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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. what stage are you at?. The masonic, Illuminati stage?. Flat earth vs round Earth? Colonies on mars? List goes on - If you are wanting to make some points, make some, but making one lined childish remarks to infer your newly found secret knowledge that makes you think you are above the rest of the theists means jack. You are still a slave like the rest, who has to follow the laws of those you detest. so shut up or speak up properly. child.
  2. Buddy, we are dealing with zombies here. The topic keeps changing course constantly, which implies that the majority cannot comprehend the true objective. some of the females here are not interested in facts, they keep inferring their childish emotions and claiming that there is as some form of righteous indignation. The fact was, a female defense lawyer somehow got the alleged victims underwear as evidence?. if not : the male is claiming that this is what she wore, he would have not known it, if it was rape in a muddied alleyway. Alleyways are generally have low lighting
  3. perhaps if you learn read properly, I do not have to waste my time re-writing the same nonsense. All you had to write is that you acknowledge I was right from the first post. That take courage. But being a female you can't do that. Because females have to right even when they are wrong and admitting that you are wrong would demean the whole post.
  4. why don't you go and do a stake out at the town or city centre, where most of the clubs are. I am sure observational experience might be educational. The context is in regards to behavior.
  5. This is comical. I tried to find Khadim the video, and I ended up many sites with the same discussions. It all follows the same trend. The females simply cannot not understand the rational points being made. the females seems to change the whole point made into something that is not even related to the subject matter. How is that even possible. You have taken my responses to infer that I am claiming she was being punished for wearing poor choice of clothing? understand the context. I suggest some books on anthropology. Desmond Morris - People Watching is a good start. I will writ
  6. dude, It was a video next to the article, probably on the Irish post. Remove it if you want. I am not going to google it just for this. Thanks. to edit : if the pants were being used as evidence or being used as coercive evidence, then there must be validity for it being used. It does not matter what age anyone is in there, the objective is justice. Find the truth. Ohh please don't wave that knife I used to kill or used for killing, I find it offensive?. We can clearly see, the females are barraging on feelings as there is nothing else to actually grasp. It is a court, what do they expe
  7. I appreciate the imitative adult response, however it is nothing but manipulative. Leaving aside the particulars of this case, in Ireland women are allowed to wear what they like and men are not allowed rape anyone under any circumstances. It is clear and there is no confusion about it. This case is controversial because, at least as it has been presented, it challenged this simple common sense assumption. Men are responsible for their own behavior. It seems using rational isn't a strong point here. This is not about dress code but the new papers have made it as that. A particular p
  8. yes, different articles seem to present it with alterations. However I still blame the 17year old. She went out on a date with an older guy and decided to dress in a particular way to be more appealing. She clearly was not wear those items by it self, so something led him to believe she was seducing him, and that were his signals to follow through. Of course in her mind, she was still playing the innocent little girl, playing dress up, imitating the magazine and movie covers. He was most likely a hyper aggressive male, thus the ability to seduce her on a date. He won her from the cou
  9. O W N A G E time x2 A: The defense lawyer was female. Elizabeth O’Connell <--- female! Elizabeth O’Connell asked jurors at Cork Central Criminal Court last week to consider the teen had worn “A, B , C.” “Does the evidence out-rule the possibility that she was attracted to the defendant and was open to meeting someone and being with someone?” O’Connell asked jurors during closing arguments. “You have to look at the way she was dressed,” she added. The assault happened while she was a sleep, ( from the video ) and then it goes to some misogynistic diatribe. A
  10. boohoo,. A: no article as been presented. B : An article is not what was presented inside a court, this implies we are not told the true nature of the evidence. Articles are sensationalism so that you can go and the owner can twiddle their thumbs because you made them rich..
  11. Netflix has better stories. Vice and RT has more realistic ones. Writing/speaking the truth generally makes one hard to deal with, as they do not conform to pretense. Humans are good at using each other, and they do it best with sweet words and kindness. Obviously to let the guard down before they strike you to further their own preservation.
  12. I think the OP is actually implying that they too have no interest in religion and advising someone is problematic as they then have to study what they wish to stay away from. I doubt it is difficult to give advice. to guide someone. Hey bro, I am finding this situation difficult, however as you have realised a mistake and wish to part take a new path, I suggest a visit to this site. www.al-islam.org and spend the next few years learning. If you have any questions you can join Shiachat and discuss issue that you may have. However side note - you will both burn in hell.
  13. What does this have to do with the problem the op has?, unless you intended to tell her, perhaps she should read self help books, get some Tony poppins, Brian lazy, Les orange, dale Turniple drugs into her system. But you did not, you self aggrandized your self. I suggest you readdress your Dyer quote on this. It must be a delusion to think you are envied for being socially able, perhaps they were competitive females as your self wanting status. I get on well in all circles, even in my silence. I enjoy observing the fools with their pretense of existing. You shoul
  14. Learn to google first. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eunuch Trangender or mix gender through birth is no different then someone born with a disability. somewhere the genes went wrong. They are not evil, in fact they must suffer immensely not knowing their true gender or like a disabled person not feeling or having the ability to be able bodied to be good slaves or despots. To claim it is due to their parents evil, is nonsense, just ill educated contrived oppression and justification for class war fair and responsibilities.
  15. waste time on shiachat?. What does it mean God can and cannot do?. Cannot do or won't do, and what evidence does one have to imply God has done, will do, can do apart from the words spoken or written from ones own mind.
  16. What has energy has motion. Atoms are in constant motion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atom Into the same rivers we step and do not step, we are and are not. (Heraclitus Homericus) It is not possible to step twice into the same river according to Heraclitus, or to come into contact twice with a mortal being in the same state. (Plutarch)
  17. Arabs tend to hate each other. Someone shed light on this. 1400years + and the arabs are still stuck there. I am picking Arabs as supposedly they had more time on Islam then we dirty heathen had.
  18. I'd say you hype too much. Your praise yourself more then discuss something. I don't blame you, I have been in such circles and it is a habit among ts the competitive types. me me me me me me me. Enjoy it, just not my thing. I think all socially awkward people should burn in hell. Enjoy. To those claiming they are socially awkward. It boils down to social skills, experience, exposures to deal with similar situations until experiences builds knowledge to overcome the challenges. The more you spend time within your self, you miss out on those skills you admire so much. Generally genius
  19. Females always pm me and harass me. Many have a restraining order. I suggest we stop treating the assumed females alias to be weak. We have this mindset that our poor innocent muslims females have to be weak. why this poor conditioning?. You can be a female and still be assertive and make decisions, like placing or ignoring a nonsensical comment, instead of becoming hysterical and having a cake eating binge.
  20. Corresponding not so fun at all fact: some males actually do that. It is probably a good idea to demand testing for sexually transmissible diseases before considering an individual for marriage. It would be pretty awful for a young woman to have her health ruined by one of these males. Any of you know why SOME males do it?. Do you think they do it because its what they want, or there must be a reason as to why a particular set of men attempt such risky behavior?. Every year you will get articles on major newspapers regarding prostitution, either as a negative or positi
  21. why do males and female chase each other?. First, there is exposure. I have to see something in order to either be moved to or away from. The more I am exposed to something the familiar it gets, in fact what could be detested, with time becomes agreeable. Why do females chase males with fame and fortune?. They are no different then the guy who sits opposite them at their school, work. but somehow one differs in grandeur then the other. Same goes for males. So when muta is agreed upon, both parties are or were heavily interested in each other, that lead to the exchange of hormones.
  22. when ever I read such topics, All I take away is confusion. Not confusion of how great the information is, rather how much jargon and nonsensical opinion is implied with the hue of weak literature. In a previous state, it gave the impression of intelligentsia, but with improved reading, even the debates of clowns on the YT, one is left with only one conclusion. the motives of both parties is never about the existence of a deity, it is more about their own positions. To prove a deity should be simple just as to disprove it would be simple too. Neither can do it simply, thus they retort to compl
  23. use the history tab and find old posts related to this subject with responses to similar questions that have been proposed. There is nothing to understand as what you require is statistics. That would imply researching a large demographic of men who practice it. This forum does not have that data. What it has is opinions with a generality of introverts. When the idea of muta is suggested it is implied as an option. If the male in question has troubles with their self abuse, and non-marriage due to conditioned applied by the communities, then muta would be the logical conclusion to av
  24. Regarding what exactly? Being a presumed misogynist?
  25. Are you a female?. Why do you plaster makeup on your face?. Females always fight over me, why?. because they want to clean the boogers of my face? or they want this super hot old guy in a 10 piece suit with a beard all the teens want to imitate.
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