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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Loose change has been debunked by tons of amateurs and experts its [Edited Out] done poorly by a halfwit 1st year college student who used grainy footage and spooky music and loose facts to make his "movie"
  2. Gee what a surprise someone taking their politics over Allah swt and people wonder why the middle east is a mess
  3. The only argument I have with your post is that you quoted a verse from the Quran to promote your politics. Please don't abuse Islam to promote your militant groups thanks
  4. Honestly, I meet tons of desis like that, parents who require you to have a certain net worth or to have a Phd to consider their daughter and then they wonder why shes like 30 before she gets married. Education and financial stability are important but some people take it overboard. I don't know if Shias view this hadith as valid but theres a hadith that says if her wali says no then the marriage isn't valid so I would just move on they seem to have some valid concerns and others not so valid. Most of these excuses people come up with on marriage are reasons im never getting married its just not worth the hassle
  5. Since I don't think any of us are MD's DO's or any other derivative. I'd say go to your primary care doctor express your concerns and get referred to a specialist who knows what they're talking about. It's probably nothing, you might be deficient in certain vitamins that feed your hair sort to speak. Or you might have genes that leave you predisposed to this and maybe just your immediate family or the last few generations didn't get it. Theres a number of reasons but I don't think its a skin disorder
  6. So disgusting, and these people call themselves "Muslims"
  7. These stories probably exist to bring these ancient people closer to understanding of their perceived Gods that's my thought on it anyways
  8. The reason why Sunnis don't understand these events very well is because they are forbidden by their scholars to even discuss it. Salafi scholars such as Zakir Naik, Bilal Phillips forbid it as do "Sufi" scholars Hamza Yusuf and others like him. Even Imam Ghazali said to discuss these events is to question the very foundations of Sunni Islam's view on the companions. So with this knowledge its no wonder Sunnis hate Shias over these events just based on the idea that Shias are willing to discuss it
  9. lol its funny you say that the wahabi that gave me my shahada insulted a Shia friend of mine that way and that's how I left the wahabi group I converted with
  10. If that was my daughter he attacked there wouldn't have been a court proceeding I would have waterboarded him with hydrochloric acid
  11. lol the West is dying, the term used by nationalistic politicians to make themselves feel better about the horrible condition their own country is in, Iran is nowhere near the most powerful country in the world, they have an ok military their economy is a disaster due to sanctions. This post was created on some baseless Persian nationalism nothing more nothing less. I have nothing against Iran or Persians but its obvious what this is another west bashing pro Iran is the ruler of the world silliness post intended to create fitnah and nationalistic conflicts
  12. Its very clear in Sunni literature that the belief is that the sahaba made mistakes and this is why in Sunni belief its not allowed to talk about the events that caused the divisions between the companions because 1. they made mistakes and regardless of their mistakes its believed that their benefits and great works and deeds far outweight these "minor" mistakes. 2. They believe that we as ordinary Muslims cant compare ourselves to these personalities therefore we cant judge and if anyone wants evidence of this sunni teaching its in several courses including diploma courses from Bilal Phillips University I believe its in his foundations of sunnah course
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