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  1. I don't think this Sinbad dude realizes that he is contradicting his own position. He says sayyids need to marry sayyids because surah kawther is about the enemies mocking our Prophet(S) for not having a tail (progeny). so he is using this point for sayyids to marry within sayyids. However, if anything one should deduce that sayyid's SHOULD MARRY NON SAYYIDS to create even more sayyid offspring. Thus making the Prophet (S) the opposite of what the enemies called him in surah kawther. sorry if you cant follow what I am trying to say. It sounds a lot better in my head lol.
  2. Honestly, ghosts and jinns and the like are very disturbing. But the most disturbing to me is the ability of humans. Acts like this make me so disgusted i think to myself how are they even the same species as us. We also have to think about the past if these pedophiles. How do they become like this. Usually traumatic experiences from a young age. Still there is no excuse.
  3. Please do not be thrown off by the opposing views on controversial issues. At the end of the day we all unite under the banner of the Ahlul bayt. May Allah guide you in your upcoming findings. Brother.
  4. Maybe two people know the same jinn and through the jinn they (as you would say) communicate telepathically.
  5. Brother, this last sentence made me chuckle a bit only because it is true. It is crazy because I recall a couple months ago there was a big topic on here about homosexuality and now it is legalized in all of America. I am just wondering about how the Muslim countries will be affected in the future. Mainly the more secular muslim countries like Turkey and some parts of Lebnon and so on.
  6. Im pretty sure Sayyid Sistani allows mutah with virgins as long as permission from the guardian (usually the father) is given.
  7. Make sure to wake up on time for Fajr salaat. That is the start to your (productive) day.
  8. You are absolutely correct in that a women needs to be educated to get a job. I was just trying to say the focus is on working and implying the AFTER EDUCATION. It is definitely crucial for the women to obtain an education but I was referring more to the after education job. Sorry. (salam)
  9. Thanks for the responses. Also the main idea is not about educating our women. It is more directed towards if the women should keep a job other than raising the children.
  10. Salaam to everyone. I would love to hear the opinions especially from the women here about how they want their house to be run. My main question to the beautiful women is that do you want to hold a job? I know being a mother is a 24/7 job all on its own. But do you also want to contribute to your family financially. There is usually a cultural understanding in many households that the man is only to support the family financially. I was thinking then why are there women attaining an higher education. I am sure not just to be a stay at home mom. So once again the question to the women is would you like to financially provide for your family?
  11. Are you here to insult us? Also how come none of us responded to this guy. He is obviously here to create strife. The way he responds definitely has no intention of unity.
  12. A Messiah that will rule with the law of David is one of the requirements of the Jewish Messiah.
  13. When I had an Instagram this was on a shia profile. Another because Latmiya is my life
  14. Born in California with Bakistani father and Shinese mother.
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