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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    I hope no one minds me adding my two cents to the thread. I am a Senior Info Sec Engineer for a hospital and wanted to make the following statements based off of what I read, Apple products are not safe and are just as vulnerable as Windows. Linux is an amazing free operating system that is far less vulnerable than Windows and Apple. If you are running a Nix (lingo for Linux) host, no matter the flavor you should have anti-virus on it. No exceptions. I only run Nix in my home and every server and host has antivirus on it. If you have a device that connects to the internet the two main ways to protect your self is to turn on automatic updates and install anti-virus. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT OS OR PLATFORM YOU USE. If anyone has issues and needs advice or help please feel free to DM me.
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    My mother is no more.....

    May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) bless her soul and grant you patience. I'm so sorry for your loss.. if you need anything, we're here.
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    "Quaid-ul-hurr-ul-muhajjuleen" title

    Actually, it is Qāʾid al-Ghurr al-Muḥajjālīn (قائدُ الغُرِّ المُحَجَّلین) which means he was the leader of those whose faces, hands and feet shine due to the wudhu they perform. This name was given to Imam Ali (a) after the Prophet (s) called his followers al-Ghurr al-Muḥajjālīn saying "My ummah are people of shiny faces and hands (because of their ablution)." And it is said that this name/title was given to him by Jibra'il.
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    Alaikas Salaam brother, Qaid al Ghar al Mahjaleen (Leader of those with shining foreheads) Imam Jafar (عليه السلام) bin Muhammad (عليه السلام) narrates from His Father who narrates from His Grandfather that Rasool Allah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) said, “On the night of Miraj when I ascended to the heavens, I reached Sidrat ul Muntaha. I heard a crier there saying, “I order the entire creation to love Ali (عليه السلام). Verily! He is the leader of the Muslims, leader of the pious, and the leader of those with shining foreheads on the day of judgement.” (Names and Titles of Imam Ali (عليه السلام), Ch. 20, pg. 148 - taken from Amali al Toosi First Edition, pg 196) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6rz5f3vgj1rywy0/k1rbrDs8GF/Names & Titles - Imam Ali (عليه السلام).pdf An Arabic part from hadith - يا علي، إنك سيد المسلمين، وإمام المتقين، وقائد الغر المحجلين، ويعسوب المؤمنين.
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    Thank you for the question and yes, Absolutely. The short version is, 99% of exploits are based on unpatched (un-updated) vulnerabilities. The long version is, In the Cyber Security world we have a Cyber arms market. It is almost exactly the same as the regular arms market, but it deals more with exploits and information. Whenever Windows, Apple, etc.. announce they are going to patch something, a race begins to exploit what ever the patch will fix. Generally you will see exploits for sale 5-15 days after the announcement. They will range in cost from millions (depending on what access the exploit will give you) to a few hundred dollars. At about 15-30 days the exploit is more readily available due to people buying it and trading it for other exploits or info. Generally at the 30-60 day mark it becomes more and more available and can be easily found. After about the 60 day mark you can usually find it for free. At this point you have script kiddies (our version of low level criminals) actively using the exploit. Here is a good example using Google Dorking (Google Dorking is using Google to search for things that may be vulnerable) of how easy it is to find vulnerable machines, However, please understand that this search doesn't mean they are all vulnerable, but the assumption is that these hosts have been stood up and have not been secured. In google copy the below line and paste in the browser; intitle:"Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page: It works" This will show you all Apache Servers that have been stood up and MAY be vulnerable to exploits (hacking) and how easy it is to find web-servers to hack. This is kind of streamed lined, but wanted to give you a better idea of everything. Please let me know if there is anything I can further clarify.
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    My mother is no more.....

    بھائی صاحب اسّلام و علیکم بصد افسوس لکھتا ہوں کہ خدا آپ کی والدہ ماجدہ کو فردوس مین عظیم مقام اہل بیت علیھم اسّلام کے ساے مین عطا کرے نانیہال کی طرف سے ہمارا وطن بھی شہر لکھنؤ ہے Brother Salams Please accept my sincerest condolences And may Allah give your mother a place in heaven in the protection of the Ahlul Bait (عليه السلام) And may He give you and other members of the family the courage to bear this great loss Allah and Maula are with her insha Allah And may they also be with you. Ameen
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    Saw a “weird” individual!

    Probably not, but then again he probably wouldn't be on the shiachat forum either lol. You'd be surprised at the Baraka and blessings around any place where Allah Ta'ala, the Prophet saw and Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) are mentioned, remembered and learned from. We shouldn't underestimate this blessed platform.
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    My mother is no more.....

    Alaikas Salaam brother, Very sorry for your loss. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) forgive all the Marhoomeen and Marhoomat and give them highest position in Jannah in the vicinity of Holy Ahlul Bayt (عليهم اسلام). Surah Fateha recited.
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