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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. my name is Ahsan. and i want to ask about ramzan for passenger

  2. My name is Syed Naveed Hussain Shah and I need your help regarding my family tree as until my uncles wedding time it was present among my father’s eldest family members which happened roughly 45 years from now but right now no body know whereabouts of my family tree as the person keeping the records had been dead 20 years from now and no one care after that but now I realize that a grave ...

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  4. Salamalykum Don't Say You Are Shi'ah; Say You Are A Muhibb IF YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE FOOTSTEPS OF AHLULBAYT. wassalam www.alqaem.org
  5. salam Visit and join for islamic discussions in urdu also www,aqyouth.ning.com wassalam
  6. salamalykum, Visit a beautiful islamic Blog. www.aqyouth.vze.com wasalam www.alqaem.org Admin
  7. salam tell maulana sadiq hasan sb to renew http://www.islamsite.org which was his web as i believe and now used by some anti muslims.. no need of visiting that web. ws
  8. Hadith e kissa poetry video By marhoom Allama Qais zangipuri and 8 beautiful nauha released in 2008 from India. Yaad e karbala
  9. Interview with Hujjatul Islam Maulana Zaki Baqri By Syed Mohammad Masoom Other Attractions are Interview with maulana kalb e jawad interview with maulana Hamidul hasan when scholars fight by syed mohammad masoom wassalam admin www.alqaem.org
  10. I my self searched and found these information from greater sin of Ayatullah shirazi... Astronomy and Meteorology By Ayatullah Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib in Greater Sins Mereorilogy Predictions regarding future events; i.e. price fluctuations of grain, its shortage and abundance, the scarcity and intensity of rain and all other types of good and bad happenings; based on the knowledge of the effect of heavenly bodies on earth is known as meteorology. It is permitted if the one who is predicting only considers them a possibility but not a certainty because the final authority for all cause and effect lies with Allah (S.w.T.). Thus there is no harm in predicting the solar and lunar eclipses and the position of stars etc. because such predictions are based on complicated calculations and such predictions are usually true unless there is a mistake in calculation. The movement of the heavenly bodies follows well-defined laws and principles, hence there is hardly any chance of a wrong prediction. --------- On the other hand to predict future events with a belief that only the stars and heavenly bodies (without any Divine will) govern them is Harām and a kind of magic. ------------------------------------ To attribute the future events solely to the influence of heavenly bodies is considered Harām by all the jurists. Numerous traditions denounce these kinds of predictions. The Holy Prophet (S) says: “One who believes an astrologer and soothsayer has disbelieved in whatever was revealed upon Muhammad (S).” Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) says: “Accursed is the astrologer and accursed is the soothsayer and accursed is the magician.” When Amir ul-Mu’minīn ‘Ali (a.s.) was proceeding for the battle of Nahrawan one of his men who was an expert in astrology restrained him saying, “If you go at this time, I fear that you will not succeed in your aim.” ‘Ali (a.s.) told him that if he thought he could predict the auspicious and the inauspicious times of departure with accuracy, he was in error and said, “Whoever believes your prediction has denied the Qur’an.” (Because according to Qur’an success and defeat all are subservient to Divine will). If a person has faith in the astrologer he will not seek Divine help and assistance when the prediction is favourable for him. In this way he will not give Sadqa nor pray for success and will eventually conclude that Allah (S.w.T.) controls nothing; thus he would become a disbeliever. ---------------------- Four types of beliefs 1) To believe that stars are the supreme controllers of the world is Harām. A person who has such a belief is a Kafir whether he denies the creator or not. All the jurists are unanimous in this regard. 2) To believe that the heavenly bodies have been bestowed by Allah (S.w.T.) the power to control the world is not Kufr but it is a foolish notion because we have no proof that the inanimate stars have any intelligence or will to influence the world. 3) The third type of belief is when a person admits that the stars have no intelligence and will power but says that Allah (S.w.T.) has decreed that when the position of the stars will be such, the following event will take place. It is the law of causation like when fire is brought near something it burns it. Though such a belief is proved correct most of the time, reason does not accept it to be unchangeable. 4) To predict future events on the basis of heavenly occurrences is not Harām according to most of the scholars. For example if the moon and Saturn come in a line there would be a good rainfall. To interpret such heavenly phenomena is not Harām but such interpretations can be accurately given only by the Infallibles (a.s.). What the meteorologists predict is based on an incomplete part of this knowledge. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) remarks: “The complete knowledge of stars cannot be acquired and incomplete knowledge is of no benefit.” (Wasa’il ul-Shia) After enumerating the different types of astrological sciences, Shaykh Ansari says, “All these traditions imply that whatever the astrologers predict is based on deficient knowledge. They only conjecture and guess on the basis of a little knowhow. People who consult them are rarely satisfied by their predictions but it is possible that he may have experience regarding a particular event and may make an accurate prediction. Hence it is better to refrain from consulting such people and if they make a prediction, one should say, ‘It is only a possibility.’” If an astronomer predicts with the belief that his predictions are subject to the final will of Allah (S.w.T.) then there is no harm for one to pray to the Almighty for success when the prediction is good; and in case of an unfavourable prediction invoke Allah (S.w.T.) for safety. A tradition is quoted in the Ihtijaj of Tabarsi from the sixth Imam (a.s.). The gist of the same is as follows: After the birth of the Holy Prophet (S) the shaitans and the Jinns were denied access to the heavens, hence they were unable to give information about the heavenly affairs. Now they could only inform about the evil magical matters. This information is unreliable because among the jinns too there are liars as well as truthful jinns. Therefore the fortune telling of a diviner is unreliable. Taken From http://al-islam.org/greater_sins_complete
  11. Salam alykum, What is the position of trusting on ilem e jafer at current age? As per my knowledge it was declared Haram by Ayatullah khoi. If anybody knows more on this topic about rulings of other mujtahids please share with us. i also want to know ruling on artrology any numerology... wassalam
  12. salam, after reading all the post i got few intresting result.... 1) no shia will go to the hell. Very well said....because shia means those who follow(practice) footsteps of ahlulbayt then how can they go to the hell? BUT IF they declare oraly and differ practically they are not shia and will go to hell fire... 2) no syed will go to the hell. No doubt...if they are syed....by practice also... 3) all are same but syed attarct double punishment if the committ sin.. this is a double statdard statement ... create doubt that this person have any disease of soul..jealousy, ignorant.. ect 4) Syed attract double punishment...... Very well said....if a person committ sin and also declared he is a syed..he commit two sin..a) sin what he did? B) insulted his forefather by declaring he is from that blood. in short every thing have reason and if you present without understanding , it can create misunderstanding in others mind.... In the same way respecting syed.......It means you respect his forefather not to him..... Ayatullah Shaikh Abdulla Mamkani (a.r.)’s will to his children, relatives, well-wishers and friends Respect for The Progeny of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) Son! Give respect and reverence to the progeny of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) because they are from the family of Janab-e-Fatema (a.s.) and Hazrat Ali (a.s.). Allah has decreed that you love them. As far as possible give them due respect because Allah’s will and good of both the world lie in it. (Mustadark, p. 400) Remember their respect should not be confined only to ‘saadaat’ with good character. This order of respect is not meant for ‘Alims’ who do not practice Islam. They don’t deserve respect. But here we are talking about descendants of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) Therefore, their respect is a must. However if by not showing respect, there is likehood of their returning to right path. Then don’t respect them. This is one way of ‘Nahi-anil-munkar’. However, it is better that you respect them in public and advise them in private as in the incident of Ahmed bin Ishak Ashari. Once Husaini bin Hasan Fatemi came to meet him. Since Husain was a drunkard, he refused to meet him. Then, when he was going for Haj pilgrimage, on the way to Samarra, he met Hazrat Imam Askari (a.s.). But Imam did not give him audience. After many request and pleadings when he met the Imam, then Ahmed asked: ‘Son of the prophet, why are you displeased with me?’ The Imam replied: ‘Why did you not meet Husaini bin Hasan?’ Ahmad replied: ‘My intention was to prevent him from drinking wine’. The Imam said : ‘You are right. That is what is meant by ‘Nahi-anil-Mumkar’ but as far as respect for them is concerned, there should be no change.’ Ibne Ishaq kept this is mind and after returning from Haj he gave due respect to Husaini bin Hasan. He got frightened and asked the reason. Ahmed gave him the reason. This made so much impact on him that he asked for Allah’s forgiveness and broke all the wine glasses and threw them. He died in the mosque during ‘Aaiteqaf’. (Mustadrak-ul-wasael-2, p. 407) Remember, this advice is not meant for non Fatemi ‘Sadat’ though being Hashemi they also deserve respect but they are not family members of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.). Whenever in doubt, be cautious. Of course, those who are sayyed from mother’s side also deserve respect because they are children of the daughter. Imam Hasan (a.s.) and Imam Husain (a.s.) are prophet’s children because of this relation. People with this type of relations are not entitled to ‘Khums’. According to one reliable tradition from Jamad bin Isa, only those who are sayyed from father’s side are entitled ‘Khums’. Otherwise, they are equal as far respect is concerned. Both should be respected. http://www.al-islam.org/short/wasiyatnama/18.htm
  13. salam, I am Looking for azadari photo from india , if any brother or sister knows the link of have collection please send me so i can put it in my azadari section... wassalam
  14. salam, If any member from Chicago have any contact with maulana farqalita husaini ..of masom..please give me his e mail or any contact no... wassalam
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