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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. good and evil are necessary because we have free will. If we had free will and all the choices we made led to good then what would be the purpose? I think that good and evil play a purpose in creation. To me, that purpose is one of separation. At some point, good will be with good and evil will be with evil. Which side will you choose? That is what is at stake with every decision that we make. The Quran is a miracle because it makes clear what is good and what is evil. Before the Quran, this knowledge was only reached by the greatest minds of the times (such as people like Plato). Now, because
  2. Salaam aleykom, There are many events throughout history that are not clear. A war for one people could be a great victory and be written down as such in their history books, but for another people it could have been a catastrophe and they would write it down as such. The misinformation and lies that have spread through civilizations has corrupted all of humanity. That's why not straying from La Ilaha Ilallah is the best thing we can do. Seeking answers for individual events is an exercise in futility to me.
  3. Salaam, Allah did not create us to worship Him. Worshipping Him is to our benefit. Allah does not need us as He is Self-sufficient. He created us due to His Mercy. Implied in this Mercy is His Love for us. Think, most of all creation comes about through love. An artist who loves his art. A couple who love each other and together create a child. An engineer who loves experimenting and inventing things, through love will create what is beneficial and at the same time dangerous for humanity. Creating is an act of love and because Allah is full of love, He will keep on creating alhamdulillah!
  4. Salaam Aleykom Allah created us because of...LOVE!
  5. This hurts me because I hear this a lot from my brothers and sisters who have been born into Islam. I wish that parents took a different approach in introducing islam to their children. Ultimately, each individual has to make their choice. A person cannot be forced to perform the rites of Islam if their heart is not in it. When I have children, I will attempt to explain to them the beauty of Islam and through my own actions, through patience and perseverance, I will try to equip them, Insha'Allah, with the knowledge they will need in order to practice Islam and to lead happy lives. If after al
  6. The idea is that Islam is the Truth, the Straight Path, the correct Nature of Humans. You see all living things, and notice that they all have their distinctitive natures. A tiger will always be a tiger, and he cannot change this. Plants, Birds, Sharks, etc., they all have set limitations that work to control what their nature must be. The only creature that has constantly struggled to follow his true nature is the Human. We have seen throughout the history of the world how different civilizations have made different choices about what the nature of their society must be and what is and is no
  7. Thank you everyone for your kindness. Inshallah I will be visiting the Masjid in Hopkington, MA soon
  8. :) Thank you, brother, I appreciate it. I must say that this has been one of the most difficult things in my experience as a Muslim: Leaving my old worldly friends and making new, Islamic ones. I have to find a way to make it to the Masjid that is in Hopkington, MA. Insh'Allah it will happen soon!
  9. Noone can leave Islam, my brother. It's like saying, "Today, I'm going to not follow the laws of gravity". Islam is a law that is universal. Everything submits to the Will of Allah. What you should say is,"Thinking of covering the Truth" or "Thinking of Turning a blind eye to the Truth". This will make more sense. Why would you want to loosen your grip on the rope that is there to save you from drowning? Have you experienced the world of those who are unbelievers? Have you been around those who choose the cover the truth? There is no peace in their hearts, and they fear the hereafter. Why?
  10. Salaam, You are right, brother. The correct Surah and Ayat is 64:2 I just bring this up because of the constant struggle that is always going on within each one of us and my desire to understand it better. We've all read the stories of the great men of Islamic History who have learned to conquer their pleasures and emotions and have reached stages of faith and awareness of Allah that seem to be out of the reach of us common folks. Maybe we have reached an age where these positions can be reached by us, with the ease that information can travel nowadays.
  11. That brother has been blessed with a lot of knowledge and the passion to spread it. We should take advantage of him and learn as much as we can. Maybe we can find a way to come on here for a question and answer Topic??
  12. Assalaamu Aleykom brothers and sisters, My name is 'Isa. I am a revert to Islam and by the Mercy of Allah ive been able to learn about the Ahlul 'Bayt and to follow their spiritual guidance. I am very enthusiastic about practicing my faith, but have found that finding Muslim friends is very difficult. It is more difficult because of my Shia leanings. I ask of you to give me sound advice in this regard, taking into consideration that I live in Massachusetts and that most of the mosques here are Sunni oriented. Jazakallah
  13. Salaam Aleykom, I think the poster has good intentions behind the post. It's a good question to ask, even if the tone could have been slightly different. Why isn't the Islamic Ummah the leader in all types of charity to humanity? I think there are many reasons for this. I can touch upon a few, but the biggest reason to me is: Muslims are not united under one Leadership. It's very clear that there are many interpretations of Islam across the world. There are so many "Islamic Countries", but they all seem to be pursuing their own worldly interests and not "The Way of Allah". When one "Islamic co
  14. "He it is Who created you, but one of you is an unbeliever and another of you is a believer; and Allah sees what you do" 64:15 Salaam Aleykom, From this Ayat, it could be argued that Allah created a believer and an unbeliever within each one of us. This might explain why there is a constant struggle within us to do good and forbid evil, or to strengthen the believer in us and weaken the unbeliever. What do you think?
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