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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. These numbers only represent the names and are not the actual names, thus they do not carry the ruling of the names. The thing to keep in mind about the tattoo is that if it forms a layer on top of the skin then it is not allowed because it will block the water from reaching your skin during wudhu / ghusl (unless you plan on never needing to do ghusl ;)).
  2. Salaamun Alaykum, In marrying a virgin woman, whether Muslim or from Ahlul Kitab, it is necessary to get the consent of her father or paternal grandfather, if she is not independent. However, it is precautionarily obligatory to seek their consent [i.e., of the father or the paternal grandfather], even if she is independent. Consent of the woman’s brother, mother, sister or other relations is not required. The consent of the father or the paternal grandfather to marry a virgin woman, who is both adult and sensible, is not required [in the following cases:] if they stop her from marrying someone who is her equal in the eyes of both shar’ia and common practice; if they completely withdraw from the involvement in her marriage; when it is not possible to get their consent because of their absence. In these cases, she is permitted to marry, if she is in need of marriage. The consent of the father or the paternal grandfather is not required in the marriage of a non-virgin woman (that is, a girl who had previously married and had sexual intercourse). But the case of the woman who had lost her virginity because of fornication or another cause is like that of a virgin. http://www.najaf.org/books/205/?id=45
  3. Salaamun Alaykum sister, Living as we do in the information age, there is no obstacle for us to gain knowledge of the Religion of Allah, as it has come in a narration from the sixth Imam: <Kufa will soon become empty of believers and knowledge will withdraw from it the way a snake coils up. Then it will appear in a city called Qom and Qom will become a mine of learning and excellence, such that there will not be on the earth left anyone who does not have sufficient awareness of the religion; even women in their houses will be able to access the knowledge and that will be close to the time of the reappearance of the Mahdi...> [Bihar al-Anwaar, v.57, p.213] The only two issues are firstly making sure that the knowledge is from a reliable source, as it has come in the tafseer of the verse of the Quran: <Then let man look to his food> [80:24] from the fifth Imam, when he was asked what 'his food' is, he replied: <His knowledge which he takes, from where does he take it.> Also from the fifth Imam, Imam al-Baqir(as): <In the East or in the West you will not find correct knowledge except that which has come from us the Ahlul Bayt> And secondly acquiring the knowledge in a systematic way - otherwise it will result in a jumbled up and confusing picture of the religion in your mind. Like a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces are all there but in the wrong place, or like a building where all the bricks are there but in a heap, instead of having been systematically placed on top of each other. So taking the example of a house as you have, that which corresponds to the foundation of the house in the religion are the Beliefs (Aqaid). And the beliefs contained in Islam are countless in number - the Quran and narrations are full of details regarding the world of the unseen and the Hereafter. However the right place to start is with the principle and main beliefs of the religion - i.e. Tawhid, Prophethood, Imamate and Resurrection. So what you should do is create a separate file for each of these and seek knowledge on each of them through books, lectures, etc. After the foundation of the house comes the body of the house, which in the case of the religion is the Sharia, or the laws and rites of the religion, covering everything from ritual purity to the rites of worship, pilgrimage, laws of transactions and punishments for crimes. So you should create a separate file for Fiqh and seek out knowledge of the laws of the Religion of Allah. Everybody today is looking for spirituality - what could be more spiritual than to submit yourself to the will of God in all your actions? But it requires detailed knowledge of the law. And finally comes the inner and outer adornment of the house, its beautification and perfection. This corresponds to the morals and ethics in the Religion (Akhlaq), which is the ultimate aim of the religion, as in the famous Prophetic narration: <I was sent for the perfection of noble character traits> So you should also create a file in which you gather the knowledge of Akhlaq. Also it should be noted that you can seek knowledge of all three of these areas at the same time, not that you have to do one after the other like in the case of a house. Except that you should know that qualitatively they depend on each other in the order mentioned, and also that they reinforce each other - so the practicing of the rites and laws properly will deepen your faith, and gaining a deeper understanding of the beliefs will improve the quality of the rites, etc. Finally, you should give special importance to the daily recitation of the Quran along with its meaning, because in the Quran is gathered all of the above sciences, and all of Islam, in a combined fashion.
  4. Salam, But the point is that the Christians consider the Bible to be infallible because the Holy Spirit which inspired the writers of the New Testament doesn't err and the Jews consider the Torah as the exact revelation received by Moses. So they follow the laws, beliefs and teachings contained in these books as the absolute truth, whereas in reality there is plenty of corruption in them. Thus they go astray and they lead others astray, in this world and the hereafter.
  5. 'Massively corrupted' means that the Scripture in question is no longer the same one that was revealed, because it has been severely tampered with over time: 'Woe, then, to those who write the book with their hands and then say: This is from Allah, so that they may take for it a small price; therefore woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn.' (2:79)
  6. The sacred texts of other Divinely revealed religions have become massively corrupted by their followers, thus those religions in their current forms cannot serve what was their intended spiritual purposes. That is not to deny that the other religions in their original form are still effective. But even then Islam is so much more effective and superior to them.
  7. This is a nice point which you make, although it cannot be denied that the major religions of the world have been profoundly corrupted by their followers. Also, even if they had not been corrupted what I said about Islam containing the greatest amount of truth in it would still apply, because the knowledge of Muhammad (saw) and his Family (as) is so much more complete than the knowledge of the previous Prophets: From Imam al-Sadiq(as): Jesus son of Mary was given 2 letters with which he worked, Moses was given 4 letters, Abraham was given 8 letters, Noah was given 15 letters, Adam was given 25 letters, and Allah gathered all of that for Muhammad(saw). The Greatest Name of Allah consists of 73 letters, Muhammad(saw) was given 72 letters and one letter was kept from him. (Al-Kafi, Kitab al-Hujjah, Bab 36, Hadith 2)
  8. The thing to understand about spirituality is that it stems from that which is real, it is not something arbitrary. Because the soul is real (more real than the body) and is common to all human beings. So when we say that Islam is the true religion, it is not about labels, but precisely because Islam has the greatest amount of truth in it compared to other religions - which have undergone such great distortions. And that is why the followers of Islam have the potential to reach much higher levels of spirituality. But that doesn't mean that other religions don't contain any truth in them. And to the extent that they contain truth in them those who follow them can reach levels of spirituality - but with one condition: that they haven't recognized and rejected the true religion. This is kufr, and kufr can never be combined with spirituality. Instead the spiritual practices of such people will take them further and further in to Hell. So if a Shia doesn't put in to practice the teachings of the Imams then it maybe that a Christian, who doesn't know of any greater truth than Christianity and sincerely puts in to practice the teachings of Christianity, will reach a higher spiritual level than that Muslim. As the Quran says: "Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve." [2:62] So even for 'those who believe' (the Muslims) it is a condition that they 'believe in Allah and the Last Day and does good', i.e. labels are not enough, striving is required for results. Another point to note is that to the extent that a religion is corrupted, the spirituality of the sincere followers of that religion will also become skewed and affected, because the theological positions and understandings of the followers always have an effect on their subsequent spirituality. That is why it is not valid to follow other religions or their spiritual practitioners just because they contain truth in them, because the truth and falsehood in them are merged together and not distinct from each other. So on the Day of Judgment only that religion will be accepted from people which had the greatest amount of truth in it compared to other religions: "And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers." [3:85]
  9. Salam, The narrations talk about the grave and what will happen in it, but it is actually a symbolic reference to the life which people will have in Barzakh. When a person dies they simply transfer in to another body in Barzakh which looks the same as the body they had on earth but is much higher than the earth body and belongs to a realm far vaster and more complex than that of this world. And Barzakh has its own paradise and hell. That is why it is possible to see people who have died in dreams and they can be recognized, and also Barzakh is the realm in which a person's own dreams take place, so they travel there every night.
  10. The thing to understand about dreams is that they are very symbolic and thus subjective. But based on what you have said I think that the lions represent forces attacking you in your life, be they internal from your own mind, or external - as we have enemies out there from amongst the jinn and humans. And the fact that you called on Hazrat Abbas and he responded and came and drove away the attack, and that the dream had a good vibe, is all a sign that it was a true dream. So you should take this message from it that just as you called out to Hazrat Abbas in your dream for help and he helped you, so in your life you should call out to the Ahlul Bayt, and through them to Allah, to help you overcome your problems.
  11. Salaamun Alaykum, It is not haram brother. If it was haram how would people owning businesses make money - they buy at one price and sell for a higher price.
  12. If that was this was the case then who led Iblis astray? The answer is his own nafs led him astray. So Satan and the other shayateen play a secondary role. Even if Satan wasn't there Adam would still have eventually tripped up, because he wasn't perfect like the perfection of the immaculate five, whose names he had seen written on the Arsh of Allah. So the real question which you are asking is that why did Allah make creatures (like humans and jinn) who are free to choose wrong? Why didn't He just make everyone perfect and put them all in to Heaven? And the answer is that by coming down in to the dunya and striving hard to reach heaven people have the potential to reach an incomparably higher level than if they had been just created perfect and put in to heaven. So Allah had intended for Adam to come down to the earth all along: 'And when your Lord said to the angels, I am going to place in the earth a khalif' (2:30) Then after coming down to the earth, realizing his own imperfection and repenting he reached an even higher level than he had before, and so Allah chose him and made him a prophet: ' Then his Lord chose him, so He turned to him and guided (him).' (20:122)
  13. This is a very nice question which you have raised. There are numerous ahadith which speak of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. I will just quote two as a sample: 1- I asked Imam Baqir (as) about a particular saying of Allah, so he said:…perhaps you think that Allah only created this one world! Or you think that Allah didn’t create any mankind other than you?! Yes, by Allah! Allah created a thousand thousand worlds and a thousand thousand Adams, and you are in the last of those worlds and those Adams. (Al-Tawhid & Al-Khisal) 2- From Imam al-Sadiq(as): Beyond this Sun of yours there are forty other suns in which there are a great many creation, and beyond your moon there are forty moons in which there are a great many creation, they do not know whether Allah created Adam or not... (Al-Basair)
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