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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Alone, in the dark, a young girl is weeping, Not knowing what her heart has always been seeking, So, now, to her Lord, she is finally speaking, Revealing the secrets she thought she'd been keeping. Her Lord listens to her with indescribable love, He watches her raise her weak hands, above. "My Lord, I beg you to enter my heart, To you, all my sorrows, I wish to impart, This emptiness, I can bear it no more, I feel I am drowning and you are my shore." She buries her wet face in the palms of her hands, For she knows that He, alone, understands, But she wonders if she is worthy of His mercy, so great, She wonders if forgiveness and love are her fate. "My Lord, I have neglected my soul, I never gave heed to my purpose or goal, And now, I need You to set my soul right, I have no-one but You in the midst of this night." Tears flow from her eyes like a thunderous river, As she awaits the reply from this Generous Giver, But He waits and He watches as she continues to cry, So she calls desperately into the night sky, "My Lord, You are everything I need, Of any happiness, You are the seed, I yearn for You to make my heart whole, To take Your place, this world previously stole." With nothing more to give, the girl gets to her feet, As longing for her Lord fills her every heartbeat. She raises her hands, one final time, Her soul weighed down by her forgetful crime. "My Lord, You are my only, last hope, Without you, I know, I won't be able to cope, To feel Your presence, my soul, I can sell, All I want is that in my heart, You dwell. My Lord, I want You to open my soul's eyes, And to put an end to my grievous cries, You said that Your friends feel no sorrow, nor pain, So befriend me, God, let this night not pass in vain." As she tires from this begging, her eyes slowly close, And she feels that her yearning, now surely, He knows, Her Lord looks lovingly at the slumbering youth, And knows that her words carried nothing but truth. So He enters her soul and whispers some words, Sweeter than the chirping of awakening birds, "...Call upon me; I will answer you," (40: 60) And more than this, what else could be true?
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