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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Paper money is fine. The point is that our money doesn't represent anything. The facts are that the people of countries that have a bank note that says, "Promise to pay" but that promise is a lie want their money to be backed on a rare metal resource.
  2. Can I please say that it doesn't really matter whatsoever, the difference between drinking a woman's milk when you are an adult (especially male) directly or from a cup in terms of whether it is adultery or not?
  3. Okay, what? I've only heard about the civil wars. But what is the rest of this?!
  4. Labbayk313


    What are the: References to the importance and necessity of growing a beard according to Islam, The benefits of keeping a beard and the reasons for it, and other information about the subject A non-muslim asked me today what the purpose of the sunnah of having a beard was - I was embarrassed (to myself) to find that I didn't have an answer to such a simple issue.
  5. I see. How can fadheela be calculated? I used to know... But I forgot.
  6. ...so why are there angels? Allah can achieve all their 'functions' without them, so why are they there?
  7. Also, if you have an Android mobile phone, you can download two very useful apps: MuslimPro - This app does Adhaan for you at the correct time after it senses your location! You can change the Adhaan (default is Sunni T_T), and also gain other features by buying the Premium Version, It also provides the 99 names of Allah, And some surahs of the Quran for you to read if you like. ShiaToolkit - This app is AWESOME and totally free. It provides: prayer times (but not needed if used in conjunction with MuslimPro), the entire Quran (translatable into many different languages, and also provides transliteration, Arabic and a player that allows you to listen to it), a Ziyaraat Directory, a Du'a (supplication) directory, global news for Shia (for instance to do with Hisbullah, Syria, Iran, or tableegh in non-muslim or Sunni countries), a Tasbih counter, a list of all fourteen Infallibles, And an Islamic Calendar with all the important dates
  8. A disciplined political analyst will always ask themselves one question when they see something: Who benefits? After going through everything, the reason for it is then pretty obvious.
  9. I've been told that after Zuhr, rather than praying Asr straight after reading Tasbih and Du'a which is allowed, it's recommended to delay a little before Asr to do ibadah, for instance reading Quran, more du'a, or exercising your body and/or mind. How long should the recommended gap between the two prayers be?
  10. You don't have to. You are a muslim when you believe. Allah knows what is in your heart. The Shahada are just the tenets of your belief. You believe them, and say them when you pray, to give your allegiance. You don't HAVE to declare Shahada with witnesses. But if someone asks you your religion, just say you're muslim. And if you're a sister, the hijaab should make it obvious :)
  11. Personally, I think that the 'Bhora' sect began as some Sayyeds who weren't a nice bunch decided to take advantage of the fact that the Shia in their area had been discriminated against and therefore lost education over the generations. So they took over and corrupted their beliefs. Perhaps the current Dai actually believes in their nonsensical creed. If that is the case, I hope our Ulema revert him to Islam and bring his entire cult with him.
  12. Alright.The biggest hurdle for me, it seems is talking to her about this. ...Funny how all my concerns boil down to something so stupid and insignificant. I think Interlocutor hit the nail on the head there: the culture of Muslims is prude, but Islam and Allah are not prude. Therefore I have thought for my entire life that I have to fight myself in the way that I have been. A way that's impossible. And because of this impossible mix - well, as he said, "the correlative mix renders me incapacitated." So there we have it. It's the juvenile typical problem of being too shy or not confident enough. That IS pathetic. How can I fix this? Also: Off topic. Now I know that Ratohnhake:tohn from Assassin's Creed is clearly not you, and you have an avatar of that fictional character, but are you (Ratohnhaketohn) really native? Because native Shia are really rare!
  13. I don't know where I got this idea. Apart from my parents, who have only spoken negatively about Mut'a at my age, saying it can be easily abused, and that it's supposed to be used for situations like when a woman needs protection and wants to go on Hajj or something similar. Putting it into words, it doesn't make much sense. Could you explain how Mut'a works and what it's for, please, Brother? Dude - I understand that this will - eventually - pass. What I am concerned more about is what the Ulema have told me. I don't want to get permanently married at such a young age! I want to go to uni! But they say that if I'm in this situation, it's makruh for me to not marry - otherwise my mind, waking or unwaking will think about these things. I don't want to sin. Now the easiest route here I can see is to talk to her and then if she likes me, maybe do Mut'a. And we keep with Mut'a until maybe it wears off, or it gets to the point that we should marry. I'm thinking of this in the religious terms - I guess my real question is; what's the best thing for me to do without sinning, while dispelling these new feelings that are taking concentration around more important parts of my life?
  14. Lol, I expected a response like this XD Firstly, to the brother who said he's never seen a Bangladeshi without Noor : I don't understand this. Very few Bangladeshis I have met seem to have it. Especially when I went to bangladesh. The country itself has a very Jahil feel to it, and so does the culture, which involves dancing, making animals fight each other for entertainment chauvinism and more. I have met a few with Noor but I typically feel it from Black and White British converts (mainly Welsh). I see it in a lot of Iraqis and Iranians I meet as well, and funnily enough, George Galloway, when I met him. Now for the rest of you guys. I'm not a fool. I may be young, but I have suffered a lot of hardship and had to endure a lot of work during my life. I don't appreciate being patronised, but I understand why an older generation may look someone in my situation like this. I'm actually a cynic myself :P Now I have been in a situation where I just had a crush before. Several times, in fact. I know what that feels like, and I know what this, whatever it is, feels like. I can go without being near her, yeah. Easily. That's happened loads of times, like when I went to London for a month, because my grandfather was ill. I thought about this and came to some of the final problems I highlighted when I opened the topic. I'm actually a straight A* student. I don't waste my time, I concentrate on my studies. I actually spend my time reading, working on school revision, learning about sciences, politics and history that don't concern my school courses, and admittedly, a little of it playing video games (maybe two hours a week, spread between Friday, Saturday and Sunday) The problem I am encountering is that the answers I am receiving from regular people, like "I'm young, it'll pass.", are very different to that of the scholars I have questioned. Most have given the same advice as Sayyed Musawi; that is, if I feel certain desires, or love, so intensely that I find myself praying for peace, then it is time to look for a partner. The resulting issue here is that we live in the West (and I don't mean the true West, but this Euro-secularist culture) and our ways of life are altered by this. As far as I know, the ulema say that I should follow the lifestyle that my religion teaches; whereas you guys are telling me what non-muslims are telling me. Which you are basing on the fact that I am young, and you think that this means I have no experience and don't understand real pain, suffering, inspiration or love. In fact, according to what my father tells me about Cherokee culture, we used to have a very similar approach to this to the one that the scholars I have asked have told me of. Sooo.... The points so far have been addressed... And only the options I already labelled as being 'difficult' are being told to me without any explanations of how they might be done, taking how I feel into consideration. Not all of you have been unhelpful, but still... I feel unsatisfied.
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