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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I reverted to Shia Islam a few months ago..i suffer from mental health issues borderline personality disorder which I get mood swings which are hard to cope with I also have schizoaffective disorder which I get voices...ive not prayed due to my conditions also I'm getting shaytaan whispers telling me not to pray ect..can anyone advise me.
  2. i have been a revert for a few years i followed the sunni salah and slowly my iman dwindled..to cut a long story short..i want to start praying salah i find myself drawn to shia islam but i dont know how to pray as a shia..do you do salah 5 times a day? i need to know if i can pray in english..ws
  3. salaam i would like to thank the sisters who replied to my post may Allaah bring you blessings Amin
  4. salaam alaikum please what should a woman of older years (67) wear..i wear long skirts ect but im not sure if its permitted that such a woman not wear hijab..i dont want to do haram things but not sure what is the correct thing too do..ws
  5. salaam alaikum i would like to ask advice..my iman is very weak and i would like to ask advice on how to strengthen it..thank you
  6. ive been a muslim for 5 years and ive been struggling with my faith for half that time..i am not in the best of health and due to that and being depressed..also partly lazyness ive not prayed salah..ive tried different islamic places online and ive asked for help but to no avail. i live in sheltered housing in a place where there are no muslim support..and im considering giving up..can anyone help me and guide me in some way..ws khadijah
  7. i am a revert sister and my eman is almost non existant..ive not done salah or any of the things a good muslim should do for ages...you see i suffer from depression and it makes me not feel like doing anything i have other illnesses which cause me to feel tired..But lately ive been feeling guilty about my lack of faith...there is no community of muslims where i live..also i was following the sunni branch of islam and i want to know the differance between sunni and shia..any advice and help would be appreciated..ws khadijah
  8. salaam ive been a smoker since i was 15 now im in my 60s ive got COPD ive now quit its early days
  9. salaam alaikum dear sisters i am a revert to islam and im 67 and live in sheltered housing where some of the pple are not tolerant of muslims..i have not been doing salat or anything and my faith is very low..how can i regain my faith in islam..i have health issues also can anyone advise me where to start
  10. I find it so sad.. Like you said sister they dont seem to go into islamic studies.. i said to one sister why do you read about shia and learn what its about.. you would have thought i had placed a " maneating tiger in front of her". ws khadija
  11. I had an upsetting incident with a muslim sister she has been so supportive of me..untill i mentioned my interest in shia islam..( i converted to shia islam recently..) she said.to quote."Oh dont go to them they will brainwash you and they will lead you astray"..why the hatred? We are all brothers and sisters in islam..ws khadija
  12. Salaam i used to drink about 5 glasses of wine a night..there was one time when to my shame i got drunk on whisky i remember feeling ill for a week i could not move.. Thinking back i could have poisoned myself having too much to drink..i take zyprexia 5 mg at night.. Citalopram.40mg one per day.. and sodium valporate..500mg twice daily.. i know zyprexia and sodium valporate are both metabolised in the liver.. that is why i wanted to know about natural medicines. I have been tested regular every 6 months and they ALWAYS showed abnormal liver results.. the enzymes were abnormal..they started testing me about 5 years ago because i felt very tired..hope the information helps
  13. Salaam for years I've been having regular blood tests for liver function and everytime they have been abnormal. For the last few months I've been feeling very tired also very tender under the ribcage on the right side of my body. Also I've been having medication for bipolar.. Yesterday I had an urgent appointment to see my doctor.. He said I've got a very enlarged liver so I've got to have a scan plus blood tests..I was married to a violent man who drank heavily also I drank but! I stopped as soon as I found out I was pregnant so I've not drank for almost 31 years.. Could that have affected my liver also the medication I've had to take could that affect my liver?.. Can anyone advise me on how to help my liver. I'm thinking of going natural medicine route.. As I don't trust medication that the drug companys offer.. Please can you help and advise ws khadija47
  14. Salaam I'm so confused about the correct way of prayer I know a little of the Sunni way of prayer and a sister sent me a laminated sheet of paper with the prayers written on it. But she is a Sunni Muslim. Would it be permitted to follow that way of prayer? Untill I learn the Shia way. I need paper with large writing because my eyesight isn't good also I read some of it in English I've learned a bit of Arabic although the pronoucitation isn't brilliant. Hope you can guide me
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