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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. They should try to defend the Syrian people from the criminal regime that is bombing our kids everyday too. I understand that this is an important religious place, but human beings are also important. they should not close their eyes on the crimes of the regime. I mean, aren't we Syrians muslims too?
  2. hahaha you are very funny... you should be a comedian! We, the Syrians had hope that he would be different from his father. But no, he is worse. So no, no one in Syria likes him, except for his Shabiha thugs who love to mutilate children. Even the minorities are scared of him. So according to you, we don't like him because he's a non wahabbi? Thanks for the info, I thought that the 85%+ of Syrians who oppose him did so because he's a bloodthirsty murderer. Oh, and I didn't know that the majority of Syrians were wahabbi... that's a new one I didn't hear before.... To sum it up: seek help, becau
  3. Sorry for the late reply: Assad did invade Lebanon. His troops occupied Lebanese territories and the Lebanese were under Assadist law. Go ask any lebanese to confirm. Saddam was educated, he studied in Egypt like Hafez al Assad I believe. As for your other reasons, thanks for pointing that out. But in the long run, I believe these criminal regimes are brothers; and the real reason why people are supporting one or another is sectarian, plain and simple.
  4. How is killing your own people being "anti-Zionist"? The Assad regime has killed thousands upon thousands of Syrians, and how many Israelis? Not even 5,000.
  5. Why is he a terrorist if he is trying to bring down a dictator?
  6. Sunni is a very generic term. A malaysian may be Sunni, but I have nothing that connects me to him, other than religion. Same with Saudis.. they may be "Sunnis" but they don't look like Syrians, and their culture doesn't resemble Syrian culture. Sadly, everyone only cares about themselves, there is no "Sunni" unity or Arab/Muslim unity. And maybe their men were killed, do not judge them.
  7. Saddam Hussein executed thousands of Sunnis also, so to say that Saddam was only harsh with Shia is false. But to answer your question: are you serious? The Assad family has killed thousands of Syrian citizens, and used the "resistance" excuse to do so. People who believe that a dictator like Assad or Saddam need to kill their own people to fight Israel are the real sheep!
  8. How is Assad not a puppet? I am sorry but you are making that up. Most governments that came to power in the 70's were either backed by the USA or the Soviets. Considering Assad and Saddam weren't communists, they had to be backed by some other power (hint: USA) in order to stay sitting on their throne. so if saddam is a puppet, then so is assad. as for your other differences... I have to admit that they are very subjective! Nowhere in your post do you show any sign of objectivity, with all due respect....
  9. But hafez al assad was also an ally to the Americans. and Saddam did help the PLO also, no? so he did support the palestinian cause. but I think they both did for their political gain and not for the cause itself...
  10. I am sorry my friend but do you have any proof of this? are you sure its not the regime sending their thugs to create sectarian violence? there is plenty of proof that shabihha are decapitating syrian children as we speak... I do admit that not all FSA members are angels, and alot of them are not Syrian... but presently they are the only ones protecting syrian civilians... no one is protecting syrian civilans, not even the Arab/muslim world... and as you see, Assad is bombing civilian areas with his warplanes... why is he doing this to us?
  11. Why am I not Syrian? Just because in your mind, all Syrians are pro-Assad, right? WRONG. Most Syrians are not pro Assad just like most Iraquis are not pro Saddam.... And please, im not here to stir Fitna. Where did I stir fitna? I am here to make you realize that Assad isn't a good guy. and im here to understand why you blindly support him, too....
  12. I'm not sure I'm posting in the right forum, but here goes anyway. I was browsing this site and noticed that there are many pro Assad people here. I can't lie, this is really heartbreaking for me, as a Syrian. I do not understand this blind support. So to make me understand, I ask of you pro Assad people to tell me, exactly, what is the difference between Bashar hafez al assad and his counterpart Saddam Hussein? They are both dictators, and both baathists, but i have a certain feeling that if you went to iraq today, no one (or at least a minority) of people would tell you that they loved Sadda
  13. I think that it's unfair that the video states "Alawite mercenary" when they are just shabihha heartless thugs. Im sure most alawites do not support such animals. but my friend I can assure you that the FSA is more merciful than these shabihha thugs. FSA does not kill children like Shabihha devils do. shabihha are the number one enemy of the syrian people.
  14. Are you Syrian? No? Then please keep your extremist, disgusting comments to yourself. What did we Syrians ever do to you? Why are you supporting the massacre of our women and children by the Shabihha? It is clear that you are, by reading your comment. And it is true that the FSA has some extremist elements in it, however I am 100% sure that they are more merciful than the shabihha thugs that you support. There's no competition there, shabihha rape children and behead children. Shame on you. You are the real terrorist if you support such thugs.
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