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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Difference b/w Ahlul Hadith/Salafi and Wahabi ? No Difference.Ahlulhadith is branch of Wahabi Sect.Wahabi in India got the name of Ahlulhadith from English.Salafi is term derived from Salaf which means Past Ulema.It means past ulema of Ahllul Sunnah.But it is wrong because they donot belong to Ahlul Sunnah.But now Salafi term is used only for Wahabis not for Sunni. Difference b/w Deobandi and Ahlulhadith ? No difference. Both are branches of Wahabi sect.But both are hiding their reality that they are Wahabi.Both of using Sunni label to hide their reality.It is easy to kill Sunni because most of Sunni dont know the reality.Some Sunni say that Ahlul Hadith are Wahabi but they donot know about Deobandi, because every Deobandi donot accept that they are Wahabi.Using Sunni level they are also creating missunderstanding b/w Sunni and Shia.In this way it is easy to kill both Sunni and Shia. Difference b/w Sunni and Deobandi ? Deobandi are Wahabi but Wahabi are not Sunni.Deobandi are Wahabi but they say they are Hanfi Sunni and they follow Imam Abu Hanifa, and sometime they say they are Naqshbandi too.But in reality they are only Wahabi, in using they label of Hanfi Sunnah, they are hiding their crimes and reality.When they kill Shia, they say it was Sunni Shia secatarian violance.Whey Deobandi kill Sunni they say he was a Spy, Mushrik or Infidel. If Deobandi are Sunni then why they are destroying Sunni Shrines?, why they hate the day of birth of Prophet Mohammed?, Why they love Yazid, a killer of Imam Hussain? Why they call it a shirk to say "Ya Mohammed" or "Ya Rasoolullah"? why they hate Panjtan? Who are Pure or Real Sunni ? Sunni are known as Sufi or Sufiyah outside the South Asia and are known as Barelvi or Barelviyah in South Asia. Barelvi is not a Sect, but this name was given by Wahabis to Sunni Muslim to hide the reality of Sunni Muslim that they are pure Sunni.Ahmed Raza Khan who was a big Sunni Scholar in South Asia and belong to an Indian city "Bareli".So, Wahabi calls them Barelvi. If Deobandi are Sunni >>>>>>> The Question is >>>>> Why Deobandi are killing Barelvi/Sunni and attacking Sunni Shrines and Mosques but they donot any Suicide Attack at Ahlul Hadith Mosque ? Who are Sunni ? 1) Those who hate Yazid. 2) Those who celeberate Mawalid / Eid Melad ul Nabi (Date Birth of Mohammed) 3) Those who love Auliyaah and Shrines. 4) Those who respect Moharam and donot marry in Moharam month. 5) Those who respect Taweez/Charm. 6) Those who love Green Turban 7) Those who use Tawassul /Waseela. and etc Who are Wahabi ? 1) Those who love Yazid. 2) Those who donot celeberate Mawalid / Eid Melad ul Nabi (Date Birth of Mohammed) 3) Those who hate Auliyaah and Shrines. 4) Those who donot respect Moharam and marry in Moharam month. 5) Those who respect the Taweez/Charm of their own Wahabi Mullah and usesd it secretly and some wahabi also not weare them but they ask it a Shirk when other sect used to weare them around their neck. 6) Those who hate Green Turban but like red Turban or Scarf. 7) Those who hate Tawassul /Waseela but sometime they accept it for their own mullah. and etc I will Expose both Deobandi and Ahlul Hadith are Wahabi............ 1) Deobandi are Wahabi..........Prooof Proof from Deobandi Mullah Books and their Fatwas......Urdu or Urdu
  2. What is Difference b/w Sunni and Wahabi ? Wahab are those who were invented by English (British) with the help of Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Najdi who belongs to an area of Najd (now which is part of Riadh, capital of Saudi Arabia). Mission was to destroy Ottoman Empire which was a pure Sunni and to destroy Islam too. They collect people who were against Sunni Govt and were greedy and rascal. Those people were from Khawarij.When English starts to attack on Ottoman Empire, these people starts slaughtering those who were Sunni, and they call those innocent as "Mushrik" (Mushrik are those who worshops gods of Stones).Sunni had lot of Shrines of Sahaba (companion of Mohammed) and Ahle Bayt.Wahabis started to destroy the Shrines of Sahaba and Sufi (Auliyah). They call those are infidel, who go to Shrines and asks them for help.However It is the belief of the Ahl-as-Sunnah that it is permissible to supplicate to Allah with the Tawasul of good deeds. It is permitted to supplicate with the Tawasul of a living pious person and it is also permitted to supplicate with the Tawasul of the deceased pious person. Sunni were those who send "Lanah" on Yazid, they respect Ameer Muawiya but hate Yazid.But Wahabi were those who defend Yazid. Sunni were those who believe that it is impermissible to say Ya Muhammad! or Ya Rasoolullah [May Allah bless him and grant him peace], but Wahabi said that “Ya Rasul Allah is 'shirk' and it is Wajib to kill Sunni people, and it is is wajib to loot their Sisters, Daughters, Wives and Mothers and it is Wajib to loot their Money. So, Sunni gives them a name of Wahabis, because they were follower of Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Najdi, but not Mohammed. After a period of time they were suceeded to snatch Hijaz (old name of Saudi Arabia), and after the period of Saud, they renamed the Hijaz to Saudi Arabia.
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