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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam... New book on pig products reveals problems for Islamic, Jewish and vegetarian smokers 31 March 2010 A new book exploring the many and varied uses of pigs after slaughter has revealed that haemoglobin from pigs' blood is used in the production of cigarette filters. The book, Pig 05049 by Dutch author Christien Meindertsma, reveals 185 different uses to which a dead pig can be put - from the manufacture of sweets and shampoo, to bread, body lotion, beer and bullets. But the revelation that pig haemoglobin is used in cigarette filters to create an "artificial lung" that supposedly lessens harmful chemicals reaching the smoker, is set to re-open the issue about the tobacco industry's failure to reveal what additives and ingredients are used in cigarettes. Professor Simon Chapman from the School of Public Health said Australian smokers would have no way of finding out whether locally manufactured or imported cigarette filters contained material sourced from pig haemoglobin. "Many devout Islamic and Jewish smokers and some vegetarians would be horrified to think they were putting a filter in their mouth which contained a pig product," Professor Chapman said. The tobacco industry can put anything legal in its products with no obligation to inform either the government or consumers. It voluntarily declares certain ingredients on unpublicised websites but each brand has a catch-all qualifying statement saying: "Processing aids and preservatives that are not significantly present in, and do not functionally affect, the finished product are grouped as 'processing aids'". The details of the materials in these "processing aids" are well-kept trade secrets. Smokers who do not want to use pig products are entitled to be told whether Australian cigarettes have pig products included in these "processing aids", Professor Chapman said. "The tobacco industry has a decades-long history of keeping its customers ignorant about what it is they are buying. There is not just tobacco in a cigarette." http://www.usyd.edu.au/news/84.html?newscategoryid=1&newsstoryid=4708 Take care, Ateka Bint Al Hussain
  2. salam... About the calendar, I know that there are many Shia sources (Islamic centres, masjids) in Sydney, which can mail or email out the Islamic and Prayer calendar...
  3. (salam) Sorry for the confusions... Sheikh Jihad's lectures are still on SUNDAY nights, since footy is on Saturday nights (as voted by those present)...
  4. (salam) Masjid Arrahman is holding a youth conference led by his Eminence Sheikh Jihad Ismail & Youth Liaison Officer Ghandi Sindyan, in celebration of National Youth Week. Come along with your firends, get involved & discuss the issues faced by our youth today. WHEN: Sunday 5/4/09 @ 6.30 pm (After Maghrib prayers; Sunday is first day of daylight savings) WHERE: Masjid Arrahman (20 Garema Circuit, Kingsgrove)
  5. Salam... His Eminence Sheikh Mansour is a great Sheikh.. very approachable, and his talks are all beneficial, correct and understandable.. Don't turn a blind eye to wonderful people in this community, like Sheikh Mansour, that are doing the best they can to draw more people to Islam, the right way. Let's see you taking over :unsure: "and hold fast to the rope of Allah and do not be divided." (Qur'an 3:103) Well it's like having a whole Islamic library just one click away... If you had all of these lessons in books, they would have costed heaps more than this. You try buying each and every single book there is, and tell me how much you are willing to pay. The Sheikh and the wonderful brothers and sisters who helped, spent heaps of time putting such a great resource together.. Say 'alhamdulilah' and 'shukran' for such people and their hard work :) Plus, learning about Islam is very precious.. no matter how much it costs and takes. If you learn such a course at university, it will take you many years, and cost much more than this.. Plus you learn Islam from a Western perspective.. What's better than learning Islam from a trusted shia source?! you should seek knowledge and open your eyes to the Islamic world... Islam is a great religion.. it's nour is so bright, that darkness can never take over... (wasalam)
  6. (salam) Welcome aboard sister... There are heaps of lectures around Sydney, and at different locations and centres. Some include, Imam Husain Islamic Centre (6 Lang Road, Earlwood). They usually have english lectures held by His Eminence Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, and manily Friday nights, after maghrib prayers. There is Sheikh Jihad Ismail @ Masjid Arrahman (20 Garema Circuit, Kingsgrove) WHEN: Every Sunday after Maghrib prayers WHAT: Congregational Prayers, followed by lecture in English There is also Nabi Akram Islamic Centre (Granville), where lectures are also held by His Eminence Sheikh Jihad.. Hope this helps... Take care, wassalam
  7. (salam) Inshallah all are in good health and high state of iman... As you are all aware, Masjid Arrahman was officially opened, and since then has opened its doors to people from all walks of life. His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha (the official representative of his Eminence Ayatullah Sayyed Fadlullah in Australia) is the imam of the masjid, with his office being located there too. Sheikh Youssef is able to help anyone out with any Islamic issues or rulings. Al-Bashaer Radio Station has also moved there, and still broadcasting 24/7. Programs are still the same and the radio can still be purchased (now with better reception). Also present, is Husayniat Imam Jawad (as), which is available for all majalis and events. Apart from being just a Masjid, there are various programs running at Masjid Arrahman, english and arabic, available to all ages and both genders. Sheikh Jihad Ismail @ Masjid Arrahman WHEN: Every Sunday after Maghrib prayers WHAT: Congregational Prayers, followed by lecture in English ******************************************************** ÏæÑÇÊ ËÞÇÝíÉ æÏíäíÉ ãÚ ÓãÇÍÉ ÇáÔíÎ íæÓÝ äÈåÇ ááÑÌÇá: ÇáÅËäíä¡ ÇáËáÇËÇÁ¡ ÇáÇÑÈÚÇÁ æÇáÎãíÓ ÈÚÏ ÕáÇÊí ÇáãÛÑÈ æÇáÚÔÇÁ ááäÓÇÁ: ÇáÅËäíä¡ ÇáËáÇËÇÁ¡ ÇáÇÑÈÚÇÁ ۱۱ ÕÈÇÍÇ ð ÍÊì ۱۲:۳۰ ÈÚÏ ÇáÙåÑ ******************************************************** Arabic & Tajweed Classes @ Masjid Arrahman WHEN: Tuesdays 5.00 - 6.00 pm Sundays 10.00 - 11.00 am WHO: 7 years + Classes commence March 3rd For further enquiries and enrolment, please contact: Masjid Arrahman on 9758 9977 (wasalam)
  8. (bismillah) (salam) {He only shall tend Allah's sanctuaries who believeth in Allah and the Last Day and observeth proper worship and payeth the poor-due and feareth none save Allah. For such (only) is it possible that they can be of the rightly guided.} [Quran 9:18] With the presence of His Eminence Sayyed Jaafar Fadlullah (representing his father, the religious authority Sayyed M H Fadlullah), Al-Mabarrat Benevolent Society cordially invites you to attend the official opening ceremony of Masjid Arrahman and Imam Jawad (as) Husaynia. WHEN: Saturday 27th of December at 6 PM WHERE: 20 Garema Circuit, Kingsgrove Al-Mabarrat will also be holding majalis for the 10 days of Ashura at Masjid Arrahman, starting from Sunday 28th of December, after maghrib prayers. For any enquiries, please call Al-Mabarrat on 9567 1670
  9. (salam) InshAllah all are in the best of health and higest state of Iman... Also, just 2 quick announcements for those that do not know... Al-Mabarrat established Al-Bashaer Radio Station (since last year), and is broadcastinng 24/7. To listen to this station, you must have a receiver, as this station is private. To purchase this receiver ($90), contact Al-Mabarrat or me. This receiver allows you to listen to the station anywhere in your house. Just put it in one place, and switch on any stereo in the house on 96FM, and you will hear Al-Bashaer. It works on battery or charger, and also car charger is available, making it more convenient to listen to in the car. About the coverage, it reaches all Sydney and it's borders. Al-Bashaer has daily du3a's; lectures by various speakers and scholars; athan on prayer time (3 times a day); announcements of eid and various occasions; advertisements; programs for all ages. So tune in to Al-Bashaer to increase your understanding of Islam and society today... Another thing is, just to clear some misconceptions that some might have.. Al-Mabarrat IS opening a masjid (Masjid Al-Hasanain) in Kingsgrove inshAllah. The property has been bought, and it is now under renovation and construction. InshAllah we are hoping that it should be officially opened towards the end of this year. For more information, please either contact the Mabarrat on 9567 1670, or PM me... (wasalam)
  10. (salam) "To Allah we belong; and to him is our return"... It was announced that the bombing in Syria that happened, targeted and killed Hajj Imad Moghneyya.. The greatest leader of the Resistance in South Lebanon... He was the main and important person that helped Sayyed Hassan with all the planning and operations.. He knew every corner in South Lebanon.. He has been on the wanted list for around 20 years with a $50 million reward for whoever killed him... he was wanted by America, because he was in charge of planning all the operations that the Resistance did... he did many facial surgeries so no one would recognise him... The Resistance have blamed the Israeli forces responsible for his martyrdom... Please recite the Fatiha on his pure and blessed soul...
  11. (salam) InshAllah all are well... I just wanted to ask, for those who would know, for more information on the lectures that will be held this week at the Civic Theatre by Al-Emaan... Thanks in advance (wasalam)
  12. (salam) InshAllah all are well and in the best state of iman... The dinner is next Frdiay inshAllah, and hope to see many of you there. I know for a fact that the organisers are working real hard on it, to make it the best we've had. Tickets are selling quick, so you better hurry. Tickets can be bought from shops around in Arncliffe, Imam Hussein Islamic Centre in Earlwood, and at the Mabarrat office on Wollongong Rd Arncliffe. If it is hard to get to these places, it it possible to place orders over the phone or to buy at the door. Also, if anyone would like to reserve through me, feel free :) as I am one of the people working behind the scenes :Hijabi: The program will be great, incorporating both english and arabic lectures and anasheed. Please don't forget that the money raised will go to the orphans in Lebanon inshAllah.. after the war, many were displaced and and lost many family members. Every cent counts.. If you have any enquiries or comments, please feel free to PM me :) ws wr wb
  13. (salam) inshAllah all are well... i need as much help as possible, about the universities in Lebanon.. Firstly i need to know when do they start?? Secondly, I need some info on the jem3a bi soor.. what does it offer?? Is there any website or contact details for this jem3a? Thirdly, i need to know, how does one enter? What do they need (e.g. certificates etc.)? Any answers to any of these questions are greatly appreciated.. please pm any answers.. Shukran in advance Salam
  14. (salam) (bismillah) In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful {and whoever respects the signs of Allah, this surely is (the outcome) of the piety of hearts} (22:32) With the commencement of the Holy Month of Muharram, and the commemoration of the Ashouraa of Imam Hussain (as) & his progeny, Al-Mabarrat Benevolent Society – Australia, cordially invites you to attend the first 10 nights, with a series of lectures by his Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha (Sayyed M H Fadlullah's representative) and a nightly majlis by his Eminence, Sayyed Mohammad El-Musawi. At the conclusion of each night, there will be a latmeya by Br. Hussein Al-Husaini. Place: Rockdale Town Hall, 448 Princess Hwy, Rockdale Time: Sunday 21/1/2007 till Monday 29/1/2007 @ 9.30pm – 10.30pm ** The 10th day will be held on Tuesday 30/1/2007 @ 8.30am sharp *** For any details, please PM me.. Hope to see many brothers and sisters there :) Fee Aman Allah
  15. (salam) I always think the same thing... My sister is 5 months now, and I always wonder how does she understand.. I mean, how does she think to bring her hand towards her mouth, or grab something... or when you take something from her, she just stares at you as if she is going to attack any minute.. what goes in a baby's mind?? How do they think? It's just like a deaf person.. how about when they dream? Do they see images? How do they interpret them?? SubhanAllah.. Allah has created the most amazing kinds of creations... everything is so unique, yet so accurate.. I always wondered if scientists, now or in the future, are able to place a mechanical device in one's mind (such as a baby) and see how they think :huh: subhanaAllah...
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