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    Sad, embarrassing and highly irresponsible. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) have mercy on the deceased and grant patience to their families.
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    انا لله و انا الیه راجعون Qur'an recitation for Qasem Soleimani Please select the juz you want to recite and tag me in your post in this thread so I can keep updating this post. All members are encouraged to participate in this. May Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) ease his journey in the afterlife and help us all when our time comes. Ameen. juz 1 --------------- Guest Serenity juz 2 --------------- Guest Serenity juz 3 --------------- Guest Serenity juz 4 --------------- kamyar juz 5 --------------- kamyar juz 6 --------------- hasanhh juz 7 --------------- Haji's Mum juz 8 --------------- Haji's Mum juz 9 --------------- Haji's Wife juz 10 ---------------Haji's cousin juz 11 ---------------Haji's cousin juz 12 --------------- Ale Mohammed juz 13 ---------------Haji's sister-in-law juz 14 --------------- soldiers & saffron juz 15 --------------- soldiers & saffron juz 16 --------------- ireallywannaknow juz 17 --------------- ireallywannaknow's husband juz 18 --------------- Haji's Mum juz 19 --------------- Haji's Mum juz 20 --------------- flying eagle juz 21 --------------- Root juz 22 --------------- hassu juz 23 --------------- Root juz 24 --------------- soldier and Saffron wife juz 25 --------------- shadow of light juz 26 --------------- Starlight juz 27 --------------- The Green Knight juz 28 --------------- The Green Knight juz 29 --------------- The Green Knight juz 30 --------------- Starlight METHOD Recite Qur'an Juz with the niyyah of Sawab to Qasem Soleimani After completion of recitation it is recommended to recite 3 x salawat, Surah fatiha x1, surah Ikhals x 3, salwat x 3 and request Allah to offer the Sawab to the deceased.
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    Thoughts 2020

    Happy new year guys. I know a lot of people say this but I’m serious, 2019 is my favorite year. On 2019, I promised myself to learn more about Islam, I always wondered why there was a lot of sect and which one is real, I promised myself if my sect is wrong, I will change it immediately. So I start learning about Sunni and Shi’a because I always wanted to know why many Sunnis believe we are kufar. Alhamdulliah, I’m proud to say I’m Shia and I’m not going to change my sect. Sunni people lied a lot about us while we never lied about their beliefs. I’m happy to be alive till now, inshallah I will live longer and learn more about my religion. Inshallah 2020 will be blessed year for us and inshallah I will found my other half.
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    I will recount my experiences for you. Don't know how good or worthless they are since I am not very knowledgeable. I have two kids, a daughter and a son. When I was pregnant with my first child, my daughter I tried to be in wudhu all the time. I also did as many recommended Amaals from Mufatih as I could, especially those specific for pregnancy. I tried to recite Qur'an everyday and from the second trimester onwards when the baby's organs had developed, in a loud enough voice for her to hear the verses. I gave a her a name from Ahlul Bayt(عليه السلام) before she was born and had little conversations with her about Ahlul Bayt(عليه السلام) and how important it is to maintain a connection with them etc.. must have looked funny to an onlooker but I was living totally alone through most of my pregnancy so decided to make good use of solitude lol. I almost entirely stopped watching TV, unislamic pictures in magazines etc. Then after she was born, again I tried to be in wudhu whenever I was nursing her. I had read of a certain pious woman 'Fatima' who never used to nurse her children without wudhu and her sons grew up to who we know as 'Seyyed Sharif Razi' (compiler of Nahjul Balagha) and Seyyed Murtadhā (popularly known as Alum ul Hudda) I was very inspired and thought let's try it :p With my son I had lesser time at my hands so I just recited Ziyarat e Ashura and Qur'an everyday. I pray everyday for him to be a martyr in the way of Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام). Imam Ali (عليه السلام) married Lady Ummal Baneen so they could have a son who would be a companion of Imam Husayn (عليه السلام) and Abbas(عليه السلام) was raised from the time of birth with this motive so I thought maybe I should try doing the same. May Allah accept my sacrifice. With both my kids I recited,rather chanted lolz the names of Masoomeen (عليه السلام) when putting them to bed from the time they were new born. When they were a few months old I started reciting short Surahs to them at bedtime especially and whenever I could during the day. Memories get consolidated in sleep so it's important to feed something good into their brains the last thing before they fall asleep. Then when my daughter was a year old one day she randomly started reciting Surah Kausar. All of it from Bismillah to the end very fluently. I was very surprised because I had never specifically taught it to her ..but over the next years she used to randomly burst into Surahs without warning Qur'an until she could recite almost the whole 30 Juz. Things didn't go good from there. I encountered some problems in my personal life and I couldn't focus on her like I should have. I couldn't make her repeat the Surahs or study more with her. It's a guilt which I haven't been able to overcome. She is still very close to Masoomen (عليه السلام) and Allah (عليه السلام) but I couldn't help her the way I should have. InshaAllah Allah gives me the Tawfeeq to get us on the track. Allah gave me the child I asked for but I feel I wasn't deserving of the blessing. The Green Knight gave some really good suggestions. If your children see you praying they will learn the importance of Salat. Demonstrate to them through your actions Salat cannot be put off even when you are unwell, or in freezing winters when the water for wudhu is cold or after a long exhausting day at work in blazing heat. They will see and learn. Last but not the least, pray for them. 'Dua is the weapon of believer'. Lastly, apologies for the verrrrry long post, I tend to get carried away with topics related to child upbringing.
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    It's my birthday

    Aoa, I'm really happy inside none of my family members remember it's my birthday. I mean, it got around my classmates/school friends really quick because of social media (best friend wishes me, everyone knows and wishes me) but my family didn't. They remembered on 20th, and they remembered yesterday, but today's been really busy. We're fixing the ground floor of our house because we have new people renting it, and my grandmother's come over (since monday) after almost 6 years because she had knee problems and we've temporarily fixed up the ground floor for her living. Today's been really busy concerning refurnishing and taking care of her. I mean, it could also be that my parents are too embarrassed since we can't even afford a cake or pizza (exaggeration in the sense that they can but it would put them in a tight spot since itd have to feed 7 mouths). So happy 19th birthday to me. I can't go out to celebrate with friends because my dads super problematic about me going out anywhere. Why am I happy? I don't like the attention I get from my family, especially since I know everytime they have to buy food out of the budget. Also whenever it's some important day/occasion my dad has some weird fits and the day becomes really moody for us all. (Its like he has to become angry/throw a tantrum. No day can be perfect. Not even a good one.) So happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.
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    Commander of the Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Amir-Ali Hajizadeh has, in a press conference, outlined the details of an “unintentional” downing of the Ukrainian passenger plane, which crashed in Tehran Wednesday. In his comments on Saturday, Brigadier General Hajizadeh said the IRGC Aerospace Force accepts full responsibility for the tragic incident, and is ready to obey any decision made by the country’s top officials. “I heard about the heart-breaking crash of the Ukrainian Airline’s passenger plane when I was in the country’s west following the missile attacks operation against the US bases. When I made sure that has happened, I really wished I had died and wouldn’t see that happening, he noted. “We sacrificed our lives for the people for a lifetime, and today we trade our reputation with God Almighty by appearing in front of the cameras to give explanations under such difficult circumstances.” Hajizadeh said the situation was highly sensitive and critical at that night, following the IRGC’s missile attacks on the US bases, and Iran had even received reports of cruise missiles fired by the US against Iranian positions. https://ifpnews.com/irgc-releases-details-of-accidental-downing-of-ukrainian-plane He said the operator had mistaken the passenger plane with a cruise missile, and took down the passenger plane after he failed to contact his commanders. What follows is the full text of his remarks at the press conference: I heard about the heart-breaking crash of the Ukrainian Airline’s passenger plane when I was in the country’s west following the missile attacks operation against the US bases. When I made sure that has happened, I really wished I had died and wouldn’t see that happening. We sacrificed our lives for the people for a lifetime, and today we trade our reputation with God Almighty by appearing in front of the cameras to explain under such difficult circumstances. At the beginning of my remarks, I should say that higher-ranking bodies and the Judiciary will investigate and probe into the incident, and the information will be completed. I should say here that we accept full responsibility for the action, and will obey any decision our officials would make. This was what I wanted to tell you first. But regarding the details of the incident, I should say; well, you know the region’s conditions remained tense and the risk of conflict was high for over a week. It was really unprecedented compared to what we saw in previous years, even since the 1979 Revolution. The risk of conflict was very high; both the Americans and the Iranian Armed Forces were on highest alert. The Americans had also threatened to hit 52 sites in Iran. Therefore, all the offensive and defensive units were on high alert. Well, the [air defence] systems deployed in Tehran as well as the Tehran Air Defence were in the same situation. What we know from our investigations and from what our friends explained is that, well, at that night, for example from [Tuesday] evening, the level of preparedness was at wartime conditions; the highest alert level communicated by the integrated air defence to all systems. Under such circumstances, a number of air defence systems was added to Tehran’s air defence ring. The first system – which was behind the incident – was deployed in Bidganeh in western Tehran. At several stages, the Alert Level 3, which is the highest level, is communicated and emphasized to the entire network. So all air defence systems were at highest alert level. For several times, these systems including the one involved in the incident were notified by the integrated network that cruise missiles have been fired at the country. For a couple of times, they receive reports that ‘the cruise missiles are coming, be prepared’. So you see the systems were at the highest alert level, where you should just press a button. They had been told cruise missiles were coming, and the air defence unit engaged in this incident and fired a missile. Now we have arranged an interview with this operator, which will be released soon as part of the plan to publicize the issue. He says in this interview that “we requested for several times that the country’s airspace be cleared of [civilian] flights.’ At the Alert Level 3, this is normal; such requests are made; well our dear brothers didn’t follow up the issue for certain considerations. So the planes fly despite the wartime situation. In those moments when the incident happens, this air defence unit realizes that there is a target – which it identified as a cruise missile – at a distance of 19 kilometres. Now I’m explaining it on the map. This is the place where the air defence unit is deployed … here is the city of Tehran … This is the air defence unit deployed here at 00:00 (Wednesday), and was prepared. And here’s the Imam Khomeini Airport. This plane takes off from here and takes this direction. It means this is the impact point. Given the information sent to this operator – that it is a wartime situation and a cruise missile has been fired – this poor guy identifies it as a cruise missile. Well at such a situation, he was obliged to contact, get approval. This is where this operator makes the mistake; but at that moment, his communication system was apparently disrupted – whether because of jamming systems or the high traffic. For that reason, he fails to contact [his commanders]. He had 10 seconds to decide; he could hit or not hit [the target]. Under such circumstances, he decides to make that bad decision; he engages, the missile is fired, and the plane is hit at this place. Then it returns through this track, and here’s the point where it hits the ground. I must explain some points here. Before the announcement of the Armed Forces, the country’s Aviation Organization strongly defended [its stance] and insisted no missile had hit the plane, and that the issue was under investigation. I should firstly say they were acting based on their own knowledge; they weren’t aware of this incident. I should clarify when I was informed of the incident on Wednesday morning, I immediately reported it to the country’s officials. They [in turn] told me ‘we have hit a target’. But this symmetry made me suspicious. I was at the country’s west; I immediately headed towards Tehran. Halfway through, I called officials and told them, ‘This has happened; I think we have most likely hit our own plane’. Upon arrival in Tehran, I found that the General Staff of the Armed Forces has formed an investigation team, and has totally quarantined the team and all those involved in the issue. So we weren’t allowed to say anything to anyone. We had broken the news [to the officials], but investigation had to be carried out. It took a few days to publicize the news, but that wasn’t because anyone wanted to hide the truth; rather, this is the normal procedure; the General Staff must probe into the issue. Well, they did it. It was Friday morning when almost all the information had been gathered and it was clear what had really happened. Well, some have made mistakes in this case; things have happened, and after that, the General Staff has publicized the issue. Look, I repeat myself; I informed the officials in the first hour I received the news; from that time on, it was up to the General Staff – which said must probe into and assess the issue. They really did it quickly, and carried out the investigation in 48 hours. Our dear brothers at the Aviation Organization categorically rejected the possibility of a missile hitting the plane; they acted based on what they knew. I must say they were not guilty and have nothing to do with this. All the blame is on us; they’re innocent. The plane was also on its track, it made no mistake. It did the right thing, as did the Aviation Organization. Everyone did the right thing. Only one of our forces made a mistake. Since he is under our command, we are responsible for that. We must be accountable. Following the investigations, our friends [at General Staff] publicized the issue; but the Aviation Organization, based on its own experience – after all, they are not military – argued that if a missile hits a plane, it must explode up in the air. Well they said the plane has not been destroyed; it has turned around and wanted to land. Look, since the plane has been hit at a low altitude by a short-range missile with a small warhead and proximity fuze, it has exploded at the proximity [of the aircraft]; so the plane has found the chance to fly for a while; it hasn’t exploded in the air. After hitting the ground, it has collapsed. So no one at the Aviation Organization knew about it, and I should defend my dear brothers there. This was what really happened; so neither the Armed Forces nor the IRGC wanted to hide the truth. But there was a procedure, which is over now. We’re sorry for the incident. We share the grief with the families of our martyrs, and empathize with them. We have lost our dear ones, and are sorry. These are after all the price of the mischief, tensions, and measures of the US in the region. At that night, we were totally prepared for a full-fledged war. I was in the country’s West and was expecting a war at any time. Because there were numerous planes flying over the region; warplanes, some bombers they had brought into the region. We had the possibility of a cruise missile launch and entry of those warplanes. We had prepared ourselves for an all-out war. Well unfortunately here a great disaster has happened due to a hasty decision made by an individual. [Asked about the authority that refused to grant no-fly zone permission] Look, I don’t want to pin the blame on anyone here. We’re just giving the details [of an incident]. The relevant authorities must investigate; they will investigate and clarify these issues. I believe under war conditions the relevant authorities must have done that [establish no-fly zone] but it didn’t happen anyway. No look, the problem was not with the Aviation Organization. They weren’t asked to [restrict the flights]. The blame is on the Armed Forces. So whatever mistake and error made and any problem must be blamed on the Armed Forces. There was no fault on the part of the state sector and the Airports Company. They did nothing wrong. Others were responsible in this regard. They must have controlled and commanded the situation; as at that night I was commanding and controlling our missile attacks in the country’s West; similar in this sector, other brothers were in charge, and they must have controlled it.
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    Are Souls Gendered?

    سلام Recently, I've been pondering the following question: Are our human souls, the organizing essential force within us, gendered? In other words, are there male and female souls? I know in Qur'an, 51:49, Allah states that He's created all things in pairs. Does this include souls, too? I assume "everything" implies everything that exists. Any acceptable narrations on this issue? Thank you!
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    Anger in lran

    I hope that won’t happen as well. The fact that those running That country seem to be pious Muslims having faith in God and His messenger.... I don’t think they would be oppressive, inshallah.
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    My stepfather's brother was killed in Vietnam in 1968. It wasn't until within the past few years that the information was released that he was murdered by another American, not killed in combat. The family had been lied to for nearly fifty years. Bodies do not confirm missle deaths and the military does lie to cover up crimes.
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    This was a smart move by the Iranians. Tell the Iraqi forces - and by extension - coalition troops to take shelter and stay protected, therefore inflicting no casualties. Iran showed it has a missile capability that cannot be underestimated as a show of force to US and allies, it also restored national pride after Soleimani's killing. Maybe this will all somehow lead to a diplomatic solution between Iran and the US, as far-fetched as that sounds. The Iran Nuclear Deal is dead though, that's for sure. The demand to expel US forces out of Iraq is still not confirmed aswell. So we will see what happens.
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    last handwriting of Martyr Gen Soleimani before martyrdom O Allah accept me , I'm in love of your meeting the meeting that made Musa incapable of standing & breathing ,O Allah accept me pure . https://fa.abna24.com/news/ویژه-‏نامه-شهادت-سردار-قاسم-سلیمانی-و-ابومهدی-المهندس/آخرین-دست-نوشته-سردار-سلیمانی-ساعاتی-قبل-از-شهادت_763208.html
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    @3wliya_maryam When non Muslims wish us 'Eid Mubarak' at the end of Shahr Ramadhan, we don't think they've given up on their beliefs nor submitted to Islam. We're happy that a fellow human is being curteous and talking to us in our 'own language'. Prophet Jesus son of Mary عيسى بن مريم (عليه السلام) is our Prophet too so we have more of a reason to celebrate his birth than non Muslims wishing us Eid Mubarak. Other than cross community cohesion and building bridges, we wish them a Merry Christmas because the original messages of both Prophets are the same, so I will look for every commonality with them and build upon it. It's these small steps that help in building the foundations for the jurisdiction of Haqq that Allah Ta'ala promised. What unites us as humans is much more than what divides us and we can work on that without compromising our beliefs.
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    Son of Placid

    Christmas Mubarak!

    It's a pagan holiday now. You have to look deep to see the meaning of Christmas. It's been moved indoors. The first celebration took place around the end of the first council of Nicaea. It was actually called the Feast of the Nativity. Dec 25th was chosen as a date to overshadow the pagan holiday for sol invictus, birth of the sun God. It worked rather well. Sol invictus isn't something any of us think about but therein lies the question; if Christmas was set on another date, would sol invictus be a holiday today? Thousands of years of pagan history lost, until the internet...Now everybody digs up every pagan holiday close and tries to make a connection. Christianity has been accused (atheists, etc.) of continuing pagan holidays but overshadowing was the religious agenda. Quite simple. You can't start a new religion if the old one still works. That didn't go well with the gods of the pagans. Saint Nicolas was a monk, lived 100 years before the council of Nicaea and gained notoriety for his generosity to the poor, and all round kindness...year round. There was no special day. It took 1000 years to bring back Saint Nick, another 500 for Saint Nick to be a new tale, borrowing from Christian tradition to gain acceptance, fast forward to today, everybody says Merry Christmas with no idea. Since santa claus has now overshadowed Christmas, nobody talks of the Feast of the Nativity.
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    1Question: How can we know the time of mid-night? Do 00.00 hours the point of mid-night as it is commonly held by some people? Answer: Midnight is halfway between sunset and true dawn. So if the sun sets at 7 p.m. and the true dawn begins at 4 a.m., then midnight will be at 11:30 p.m. The criteria for determining midnight are the timings of sunset and true dawn, which differ according to place and season. https://www.Sistani.org/english/qa/01270/
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    Ayatollah Sistani has a larger influence on Shias than any leader in the Iranian parliament. But strangely the silence of other marjas don't matter to Shias. Do we rush and start questioning their credibility as scholars? Do we start calling them hypocritical? If people want to target the Islamic Republic of Iran since they represent the wilayah and teachings of the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) then what about all our marjas who are silent? Why aren't we consistent with our words? It just makes me feel that many people on this thread aren't being true at all.
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    I don’t know much about what his political role is, but of course I would want him and other marjas to take a stance against any and all injustice. Iran, as an Islamic country (just like Iraq) should also express its stance on what's happening in China because it is based on Islamic values first and foremost, before any other political values and interests. This isnt 'bashing' Iran or any country, it's a simple suggestion.
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    Imam Reza

    Learning the Qur'an

    Salam, Alhamdulilah I have been practicing Islam for a few months now. I am still fairly new so I don’t know many Surahs. I know (Hamd, Tawhid, An Naas, Falaq, kuthar and Surah Qadr) and I want to slowly learn more. Can someone recommend me another Surah to start learning inshallah. It would help if its a short surah so its easier for me to learn. salam. Ya Khoda.
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    Please only reports the facts and not possibles.
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    Sadly, yes. Even when it contradicts previous knowledge.
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    Muhammed Ali

    Debate with Atheist

    I don't disagree with this. Without these new atheists, many of us would have had been even more ignorant than we currently are. If they did exist in Muslim countries then maybe the Muslims would have produced a few more capable scholars. However even with this in mind, we really cannot excuse how badly the Shia world has neglected this field. The Shia scholars are aware that people in the West are leaving religion completely (I even heard Sayyid Seestani himself saying this) and they are not doing much about it at all. There are numerous anti-Religion websites and you don't see a single Shia alim even attempting a refutation. I would extend the criticism to scholars of other religions too. People like Dr. Craig are very rare exceptions. Most Christian clerics are no better than the Muslim ones. I think the problem is that these subjects are difficult for people to cope with intellectually even though they don't require a lot of knowledge.
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    Moving To Iran

    Ws wr wb, Although I do have family living in Iran, I don't live there myself. I believe the members living in Iran would be best able to advise you on moving and settling there and inshaAllah finding a spouse. Whatever you decide, inshaAllah it would be in your best interests in this life and the afterlife. Maybe brother @Ashvazdanghe can offer advice.
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    Mutah and sexual morals

    As I've stated before, our problem is that we're looking at Muta'a through a non-Shia (mostly Catholic) perspective. There's this incorrect, yet strongly held, belief that we ought to always combat the desires of the flesh. The incorrect non-Islamic belief of flesh-versus-spirit is prevalent in Muslim cultures, which has its source in Pagan/Manichean Dualism, picked up and propagated by the Catholic Church. Islam is not a monastic religion. We see our desires of the flesh as the blessings of Allah that guide us towards our bodily needs, and we ought to fulfill the needs of our bodies to be mentally and spiritually healthy. Sexual lust and desires signal a physical need, like how hunger signals a need. Just like how there are very clear precepts on what to eat and when, there are clear rules on how to quench our sexual desires. We eat and we have sex to strengthen our spirits. Young men and adolescents go through a surge of hormonal activities related to sexual activities. These activities need to be addressed and appropriately dealt with. To tell a young man to ignore them or fight them is ... Stupid! It'll only lead to illegal sexual activities, such as masturbation and sex without a contract. Instead of making young men and women feel ashamed about their natural feelings and desires, we ought to teach them about the blessings of Allah and how He has provided legal means for them to address their sexual needs. There's absolutely nothing embarassing or shameful about Muta'a. And if we were not influenced by Catholicism and Sunnism, we would not be having this discussion today or have such a hard problem with Muta'a. Muta'a like Nikah like Salat like Hajj can be misused by hypocrites and liars. However, that doesn't imply that the practice of Muta'a or Salat is the problem. Honestly, I really feel we need to grow up and have a mature view of sex and sexual activities. It's permitted for people to have sex with multiple people in their lifetime as long as they follow the rules, and there's absolutely nothing shameful or impious about it.
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    Iraq Protests 2019-2020

    After condemning the American strike and calling those killed an Iraqi force, Sayyed Sistani said this: The “illegal practices carried out by some sides” must not be used as a reason to violate Iraq’s sovereignty, his office said in a statement. “The Iraqi authorities alone are entitled to deal with these practices and take the necessary measures to prevent them. They are called upon do so and to ensure Iraq does not become a field for settling regional and international scores and that others do not interfere in its internal affairs,” Sistani said. https://en.mehrnews.com/news/153906/Ayatollah-Sistani-condemns-US-attack-on-Hashd-al-Shabi
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    Confused over Istikhara

    Zee's first mistake was in asking for a sign. Then Zee relies on emotions. Zee, there is nothing wrong with patience. lf you broke up it is a good. You haven't been cheated in Life.
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    Salam everyone, On December 26, 2019 (thursday) annular solar eclipse will be visible across South Asia and over Indian and Pacific Ocean. Countries in which annularity will be visible include: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, Oman, United Arab Emirates, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and small south part of Philippines. All countries of Asia, north Australia, north Oceania and north-east corner of Africa will see this eclipse as a partial one It's starts almost 8 hours from now. You can check time for your zone here https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/eclipse?iso=20191226 Namaz Ayaat is wajib on the people living in the areas where solar eclipse is visible. Method for namaz e Ayaat(both long and short methods) https://www.Sistani.org/english/book/48/2258
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    Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    اللهم صَل و سلّم و زِد و بارك على رسول الله و آله الأطهار
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    It's my birthday

    Ameen! Thank u! HAPPY ADVANCED BIRTHDAY XD Ty! Haha xD oh lord I couldn't imagine my grandfather be like this as well! Thank you!! Inshallah. Well they technically did, an hour before midnight xD. But we said we'll celebrate some day later when we're good to do so
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    It seems to me that this article is written by a Sunni who is trying to rewrite history in order to present Shias as the fifth column amongst Muslims, whereas in fact it was the Sunni Arab states who aided and abetted the destruction of Iraq.
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    Voluntary work, Charities?

    I have been thinking about doing voluntary work abroad, like in the Middle East or something along those lines. Can anybody recommend Shia related Charities that take volunteers from western countries?
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    It's my birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    habib e najjaar

    Thoughts 2019

    Keeping Promise and Faithfulness Whenever you make a promise fulfill it. Much emphasis has been laid on it in the Holy Qur’an and Sunnat. Allah, has ordered: …and fulfill (every) promise; surely (every) promise shall be questioned about (on the Day of Reckoning). (17:34) The Holy Prophet (S) has said: Those who believe in Allah and hereafter, it is their duty to keep their promise. Hazrat Imam as-Sadiq ((عليه السلام).) has said: The promise of one believer to another believer is such a contract for which there is no ‘Kaffara’. Therefore one who goes against his promise will be deemed to have disobeyed Allah and will incur his displeasure. Keeping one’s promise is considered by Allah as one of the qualities of Hazrat Ismail ((عليه السلام).). Believers have been strictly warned against breaking promises. Beware, don’t say what you do not want to do. Allah does not like this at all. Beware! Don’t promise anything, which you are not in a position to fulfill. Breaking promise will bring disrepute. Source
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    Elderly people on their foreheads plus hands. Anyone elder than you, kiss their hands Anyone you respect, kiss their hands e.g a teacher, mentor, etc. Children you let them kiss your hands and you pat their heads Meeting someone close after long, 3 kisses on the cheeks with a hug. Right, left , right.
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    Modi is one of the examples of the charlatans we have in positions of power in the world, promising economic improvements, but instead of pointing to the roots of the problem, they attack vulnerable populations, often tying in national security arguments. Remember the time he banned large denominational currency claiming it was used to launder money and helping terrorism financing, whereas most economists agreed that even if this was a problem, it was a small part of the problem, the bigger problem was that many Indians did not pay proper taxes and the government had provided too many incentives, which the rich used to evade taxes. This move in fact hurt ordinary Indians and especially farmers, because agriculture largely relies on cash. It's a trend with these types of figures; Trump, Boris, Bolsonaro, etc. They campaign on an economic populist message but they blame the wrong people and they link this to national security.
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    No. The Vincennes captain deliberately moved his ship into lranian waters in order to provoke a war --according to a summary l read.
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    Its because believing women have something called hayaa. It does not befit a pious lady to act like you expect of them. Btw. 10/10 for choice of screen name. I suggest you register it.
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    0400EST10Jan20 CBS Morning News While lran is strongly denying this, the US says the US picked-up the radar locking-on to the flight and fired two missiles. Two missiles explains the differences in the two videos linked to above. CBS also reported that the radar operator should have seen the plane take-off from the airport, it had its transponder on and was flying away from the area.
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    habib e najjaar

    My mother is no more.....

    Assalamu alaykum, Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi rajioun. Allahumma ighfir laha warham-ha, waskinha fil jannah. Very sorry to hear about your loss. May Allah bestow sabr upon you in this difficult time and envelop and comfort you in His mercy.
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    I agree about what you said above. My father said Trump is lying about the casualties because if it’s true and he didn’t attack Iran back, no one will respect him. So he lied saying no one died and he will not attack Iran.
  42. 2 points
    There needs to be a deadline for the kafir troops to withdraw otherwise they could drag it along for months while they finance and support chaos in Iraq in hopes of making the government change their mind because of fear.
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    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ May Almighty Lord grant him best reward for his efforts & his struggle against the criminals & grant him place with the Aimma e Tahireen. This is part of the plan to drag Iran into an all out war and now Iran has no choice but to retaliate against this official crime of US. My prayers & support are with the Islamic Republic, may Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) grant us steadfastness and grant us victory against these tyrants.
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    Alhamdollilah you have no kids or are pregnant. Of I'm understanding correctly, you already know you're married to a liar that doesn't respect you, and trampled your rights because he broke the condition of your Nikah with him. Go to a trusted local Imam and explain your entire situation, show all the proof, and how you are thinking about divorce. I'm almost certain the Imam will agree that you are in the right, if I'm understanding your situation correctly. Make sure you have multiple copies in different places of any proof that can be used against him, just in case say your phone breaks or gets stolen.
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    Confused over Istikhara

    Istikhara is for one to decide over an action, not for an aunt trying to read the future about her niece.
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    Envoy to London slams Reuters for ‘fake news’ about Iran’s unrest “Based on an old-fashioned policy, some media outlets make a lie colossal to make it believable,” Baeidinejad said on his Twitter account on Tuesday night.“The Reuters report that claims 1,500 people were killed in recent events and attributes the violence to the leadership of the Establishment is an example of such reports,” he added.“Even Amnesty International, which has sought to exaggerate the unconfirmed death toll, said about 300 people were killed,” the envoy wrote.“…In its fake news, Reuters points to the killing of hundreds of women in the recent incidents while the presence of women in the demonstrations was low,” Baeidinejad went on to say.It is very questionable when a foreign media outlet with no correspondents or office in Iran claims to know the exact number of people killed in recent protests in the country, the envoy added.Reuters claimed in a Monday report that “About 1,500 people were killed during less than two weeks of unrest (in Iran) that started on November 15, including at least 17 teenagers and about 400 women as well as some members of the security forces and police.”Reuters claimed that the figures had been provided “by three Iranian interior ministry officials,” without further elaboration or naming any of them. https://en.abna24.com/news//envoy-to-London-slams-reuters-for-‘fake-news’-about-Iran’s-unrest_996415.html
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    The Green Knight

    Voluntary work, Charities?

    There is also a looot of voluntary work needed in the vast deserts of Sindh where children and livestock are dying due to absence of potable water and presence of regularly re-elected political party which is the most corrupt in the world and does not spend on people but rather funnels the funds to foreign countries through devious schemes. Those people are in an extremely desolate state. Some friends pooled afew hundred dollars two years ago and paid an organization to dig a well for potable water there for thawab to a deceased comrade. However there are a lot of greedy opportunists owning such organizations and I can not vouch for any.
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    Are humans best creatures?

    Humans have the ability to become better than the angels or worse than animals:
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