I didn't know that Sayyed Khamenei is the commander but I knew he has made many statements regarding Rohingya and Kashmiri Muslims.
  12. Salam everyone. Here is this one question which is bothering me for some time. Why is that there is Not, a single statement from the leadership of HEZBOLLAH on issues related to Rohingya & Muslims of Kashmir? Kashmir has been burning for now some 70 years but seems like no one in Arab states cares. At least Google in Finland didn't show any results despite my hard search. Now if I assume, is it because both Rohingya and Kashmiri's are non-Arab and thus are not entitled for any support/solidarity? On the other hand in non arab countries such as in Pakistan children in school are taught that Palestine belongs to Muslims and is under occupation and Palestine will be liberated one day. They taught that we the Muslims are one nation. Then why is that Arabs show no interest in non arab crisis. And for now I just would like to hear about HEZBOLLAH not being interested in non arab issues. Regards. Ali
  13. In my humble opinion, the war in Syria is still far from over yet. After defeating Isis and other zionist's armies in Syria, there are few other fronts awaiting for SAA, Hezbollah and allies i.e. the liberation of Eastern Syria from kurdish and US led Zion forces, Golan heights, Idlib, Homs and some small pockets of zionists near Damascus. Among all these fronts I see Eastern Syria and the areas near the Golan heights the most difficult ones to fully liberate by SAA and allies. If and when SAA and allies decides to reach these areas then I strongly fear it will lead to a full fledge war either with israel or probably with the US itself. I hope I am wrong on this but if we look at the events during the past few months, the israelis had immediately attacked SAA and even Damascus whenever they tried to defeat those muslim zionists in golan heights. However the only hope I see is if those israelis and especially saudis or US zionists struck with some major internal conflict that weakens them to such an extent that keeps them away from Syria and lead them to failure in their dirty plans. (INSHAHALLAH). Or if Russia comes out strongly and takes a decisive stand not just politically but in physical manner like sending more troops and advance weaponry to Syria for her defence and takes a firm stand for her sovereignty which I see as yet not happening. Not because Russians are deceiting Syria but mainly because they just cannot afford a war from this front at this time. The coming weeks will define what will happen but for now it seems really difficult for SAA and allies to open up this new front in coming days or even in weeks.
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