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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) can anyone re-upload this file with the english patch the previous user had provided. it will be greatly appreciated thank you.
  2. Pretty soon these Burmese will end up fighting so called Jihad in Syria.
  3. lalamousa you are scaring me quite alot recently.. WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THIS FROM?
  4. mehfil e abbas 7 Clifton Road Birmingham West Midlands B12 8SX UK here's their website http://www.ksmnet.org
  5. my dear friend... i completely agree, there is no other way no but to die fighting.
  6. There was recently a shia cleric who said after the quetta blast, that if one more blast happens then all the matters shall be taken into our hands.. which means, Sipah-e-Mehdi will come out from the shadows (Y) Ready to kick some serious wahabi A** :dry: ...
  7. i was reading on this and apparently they belong to the wahabi sect.. damn fools
  8. This is getting so ridiculous now,it's pathetic.. it's truly pathetic and heinous that they are sitting there waiting to be killed. i actually sat and cried at this.. At everything we are going through as Shia's :cry:
  9. personally I've put the massacre top of my list of concern, i am constantly going to rallies against this heinous crime.. as for the Palestinian cause i am with AnaAmmar1, my concern is for the people not Hamas.. once Palestine is free then shia killings will appear there, no doubt about it.
  10. I somewhat agree with what you are saying.. But most of the sunni scholors are payed by KSA, Qatar to go mislead the followers into doing the bombings
  11. currently some shia's in parachinar (pakistan) are well armed and fighting the taliban head on, might i say they are doing a mighty good job of it..
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