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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. CM was right I'm getting addicted to SC The first sign of addiction => night studies with SC :( I'm thinking of asking an admin to temporary deactivate my account.... Ok I'll do that
  2. Is it possible to contact the owner and ask for permission? If he/she is still alive. Or contact the admin who has access to the html codes of ShiaChat forum. Changing the logo is not a complicated task if someone has access to the template design. Thank you GC for offering your help. I'm still writing the story will pm you the draft when I've finished it....
  3. Yes pretty cool! But now I feel like an outsider bcoz I'm not going to hajj this year. Mom and her friends they talk non stop about a shaykh called Sayyed Ahmad Alhussein
  4. Breaking News: Today mom joined a whatsapp group called "Ahlulbayt 7amla"...... The group consists of 100 Shia members (mostly moms) discussing and sharing Islamic info about their next hajj-trip. Mashallah to our moms, I hope next year I'll join them :)
  5. This is by far the most respectful comment written by a mod, on this entire topic. Saying "No" doesn't mean the woman has less Tagwa or Iman, and she can be raised with Fatima Zahra (a.s). A bouquet for you for being so understanding.... Sami, you should write a book about your life. I'll be the first SC member to buy it, not everyday I hear a story like yours. I have few questions for you, I read your comment on another thread that you felt lonely, I don't understand why you still feel alone when you have so many wives around you. Are they just after your money to buy materialistic things? Do they provide emotional support when you feel lonely/depressed? Or for example when you miss Zohor Imam Mahdi (a.s) does anyone of your wife know how to comfort you. If they really did, why do you give a strong impression of being alone in this world. I don't know much about marriage (still single), but I think it's difficult for a man to emotionally support 4 wives at the same time. All the money, handbags and shoes can't buy happiness.... and for some western women (including myself) happiness is to stay a man's first wife till the end of life, inshallah after life too.
  6. What a great idea! Count me in, but the duration between the competitions should be longer, (ex: 1-3 months), because the admin may not have time to change the logo every week.
  7. I liked Sindbad more than Grendizer Yes, they still sell them! We call them "Bastani Aroosaki"
  8. From the good old days when dad installed Arabic channels at home El-Nemr Almogana3 Captain Rabe7 Adnan wa Lina (my dad's favorite cartoon, he never missed an episode)
  9. What a funny topic :) Yaaaay footballistha -- I used to watch them
  10. The "married" men I saw in the Middle East were much shocking.... Right now, I live in a religious Muslim town and I've seen only good from the muslim men here.... inshallah in future I'll marry one.
  11. Right now, I'm eating my favorite strawberry cake with a cup of hot coffee :)
  12. To all those S.C members going through a hardship this simple gift is for you... I'm keeping you all in my prayers (Green leaves = hope & peace )
  13. Yes, as a woman living in the west i found it very rude and insulting to be asked to be a second wife. It actually happened to me when I was studying in the Middle East. A senior surgeon asked wether I could consider marrying him and move to live in his city and I happily agreed because I thought he was single, untill I found out later he's not. Such a thing would never happen to me in the west. The Muslim western men might not be very religious but when it comes to marriage they take it seriously, and I like this about them... they wouldn't lie or cheat to get what they want. GC, you're just too good to be true, in my opinion this is how an ideal Muslim guy should be. God bless you!
  14. This is the SISTERS forum what are you guys doing here? If my comment was inappropriate then delete it. @Haydar Husayn I won't comment on your post, bcoz I don't like discussing this matter with men.
  15. Maybe such a guy would be an ideal husband in the Middle East where multi-marriages are common, but in the west he's the worst kind of man. If an already married man (with kids) proposed to me I'll punch him in the face and break his nose, or throw a glass of cold water on his head. I'll send my brother after him to teach him a lesson... I completely agree with you! If I found out my "future" husband got a second wife without my permission, I'll not hesitate a second, I'll divorce him and marry another man...
  16. LN long time no see, why are you leaving!! I follow some old SC members on instagram, are you still active there?
  17. Study break yaaay => watching my favorite boxing anime... Joe Yabuki-- 1970 PS: how sad Rikishi died of cerebral hemorrhage... I was revising stroke few seconds ago.
  18. No it wouldn't be as bad! I'll ask him to give me a strong reason why he wants a second marriage! Is there anything lacking btw us? Can he consider a short Muta instead of permanent 2nd marriage. I believe when talking we can find a way to solve this problem. But if he refused to talk to me and did it behind my back then it'll be the end of our marriage. The perfect relashionship is based on respect and understanding.... not lying to each other. This is not common in my neighborhood. I've never seen a man living with 2 or 3 wifes.It's different between countries. I have 2 sisters who got married, they're well educated modern women, rich, beautiful, clever and they take care of their husbands. why shouldn't I aim for the same? I don't care if the man is a divorcee or widowed or has done muta before, the only thing that matters if we got a perm marriage he should respect my opinion (no 2nd wife)
  19. I put myself in her position (the 1st wife), I'll be deeply hurt if my husband got a second wife without my permission. He broke the trust in our marriage, such a man is not worth having.
  20. I thought that's what sis Mina meant, if you marry a divorced/widowed man you'll still be his only wife... no problem in that!But marrying a man who's first wife still present and they live together, not acceptable in my opinion.
  21. I would rather stay single my entire life than become a second wife to someone. I don't like this idea, it doesn't feel right to share ur husband with another woman.
  22. hahaha hohoho hihi Chaotic Muslem@ we should definitely try this, a recent study in medical trials showed a sensitivity of 85 % , specificity 99,9%, false positive (0,1%)
  23. Oh NOOOOOO CM not that heartbreaking scene! I remember the first time I saw it I cried a river :( in my opinion part III ending is the worse (too much sad death scenes) and thanks for sharing the theme song, forever one of my favorite :)
  24. No I'll not donate anything, Norwegians are rich, they can take care of themselves. Btw I'm waiting for repenter to show up and start the fight. What I think will happen: Baradar= Shi ni tai-no? Repenter= Omae wo korosu! hajimeyouuuuuu.... (Let's begin)
  25. I actually watched it just because of the young Al Pacino, he looked so handsome! Plus the soundtrack was amazing (the godfather love theme is epic)
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