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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Just take a sijaadah into work with u and ask if u can pray in the staff room or some hidden corner somewhere... I don't know of any places near there sorry!
  2. Salaam, great news glad to see the suggestion was taken onboard :) Fe aman Allah
  3. (bismillah) (salam) is this the same conference being held at rasool adham hussaynia? I forgotten the date of it - some time in the firstish week of august. Fe aman Allah
  4. (bismillah) (salam) :cry: Mashallah brother that was soooooo beautiful :cry: inshallah u get so much thawaab for writing such a beautiful poem for aba abdillah (as) :cry: I hope u keep writing such beautiful poems inshallah n keep the ahlulbayt (as) proud Fe aman Allah
  5. I agree completely... People here are quite distrubed to put it nicely... and that's for both shias and non shias :D Avoid settling in london it plants and establishes a disease in your heart that is difficult to overcome... and if ure not careful u'll be consumed by it and end up saying things like "bare buff man innit" but seriously u feel the strength of the shaytan in this city.. it is most deffinately HIS home My suggestion.. live somewhere near to london so u can come just for the majalis-avoid wales at all costs (except for holidays :D). Fe aman Allah
  6. (bismillah) (salam) Another poem from Fatima Tahir: Darkness and despair all around No hope or light can be found Words of the Prophet all forgotten Everything corrupt and rotten Hearts black, dark desires to fulfil Islam! HAH! Only “Muslims” with hearts which are ill In deep sadness we watch the earth shatter Listening to the media’s inane chatter Bodies lying in the streets left to rot Even a baby lying dead in its cot No innocence, no humanity, only pain As the bombs all around them rain Tears flow down the faces of those helpless Children, women, elders… killed regardless No place for
  7. (bismillah) (salam) You're all very welcome.. I hope one day inshallah we'll all get to hear it recited as a maqtal that would be really nice.. If i get n e more poems from the same writer i'll be sure to post it inshallah Fe aman Allah
  8. (bismillah) (salam) Your light illuminated the earth The angels from above smiled at your birth Your father the Holy Prophet entered you under the Kisaa2 You oh Fatima are Sayyidatun Nisaa2 He gave you to Amir-ul-mu2mineen In marriage united in the heavens you were seen The Kothar of the Prophet a holy progeny was born Hasan, Hussain and Zainab like a crown your head they adorn Happiness and love in your father’s shadow you felt But in death tormented by the munafiq’s that were left The day of Ghadeer they said to Ali Bakhkhan lak And now at Saqifah Allah’s plan they chose to wreck You lay
  9. (bismillah) (salam) Got this in an email... Wasted Youth I look into the reflection that stares back at me In my eyes I see what once used to be A happiness and light that once glowed Faith in Allah from my heart flowed But only memories of that child remain And a longing to be her once again But she’s gone now and nothings left The sins are too many all I have is regret My heart consumed by blackness no light In the darkness I sit consumed with fright Alone and lonely I lose all hope and despair! My life I’ve wasted there’s no way to repair. The sins have consumed my once living soul I
  10. mashallah wallah.. go tell him ure joking like this with boys on the internet.. i'm sure he'll get a kick out of it too n loool like u did :D
  11. mistakes happen.. and we usually try to correct those mistakes don't we? so why don't you all delete your posts? Let me ask u something sister... think hard now... would u ever make such a joke with your father? and if u say no (inshallah) then just think ahlulbayt (as) are before u and if that isnt enough Allah (SWT) is always watching... Fe aman Allah
  12. I'm actually completely disgusted by the display of some on this thread... nice to see modesty is still alive and well in our community.... and as if it's not bad enough the rubbish being said girls and boys "joking" about it together....
  13. its ok sis dont say sorry to me there is no need im just baffled... im wondering if such pictures are really appropriate n e ways i dont want to take the discussion away from your topic wasalam
  14. (bismillah) (salam) i've seen these avatars a few times and im just wondering why muslim hijabi sisters would want to use such avatars? I'm sure u know what hijab is... a woman who has covered all parts n showing a part of her face that is done up with eyeliner and other make up and looking with a seductive manner doesnt i dont think constitute hijab .. not on an inner nor outer level really... also why wud u want to promote such a display? wouldnt a respectably hijabified woman be much more what we WANT to represent and what we actually want to be. Isnt part of the reason for wearing hijab
  15. that made absolutely no sense whatsoever... care to explain what u were saying cos it seemed totally random and i dont know how u came to your conclusions... baffled... wasalam
  16. (bismillah) (salam) 1- Not sure if this is what you're referring to but here goes: Èíä ÇáÅíãÇä æ ÇáßÝÑ ÊÑß ÇáÕáÇÉ. Prophet Muhammad (SAW): (The difference) between faith and disbelief is abandoning of the prayers. That's a literal translation but from the arabic it is a lot stronger and indicates that no matter what you do if u dont pray its like u're a kafir. 2- Prophet Muhammad (SAW): Pray as though it is your last prayer; For indeed in it u will find a link and closeness (to Allah). Imam Sadiq (as): If you prayed an obligatory prayer; pray it in its allotted time as though it was the
  17. (bismillah) (salam) I noticed everyone saying this.. I know its recommended by doctors n all but hadiths say u shouldnt drink too much water.. it is damaging for the liver wonder if uknew that!... Also an alim told my father once it causes u to have bad memory. Also from Imam Sadiq (as).. u shud sip water 3 times not gulp it down... Fe aman Allah
  18. my sentiments exactly... why do u call these things "girly" they so arent... its just stupid.. like girls are all airhead bimbos loving everything pink, fluffy and sparkly... that's not girly that's dumb idiotic american stereotypes... good god if i saw anyone i know.. forget that.. any girl carrying one of these fones around i'ld smack her round the head with it :| ... call it nahi 3anil munkar zainab style! :D
  19. do u just have sisters? cos u r sooo girly bruv u need to hang out with some guys... its just not healthy
  20. (bismillah) (salam) nabeela! no idea wat it means though naznin shahrizad! shari3a zeena manal umm kalthum :wub: ameera amina Asmaa2 aseel asiya amal anwaar baneen fairooz jenna jinaan Mona maha mardhiya melaad ;) namla lol raadhiya raazqiyya rabiya rehab salwaa seema wi2aam wilaa2 wilayah wurood zakiyyah ok that's all i can think of fe aman Allah!
  21. to be honest i dont quite remember but i think my mum did that for him... it was only a little cut nothing major
  22. (bismillah) (salam) u can get those lumps in a lot of places too.. they're called cysts (i think thats how u spell it)... and they do hurt sometimes a heck of a lot... it doesnt take much to have them taken out. My brother had one and they removed it right there at the GPs.. just numbed the area n quick slice n it was out then he just bandaged the area n it was over n done with. I think u probably have that.. although if it is small then it cud just be like a spot thats a lil deeper under the skin... so inshallah dont worry im sure its nothing... also unless u have family history of cancer
  23. (bismillah) (salam) u know this does really bug me.. we got plenty of muslim business folk out there why on earth dont they open a muslim womens gym? they'd make tonnes out of it... i rekon stanmore cud open one but they shud make it near central prolly best location.. yh just wishful thinking really... if anyone has a rich daddy maybe u cud give him the idea :D ... n e ways there are always problems with womens only gyms... non muslims seeing u n possibility they describe u to others... so even if no men around u run the risk of that... and wat if there are lesbians?! yes lots of issues! f
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