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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Walaikum as salam wa rahmatullahu wa barakathooo.
  2. May be this is the battle we all were hearing in ahadees. So accordingly it will be much worse than any previous WOrld wars......
  3. I am reading a book about music and he has very beautifully explained why it is haram. I thought I should share it with others. According to the philosophy ofIslam,man has been endowed with two main faculties:(i) Intellect; and (ii) Emotions. Emotionsmaybedividedintotwocategories:PositiveandNegative. Wemaycallthem‘Attraction’and‘Repulsion’,or‘Love’and‘Hate’;or ‘Desire’and‘Anger’respectively.Letuscallthemhere‘Desire’and ‘Anger’. Thus, we have three faculties in all : 1. Intellect: Its function is to think and understand; 2.Desire:Throughitmantriestoattainthingswhicharebeneficialto him or which give him satisfaction and enjoyment; 3.Anger:Bythisfacilitymandefendshimselfagainst,andrepulsesthe things which he considers harmful to himself. Oftheabovethreefaculties,thefirstone,i.e.,Intellect,hasbeendesignedbyAllahtoguideandcontroltheremainingtwo,i.e.,Desireand Anger.Ifamanwantstoremainonrightpath,hemustensurethatthe two perform their functions under the guidance of Intellect. Forexample,theambitiontogetrichistheresultofDesire.Butitis theIntellectwhichguidesthemanthatthewealthshouldbeobtainedby honest labour, hard work and not by robbery or fraud. Likewise,theAngerinspiresthemantoresistpain.ButitistheIntellectthattellshim,forexample,tosubmittothesurgicaloperation,sothat he may avoid greater pain in future. WhentheFacultyofIntellectissufficientlydevelopedanddominates overtheothertwofaculties,themanadvancesspirituallyandethically; andsurpassestheangels,becauseangelshavegotonlytheIntellectand donothavetocontendwithdesireandanger.Uncontrolleddesireand angeraredominatingfactorsofanimals.Ifthesefacultiesweretobe nourishedbythemanbeyondtheethicallimit,andfreedfromthecontrolandguidanceofIntellect,hewouldsinktotheabysmaldepthofdepravity, and wouldbecome worse than animals. Afterunderstandingthisprinciple,itiseasytoappreciatethereasons behind laws of Islam forbidding various actions. Ithasbeenalreadydescribedthatthemusicisamongthosethings whichboosttheemotionsandarousethesensualpowersbeyondtheir naturallimit;musicgivesdesireorangeranupperhand,andmakes themdominantovertheIntellect.Ashasbeenshownwithafewexamples,thisstatecouldreachastagewhereIntellectceasestofunction altogether; man becomes the slave of his emotions — desire and anger. AtimecomesthatheforgetshisCreatoranddoesnotrememberthe real aim of his life (which is to know his Creator and obey Him). TheLoveandFearofAllahpromotesvirtuesandgooddeeds,andrestrainthemanfromsinsandevils.Islamaimsatproducingbestofthe charactersinitsfollowers;andtherefore,ithasforbiddenthosethings whichtendtodivertattentionfromAllahandfromman’sdivineduties. Music is one of those things which have toxic effect on human mind. Therefore,Islamhasforbiddennotonlytheplayingofmusic,butalso listeningtoit;alsoforbiddenisparticipationinmusicalprogrammes whetheritbeinplacesliketheaters,nightclubsandcinemasorinone’s ownhome.Incidentally,thesameisthereasonbehindthelawforbidding liquor and gambling.
  4. In that respect every existing thing is his emanation. Why only Prophet? We have nothing in this universe which has not created by God.
  5. Because most people like to be friend with powerful or they think is powerful and wealthy.
  6. Try to discover the power of now. live in a world of now, at this very moment. Don't think past or future. It is the most valuable thing to stay happy.
  7. "No system will work until it is completely based on spirituality and every person is united by something more precious than their own selves, which can only be done by realisation firmly the concept of God, Prophets (pbut) and Aimaa (as). "
  8. Atleast we have seen people power in Pakistan for the first time.
  9. Wahabbizzz. They are shame to humanity.
  10. They make up 60 %. Of Pakistan. But they did not have any organised voice in past. This is first time in history of Pakistan they have any religious leader. Many Shias of Pakistan are also with this leader and actively participating in these protests. For Shias of Pakistan it is now or never.
  11. You answered it yourself. People who really practice Islam does not have any will to impose their views on others. These conflicts are for those people who don't take Islam seriously. Do you think people who have heard it actually know it. I mean there are Muslims who hear it all the time and never ever realise though out their life. On other side is you who happens to be a non Muslim attracted to it. Concept of God is in with in us and in the universe. If you want to see him you can see even as a deist, otherwise you can never see him even as a Muslim. Humbleness and logic is the only quality required to start your journey. Humbleness means rely less on worldly things and do good to others. God does not do anything straight forward. We see in nature, nothing is so simple to comprehend. Every thing in this world from a single atom to mountains all are working to provide humans something. Nothing is useless. But he has not made Iron just sitting there on mountains so we can pick up and than use it for our benefits. Nothing in nature is so straight forward. Every thing is hidden. These are ways of Allah. Hope my little knowledge would be of some help.
  12. (wasalam) Meaning is very straight forward but you would never understand any state of mind unless you have experienced it yourself. Shortly it is telling us to strip ourselves of worldly desires and needs and only rely on remembering Allah (swt). For contemporary world first of all we need to make our lives as simple as possible. Minimum involvement in any unnecessary work. Get rid of all distractions in your life.
  13. Norman Frankelstein, Noam Chomsky, Stephen R Covey, Einstein, Schechter, etc etc.
  14. Inshallah.... May Allah (swt) make everything easy for you and your family.
  15. Permanant remembrance of Allah(swt). Which I think if I am succeeded to get, nothing in this and next world can do me any harm. Pain and sufferings would convert to blessings for me and I would be the happiest man in this whole world.
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