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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Happy 2017 Everybody! Enjoy the largest tag tower ever created, designed by me but created by YOU! Find your personalized enscribed brick of the tower here! @Ali @Abbas. @Ya Aba 3abdillah @repenter @Qa'im @hameedeh @Administrator @Abu Hadi @Dhulfikar @H2O @Haji 2003 @Haydar Husayn @Khadim uz Zahra @magma @Muhammed Ali @notme @starlight @Cake @Heavenly_Silk @ShiaChat Moderator @Gaius I. Caesar @Hamzah313 @baradar_jackson @IbnSina @Martyrdom @kamyar @Pearl178 @Shaykh Patience101 @Abraram @Aabiss_Shakari @Marbles @Ruq @Darth Vader @mina @Ibn al-Hussa
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  2. Hameedeh

    Mutah Experiences

    (bismillah) (salam) Alhamdulillah, we were at the same university and had two classes together, so we would talk to each other before and after our classes. I was a Christian and found out he was a Muslim. He explained that Muslims don't date, but if they want they can get married temporarily. He said later they can marry permanently OR break their temporary marriage IF they can't get along. He never tried to hold hands, hug or kiss me, so I knew he was a complete gentleman. His piety was impressive, and this made me more interested in him and his beliefs. I felt that I could trust him and he
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  3. (bismillah) Dear brothers and sisters. Lately I have noticed that Shiachat and it's members, including me have changed for the worse. Shiachat in itself is just a website, but it is also the biggest shia community. Granted that it is digital, but in todays day and age, it is equally reflective and mirrors what shias believe and how they behave than it does in physical life. Perhaps even more. However, we are in a bad spot here. I am talking about the behavior and conduct of shiachat members, and their lack of understanding the effects of their words. Both how it affects other shias and how it
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  4. Abu Hadi

    I Finished My Book

    Salam Alekum Brothers and Sisters, I finally finished my book. The topic is the Quranic view of Jesus, Prophet Isa(p.b.u.h). I thought about selling it on Amazon, etc, but I think it is better to dedicate the effort in service of Imam Al Hujjat Al Qaim(may Allah(s.w.a) hasten his return). InShahAllah, you will learn something from it. It is a good book, especially for reverts to Islam from Christianity to use to discuss issues with their family. I think I covered most issues between Muslims and Christians regarding Prophet Issa(a.s) If anyone has comments they can post them here. Also I would
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  5. Salaam alaykum, I am very proud to present the culmination of nearly ten years of research on the Twelfth Imam, al-Hujja b. a-Hasan, al-Mahdi, al-Qa'im, the Patron of Time, peace be upon him. This is by far the most comprehensive English work on the subject. It is a compilation of the most ancient and most reliable hadiths on the Mahdi from Twelver Shīʿī sources. Learn about the birth of the Twelfth Imam, his occultation, his ambassadors, his inevitable return, Islamic eschatology, and much more. Paperback now available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1790653827 E
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  6. Salaam everybody: Here's an opportunity to increase blessings throughout this community and throughout the whole world. I remember seeing old threads from years past about salawat pledges, but this thread will be slightly different. The only goal of this thread is to post the salawat as often as we can, and nothing more: اللّهُمّ صَلّ عَلَى مُحَمّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمّدٍ Allahumma salli `ala muhammadin wa ali muhammadin O Allah: (please do) bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad Rules of this thread: 1. All members are encouraged to post the salawat as often as
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  7. Ive noticed some members actually idolizing and praising Bashar Assad. This is very dangerous for you and your future/akhira. You have to realize that Bashar Assad is not some one to idolize. He is a leader who has done many wrong things - however as it stands, his presence and remaining in Syria (or at least the current system - him or not) is better for the region - in fact the world actually, than a takeover by western/gulf arab sponsored takfiris. However - please realize that no religious person in their right mind (scholar or layman) would ever actually think that Bashar is a leader of o
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  8. Today, in the presence of my husband and his friend, I became a Shi'a. Allahu akbar! :D
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  9. Salam, My First Youtube video. Let me know what you think.
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  10. (salam) This is a public service message to the community at large in regards to an individual who is purporting to be a scholar of the howza. I am aware of the sensitive nature of these types of subjects, and I am only doing this as a duty for the believers to not become misguided by such individuals. This particular individual has been warned by others about his behavior but thus far has not heeded these words. His own statements and behavior actually expose him on their own, and when reading the things that he writes one can see clearly already that he is not a person who car
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  11. Salaam Brothers/Sisters Guys, it is rather lengthy but please read if you are interested :) My name is Ali. I am 17 years old and I live in NSW Australia. The main reason why I began to search for a religion is because I wanted to find the path to God. I needed a way to change my self because I was not happy with who I was. I felt sometimes that I am just terrible to people and I felt really bad for all the conflict and fighting that occurs in my family and sometimes friends. I spoke with a few friends about this and they said if anything, people are bad to you not the other way around. But I
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  12. [Mod Note: Some links to books and articles have stopped working, so there is an ongoing project to search for a replacement link and make an edit. Thanks for your patience.] Since everyone's been asking for e-books [and articles] on a lot of threads lately, I've decided to put them all in one place. Tawhid Allah - the concept of God in Islam by Yasin T. al-Jibouri [PDF] God and His Attributes by Mujtaba Musavi Lari [PDF] Knowing God by Mujtaba Musavi Lari [PDF] Fundamentals of Knowing God by Reza Berenjkar [PDF] A General Look At
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  13. (salam) I would like to present some good news to you. As you know, I reverted in Ramadan 2011, and since then haven't talked much about it to my relatives. I did speak to my classmates, but TBH they don't care much about Islam, and weren't interested to know about the Ahlulbayt. However, this time two of my cousins came to my city (they live in a different city). I was apprehensive about telling them about my decision, since they are extremely religious, and come from a religious family, and think of themselves as Wahhabis (ie, they are against graves, etc.) However, I pioneered a new way of
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  14. Hameedeh

    Ethics Book List

    [MOD NOTE: The project of adding PDF links for every book will continue.] (bismillah) (salam) People want to discuss and learn. Here is a list of books, in no particular order, that might be useful. Akhlaq e-A'imma, Morals & Manners of the Holy Imams AS. Get PDF http://www.al-islam.org/akhlaq-al-aimma-morals-manners-holy-imams-maulana-sayyid-zafar-hasan-amrohi Ethics and Spiritual Growth. Get PDF http://www.al-islam.org/ethics-and-spiritual-growth-sayyid-mujtaba-musawi-lari Jami' al-Sa'adat (The Collector of Felicities). Get PDF http://www.al-islam.or
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  15. [This will be a series of blog entries on the history of ShiaChat.com; how it was founded, major ups and down, politics and issues behind running such a site and of course, the drama! I will also provide some feedback on development efforts, new features and future goals and objectives] Part 1 - The IRC (#Shia) Days! Sit children, gather around and let me speak to you of tales of times before there was ever high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi, YouTube or Facebook; a time when the Internet was a much different place and 15 yearold me was still trying to make sense of it all. In the 90s,
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  16. (salam) As many of u may know, i have past that is different from how i am right now. I have been a member here june this year, and many of my posts confronts that im a convert to Shia islam. As im writing this text, it makes me remember high school where i wrote english essays, and my english may be a bit... uhh... bad! And my story on how i converted may not be full of actions. I beg the apologize of every reader. I were born in a sunni muslim family. In my younger days i were learing alot about Islam, which were the basics every parent learn their child. I knew i were a muslim, i knew about
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  17. (asslamoalaikum) On 13th of January, 2012 i am blessed with a son. May Allah include him in His worshipers. May Allah enlighten his heart with His Noor, Emaan, and Maarafat e Muhammad (sawaw) and Aal e Muhammad (a.s) particularly Imam e Zaman a.s. May Allah include him in the army of Imam e Zaman a.s.
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  18. (salam) Now gather ‘round And I’ll run it down Ok, most of you know that I'm not Shi'ite, by technicality and default, I am a Sunni (although I personally identify with the term "Muslim", as I believe this is the correct and legitimate name for followers of the Prophet s.a.w - and not the previous two). I have been a Sunni all my life, (with what you can call a brief flirtation with Salafism in my more rebellious and confused teen years), for the most part of my years, I've been very much closed-minded to Shia Islam, both intentionally and unintentionally through ignorance and the fact that I
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  19. as-salaam `alaykum, I wanted to dedicate this thread to various foods the Ahl al-Bayt have recommended and their specific benefits. وعن علي بن محمد ، عن أحمد بن أبي عبدالله ، عن أبان ابن عبد الملك ، عن إسماعيل بن جابر ، عن أبي عبدالله ( عليه السلام ) ، قال : إنا لنبدأ بالخل عندنا كما تبدؤون بالملح عندكم وإن الخل ليشد العقل . Imam Ja`far as-Sadiq [a] said, "We start our meals with vinegar like you start yours with salt, and surely vinegar strengthens the intellect." (al-Kafi) "Acetic Acid bacteria helps memory and response times in middle-a
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  20. If there is a single atom of credibility left in this website, hameedeh would be a mod already. Here is someone who basically has a mental rolledex of everything that goes on on Shiachat, who never once has broken the rules of the site herself, whose posts contribute to the website, who gets along with everyone and is akhlaqi with everyone, ... So what are you waiting for, loozers?
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  21. (salam) I wanted to devote a thread to documenting and discussing possible references to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his Pure Household (as) in pre-Islamic literature. I will focus my attention on Jewish, Christian, Gnostic, and Ebionite texts. There are many sites and threads that deal with "Islam and the Bible", which deal with many overused and redundant arguments. This thread will look more into some of the lesser-known references, but I will also be revisiting classics like Deuteronomy 18:18, Isaiah 42, etc. So for the sake of time, I will divide this series into p
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  22. عدة من أصحابنا، عن أحمد بن محمد، عن علي بن الحكم، عن سيف بن عميرة، عن عبد الملك بن أعين، عن أبي جعفر عليه السلام قال: أنزل الله تعالى النصر على الحسين عليه السلام حتى كان [ ما ] بين السماء والارض ثم خير: النصر، أو لقاء الله، فاختار لقاء الله تعالى. Imam al-Baqir said: Allah تعالى sent support for al-Husayn عليه السلام until it filled that which was between the heaven and the Earth. Then he was left to choose: victory, or meeting Allah. So he chose to meet with Allah تعالى. Who is Hussain? I will tell you who he's not. He's not Mahatma Ghandi, he's not Nelson Mandela, he's not M
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  23. Wa'alaykum Assalam wb. Beautiful thread! اللّهُمّ صَلّ عَلَى مُحَمّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمّدٍ Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa Ali Muhammad
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  24. You've got to be kidding me.
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  25. (bismillah) As-Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, The last time I tried posting my story, I got to the end of my second paragraph when my browser crashed, so Insh'Allah I will be able to finish it this time, and post it. A couple of people throughout this site have asked me about my journey to Islam, and eventually Shi'ism, and so I have decided to make one long post explaining everything, so that next time someone asks, I can just link them to this instead of trying to explain quickly. This post will have four main sections Insh'Allah: About mys
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  26. Assalam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu, So I've had a few members ask me how I became a Shi'a and they have said that I should share it with everyone. So here it goes... get a cup of tea and a biscuit. I first learnt about Islam when I was engaged to a Muslim guy, who wasn't practising. I was intrigued by his religion and began to do my own research. The only things I knew about Islam where things that I had seen in the media and so I didn’t have a very positive opinion on this religion. However, I soon realised that there was so much more to this faith than I could ever h
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  27. (salam) all :Marajas unanimously agree that friendship between male and female is permissible provided they are husband and wife. ws
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  28. As the school-term comes to an end, and there was some time that I could spare for my self, I've thought a lot about how my views on life, religion, man's relationship with God, and the world around me, have changed over the years. This is going to be a pretty random rant - but I guess that is what blogs are for . As of now, it has been 4 years since I moved to the seminary in Qom, and while there are many brothers and sisters here who spent many years on ShiaChat, many of them have either asked for their accounts to be deleted, with all of their posts, or have completely abandoned the fo
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  29. -Enlightened

    Shiachat Akhlaq !

    (salam) I noticed that the akhlaq of some of our shia members in this forum aren't good. Some of them act very rude and immature. We have the mods that are doing a great job, Alhamdulilah .. but its also the job of the members to behave well. It is our duty to represent the Shia Faith with the best of manners. There are 10,000 different guest who visit this site every day and we have to show them the best of Akhlaq. When I used to troll on the sunni forums, everyone was so much respectful to each other . Everyone was there to learn and not to fight, to enter an ethical discussion , not a deb
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  30. Ruq

    Mutah Experiences

    Id like this thread to only be about ppls actual experiences of Muta and not about the technicalities of halal/haram/makruh/mustahab ways of going about it. My experience was a positive one. My hubby and i had a 1 year muta when we first met. It enabled us to live together and be emotionally, mentally and physically intimate and get to know each other properly whilst we decided if we had something that we could make permanent. We said the marriage formula under a tree in a park (the botanical gardens were closed) on a beautiful spring day. My dowry was that he read to me at least once a week,
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  31. During this occultation, there are unique trials, tests, tribulations, confusions and perplexities. Imam ar-Rida (as) said in two narrations that the Shi`a will be "refined (yuftanoon) just as gold is refined; purified just as gold is purified". (يفتنون كما يفتن الذهب، ثم قال: يخلصون كما يخلص الذهب.) When gold is taken out of the ground, it is black. During the refinement process, in order to rid it of excess minerals, it must be burned until nothing remains except pure gold. Likewise, during the occultation, "years will come that will perish them, a sword that will kill them, and a disagreeme
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  32. ImAli

    Because She Doesn't Work

    Because Your Wife DOES NOT WORK....???" The following are Questions and Answers between Husband (H) and A Psychologist: P : What do you do for a living Mr. Bandy? H : I work as an Accountant in a Bank. P : Your Wife ? H : She doesn't work. She's a Housewife only. P : Who makes breakfast for your family in the morning? H : My Wife, because she doesn't work. P : At what time does your wife wake up for making breakfast? H : She wakes up at around 5 am because she cleans the house first before making breakfast. P : How do your kids go to school? H : My wife takes them to school, because she doesn'
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  33. I love all my brothers and sisters in Islam :wub:
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  34. (bismillah) (salam) Fancy a free book delivered right to your door? Guess what, The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS) offers various free books for Muslims and Non- Muslims around the world. Just pick a topic and email iro@imamrezashrine.com or imamrezashrine.8@gmail.com with your postal information and wait for their response. Spread the word because this offer is open for both Muslims and Non muslims throughout the world. A large variety of hard back books in various language are available. (wasalam)
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  35. Allah Humma Salle Ala Muhammadin Wa Aal-e-Muhammad, Wa Aj'jil Faraja Hum
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  36. salam Alaikum All Today Mashhad was covered by a heavy snow! so as I was at the holy shrine, took some pictures ...just share them with you: Eltemase Dua Entrance gate of Inqilab courtyard Enqelab courtyard Jomhoury courtyard heading to Hedayat Courtyard Hedayat courtyard - before heavy snow Razavi university (Mirza Jafar yard) - inside the holy shrine
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  37. Made by bro Ale Imran, and winning the 2013(?) Shiachat creativity competition. From this thread:http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235014887-sc-comp-post-videos-here/ Like this post if you also want a sequel to the video! :)
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  38. Sister I am sorry to do this to you :) You work harder than all the other moderators and admins combined. You praise and thank the mods for their work in the moderator appreciation thread (in the mods forum). So now we need a thread just for you. Can the people please say lots of nice things about her? :) You are not allowed to lock this thread, otherwise I will get repenter to reopen it.
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  39. In this thread i will post a collections of Hadith from the book “Combat with The Self” (Jihad al-nafs) by Muhammad n. al-Hasan al-Hurr al-‘Amili. Ayatollah Bahjat adviced the youths ‘to read and practice one hadith daily from the Chapter of Jihad al-nafs in Wasail al-Shi’a of Shaykh Hurr al-Amili. Chapter 1: The Divine Obligation to Combat the Self Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq [a] said that the Holy Prophet [saws] dispatched his soldiers to battle to fight the enemy and, upon their triumphant return, said; “Greetings on those who have successfully carried out the "Minor Combat" (jihad al-asg
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  40. ShiaMan14

    10 Days in Iran

    I had been planning to go to Iran for a long time and finally made it a priority for me in 2016. Since I wanted to mix in sightseeing and pilgrimage in the same trip, I decided to go on my own instead of in a group. As it turned out, getting an individual visa for Iran when traveling from the US is a real hassle. We need to get permission from the Iran Foreign Ministry and then apply for the visa at the Iran Mission housed within the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, DC. After struggling for almost 3 weeks, I was able to find Taha Ziyarat Group (tahaziyarat@gmail.com) based out of Toronto
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  41. Send salawat blessings on the holy prophet and his progeny at least 100 times a day as a gift to the imam of the time (afs)
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  42. starlight

    Thank You Everyone!

    Whoa!! What a roller coaster ride this past week's been. Whoops of joy, endless hours of going through member's list screening for potential voters, feeling my heart sink at losing a vote one minute and overwhelmed by the love and support shown by the members the next, countless trips from my office to the bougainvilleas growing outside the Anatomy department to check for new posts(that's the only place at work where phone signals are strong enough to browse web :p)coworkers expressing concern at me being so jittery all of a sudden, a burnt omelette while trying to think of replies :d ,severa
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  43. Salam Alaykum, I had the tawfeeq of going to Iraq for ziyarat during Arbaeen and had the chance to meet Ayatullah Sistani (ha) with my group on January 5, 2013. He gave a brief talk to us and advice especially for believers living in the west. Here are some of the points that I remember from his talk that I think everyone can benefit from: - In the beginning he welcomed us all and prayed for us that our ziyarat be accepted. He then began by giving advice on the importance of purifying ones self. He said it is of utmost importance that we work hard towards purifying our nafs and that success in
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  44. Hawza Life Before I started a Hawza life I used to do lot of research online How to get admission and stuff but I’ve never get enough information about it. So today I’ll tell you all the steps. Ps: It’s better to have some worldly education (At least High school or even Masters) not because they will not accept you.But If you have worldly education, you’ll have better understanding of Islamic Knowledge. Al Mustafa International University Iran Is the head of all Hawza’s across the globe Almost all Hawza’s are under Al Mustafa University Admissions
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  45. Every Friday (Eid-e-Jome), during God's most blessed day of the week, Moderators or Administrators will select one member as the "ShiaChat Member of the Week". Throughout the following week, everyone is encouraged to: Show that member general mercy and compassion, and an open, welcoming embrace. Make that member feel special and honored. Like that member's posts whenever possible. Withhold any grudges or divisive arguments with that member, if you have any. Once we pick a member, we'll put up their name, avatar picture, and give a few brief words here on this thread. No
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  46. Hameedeh

    ♥ Marriage ♥

    Marriage is not easy. You have to get to know each other. You are used to doing everything your own way. Now you need to compromise. Share with each other. Give and take. If you take more than you give, it won't be as sweet. Do not expect more from your spouse than your spouse will need from you. Life is good. It's better when you are together. If you both do your best. ♥ May your days be sunny, your nights restful, and your heart satisfied with the blessings that Allah has given you. Think Positive. ♥
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  47. Salaam my dear friends, my colleagues, fellow youth, my elders, my fellow believing men and women, my fellow dreamers, future trolls, and alienated masses from the world over: Today is a marvelous day. We've made ShiaChat great again. I want to thank Abbas for initiating and organizing this great exercise of the people's will. I want to congratulate starlight on becoming a fellow colleague, and I'm sure we'll work well together. I want to thank the other participants (Cake, Khadim, silasun) for taking part and putting ideas and perspectives to the table. I want to thank my most vocal su
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  48. Qa'im

    Ahl Al-Bayt Daily

    (salam) I'll be sharing one hadith every day on this Facebook page. "Like" if you're interested, and spread the word :) InshaAllah we could spread the wisdom of the Prophet (pbuh) and his family (as). https://www.facebook.com/AhlAlBaytDaily
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  49. I read a Jewish joke the other day (it went something along the lines of:) A rabbi and a taxi driver arrive at the gates of heaven, an angel comes to greet them and immediately ushers the taxi driver through the gates, leaving the rabbi waiting. This infuriates the rabbi, who says "How is it possible that he enters heaven before me, he is just a taxi driver, whilst I am a rabbi, a scholar of G-d's religion, I dedicated my life to Him!" The angel replies "You gave boring sermons, when you preached, you turned people away from G-d, whereas he was an erratic and dangerous driver, w
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