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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    There will come a time upon the people where health will include 10 parts. Nine parts will be in isolating yourself from the people and 1 part is in being silent ~ Imam Ali (عليه السلام).
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    Video available here: قرآت دعای فرج | حاج محمود کریمی | Mar 17, 2020
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    As my life is terminal, and the future of mankind also has an expiration date, I have decided to post an open letter I recently sent to my family and friends with you all, my friends of another fold, also part of God's creation, humankind, "Adam," and specifically, the descendants of Abraham. Greetings and love,I want to thank you for your love and friendship that you have poured into my life. I want to thank you for your kindness, help and prayers throughout my life. Some of you have known me since I was a child. But I'd like to share the most important parts to me. I grew up in the church, loving Jesus, believing He loved me, innocent and pure in my heavenly Father's sight. But deep inside, I had an ugly sin nature that began to unfurl in my teenage years. I didn't have to make up sins any longer. But that was okay, because I didn't go to confession anymore. I was too afraid and ashamed. I found solace in drugs and love in sex. My first son was born out of wedlock just after my 18th birthday. I tried to commit suicide when he was only two years old. I had an affair. I got hepatitus from sharing dirty heroin needles with a Vietnam vet. I went home to live with my parents. And the most wonderful thing in all my life happened. I experienced the power of the gospel to transform lives. I heard for the first time that Jesus died in my place. He took my spiritual rap sheet, all the debt I owed to God for breaking His laws. Through His chosen people, He told us all what we should do to demonstrate we are deserving of a relationship with Him, to be forgiven of our sins, to be righteous and blessed. But I couldn't do it. And God knew it. Even His special people couldn't do it. So God sent His perfect Son to become a living sacrifice whose blood could be shed to pay for my sins. And I would exchange them for His righteousness. Just as God is fully in Jesus--when I repented of my sins and received Jesus as my Savior, believing by faith that His gospel is truth and able to completely redeem me--His Spirit was sent by the Father to live in me: Emanuel, "God with us." As I am walking the last part of my journey in this life, I am so exceedingly grateful for God's love and grace that rescued me and gives me security that when I die, by God's immeasureable love and grace, I will enter into His presence and pleasure forevermore. He took me from death to life--through Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. I am so excited and happy looking forward to that final step, from my carnal mortal flesh--plagued with sins and failures in spite of my desire to love, honor and obey Him--to a perfect glorified immortal body and spirit of total righteousness. Please forgive me for causing you pain in this life. Please know how much I have loved you. And I look forward to when we are going to be together again forever in that wonderful home that Jesus is preparing for us.Love and thanksgiving,
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    Boycott Amazon Sad to see on this website promotion of Amazon in various ways.
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