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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam. There is also Kamil Ziyarat, Mishkatul Anwar, Kitab Sulaym Qays, Behar Al Anwar around 4 volumes so far have been translated i believe. I do know more is on the way inshallah. Plus Al Kafi which i ordered just yesterday, is available in full.
  2. Thanks Brother. I have got the first book of Al Kafi by Shaykj Arastu. This would take along time to complete my set if I was to wait for this to finish which is a shame, as its been over a year with no 3rd book. I personally think if Shaykh Arastu authenticates each hadith from sources and with explanation on this too, i would have no problem ordering the books again. But as i have been waiting for Al Kafi full set for such a long time, I cant wait any longer, lol. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Well meet up together and both wear it. lol.
  4. I actually like wearing a turban. But sadly i dont feel comfortable wearing this in our centres due to being the ONLY one. When i did, people asked why i wore it as i wasnt an arab. So i didnt feel comfortable, but like to wear it in salah. Sunnis wear it all the time, and feel personally more comfortable wearing it there. However than feel the odd one again when praying Salah with hands on the side (shia alert), so its a no win situation. Things need to change!
  5. Thanks again. Thats all I needed to know. Will be ordering it all today Very exited.
  6. Thanks brother for the reply. Ah yes i can understand it must get confusing. I just ordered Kamiul Ziyarat and was impressed that the author added notes to say which imam it was. At the time i was rather impressed. Shame its not in Al Kafi, however that wont stop me from buying it. Does the book bend by any chance after a read. I read that from someones review on it, but not sure if its that bad as he says it is. I have got sahih muslim, and sahih bukhari in hard cover so got no idea how it will be like in paperback. Thats my main concern really.
  7. Salaam All. I am considering purchasing the Al Kafi books on here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Al-Kafi-1-8-English-Translation/dp/0991430867/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 Has anyone purchased this, as would like to know the quality of the product please. is it worthwhile waiting for the hardcover format to come out, or is this ok? My main concern as i dont want the book cover to be all bend after reading, especially if some books have 500 pages. If its bounded properly im sure its not a problem, but just wanted to check this with others who have this Thanks.
  8. Salaam. I wear one just for the purpose that it has ayat kursi written on it. However mine doesnt look like the karra which the sikh wear. But with all other muslim accesories being made, I don't see the harm in wearing it. Aslong as you know its not sunnah. The only benefit could be if a dua is written on it.
  9. Salaam. According to the sunni school of thought, the recitation of as salaat khairal [.....] is established part of adhaan. They do not recognise that it was 'added' later. The shia school of thought do acknowledge that 'aliun waliullah' isn't part of the adhan and have added it, althought with the intention it's not part of the adhan...
  10. Married for just over 6 years with 2 lovely princesses. My wife is my best friend and my 2 daughters my lifeline. Can't live without them. Just saying. Ali
  11. Tatbir, zanjeer is all a relatively new act introduced in the mourning ritual. Those who try to justify it use rather weak hadith to kid themselves. Do you really need a fatwa to prove this is haraam? Just Saying Ali
  12. Allah [swt] knows best what's in their hearts and he will judge each person on an individual basis, and we believe in his justice. After reading a few lines in the post above, i couldn't continue as it was really incorrect. No surprise, as it was taken from an anti shia site. I don't know what you are trying to prove from this? Ali
  13. Salaam Our Imams should not be confused with the Imams of the Ahle Sunnah Madhabs. They are not the same. Our Imams are divinely appointed to guide mankind. You seem to suggest that just because they didn't physically write their works or their students didn't compile their works, they aren't on the same level and therefore the shia faith is not right. Did Nabi Adam [a.s] write a book? Did Yusuf [a.s] write a book? The prophet were sent as a guide to mankind, not as a author to gather works in writing, to collect evidence in writing to prove to the future generation with references so
  14. Why not start with Scale of Wisdom, compilation of hadith, its on amazon. Or something basic such as A Bundle of Flowers (available on al-islam.org).
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