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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's quite simple. I've been stalking you incessantly for some time now. Therefore, I know all the key words to find exactly what I'm looking for with ease. Take that into consideration and you'll find it's not much of an aberration. Did I ask you to reconcile "every" post over that time period? Do you really think I expect you to be consistent in all aspects of your intellectual evolution? Of course not, that's absurd - I'm not a retard. I was very specific. You're right. It looks misleading, but that plays no bearing on my intention. I only cropped it to bring about a context. In any case, at least it's out in the open: "Kadhim does not condone consumption of pig meat." Happy? Now, let me try rephrase the question. What made you consider, for even a brief moment, that pork could be consumed when you already knew it came through a particular criterion: that such meat inherently impedes inner perfection. Please don't twist this and think I'm berating. It's probably an odd question but I'm merely curious. Maybe I'm a bit impulsive and want to get a grip on how your mind works at a molecular level. I assure you, we have never met. You just feel like we have because I know your forum persona so well. I hope we do meet one day, that would be really nice.
  2. Thanks, I was definitely sincere. To be honest, as much as I love this guy, I have to say with all due respect that he does have sporadic attitude problems at gratuitous moments. Rather strange. I can't figure out how he could possibly be taken off guard by a member finding a quote directly through a search engine. But, whatever, I guess that's what makes Kadhim Kadhim.
  3. LOL. Dude, that's nada. I've been stalking you for months on end. What's next? I should be put in a straitjacket and sat in the dark corner of a mental asylum? This is hilarious.
  4. Anyone can. Thanks to Google. What's wrong, Kadhim? Am I too creepy for you? ;) No, but seriously. I can't interpret what your beef is. Care to enlighten me?
  5. Sorry, do I sound convoluted for some reason? Here's what I'm talking about: Maybe this isn't a pertinent place to bring this up, but I just want to know why there is even a slight change of heart when you staunchly believed some time ago that pigs are impure scientifically and shape the conscience negatively. That's all.
  6. I seriously contend with the shoddy analogy. Considering blacks inferior was a norm once upon a time. Does that automatically justify its validity? I've reduced your first argument to the absurd to show you that it's fallacious. Likewise, with the homosexuality comparison. Social media brainwashing has nothing to with slavery, which is, by definition, holding someone against their will. Treatment is irrelevant. If you believe holding a person against their will and infringing on their freedom is OK, take it up with the Qur'an. It advocates freeing of the slave. Anyone with their sanity intact can infer an authentic judgment from this one self evident obligation.
  7. A parent / guardian who consents to a marriage. Of course, the necessity of consent differs amongst scholars according to the context of the person. Just a tip. If you want people to take you seriously here then you got to stop with the puerile antics - I say this taking your age into consideration. You seriously lack in understanding of the foundation of religion. Either start reading and independent research or ask questions on this forum without the unnecessary *wink wink* *scratches head* *itches bum* *teehee* - we don't need to know. Focus.
  8. Exactly. In lieu of developing a guilty conscience, it would be better to grab the bull by the horns. Set aside the fact that we can't really help it - is it really a problem? The prohibition of certain foods are not arbitrary; they have certain properties that are not growth promoting from a metaphysical aspect and unhealthy for the body. I highly doubt "touching" lawful food with hands that have touched, say, unsanctified beef will "contaminate" as to inhibit a person from attaining its purpose of natural growth. On a side note, I've been reading your past and current posts, and noticed that you've changed stance on pork meat. Is there a reason for this? Because, do bear in mind, I've heard there are some narrations that label pork a hindrance to spiritual/metaphysical growth of a human being. I've heard this verbatim from a scholar, maybe someone else can provide a narration.
  9. Don't kill yourself. It's a futile attempt. Kill the emotional burden that has overwhelmed your faculty of reason. I can't help you until you clarify yourself and define what you mean properly, because you come across way too ambiguous. I can't interpret the reasons for your psychological state if you don't put it into words. - You lost faith. Why did you lose faith? What was the catalyst for that? - You starting "sinning." Doing what? Why? What do you consider "sin" to be, in any case? - Qualify what you mean by "I have nothing." You also mention your inability to find a job. Is there a connection to this at all? Are you a destitute, using this forum through an Internet Café with whatever spare change you have or what? - What is the reason you've been failing significantly? Stress? Pressure? Again, what is the reason? Have you quit studies? If so, why? - I want to get into your head and explore the sinister undertones. When you say it's *ucked up, what do you mean by this? That you're having hazardous thoughts permeating or that you're totally mashed? Help us out here.
  10. I figured "Inshaali" is some sort of urban twist for the original. How does it constitute shirk?
  11. I'd be guilty of confirmation bias if I proceeded with a mere presumption of which source is superior to the other. These are fallible sources and should be given the same amount of credence as the other when it comes down to fair scrutiny. It's like a forum; sharing notes and yielding differing perspectives can provide a better insight into the details that are often the keys to reaching a conclusion, yet often go unnoticed. For example, in one argument, a timeline incongruity is exposed. This narration could single-handedly act as an inductive inference that would prove such a notion to be antithetical to reality; that it isn't likely such a young girl could possibly have the intellectual consciousness to narrate, let alone understand a situation. Such is the type of implicitly self revealing "detail" I am referring to. Would you reject it just because it is an oral transmission stemming from the collections of Bukhari? What criteria would you have to dismiss it? Isn't it true that the incident of the cloak is found mainly within Bukhari and has a chain of transmission that is agreeable to the Sunni school of thought? Well, so is this narration. It's a conundrum though, isn't it? It is easier to discern the credibility of most prominent personalities because there are a plethora of narrations about them. What about these narrators and historians? How do you judge Ayman Bin Khalid to be a trustworthy figure? How do you figure out which historian is genuine and accurate in their approach? Isn't it all very subjective? What is the epistemic value of a methodology that discerns authenticity via merit of narrator? It can only go so far. End of the day, there's no gainsaying that an awry character of history can deliver some truth.
  12. Thank you for contributing. There is some basis for the claim that "age" difference was a factor within narration, but I'm not too sure about the public outrage. Here's what I dug up: An-Nasai – Rahimahu Allah- has narrated in his Sunan the following hadeeth: Buraida: Abu Bakr and Umar – RA- asked for Fatimah –RA- hand in marriage, so the Messenger of Allah – Sala Allau Alyhi Wa Salaam- said: “She is young”. So Ali asked her hand in marriage and he gave her to him in marriage” Al-Sindi said: It is known (from this hadith) that he compared her young age to theirs and then compared her young age to Ali –RA- and gave her to him in marriage. In (this hadith) we come to know that the proximity in age is considered because (the couple) would be closer to each other (i.e more understanding, loving, caring etc) ------ This is also reported in Miskhat Shareef: In Mishkat Shareef, it is reported that when Abubakr and Umar asked the holy Prophet for his daughter, Lady Fatima[sa]'s hand the Prophet replied she is too young to marry. Quoting Shia scholars and books doesn't make it authentic either. This is the wrong attitude to adopt, anyway. When you study an issue you must take all points of view into consideration, collating all material to cogitate upon and then synthesising them to reach an overall, best conclusion possible. Sunni and Shia resources go hand in hand my friend; because what objective criteria do you have to deny something from a Sunni source and accept something else from a Shia source? It doesn't work that way.
  13. Are you deliberately trying to play dumb or what? No, the link pasted is a polemical piece of distortion that has no relation to the specific set of arguments that have been brought forward. It really shouldn't be hard to understand. Your job is to read it and find any flaws; it may lead to fruitful discussion. If no one can, it's a rather telling point. Other than that, don't ruin this thread with your illogical irrelevancies.
  14. Please don't copy and paste half-assed material that is completely unrelated to the arguments at hand. Try to engage with the specific snippets of his perspective or there's no need for you to contribute to this thread.
  15. Question is how you would reconcile established historical records with such narrations. Should history not act as the final arbiter in this case? If there is a flaw in Nad M's thesis, indicate it. Shia narrations that condone child marriage are a separate issue I believe. If they're authentic, they have their own context. This topic is specifically for you to dispute the content of his thesis in relation to the personality of Aisha. I don't care for the outcome. I just want to discern the truth for what it is worth.
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