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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As Salaamu Alaykum And why not a country for the Kurds? They are the largest ethnic group in the world without a country. When the region was redrawn by the British and French after World War I, the Kurds did not get a state. The 1920 Treaty of Sevres, which created Iraq, Syria and Kuwait, was supposed to have included the possibility of a Kurdish state in the region but it was never implemented. After the overthrow of the Turkish monarchy, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq each agreed not to recognize an independent Kurdish state. The autonomous area they had under the Ottoman Empire prior to World W
  2. Salaams I remember reading several Hadihs where the Prophet (pbuh) said hell is also a place where people will go to be punished for their sins before being admitted to Paradise.
  3. Abdulhujjah The image I use for my avatar is a character from a game my friend my plays. I can not remember the name of the game but the character's name is Djinn.
  4. Salaams I would also bring up the fact that many leather products are made from pigskins. It is very hard to tell the difference between pig leather and other leather products. You should ask what kinds of animal leather garments are made from before you buy them. This is why it is good to buy from places where you know garments are made from animals that have been slaughtered according to Islamic law. So you do not have this problem.
  5. Salaams All this talk of Jinn. I use to read about them allot when I was younger. My friends would tell me I was crazy but always seemed to be interested in what I had to say. Here are some links to some information on Jinn/Jinni (plural). Its very interesting stuff if you like to read about such things. I hope they prove to be helpful. Please let me know what you think. The Truth Behind the Legend Jinn - Views from the Quran & Ahadith The Jinn - Types, Majic, do's and dont's
  6. Salaams I found these two Hadiths from the Sahih Al Bukhari Hadith, book 2. 668) Narrated Salim that his father said, "Allah's Apostle, Usama bin Zaid, Bilal, and 'Uthman bin abu Talha entered the Ka'ba and then closed its door. When they opened the door I was the first person to enter (the Ka'ba). I met Bilal and asked him, "Did Allah's Apostle offer a prayer inside (the Ka'ba)?" Bilal replied in the affirmative and said, "(The Prophet offered the prayer) in between the two right pillars." 669) Narrated Nafi': Whenever Ibn 'Umar entered the Ka'ba he used to walk straight keeping t
  7. Salaams As far as I know there is only one kind of gelatin that I know is safe for Muslims to eat and that is Halal gelatin meaning that the animal has been killed according to Islamic law. So it is possible for gelatin to be Halal but not vegetarian. The other point I want to bring up is for all brothers and sisters to stay away from Kosher gelatin. I know some Muslims when they cant get Halal products here in the US often make the mistake of buying Kosher products thinking they are the next best thing to Halal or a good a substitute. Kosher gelatin can be made with fish bones, and/or bee
  8. [/quote Why should I, a muslim, take reponsibility for a so called muslim killing 10 people in my city? The only one responsible for the crimes is the perpertrator himself. Why should the good muslims in Pakistan take responsibility for the actions of handfull of lunatics? Why should good Christians be responsible for some so called Christian's crimes? Remember, you should not include religion in the equation. ] The good the Muslims of Pakistan should speak out and condom these acts and not let these crimes go unpunished by the government. If they do this (or if they have already done it) th
  9. As Salaamu Alaikum I think you are all missing the point of this article (written by a British Muslim). The point is that we as Muslims should take responsibility for our Ummah, otherwise we would be no better than the Christians who commit similar acts against Muslims. The bottom line, whether you admit it or not, is that Muslims most likely committed the crimes listed in this article. The point is made that, regardless of the perpetrators’ religion, they should be punished and this is true. The fact is that when so called Muslims do bad things to non-Muslims it reflects on all Muslims. Mos
  10. Salaams once again Thank you all for your replies. It was as I thought Gold and Silk are haram for men. It seems that you hit the same road block my friends did because I always new this to be Hadith where they assumed it was in the Quran, while one of my friends new it was not in the Quran but was unsure of it actually being Hadith. Technically I am Sunni but looking into learning more about the Shia particularly about differences in Hadith among the Shia and Sunni's. I was always aware that this was one of the more solid Hadiths among the Sunni and wanted to see what the Shia thought of it.
  11. Salaams..... Islam has prohibited two kinds of adornment for men, while permitting them to women. These are, first, gold ornaments and, second, clothing made of pure silk. 'All reported that the Prophet (PBH) took some silk in his right hand and some gold in his left, declaring, "These two are haram for the males among my followers." (Reported by Ahmad, Abu Daoud, al-Nisai, Ibn Hayyan, and lbn Majah, who reports the additional phrase, "but halal for the females.") The Prophet (PBH) once saw a gold ring on a man's hand. He immediately took it from him and threw it down saying, 'Does a perso
  12. 1) There are different translations of the Quran but they come from one Arabic version. The Bible has been translated from Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin to get its complete text. Its true a translation is a translation and is subject to interpretation but this why we as Muslims learn Arabic to read the Quran as it was meant to be read. Much like up until the early 1950's the Catholic Church only held mass in Latin for this same reason. Most of the translations of the bible with exception of recent times were all commissioned translations by countries or Kings who wanted their own interpreta
  13. [i hadn't really any idea that the U.S. had used uranium on the Iraqis, ya Allah (swt)!!! Isn't about time the U.N. threw the book at 'em, or something be done about this?? Just a bold faced act of cruelty... again! ] No one threw the book at Saddam for using chemical and biological weapons on the Iranians. They waited until Kuwait and Saudi Arabia came crying to the UN for help to protect their oil.
  14. :) SALAAM's I could not help but notice that someone in one of the previous messages posted on this topic said that all Christians use the same bible. This not true based on the fact of how many times it has been translated to suit different groups needs. The problem is that the Bible was revealed to many prophets (pbut) over several eras. This makes it very difficult to prove the bibles authenticity. Only through the hard work of many Hebrew scholars did certain scriptures survive today to become the Christian Bible. It’s true the prophets and their people were chastised by different peoples
  15. Asalamu Alaikum I am still a relatively new Muslim (Sunni). Where I live Shia is never spoken of unless asked about. And So I wonder what makes Shia different from the Sunni other than the disagreement about Ali (pbuh). I don’t really have an opinion and have never looked into studying Shia. I just know when I took my shahaddah I thought I was becoming a Muslim not a Sunni, Shia ,or anything else. This is the reason why I became a member of this discussion forum. I had read one book on Shia a few years ago but I am sure a Sunni too wrote it. Beyond that I wanted to hear from the Shia, what Sh
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