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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The author also had very " uplifting " views about status of women---her value should directly correspond to her attractiveness--but didnot tell how this ascertained value should be rewarded---should she be weighed and her value be exchanged in currency or with barter trade--
  2. A friend of my father---1971 fall of Dacca, he was in Pak Army , badly injured and almost mutilated, escaped Indian Army... P.S....I think it was good old Adrenaline , which took charge---
  3. Naa, nothing as such, I meant it just as a caution. Ruq... Any info about ImAli and Yoda ... Last time I quit posting and visiting because JahangirIam couldn't stop spewing his bile over me I thought to stay away from places where he can pop in, so---- Ruq , would you go through the article in the new thread of social/family/ marriage forum---something like decimation of women--- Do so please and tell me do you too find it revolting and vomit inducing or didiI read it wrong ---
  4. It is one of those oils, which should be approached with a bit of caution It can also leave hair dry crunchy and extremely tangle-prone. Especially if your hair doesn't like proteins, you should give coconut oil a miss.
  5. Sisters-- next time I stray, remind me to stay in my corner...
  6. Sisters Thank you for warm welcome....I was just don't know where. I wanted to quote you individually to respond each of you but that would be too much for my technology challenged brain and skills... Sister Hameeda---- no worries, me personally can't spell me name ( sniff shamefacedly )
  7. How are you CM ? --- thank you for keeping me remembered---love you sister--- I wanted to add emoticon of fluttering heart but I realized my cell is operating on basic survival mode--- you ladies would have to put up with totally bland posts by my side from now on ... And with lots of nonsensical mistakes... typing on cell is pain in every possible place..
  8. Helllloooooo helllloooooo, --- anyone here ? ----anyone ever likely to be here ??
  9. --for a male, you are pretty short and skinny little brother, http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/user/150139-polymath07/ but as it is said that it's mind that matters and you seem to be quite blessed in this deptt....but OP was asking sisters about their heights--
  10. Dear Sisters Salam Bear with me, it's going to be a bit long, messy and incoherent. ---a little background 1-mounting bloodshed, especially of civillians, and of armed forces personnels too in my country 2-Car-lifting, [ my father's car got stolen, police said helplessly that religious icons are patrons of such crimes to generate financial resources ] , robberies and kidnapping for ransome; 3- some girls school , right in my own city , has received a threat of being blown up if it did not close down its funtions --most importantly,---- 4- religious parties asking for compulsory monthly payment from small town residents and shopkeepers--they call it funding for spreading of Islam and Jihad, --Now , what I am trying to ask is why this ^^^ approach has become part of our psyche; where and why did we go wrong ? Why does a Muslim think that he has the right to rob , kidnap and kill --- Is it the same thing , which is called Jizziya, war-booty and slavery ? --so does it means there is no concept of a safety of life, honour and propert in an Islamic state ? I am not going into debate of wahabi-ism etc., because afterall they too take their injuctions from Quran and Sunnah-- --I would like to hear your thoughts about the idea of safety of life by the hands of Muslims Sometimes I think the rapid expansion of Islam during the regime of 2nd Khalife caused this mind-set---I read somewhere that during the conquest of Persian 130,000 kids and women were sold in the markets of Madina / Mecca.... I often wonder had the Khilafat gone to its rightful owner then too Islamic history would have followed the same course ? or some other route of expanding Islam [ like trade, tourism, missionaries, foreign policy etc ] would have been adopted ? I want your input about this situation, my first introduction to Islam was through sunni sources and they rever Omar and his victories and all the later expansion, fights etc..but what does shia scholars and spiritualists say about this expansionism ?^ looking forward to some enlightning responses--- Regards
  11. ----Right to buy back freedom without any extra burden on her; paying back the dower is enough to open the door ----most beautiful thing that happened was Prophet ( PBUH ) 's own conduct, hardly he ( pbuh ) ever said/did or implied anything , which would have caused the women to regret being a women---not to forget that the first counselor, first believer, first financer was a woman and so was the first martyr; the first blood which was shed for believing in Islam was that of a woman---
  12. --garret, it's a type of an attic . I do not know whether it's legal or not; but it's all mine, so it's legal for me---
  13. alright-- total number of darood shareef pledged------5000 total number of darood shareed recited-------5000 carried forward 3600 Summed up 8600 -----Let's round it up to 11,000/-; I like well rounded numbers and figures, always easier to remember ---So number of darood shareef pledged-----2400
  14. Most types of falcons are smaller but faster than eagles; and yes these beaks and talons are capable of murder, that what's they are for, actually---to kill I wear leather bands on arms to have him perch on it occasionally. Fish and chicken, sometimes quails or even a big chunk out of a roast mutton leg, nice thing about him is he is a silent bird, does not talk his and mine brains off. minds his own business and comes to me only for an occasional touch and pet.... Name is Ameer.
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