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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is my only account. What is it about me that reminds of someone notorious? The only thing I pointed out was that the hadith Haydar Husayn posted (about the Imam beating the slave) is weak.
  2. I'm confused. I was actually defending the position that Islam does not allow rape.
  3. Her post about how she hoped that I would be declared a kaffir and enslaved.
  4. I do believe you owe me an apology for that.
  5. ^Thank you. I'll do some research on that word, as per your recommendations.
  6. You can read up answering-ansar's article on bid'a. They list a number of bid'a by Sunnis. http://en.shiapen.co...oduction-2.html But, make sure you double check their claims and sources, as they are very prone to mistakes.
  7. Allamah Al-Majlisi says that the hadith is majhool.
  8. To me, your comments seem immature, so perhaps you are not ready for marriage yet. But If you think you are, then I think the best thing you should do is ask your parents about the marriage process.
  9. Well, this is what Imam Al-Sajjad (as) says about the rights a master has over his slave: "And the right of him who trains you through ownership is similar to the right of the possessor of authority over you. Except this one has a right which that one does not: being that you are bound to obey him in every matter, whether small or great, except for what would lead you to abandon incumbent rights of God, or in what would intervene between you, his rights and the rights of the people. And once you fulfill them, you can commit yourself to his rights and engage in fulfilling them. And there is no
  10. Like I've said before, if someone wants to walk for two weeks, they shouldn't make it an annual thing. People have a duty to work for their nation, and if every person leaves their duties and spends two weeks walking, it could have a very negative impact on the society in some way or another, and Imam Hussein (as) would not want that.
  11. The kuffar are Non-Muslims. Now, about the status of rape in Islam, read my comments on the first page. (btw, I know you are the same guy as the OP, who got banned)
  12. I wasn't talking about walking between Najaf and Karbala, I was talking about walking to Karbala from farther distances.
  13. My father has also raised this point, and I agree with you, two weeks is a lot of time. They should not spend that much time walking, at the very least, it should last them for 2-4 days. Or, if they do want to spend two weeks walking, they should not do it annually.
  14. I was not talking about rape, I was talking about enslavement, I understand the point you're making. If torture is part of the rape, then, yes, it is absolutely forbidden. The kuffar already say this, but you should not care what they say, as they are the immoral ones, not us.
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