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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Completely Agree
    monad got a reaction from shia farm girl in I Pass Wind A Lot, And Make Wudu Over And Over   
    not again, READ PEOPLE READ
    Here is the problem. I got constipated bowel syndrome,
    Maybe he suffers from IBS,
  2. Like
    monad got a reaction from Hassu93 in Faith In Humanity Restored!   
    I know what all the guys are thinking, who is that girl and is she single!. 
    These individuals must have a different heart for them to act in a manner that is saintly without being induced in the depths of religion. An act of kindness that has the possibility to destroy years of worship for many humans.
  3. Like
    monad got a reaction from Zehra Fatima in Is it right to avoid my mom   
    To the [edit] responders ( Amir and Hassan ), why do not you think before you reply. Your laziness will end up causing problems for situations you have no insight in.
    This isnt some simple case of severing ties, it is more about how to go about building ties with a parent they havent probably seen in 14 years.
    A) There was a divorce, where the child went to one parent at the age of 1
    B ) Now at the age of 15, the mother wants to contact the teen.
    C) There has been probably a gap of 14 years.
    D) The teen is in a confused and in a nervous state, not knowing what the outcome would be. She isnt here looking for religious guilt tripping, what she needs is reassurance that  contacting her biological mother will be a benefit.
    Do I really have to simply this for you guys?.
  4. My Prayers
    monad got a reaction from shia farm girl in The Official Medea Benjamin/CODEPINK Thread   
    but but, lets derail for the sake of the unintelligent. Will she go to hell or heaven? you know after all.
    One small moment of any individual can be far superior to a life time  of those who think their prayers are worth something.
    If mr shiektastic wrote this, it would be a meme on all social media.
  5. Like
    monad got a reaction from aaljibar in Dua for death   
    yeah there is.
    join the gym, go for a run, get out of the prisons. Find a purpose, move. Look for a solution to the problems, live without fear.
  6. Like
    monad got a reaction from 313_Waiter in Problem Adolescence   
    THIS is the biggest problem. Guys his age and younger are not virgins any more. Many have Girlfriends. Why do you think religions or even those savage irreligious tribes with SOME of their immoral practices  and behaviors advocate early marriage if they were not ready for it. If the objective was progression then why have we decided at 20 and under the person is dumb or immature. Mature enough to pray, go mosque, perhaps earn money, do chores, but not mature enough to marry?. Too dumb to choose a mate, but smart enough to handle dangerous tools.
    The purpose was the self. Parents, communities the state did not want their kids to grow up and make decisions. keep them dumb and long enough to never fly from the nest. Emotional maturity takes time, we learn through err.  Education is the key. Correct information given at the right ages with good advice creates individuals with good reasoning skills. If you teach them stupidity how else will the person understand their existence on a planet, where with good fortune they will live up to 100.
  7. My Prayers
    monad got a reaction from 313_Waiter in Problem Adolescence   
    How do you expect us to help you?. You are the commander of your ship. Your steer it to the path you choose. The winds may push you away from your course but you are always the captain. The storms may crash and sink you, but you are always the one who decides to fight the fight.
    why self abusing is bad.
    Releasing energy incorrectly imposes guilt, causes psychological problems, addiction and desensitization. Destroys the intellect. Self discipline is needed for future hurdles. Build up inner strength. Men need to have cohabitan with a female.
    Muta bro .
    Or you can be like the other creeds, who will scream muta is haram, but are satisfied with self abuse.
  8. Like
    monad got a reaction from coldcow in Trying to get married   
    Arabs tend to hate each other. Someone shed light on this. 1400years + and the arabs are still stuck there. I am picking Arabs as supposedly they had more time on Islam then we dirty heathen had.
  9. Like
    monad got a reaction from Ron_Burgundy in Sister cheated on her husband   
    I think the OP is actually implying that they too have no interest in religion and advising someone is problematic as they then have to study what they wish to stay away from.
    I doubt it is difficult to give advice. to guide someone.
    Hey bro, I am finding this situation difficult, however as you have realised a mistake and wish to part take a new path, I suggest a visit to this site. www.al-islam.org and spend the next few years learning. If you have any questions you can join Shiachat and discuss issue that you may have. However side note - you will both burn in hell.
  10. Like
    monad got a reaction from riham.zaydiyya in People on the verge of starvation in Yemen   
    First it was Syria, we all cried the same rhetoric then Yemen. I am sure any intelligent human being with some thinking power has come to the realization that we are good at crying and wishing. The excuse the 12th will solve the problem is ridiculous. What would you all do, if this hidden hero never existed? in fact to the many oppressed he doesn't. Whom would you call? the Ghostbusters?. This is nothing short of the weakness of the proletariat  and the unintended consequence of making religion into some LOTR sequel. This is a human error, while we were busy praying and crying, competing for the best against each other, we never understood or learned what a state is or was. Ohh leave it for the clergyman, leave it for so and so, what about YOU, ME? do not you have any damn potential to make a damn change in this reality?. A collective with the same ideal constrained by fear, while we supposedly have the most powerful aid in existence who is always silent, therefore the excuse which has become the norm, that it is a test?. Are you not tired of this repetition?.
    I suggest a reading some of the discourses by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and then moving on to whom he was influenced by.
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    monad got a reaction from hasanhh in Jinn, Witches, Female demon and Fairy   
    let us do some introspection.
    General outline of those who are touched by the hidden world are generally introverts and tend to spend more time within them selves.
    How much of what we think is true is nothing but a delusion that gets worse with time?. Perhaps it is a perfect escape from the harshness of reality.
    It is better to learn about something before embarking on the journey of its belief.
    Reading of the works by Carl Jung is a good start.
  12. Haha
    monad reacted to 2Timeless in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    This discussion is still carrying on to this day and age. Even among Muslims who blurt out a silly and baseless rhetoric, which is deemed both haram and immoral.
  13. Haha
    monad reacted to Klanky in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    Ok I get it, the unfortunate hyper-aggressive male would go home quietly if these temptresses would only dress defensively or, even better, stay at home
  14. Haha
    monad reacted to notme in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    Why do we have such low expectations and low standards for males? I've never been one so I don't know: are you guys really so weak and pathetic that you can't control yourselves? If so, I am so glad to be a woman! 
  15. Like
    monad got a reaction from starlight in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    O W N A G E time x2
    A: The defense lawyer was female.  Elizabeth O’Connell  <--- female!
    Elizabeth O’Connell asked jurors at Cork Central Criminal Court last week to consider the teen had worn “A, B , C.”
    “Does the evidence out-rule the possibility that she was attracted to the defendant and was open to meeting someone and being with someone?” O’Connell asked jurors during closing arguments.
    “You have to look at the way she was dressed,” she added.
    The assault happened while she was a sleep, ( from the video )  and then it goes to some misogynistic diatribe.
    A jury of eight men and four women acquitted the man unanimously after deliberating for 90 minutes,  that is 1h30min.
    Questions :
    What was she doing sleeping in a bed with a male, not wanting to consummate but in her underwear?. Getting a tan from the ceiling lights? Did she not expect, that there is a possibility intercourse will happen?. This isn't a  movie. Do women think they can do what they will, even with seduction and expect males to be subjugated?. We are dealing with biology and body language. Ohh please, let us share a bed naked, but you better behave like a good saint and not touch me. There were four women in the jury who could have abstained or given a different verdict. The evidence was against the female.
    The feminists have taken this out of context and are using the underwear to ignore whatever other reasons where that lead to this intercourse without permission.
    Carry on discussing nonsense. As usual the females need something to be hysterical about. EVIDENCE is king in the courtroom, yes, not queen but king.
  16. Partially Agree
    monad got a reaction from hasanhh in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    Buddy, we are dealing with zombies here. The topic keeps changing course constantly, which implies that the majority cannot comprehend the true objective.
    some of the females here are not interested in facts, they keep inferring their childish emotions and claiming that there is as some form of righteous indignation.
    The fact was, a female defense lawyer somehow got the alleged victims underwear as evidence?.
    if not : the male is claiming that this is what she wore, he would have not known it, if it was rape in a muddied alleyway. Alleyways are generally have low lighting
    Well, geegolly, let me think. Hyper aggressive male who is in a heightened sexual mode. observers two women of the same height, body language, one is dressed with light clothing the other with jeans and a coat. Who do you think his target will be?. The one where he can rip the cloths of far easily or not?. Do you actually use that head of yours to think?.
    There is a substantial body of indirect evidence suggesting that sexual attractions occur with increased frequency during states of strong emotion. For example, heterosexual
    love has been observed to be associated both with hate (James, 1910; Suttie, 193S) and with pain (Ellis, 1936). A connection between "aggression" and sexual attraction is
    supported by Tinbergen's (1954) observations of intermixed courting and aggression behaviors in various animal species, and a series of experiments conducted by Barclay
    have indicated the existence of a similar phenomenon in human behavior. Plenty of research out there, but as usual no one is interested in fact, they are driven by emotions.
    she is not a victim. The court acquitted the male. If you are claiming she is victim because a female lawyer used underwear as potential evidence and feelings got hurt, then we must examine all forms of evidence ever being used as evidence. Case close.
  17. Haha
    monad got a reaction from Tany in What If Earth Started Spinning Twice as Fast?   
    what stage are you at?. The masonic, Illuminati stage?. Flat earth vs round Earth? Colonies on mars? List goes on - If you are wanting to make some points, make some, but making one lined childish remarks to infer your newly found secret knowledge that makes you think you are above the rest of the theists means jack. You are still a slave like the rest, who has to follow the laws of those you detest. so shut up or speak up properly. child.
  18. Like
    monad reacted to hasanhh in What If Earth Started Spinning Twice as Fast?   
    "You are driving me into my own un-medicated state!"
    Motion is an analytical contextual.
    Please review Newton's 1st Law.
    This is spelled N_E_W_T_O_N  and not  G_N_U_T_O_N.
     Gnuton's 1st Law states "animals that stand still get eaten".
  19. Haha
    monad reacted to Tany in What If Earth Started Spinning Twice as Fast?   
    I'm not telling anyone anything. All I'm saying is I can't feel the earth rotate at over 1000 mph.
  20. Haha
    monad reacted to hasanhh in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    Back to the OP:
    l Iooked up several articles, but what l can't find is "how" the accused is allegedly to have seen her thong? Was she even wearing something over them?
    And NO, l ain't being crude. Last Spring l think it was, a woman was in the local supermarket and her daughter was wearing laced undies which l could see because she was wearing "laced night dress" (l had to Iook that up). l couldn't figure out what-is-wrong-with-this-picture for a second as they were over in the check-out line.
    Also, about thirty years ago, there was a woman down the street who use to run around in her underwear --outside.
  21. Like
    monad reacted to Laayla in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    Bismehe Ta3ala,
    Assalam Alikum Sister @2Timeless
    I promote chastity, modesty and purity sister.  Just like you are passionate in a cause, I too, see the injustices that happen to men because of the entitlement of stealing his financial income of mahr plus civil settlement.  Throwing Islam out of the window, having no care in the world of hallal and haram  and devouring him of everything he owns.  
    Using her children as pawns and in custody battles and can't see his children even when he pays the full amount of child support.  
    Refusing her children to meet with their father because she holds malice in her heart and grudges.  Brainwashes her children to hate their father and all the wickedness she hisses in them.
    It's twofold sister.   There is always two sides to a story.  Anyone can be a victim.  It's not man vs woman.  It's justice vs. injustice.  Truth vs falsehood.  That should be our moral compass.
    There are many catastrophic events sister, when amir bil m3rouf wa nahi 3n al mounkar is being shunned and not exercised we will see more corruption in the masses.
    M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
  22. Haha
    monad reacted to 2Timeless in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    Lol. I'm not even going to bother anymore. You're just arguing for the sake of it. Your argument is empty anyway, no substance to it. May Allah bless you brother.
    I hope you understand my "baby language". If not, please stop spamming my thread with the same things over and over again.
  23. Angry
    monad got a reaction from ali_fatheroforphans in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    I appreciate the imitative adult response, however it is nothing but manipulative.
    Leaving aside the particulars of this case, in Ireland women are allowed to wear what they like and men are not allowed rape anyone under any circumstances. It is clear and there is no confusion about it. This case is controversial because, at least as it has been presented, it challenged this simple common sense assumption. Men are responsible for their own behavior.
    It seems using rational isn't a strong point here. This is not about dress code but the new papers have made it as that. A particular point as been used as the main discourse of claiming the not guilty point. Clearly the evidence in court was in favor of the man, and knowing if the public had such evidence they too would probably side with the male. I suggest you take your nonsensical associative bias regarding the freedom of western idealism regarding the liberties of females to do what they will and what want somewhere it has tangible value. A social club setting might entail, I hear at the local Irish bar  must be a great insight for wild life anthropologists.
    If men must be responsible then so must women. I do not see anyone stating the obvious as written early. What made her think it was okay to date a guy 10 years older then her. The age of consent in Ireland is 17.
    For all we know she felt guilty for what she did and the only way to save face was to accuse someone for rape. Again none of us have evidence.
  24. Like
    monad reacted to Aflower in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    Sisters, I am a woman who has gone to University in the UK. I have heard of incidents where girls have teased guys, lured the guys in, gone all the way. The morning after they are riddled with guilt because they feel 'cheap' and 'dirty' after the hangover effects have worn off. They then blame the guy. I've even seen muslim women behave this way. Girls in the UK lose their virginity, in some cases, when they are as young as 11. 
    @Maryam is correct. When did I say otherwise? My point here is ONLY that I'm a firm believer of 'innocent until proven guilty'. This guy isn't a serial rapist that one can automatically assume that he must be guilty.
    Personally I think that accusing someone without any CONCLUSIVE evidence is very unislamic.
  25. Like
    monad reacted to Laayla in Man acquitted of raping 17 year old in Ireland   
    Bismehe Ta3ala,
    Asssalam Alikum.
    I learned from Surat Yousif how Zulikha tried to seduce Nabe Yousif 3la salam and when her husband came and saw what was happening she blamed Nabe Yousif 3la salam.
    There are many cases where the woman seduces the man and then later calls the police and falsely says she was raped.  I hope our Muslim brothers are smart not to sleep around with loose unchaste women and choose instead the sacred institution of marriage.  Allah swt protect us from the wlad al haram!
    And do look at what she is wearing!  Hook line and sinker.  wal 3yadhu bil Allah
    Viewer discretion is advised!
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