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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. im actually really glad they dropped this movie.. But i do wish one day a karbala movie will be made ( a really good movie, i hope it would be released in hollywood, and i hope the director who is doing it, is a shia, or believe in the shia, and i hope the movie will expose EVERYTHING,) and i really dont care if they make the sunnies angry or whatever, i say people need to wake up and see the truth.. It is a massacre. I just hope they will make the story as clear and as complete as possible. to think that sunnis look to yazid (la) as a hero... just sickens me to the maximum, how can killing the grandson of prophet Muhammad (saw) be ever a good thing?.. one thing i know for sure, justice will be given to all, if not on this earth, then in the hereafter. Lets see who is right then.
  2. hey thanks man, im just so glad to have found this forum, its a great place to learn and exchange idea, and now i just feel so much more relieved knowing theres alot of other people too that is shia... we have our forum allhamdullillah. thanks for being here brother!
  3. thank you so much brother! Yeah i definitely will!, cant wait..
  4. thank you so much for the reply, So i guess this is where i start, thanks again!.... its just my responsibility and i have to do this, its a must for me now.
  5. Assalammualaikum brothers and sisters.. I really dont know where else to post this, so im doing it here in general discussion, but if it needs to be moved, then yeah just go ahead and move it. so basically let me just share a few things about myself. Ive always been a shia, just not an educated one. Im surrounded by alot of sunnis that has expressed negative views ono shia's.. i just cant stand this. And when we talked about the tradegy that took place in karbala and the martry of imam hussain (a.s) , they said that this was a good thing, because of some stupid reason they gave ( i just didnt remember it, because the minute they said it was a good thing, i just stopped listening, and started cursing them in my mind) Im born into pakistani family but i dont speak urdu at all, because my parents sent me to a boarding school at a very young age in the u.k and i guess i just never picked up the language when i returned home.. and because of this, everytime during our maljs( during muharram) i never really was able to understand all the poems and story that was being read by my uncles and cousins.. because the majlis is conducted in urdu.. I guess this is my fault because i never cared about anything when i was young... until now, i decided that it is my responsibily to be educated about my religion and faith, and so i really need to understand everything. so my question is, can someone help me out here?, ive been searching on internets but i just dont know if what im reading is the truth or not.. maybe some sunnis wrote it, and i just dont wanna get into that. is there any website where i can go, that will explain to me everything about being a shia, and the the story of karbala and the differences between sunnis and shia and basically, everything im supposed to know. ( i know its a lot, and thats good, cause i love reading about this, makes me feel complete.. so now everytime i shed tears in my majlis, i will actually know 100% of it.. instead of just 10% ) and when i do my matam, i can really get into it, because i want to... and i guess since there is also some divisions inside of shia, let me just say that im the shia that believes in all 12 imams. thanks for reading, and i hope to be active in this forum and make some new friends here. and if theres any other questions, just ask me, i know i wrote brieftly about myself, its cause i just dont wanna take up anymore of your time..
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