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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. http://www.NajafToKarbala.info Walk From NAJAF to KARBALA with us - Arba'een 1434 Hijri Assalam-o-Alaikum, Like last year, we would like to announce the walk schedule from Najaf to Karbala. Anyone can meet and join us at 6:45 am (sharp) on 15th Safar, 29th December, 2012 - outside Haram-e-Imam Ali (as) - Bab-e-Tousi... InshaAllah, we'll accompany you with some other volunteers in the walk - You can join alone or with group or family and we will try to help you out, in-case you need any. Contacts can be made from 11th Safar/25th December, 2012 on the Iraqi number, +964 (0) 7711775480 (English/Urdu) or NajafToKarbala@Gmail.com (Anytime and during the walk as well). Anyone coming to Karbala on Arbaeen should not miss the walk! This is a voluntary service. No registration required - just meet up at the spot and walk with us. You can confirm your attendance in advance via email or if you have any other questions, please contact us on the email address or the phone number below. May Imam (A.S) accept the effort and the Ziyarat. InshaAllah, see you in Najaf. Please forward to those, who will be in Karbala, this Arba'een. NajafToKarbala@Gmail.com Helpline +964 (0) 771-177-5480 (English/Urdu) Email: NajafToKarbala@Gmail.com Complete Details on www.NajafToKarbala.info ===== Najaf to Karbala Walking Suggestions Download as PDF | DOC Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (A.S) said, 'If one of our Shia goes for Imam Hussain's (a.s.) Ziarat, then he will not return but all his sins will be forgiven. For every step that he or his mount takes, 1,000 virtues are written for him, 1,000 sins are forgiven and his status is elevated by 1,000 degrees.' (Behaarul Anwar, vol 101, pg 25, tradition 26; Kamiluz Ziaraat, pg 134) Details: Total Distance 80 Km Total Number of Poles 1452 Poles Distance Between Each Poles 50 meters [20 Poles = 1 Km] Approx. Walking Time Required 16 to 23 hours Estimated Time to Reach the Destination 2-3 Days Preferred Start Time 15th Safar [29th December, 2012] - After Fajr – 6:45 AM Expected Completion Time (InshaAllah) 17th Safar [31st December, 2012] – Dhuhr – 12 PM Who Can Do This? Anyone (Male/Female/Families) Directions: Take an Exit from Imam Ali (A.S) Haram from Bab-e-Tousi (Opposite to Bab-e-Qibla) and start walking straight on Shahra-e-Tousi - After about 500 meters, Wadi-us-Salam Cemetry will start - Keep walking straight and you will eventually get to the Highway (on the right), turn left, where hundreds of thousands of people will be walking towards Karbala – Join them and you will reach the Haram of Hazrat Abbas (A.S) after about 70 Km at Pole # 1452. View Larger Map Landmarks (Poles) – Pole Numbers are mentioned along the road from Najaf to Karbala on every Pole: Poles Starts After 10 Km. Pole # 1 Ministry Office on Left side of the Road Pole # 345 Concrete Walls - Temporary Checkpost Pole # 578 City of Haidariya - Haidariya Hospital Pole # 647 Proper Permanent Washrooms Pole # 960 Large Checkposts Pole # 1183 Checkpost Pole # 1237 Imam Ali (A.S) City - Washrooms, Mosque, Rest Area etc. Pole # 1252 Ministry of Import/Export - Office Pole # 1285 Checking Checkpost - Entrance of Karbala Pole # 1294 [Optional Shortcut] Turn Right – After about 4.5 Km (New 1-100 Poles on this Route) – Original Poles will again start from 1407 Pole # 1407 First Sight to Roza-e-Hazrat Abbas (A.S) - People who Have Turn Right at 1294 will Join here (Note: Remove your Shoes in Respect to Haram) Pole # 1452 End of Poles 25 Meters Bab-e-Qibla - Roza-e-Hazrat Abbas (A.S) Recommended Stops/Milestones: Keep on walking until the poles start - Preferably don't stop before the poles' starts. Try to spend the 1st Night in any Moukkab somewhere between 400-500 Poles. Try to spend the 2nd Night in any Moukkab somewhere between 950-1100 Poles. You should take stops after every 100/200 or so poles to re-group with family/friends and take a rest of 10-15 minutes to ease your muscles. Walking Notes: · Start walking after Fajr and stop walking at Maghrib. · Don’t over-stretch yourself during the walk. Take a rest, when required. · After Namaz e Maghrib, get a place to sleep in one of the Camps or Hussainiyah - There are thousands, so you don't have to worry much. Belongings' Notes: Try not to get too much weight with you. Don't take anything to eat or drink, there is already too much on the way. Take any regular medicines that would be required during the 2-3 days’ walk. Prefer a lightweight backpack instead of a shopping bag to carry stuff during your journey. Proper clothes to avoid the cold - Socks, Hand Gloves, Cap, Ear-cover, Jacket & preferably a shawl. Any suitable cream for rashes. You can get a small pocket Quran/Duas/Ziyarat or put them in your mobile (if possible) to pass your time while walking. Don't wear new shoes - Try to wear something comfortable, that you can walk with. Passport, Mobile Charger (if you are carrying a mobile). Important Notes: You don't have to worry much about doing it completely. If you ever think, that you cannot continue at any point, you can take a van to reach Karbala, there are hundreds everywhere. An average male/female above the age of 10 years is 99.99% likely to complete it on the 3rd day without any issues. You should at least give it a try – it is definitely worth it!! Make sure you know the name of the Hotel; you are intended to stay in Karbala. If you want to make a phone call, make it before Fajr to get your calls through, as they normally don't go through rest of the day due to high network traffic. You can use AsiaCell’s GPRS to communicate. Landmarks/Re-Grouping Stops: Pole # 72 Moukkab Aal-e Abi-Talib (A.S.) Pole # 297 Moukkab Al-Abrar Pole # 458 Moukkab Imam Zain-ul-Abedin (A.S.) Pole # 602 Moukkab Aal-e-Fakhruddin Pole # 795 Moukkab Muzeef-al-Hussain (A.S.) Pole # 1086 Moukkab By Pakistanis Pole # 1237 Imam Ali (A.S.) City Note: There are literally thousands of Moukkab (Camps/Buildings) and you can stay anywhere, you want - this detail is just handy, if you are travelling with family/friends to set a re-grouping point. Sayings of Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (A.S) About Ziyarat-e-Imam Hussain (A.S): When the visitor leaves the house, each and every spot that he steps on, prays for him. (Behaarul Anwar, vol 101, pg 15, tradition 14) When the rays of the sun fall on the visitor of Imam's (a.s.) shrines, it consumes his sins like the fire consumes wooden sticks. The sun does not leave any sin on his body and he returns home sinless. In fact on his return he is granted a status that is not even given to those who shed their blood in Allah's path. (Behaarul Anwar, vol 101, pg 15, tradition 14; Kamiluz Ziaraat, pg 298) When a Shia knows Imam Hussain's (a.s.) right over the people and leaves his house for Imam's (a.s.) ziarat in this condition, without any pride and conceit, then a 1,000 angels accompany him from the right, with another 1,000 angels on the left. And he will be rewarded as if he has performed 1,000 Hajj and 1,000 Umrah with a prophet or with the successor (wasi) of a prophet.(Behaarul Anwar, vol 101, pg 91, tradition 33) NO COPYRIGHTS. The above information can be edited/re-posted/re-published. NajafToKarbala@Gmail.com www.NajafToKarbala.info Walk Helpline +964 (0) 7711775480(English/Urdu)
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