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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. AOA, I'm confused on the meaning of the Arabic word Dahaha, its mentioned in the quran, some people say it means to spread out while others say it means to become egg shaped. Which one is correct? Especially in the context of the ayah (79:30). Or could both be true at the same time? 79:30: والارض بعد ذلك دحاها
  2. In response to the first post in this topic. I understand what you mean, if evolution is just tiny changes over a long period of time, it does not require Allah. Look at it this way, even if evolution is this burst of change or tiny changes, it would still require Allah to set it into motion. For example, In the Quran Allah says he brings out the sun and turns night into day, Athiests argue that there is no need for God in this act since gravity controls the movement of all celestial bodies, so there is no need at all for god to "turn" night into day. However, Allah is involved because he's the one who defined gravity itself, so he can truly say he turns the day into night because he created the process for it itself. Same goes with evolution, Allah planted the seed of life, and let the laws of the universe (which he made) cultivate that life.
  3. Why hasn't Allah declared Muhammeds sucessor in the Quran itself? Why does the quran not mention the event of Ghadir? If the Ahlulbayt is so important why aren't they mentioned in the quran? Surely Islam would become a lot simpler and a lot more unified if the quran even mentioned one ayah of Ali's succession?
  4. AOA, I'll be going on ziyaraat soon, to Iraq. I'll be visiting Karbala and Najaf. However I may also visit Samaraa, so I wanted to ask, especially from anyone whos been there recently, is it safe? I mean with ISIS and all, and since Samaraa is north of Baghdad and quite close to ISIS controlled areas. Also, is a road trip from Karbalaa to Samaraa safe? Thanks.
  5. AOA, Got a question here. Do zen habits such as meditation which allow one to improve and relax go with Islam? I man that prayer is kind of zen, because you are solitary and focused and at the end you reflect on yourself and how to improve yourself. Thanks, Salam
  6. AOA, I've been thinking, and I've come up with a conclusion, the big bang could of been how the universe was made. Maybe God has created the universe like this, maybe he had a single dense point explode and expand to create the universe, I mean Allah is capable of creating something out of nothing, and many many years later (about 13 billion) he sent humans down later. Because the universe and animals and planets were all here before prophet Adam came. I mean Allah is able to do anything so he could of just created the universe like so. I am not questioning Allah, nor denying his creation, just wondering. Salam, Thank You
  7. Why do you have hands, and others dont? Why can you see while others can't? Why are you alive while others are dead? Why do you have food to fill your stomach while others don't? Why can you quench your thirst with water, while others are dying searching for it? These are things to think about! It is gods will, he challenges you in whatever way he wishes, he may test you by sentencing you to extreme wealth or he may test you by putting you in extreme poverty. If you have a problem treat it: ie your hand is broken; you have facial structural problems (plastic surgery) If you cannot treat it leave it to God!
  8. "To enter paradise you must be a muslim" There is no saying that sunnis or shias cannot enter paradise, If you are a true believer you will Inshallah attain greatness in the hereafter.
  9. AOA, Okay I have a question, I'm a bit in doubt of matam, why exactly do we do it? And if the answer is remembrance of Hussain A.S that is fine, but more than matam I doubt Nohas. God forgive me but I think that Nohas sort of sound like songs, they have a rhythm with the matam and usually rhyme. Please do not get me wrong I love Islam/Shias/Muhammad/Ali/Hassan/Hussain. Would be nice for someone to clear things up! Thanks, Salam. "Hussain is from me, and I am from Hussain" -Muhammad
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