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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    Did someone give me a shout-out? Are we having an India vs Pak cricket match wager again? :-P Thanks, @Ibn al-Hussain (even with that change of screen name, you were easily recognisable). SC did force me to encounter a lot of untold truths and question several status quos, led me to explore the richness of the fiqhi world and the diversity of beliefs held on to by the Imamis with the progression of time, and basically just added to my thirst for knowledge. One of the saddest but poignant moments (while I was still active here) - apart from @Ali Naqi's demise - was when one of the members embraced atheism, but Al-Hamdu lillah, they reverted. I'm not really sure when I transitioned from here to FB, but when I did, it was mostly the newer lot that I had become more well acquainted with (and who would have been most instrumental in the unearthing of information formerly unknown to me), although that was a phase that didn't last long either. Perhaps I became more settled and calmer and tolerant (all my posts and exchanges on the wall too are still here, however I no longer identify with some of my earlier self) and arrived to some sort of conclusion regarding matters, perhaps I didn't exude that kind of energy anymore and preferred to instead present and/or discuss topics in my classes/lectures or on MSN/Skype, but primarily, it was my real life projects/institution amongst my community that i became involved with at the grassroots level that gained priority and time. While my SC visits are rare, once in a blue moon kind, I do visit FB more or less regularly, more in the position of an observer: it's interesting to watch/read what others have to say. I have gone on to forge some very good friendships/acquaintances with some of the members off SC, who remain in regular touch. Off the top of my head, currently @habib e najjaar @Praetorius @Nocturne @Khadim uz Zahra @Mary_Poppins @Nida_e_Zahra and several others in the past.
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    Abu Hadi

    Hoor al-`Ayn are not White Chicks

    My father in law, who is an alim, explained it this way. First, we should not focus on this subject. We all have a long way to go to get there, Paradise, if we ever manage to get there. Getting too much into these discussions is counter productive, at this point. That is why the Holy Quran did not go too much into details regarding the Hour Al Ayn. It is sufficient for us to know at this point the these women exists and that they are pure and pleasing to us. Second, each houriat is 'custom made' for her husband. So if her husband likes white skin, European features, blond hair, etc, then she will be that way. If he likes darker skin and darker hair, she will be that way. The sole purpose of her existence is to please her husband, so whatever pleases her husband, that is what she will be like. There is no purpose in focusing on this, though, because this doesn't exist on earth, in this dunya. The purpose of a wife, in the dunya, is not only this purpose. She has many other responsibilities, to her children, parents, family, community, and to herself and most importantly to Allah(s.w.a). Sometimes there is concordance between these responsibilities, sometimes not. The marriage relationship in this dunya is mostly a test and a responsibility, and we get some pleasure out of it here and there. But in the next world, marriage has a different purpose, and spouses have a different purpose. Since this is something we have never experienced, we are not expected to fully comprehend it. It is sufficient to know that it exists, and is a reality and act as a motivation for us to be good, and obey Allah(s.w.a) so that someday we may get this.
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    raat ki rani

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    Asalamunalaikum all, it's raat ki Rani ( shudders at awful username) I think it's fair to say we were all different people back then and have progressed (hopefully) into more mature adults. I am now married (6years this year) with 2 gorgeous kids (if I don't say so myself) Being a mother really is a game changer, everything revolves around your children. Even mind numbing decisions are made with the children mind. My shiachat period was wonderful, I had fun convos sometimes deep sometimes religious. I actually did learn alot about our faith on here. Made some lovely friends, some of whom I still talk to today. I'm not gona do a HR and list them though sorry... I think something like being active on a forum can only be a part of your life for so long. Life changes with it your priorities. I loved being part of this forum and will always cherish it.
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    Fatima NMA

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    Salam Op thank you for starting this the way you did..your words are exactly mine... I am somehow an old member but not that active...i used to be more active on sc when i was lost(teenager)...i posted many stupid stuff on here...most of them were deleted walhamdulillah. I changed... just like the op described it..i learned a lot from the forum itself and from specific members as well...i will not tag them as i forgot some of the usernames...however brother ethereal is someone that i must thank for teaching me a lot about life in general and for changing some of my childish views regarding Islam! I will not tag him because simply i feel like he has changed too to become a more serious person that may not be glad to read what i wrote about him I wanna add that i don't visit sc the way i used to because of life responsibilies as the sister above said..marriage..my boy..moving to a different country..new culture..new challenges...and so.. I come here sometimes when i need answers to my weird inner questions..or when i feel misunderstood by almost everybody...and the good thing is that sc makes me feel better in a way or another...always thank you ! And god bless you all !
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    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    We've been discussing ShiaChat's decline ever since I became a moderator in 2014, and the main reasons we came up with at the time were (1) Message forums are dying altogether - they're all dying, and people are preferring to use WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbr, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Viber, etc.; (2) Features at that time were not as user-friendly as most social media outlets, (3) Women felt unwelcome due to stalking and messages from guys, (4) Lack of new and unique conversation. We tackled some of these issues by upgrading the forums, fixing the search feature, introducing Facebook integration, creating a blogs feature, making more use of the SC Facebook and making an SC Twitter, bringing the PM and chatroom post requirements down, and increasing our number of female staff. These were good moves, but more needs to be done. I'd like to see us bring visiting guests/scholars, but the people we have asked were unwilling. I also think we should add an IM feature that members can activate, where members can chat 1-on-1 with other online members (like Facebook chat), but still give the option to not get instant messaged and to block users if necessary. There's no real way to bring SC back to its former glory. In the early days, forums were the only form of social media, there were no smart phones, and people were using MSN on their computers. I'm still active on Facebook and Skype, but most of my friends have pretty much moved on from those as well. Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp are just not for me.
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    RIP Fidel

    I haven't read the comments but I have an inkling as to what was expressed. Just for everyone's knowledge: Right now is 2016. Cuba's revolution happened in 1959. It was a very different world. There were many movements at that point in time (particularly in Asia, Africa, and Latin America) which were neither atheistic nor anti-religious whatsoever, which because of the magnetic forces of the time (in other words: because of the political necessity of relying on the USSR for military and economic support), ended up falling under the greater umbrella of what we call "communist" or socialist movements. If we want to see what happens in those cases where such a movement does not lean on the USSR, just look at what happened in Chile with Allende. Moreover, although we obviously have our own ideology, at the same time we must recognize that other people who are in completely different situations, are not even in the position to know about our ideology, let alone make the choice to follow it or not. Do we really expect someone like Fidel to fight his revolution in the name of giving the power to the just, pious faqih? This just doesn't make sense. And if we are going to dismiss people so easily, then why did our Prophet not do the same with the ruler of Abyssinia? We have to think about these things and reflect on them deeply. Cuba before 1959 was, literally and figuratively, a giant brothel. It was prostituting itself both literally and figuratively. It was the place where American corporations acted with impunity and a place where American soldiers could "have a little fun." It was a place where the well-to-do could live a life of luxury unimaginable to most people, while the poor were treated like dogs. Fidel not only uprooted this cancerous foreign influence but also made his country much more just and equitable. These things have value. We respect these things. So to summarize: Was Fidel nominally a communist? Yes. Does that mean he is completely dismissible? No. And when assessing a leader who comes from a totally different context than us, we cannot just measure his beliefs against ours and dismiss him outright. That kind of mentality is what leads to Shias rejecting Bashar al-Assad simply because of his madhab. We know from the example of our Prophets and Imams that it is very important to find common ground with others. There is a lot to like about Fidel. He was brave, just, and did a lot of good for his people. Ideologically, obviously we have differences but at the same time we have to understand that in his time and in his country, there was no other path to take. And quite admirably, he pursued it in his own style. He didn't do everything like the Soviets would do. Who knows, maybe if he were in a later era, he would be praying for the return of Imam Mahdi while sitting next to an uncomfortable Mahmoud Abbas. It's a possibility.
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    For Those Who Are Spenders...

    Charity is merely a bandage. True healing comes from restructuring society so that poverty cannot happen. The capitalist vision of mass exploitation of people and resources for the pursuit of private profit sprinkled with "charity" and "welfare" to smooth the edges is a dying ideology doomed for the trash pit.
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    ♥ Marriage ♥

    It's not easy, but it also should not be hard. I think when people hear it's not easy, it scares them a bit. But marriage is joyful and a blessing. But it does require some work on yourself, patience, and unselfishness. But mostly it's fun if your spouse is your friend.
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    Friend of All

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    The reason of my disappearance was Dubai too.. the site was banned. And then ofcourse as we age the responsibilties keep on piling up alhamdulillah. Ali Imran ..mashaAllah you are studying in Qum.. thats really awesome. Thanks for the reunion thread.. feels good to be connected.. we have seen the ups and downs of life while on the forum and lot of people were supportive at times when there was no way out.. cant thank enough.. Phoenix ..wub ;)
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    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    One thing that's confusing me is that people keep decrying the lack of "intellectual" members as compared to the early years of ShiaChat. Yet whenever I stumble across a thread from the early 2000's, all I see is "WUTT", "LOOOLZ", "????", ":mad:", and generally lots of caps lock, bad grammar, and short posts. What am I missing here?
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    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    @Ibn al-Hussain the mallangy brothers that I am in constant contact with, who are also former SCers, well. lets just say they probably wont be able to come back. mallang-ban-genocide and all that lol
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    Sisters-Choose The God-Fearing Man

    Ya Amir al-Mu'mineen ...
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    The Narration of Ismail b. Fadhl al-Hashimi In al-Kafi, al-Kulayni narrates a very interesting Hadith in which the Imam directs one of his companions i.e. Ismail - to Ibn Jurayj to learn about Mut'a. By this - the Imam wished to acknowledge that Ibn Jurayj's stance about Mut'a was accurate. [-/8] الكافي: علي بن إبراهيم، عن أبيه، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن عمر بن أذينة، عن إسماعيل بن الفضل الهاشمي، قال: سألت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام عن المتعة، فقال: إلق عبد الملك بن جريح فسله عنها فإن عنده منها علما، فلقيته فأملى علي منها شيئا كثيرا في استحلالها، فكان فيما روى لي ابن جريح، قال: ليس فيها وقت ولا عدد إنما هي بمنزلة الإماء يتزوج منهن كم شاء، وصاحب الأربع نسوة يتزوج منهن ما شاء بغير ولي ولا شهود، فإذا انقضى الاجل بانت منه بغير طلاق ويعطيها الشئ اليسير، وعدتها حيضتان، وإن كانت لا تحيض فخمسة وأربعون يوما، فأتيت بالكتاب أبا عبد الله عليه السلام فعرضت عليه، فقال: صدق وأقر به [8/-] al-Kafi: Ali b. Ibrahim from his father from Ibn Abi Umayr from Umar b. Udhayna from Ismail b. al-Fadhl al-Hashimi who said: I asked Aba Abdillah عليه السلام about Mut’a so he said: go and see Abd al-Malik b. Jurayj and ask him about it for he has some knowledge about it, so I met him and he (Ibn Jurayj) dictated a lot of material in regards its permissibility to me, so from among that which Ibn Jurayj transmitted to me included: it (Mut’ah) has no fixed duration nor limit in number [of partners with whom you can contract], it has the same status as [union with] slave girls, a man marries with them as he likes, even someone who already has four wives can marry as many as he wishes, without [permission from] guardian required nor witnesses, so when the period terminates she departs from him without divorce, and he gives her some small thing [as her Mahr], and her Idda is two menstrual cycles, and if she does not menstruate then forty five days, so I came with the book to Aba Abdillah عليه السلام and presented its contents to him, so he said: he is truthful, and he agreed with it. - What is to be noted is how similar this is to what the Imamiyya hold even to this day. Was this View of Ibn Jurayj based on Personal Opinion? This view of Ibn Jurayj was not based on personal opinion but because he did not believe that the allowance by the prophet was abrogated. He himself narrates Umar’s decision to annul Mut’a from his teacher Ata. عبد الرزاق عن ابن جريج عن عطاء قال: لاول من سمعت منه المتعة صفوان بن يعلى، قال: أخبرني عن يعلى أن معاوية استمتع بامرأة بالطائف، فأنكرت ذلك عليه، فدخلنا على ابن عباس، فذكر له بعضنا، فقال له: نعم، فلم يقر في نفسي، حتى قدم جابر ابن عبد الله، فجئناه في منزله، فسأله القوم عن أشياء، ثم ذكروا له المتعة، فقال: نعم، استمتعنا على عهد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، وأبي بكر، وعمر، حتى إذا كان في آخر خلافة عمر استمتع عمرو بن حريث بامرأة - سماها جابر فنسيتها - فحملت المرأة، فبلغ ذلك عمر، فدعاها فسألها، فقالت: نعم، قال: من أشهد؟ قال عطاء: لا أدري قالت: أمي، أم وليها، قال: فهلا غيرهما Abd al-Razzaq from Ibn Jurayj from Ata who said: the first time I heard about Mut’a was from Safwan b. Ya’la, he reported to me from Ya’la that Muawiya made Mut’a with a woman in Taif, so I rejected that from him, then we entered upon Ibn Abbas, so one of us broached this topic, so he said: yes [it is permitted], but that did not comfort my heart, until Jabir b. Aballah came so we went to his house, so the group asked him about different things, then they asked about Mut’a so he said: yes, we did it in the time of the messenger of Allah, and Abi Bakr and Umar, until the last period of the Khilafa of Umar when Amr b. Hurayth did Mut’a with a woman – Jabir mentioned her name but I have forgotten it – so the woman became pregnant, and that was reported to Umar, so he called her and questioned her, she said: yes [it happened via Mut’a], he said: who witnessed it [the marriage]? Ata said – I forgot whether she said: my mother – or my guardian, he (Umar) said: did no one else do so (witness it)? عبد الرزاق عن ابن جريج قال: أخبرني أبو الزبير قال: سمعت جابر بن عبد الله يقول: استمتعنا أصحاب النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم، حتى نهي عمرو بن حريث Abd al-Razzaq from Ibn Jurayj who said: Abu al-Zubayr reported to me saying: I heard Jabir b. Abdallah saying: we the companions of the prophet contracted Mut’a marriages until Amr b. Hurayth was forbidden it [by Umar]. عبد الرزاق عن ابن جريج قال: أخبرني أبو الزبير أنه سمع جابر بن عبد الله يقول: قدم عمرو بن حريث من الكوفة فاستمتع بمولاة، فأتي بها عمر وهي حبلى، فسألها، فقالت: استمتع بي عمرو بن حريث، فسأله، فأخبره بذلك أمرا ظاهرا ... فذلك حين نهى عنها، قال ابن جريج: وأخبرني من أصدق أن عليا قال بالكوفة: لولا ما سبق من رأي عمر بن الخطاب - لامرت بالمتعة ، ثم ما زنا إلا شقي Abd al-Razzaq from Ibn Jurayj who said: Abu al-Zubayr reported to me that he heard Jabir b. Abdallah saying: Amr b. Hurayth came from Kufa and contracted Mut’a with a slave girl, so Umar brought her forward while she was pregnant and questioned her, she said: Amr b. Hurayth made Mut’a with me, so he asked him (Amr) and he admitted it openly … so that’s when he forbade it. Ibn Jurayj said: reported to me the one I consider truthful that Ali said in al-Kufa: If Umar b. al-Khattab’s decision had not preceded I would have reinstated Mut’a again, then no one would have committed adultery except the wretched. Note: These three narrations are from the Musannaf of Abd al-Razzaq al-San’ani, the famous Yamani Muhadith who took a lot of narrations from Ibn Jurayj thus preserving Fiqhi positions of the ancient Meccan school of Jurisprudence as taught by Ata and Ibn Jurayj. For more on this refer to Harald Motzki’s book - Origins of Islamic Jurisprudence: Meccan Fiqh before the Classical Schools. In it, Motzki proposes to analyse the authenticity of the Muṣannaf of Abd al-Razzaq (d. 211/826), in particular the legal traditions from Ibn Jurayj (d. 150/767), which often refer to his teacher Ata b. Abi Rabah (d. 115/633). His major methodological innovation is in drawing up a range of indices, by which he seeks to determine if a particular name in an isnād is associated with a genuine authorial voice, thus demonstrating the implausibility of fabrication. Motzki argues that on the basis of these indices we have good reason to believe that the material in the Muṣannaf of Abd al-Razzaq that is ascribed to Ata b. Abi Rabah via Ibn Jurayj is an accurate representation of the teachings taken down by an honest and assiduous legal student from his well-respected master, a successor, who lived most of his life within the first Islamic century. Did Ibn Jurayj change his Stance? Some Sunni scholars claim that Ibn Jurayj changed his stance and came over to the position that it is prohibited. They use the following as evidence: نسبهُ الشوكاني إلى أبي عوانة ـ فقال: فقد روى أبوعوانة في صحيحه عن ابن جريج أنّه قال لهم بالبصرة: اشهدوا أني قد رجعت عنها Al-Shawkani quotes Abu Awana that Ibn Jurayj said to them in Basra: I bear witness that I have recanted from that (its permissibility). [Nayl al-Awtar 6/136] But this is Mursal, because Ibn Jurayj died in 150 AH, while Abu Awana was born on the year 230 AH, so how can he narrate from Ibn Jurayj without any intermediary! This was the position of Ibn Jurayj’s teacher Ata as well ابن حزم: فيمن ثبت على تحليل المتعة بعد رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)... ومن التابعين... عطاء Ibn Hazm: Those who remained steadfast in permitting Mut’a after the messenger of Allah … and from among the Tabi’in - Ata [al-Muhalla 9/519; al-Mughni of Ibn Qudama 7/571] الكرابيسي: قال بنكاح المتعة... جماعة من التابعين، منهم: عطاء al-Karabisi: Those who agreed with Mut’a … a number of the Tabi’in including: Ata [Masail al-Saghaniyya Pg. 37] Ata had to resort to Taqiyya to avoid Persecution الفاكهي: حدّثنا يعقوب بن حميد، قال: ثنا عبدالله بن الحارث المخزومي، قال: حدّثني غير واحد، أنّ محمد بن هشام سأل عطاء بن أبي رباح عن متعة النساء، فحدّثه فيها ولم يربها بأساً قال (فقدم) القاسم بن محمد قال: فأرسل إليه محمد بن هشام، فسأله فقال: لا ينبغي هي حرام قال ابن هشام: عطاء حدّثني فيها وزعم أن لا بأس بها! فقال القاسم: سبحان الله، ما أرى عطاءً يقول هذا قال: فأرسل إليه ابن هشام، فلمّا جاءه قال: يا أبامحمد حدّثَ القاسم الذي حدّثتني في المتعة فقال: ما حدّثتك فيها شيئاً قال ابن هشام: بلى قد حدّثتني فقال: ما فعلت، فلّما خرج القاسم قال له عطاء صدقت أخبرتك، ولكن كرهت أن أقولها بين يدي القاسم، فيلعنني ويلعنني أهل المدينه al-Fakihi: narrated to us Ya’qub b. Humayd who said: Abdallah b. al-Harith al-Makhzumi said: narrated to me more than one that Muhammad b. Hisham asked Ata b. Abi Rabah about Mut’a of the women, so he narrated to him in regards that and did not see in it any wrong, then al-Qasim b. Muhammad came, so Muhammad b. Hisham sen for him and asked him, so he said: it should not be done - it is prohibited, Ibn Hisham said: Ata narrated to me about it and claimed that there was nothing wrong in it, so al-Qasim said: glory be to Allah! I can’t imagine Ata would have said that, he said: so Ibn Hisham sent for him, so when he (Ata) had come he said: O Aba Muhammad, narrate to al-Qasim what you narrated to me about Mut’a, he said: I did not narrate to you about it anything, Ibn Hisham said: yes you did narrate to me, he said: no I did not, so when al-Qasim had left Ata said to him: you are right I did narrate to you, but I did not like to say it in front of al-Qasim for he will curse me and the people of Madina will curse me. [Akhbar Makka 3/14] Conclusion I quote a narration in the Sunan of al-Bayhaqi in which Ibn Jurayj is narration from Abu Ja’far al-Baqir the particulars of the Ghusl of the prophet as Baraka. عن عبد الملك بن جريج قال سمعت محمد بن علي ابا جعفر قال غسل النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم ثلاثا بالسدر وغسل وعليه قميص وغسل من بئر يقال له الغرس بقباء كانت لسعد بن خيثمة وكان النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم يشرب منها وولى سفلته علي والفضل محتضنه والعباس يصب الماء ... Abd al-Malik b. Jurayj who said: I heard Muhammad b. Ali Aba Ja’far saying: the prophet was washed thrice using Sidr [jujube], and he was washed while he had a long shirt on, and he was washed using the well-water called al-Ghurs found in Quba belonging to Sa’d b. Khaythama – and the prophet used to drink water from it, and Ali undertook thewashing of the lower body while al-Fadhl the upper-body, and al-Abbas was pouring water. Reference: al-Zawwaj al-Muwaqqat inda al-Sahaba wa al-Tabi’in (by Najm al-Diin al-Tabasi)
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    Friend of All

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    Salam Alaikum all, It has been ages and today somebody sent a Morgan Freeman msg that brought me to the forum just to see I am tagged and kinda remembered. Life has taken me to all sorts of places, alhamdulillah.. So glad to have been here and now back after so long.. Thanks HR and Ali Imran.. hope you guys are doing good, iA Zulji..so proud of you, big hug.. I have grown really old I cant even tag correctly :/
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    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    Posting again.. as requested by HR! Well, I've met a lot of ShiaChatters. I actually met more ShiaChatters when I briefly visited London in 2005 than I did when I lived there for 2.5 years! I've met ShiaChatters in London, Canada, the US and Australia. I don't think any of the ones I have met are active on ShiaChat anymore.. I can't remember all of their usernames, but just a few were Sweeter than Salsabeel, Path2Felicity, Iman, Bahlool, Baatil ka Kaatil, Curious Infidel. Anyhow, I'm living in upstate NY and am a practicing attorney. I went from doing my graduate degree in Middle Eastern Studies to a law degree, lived in London for a few years, and now I'm back in the states. And yes, Dobby is still alive, alhamdulillah! Don't know why you all are trying to kill off my masoom cat!
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    Gaius I. Caesar

    Islam and Feminism

    Don't be condescending, sis. You know nothing of Enigma's life and you know being condescending is bad akhlaq. If you don't know what you did, reread what you wrote or ask. Just saying, I am not trying to lecture. I'm just trying to remind you, that's all.
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    Be Positive

    Salam, It's unbelievable how the ahlulbayt (a.s) have patience and can be positive at the same time they get provoked. Lanat on those who oppose ahlulbayt (a.s)
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    Week 1

    I'm not allowed to show pictures of my awesomeness here. All the woman will divorce their husbands..............i cant be blamed for such a disaster.
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    Minimalism does not mean you have to live in a tent. Live somewhere that you can afford and you feel comfortable. Just think before you spend your money. If you save money by not buying things you don't really need, you can use that money in better ways. For many years I would only buy a new pair of shoes when the old ones wore out, mostly because I was poor. Now I have three pair of shoes (casual, walking and dressy) and that's enough for me. You won't find me looking at shoes to buy another pair. Not only I don't need them but looking at shoes in the store is a waste of my time.
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    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    Salams, I've been on Shiachat since 2001 which makes it about 16 years now for me. I was there when there was just IRC. I would add that one of the major reasons why this is happening is because many of the more dedicated and mature writers got married, had kids and took on full-time jobs. What happens is that a lot of people lose their initial passion, go through struggles, breakdowns and become too busy to partake on a forum. Writing quality posts on Shiachat takes a lot of time. I remember in many of my past debates one post could take me up to 10-12 hours to write as it required lots of research. So our hectic lives simply do not allow us to contribute as much. I think if our communities were smart, they would hire people full time to participate and write on these platforms. The wahhabis do it, why not us? Regardless, I don't believe quality discussions can take place on whatsapp or twitter. Those platforms do not allow sophisticated and well researched/well-sourced discussions to take place. So shiachat, I believe, will continue to serve its purpose. I have been thinking a lot about coming back as I owe this platform quite a bit for my own growth when I was younger. I will try to make small contributions for now and see where it takes me.
  21. 8 points

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    Salam all! Great thread - am overcome with nostalgia right now as Shiachat was a big part of my life for a long time! I think life has just gotten in the way - have been busy with work and family. I'm now married with a baby girl (who I just gave birth to less than a month ago!) and been working full time for quite a few years now (although I'm currently on maternity leave). I'm still *kind of* lurking around the forums - I still visit the forum very occasionally although it tends to be brief and every 4 or 5 months or so and I rarely contribute. In terms of religion and my views etc, I'd say they've changed and matured a fair bit since I was on the forums (I was only like 16 when I first joined the forums so I've changed a fair bit as a person in the last 12 years!). I still look back on my time on this forum very fondly and enjoyed engaging with many of the SC regulars and learnt a lot from many people here. I really hope some more old timers post in this thread to let us know how they're going and where they're at with life! Eltemase dua
  22. 8 points

    Be Positive

    Be positive. Always. It's hard, especially when the news of the day speaks about the new President creating a Muslim registry in the US. I have to believe that this will not happen, but if it does I am proud to be Muslim and proud to be on the list.
  23. 8 points

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    This is HR/feminist. It took me a while to remember my password! Thanks @Ibn al-Hussain for initiating this. Boy you have matured over the years! (reading your post) Feel very nostalgic visiting the forum again! I joined back in Feb 2003 - had moved to US in Jan 2003 and was very very homesick as a 19 year old back then. Shiachat was kind of home away from home though initially the insults were quite overwhelming but got used to it eventually :D. I remember being shocked to find out that it was not wajib for a woman to work and cook at home and I got attacked pretty quickly by the likes of @Cary Grantwho later became a very good and close friend! I had quit madressah in 3rd grade for various reasons mainly due to the condescending attitude of African khojas since I was a paki from a humble background back then :S. So the learning curve on Shiachat was steep and kept me occupied during that vulnerable phase of my life when I could have strayed on to things that could have easily ruined my akhirah so Jazakallah to @Ali @Ya Aba 3abdillah and rest of the team that helped set up this forum. Exposure to different ulama and their books was priceless. Also helped me navigate my early years in US in terms of what is haram and what is halal - very helpful Of course, it was not all about religion! Lots of things learned on various other topics including a better understanding of the social fabric of Shia community in the west. Totally agree with @Ibn al-Hussain that this forum was a true reflection of the mindset of a common shia in the west. Anywho, made a lot of friends (too many to tag here) who would go on to be a big influence in my personal life. Some of them like @Syedmed even helped me out with my scholarship applications at Uni! @SO SOLID SHIA is probably the funniest person I have virtually met - though we have had a few convos over the phone and paltalk as well. My initial encounter with jokers was probably in DJ's thread below (wonder where he is?) Of course became quite active on the urdu forum later (being the FOB that I was). Lots of shayeri and fun altogether! Where is @Peer @Friend of All@misbah 2004 aka Whizbee , @ArJuMaNd@Rawshni @Hasnainand many others From my "General off topic" buddies, where are @sweeter than salsabeel @fatima (from UK) @Bismillah@Simba @Nida_e_Zahra. @raat ki rani lol @A follower @WEST_INDIAN_RUDEGYAL @wilayah was grace personified! Some characters we had back then @Ibrahim110 who issued a fatwa against pink color and considered tampons as Dajjal! No kidding Can't believe Dobby is still alive @Zuljenah. Last I dissed him was 10 years ago! @queenjafri my fobby friend u were funny too! Met a few shiachatters in real life as well. @Javy back when I was in Arlington, TX. The deaths of @Ali Naqi and Aaliyah were heartbreaking and I remember crying and being affected by it though I had only known them on this forum or facebook. Please recite Surah Fatiha for them Then there was that famous/notorious hijabi pic thread of mine. Got a lot of flak for posting that pic from friends and probably cost me personally more than I would have imagined. But do I regret? No. It was for fun and to make people laugh and I think all those objectives were achieved. Would I do it again? Hell no Pretty much lost touch with Shiachat after 2007 mostly because I moved to DUBAYYY and the website is banned here. Got married in 2009 and have a lovely son alhamdulillah. Am glad I moved back to Dubai back then and got to spend more time with parents and siblings From a religious perspective, there hasn't been a u turn or a huge fluctuation. Maulana Syed Ali Murtuza Zaidi was/is a big influence on me from a religious perspective ever since I attended his majlis for the first time in 2007. Lately Brother Khalil Jaffer from Canada has been inspriational - his majalis "Origin and Truth", "Freeing the butterfly within" (What an amazing series of lectures!) "The End of Negative Suffering" have been life changing seriously So that was me reliving some part of the 3-4 years I spent actively on Shiachat. Quite a long post and I haven't even covered one half of it. Look forward to reading more from the oldies. Adios!
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    Ibn al-Hussain

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    lol this blog post got hijacked pretty badly! It wasn't meant to be a place to discuss why people left or not and what is the cure for it, or what is the current state of ShiaChat. This was the main part of my whole post: I was more interested in seeing where some of these old members are in terms of their views, lives, ideologies, faith etc. and what sort of impact this forum had on them now that they have moved on. Wassalam
  25. 8 points

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    That is part of the reason, however I believe that the forum died due to moderation issues, there were many, many occasion in which new members would come and ask a question only to have the thread locked and them to be told to just use the search engine. What did the mods think was going to happen? That kind of behaviour, first of all comes across as rude, and secondly doesn't allow the user to develop a taste for what this forum is supposed to be about. There are of course other issues, such as facebook being such a popular platform.
  26. 8 points

    A little conspiracy theory of mine

    Wow that is good research. It is somewhat reflected in their current policies today especially the controversial Operation Sovereign Borders,
  27. 8 points

    Karbala: The Supreme Sacrifice

    اللهم تقبل منا هذا القربان Lady Zaynab [a] said: "O Allah, accept this as a sacrifice/offering from us."
  28. 8 points

    Islam and Feminism

    Excess of data isnt much different from absolute abscence of it. Your discourse seems to be biased by a personal reaction against the worst forms of "feminism" that eclipses all the other approaches. Curiously enough, the people that could be described to be within those "feminist circles" tend to be ignorant of the original feminist ideas. Also, as King, I don't see a real link a priori between feminism and capitalism at all. I am not a feminist in that sense myself, but hold a different view of what feminism means by reading the authors I think I have to read, for instance Simone de Beauvoir. Were I to consider EVEN MENTION groups like FEMEN, I wouldn't be talking about "feminism". It is a poor way to make a point that is not even worth making this way. I expected a much better discourse, especially because we don't have to use such poor resources to make a good point on feminism and the islamic point of view. There are great Egyptian authors whose research and articles of female psychology and Islam would be more constructive than a critique addressing FEMEN or other groups that are popularly hated. And definitely, such approch would serve a purpose here in ShiaChat. I doubt anyone among us would support the current "pseudo feminists" ideals.
  29. 8 points

    Intro & First 3 Coloring Pages

    My husband suggested the same, but I'm like you--I've never paid for an app in my life and I never plan to. So I'm not interested to make something that I wouldn't pay for myself lol. Plus I'm very technology incompetent so it's just not something I get excited about.
  30. 8 points
    Easier said...than done.
  31. 8 points
    Well, I read the passage, and honestly that is probably the biggest baloney I've had the misfortune of reading. Nasser doesn't even sound 30, he sounds more like 80.
  32. 8 points
    Some remedies from tonight. Surah Rahman Surah Hud Also: Sources not known-
  33. 7 points
    Islamic Salvation

    Did the Sahaba become Kafir?

    I have not found a Hadith on Malik. Will post if come across something on him. It is enough honour for Umm Salama that al-Husayn left the relics of Imama with her when he left for Iraq, and ordered her to hand them over to his eldest son i.e. Ali when the time comes. This shows that she was trustworthy. She is considered the best wife after Khadija.
  34. 7 points

    10 Days in Iran

    Your so lucky bro inshallah I'll go myself one day.
  35. 7 points

    Purpose of Life

    Sister, I think our purpose in life relates directly to the purpose the Creator had in mind. Our task merely is to figure out what that is. Not an easy task perhaps. But that is why He sent down those who understood it well to help us understand. But for the most part, we rejected them and have lost that chance. I mean most of us.
  36. 7 points

    Love and Suffering

    One of the old Iranian poems about the tragedy of Karbala starts with this line: این شکار دام هر صیاد نیست عشقبازی کار هر شیاد نیست "this is not a prey for any random hunter; love is not the affair of charlatans"
  37. 7 points

    For Those in the 21st Century....

    You have talent with words Magma. Mashallah 3aleik I think if we work on ourselves individually to better ourselves and follow the truth, then we can hopefully be part of the paint that is productive. You also need to actively recognize and reject the bad paint. Like Imam Ali a.s said to one of the soldiers who refused to fight against Ali but also refused to denounce yazid. Imam Ali a.s said "you have recognized the truth but you failed to recognize the falsehood." It is not enough to enjoin good, you need to reject the evil. Also we need to help each other, the islamic world today is very poor, it is extremely oppressed. Too many shia dont recognize this. They don't see the oppression. A saudi prince spends 70,000$ for 2 nights in burj al arab while the average muslim man makes 10,000$ a year of slaving away at work. This is not justice. There is no electricity in Lebanon in 2017. This is because Lebanese did not reject evil. Iran offered Lebanon power plants and the USA was quick to send envoys to reject and promise cheaper power plants on the condition we reject Iran. Our puppet govt agreed, and now we are sitting with out power. This is because of our failure to recognize evil. Many shia here in this forum still do not understand this concept. The only thing we can do is jihad, and the greatest jihad is of oneself. Bettering yourself. Once you do that and are able to stand on your own two feet, then start helping your muslim brothers and sisters. We need to unite and support each other.
  38. 7 points

    Obelisks and Saudi Arabia

    @kirtc For me, removing a phalli superstition -even when it is despised- cannot be a "wrong". What was used 1400 years ago.???
  39. 7 points

    Talmud and Zionism

    This article, as you, unfortunately, misunderstood, is just trying to explain how the Talmud is related - or rather unrelated - to Zionism, its place in the tradition of Judaism and some basic examples of traditional Jewish interpretation of the Talmud. The Talmud serves exactly the same role in Judaism as the Hadith in Islam. It's not scripture, but a compendium of narrations and discussions. It contains prophetic traditions narrated by Moses and other prophets. It also contains various historical rulings made by scholars who used the internal logic of these prophetic traditions, their personal fatwas issued in various specific situations, as well as folk legends, remedies and other things unrelated to prophecy and laws. In fact, according to Judaism, it is heresy to believe that the main prophetic part of the Talmud was not revealed to Moses! The Quran 5:32 refers to something that is contained in Talmud and is believed in Judaism to have been revealed to Moses and transmitted orally through many generations. Now, regarding "all the people Jews and mushriqoon hate us most" I would like to mention that the entire Talmud was completed during the 5th century, with a few 6th century minor additions. The editors of the Talmud could not possibly have been Muslim-haters, because they lived centuries before Muhammad's birth. In their mind, they were doing precisely the same as Imam Muslim or Al-Kulayni who tried their best to preserve orally transmitted prophetic traditions and logical conclusions based on those traditions. Besides, many discussions on this website are held by Christians and followers of other religions who wish to broaden the knowledge of their readers. The University of Religions and Denominations in Qum offers courses in various fields, including the Talmud, Jewish esoteric tradition known as Kabbalah, Hunduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism... Let's discuss next time Avesta and the Diamond Sutra. All great religious traditions in the world contain a degree of esoteric truths and wisdom. Quite a few passages from the Gospels are, in fact, recorded in the Talmud, albeit anonymously. How and when is another interesting research topic. BTW, there is a well known discussion in the Talmud, whether Moses himself described his own death right before he died or it was written by Joshua who also was a prophet. Many Jewish commentators (perhaps most) lean toward the first opinion. It is perfectly possible and logical to think that a prophet may predict and describe his own burial.
  40. 7 points

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Another entertaining turn would have been: Ali_Hussain(after reading Haji2003's post): :mad: why are even you bringing up Digital Ummah and Tatbir in this? AND DO I APPEAR TO YOU LIKE SOMEONE WHO HAS SPENT FOUR YEARS IN HAWZA?????? :mad: :mad: Haji2003 : WUTT , LOOOLZ Digital ummah(stepping in): Did I hear someone say Tatbir? But alas.........
  41. 7 points

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    What about an option where non members have the opportunity to sign in easily just to ask a question, and they can only participate in that discussion, to have full access to the site they have to make an account.
  42. 7 points

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    Generally speaking, everyone seems to have lost interest in MOST areas of life and not just SC. i.e work, social media and school -(due to the repetitive nature)
  43. 7 points

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    The reason why shiachat was alive back then is because it was new. So all the members were exploring SC at the same time. Whereas now; there is a wide range of members in terms of oldest to newest, meaning everyone's SC journey is at different levels.
  44. 7 points

    RIP Fidel

    To understand the life work of Fidel Castro, you need to look at what Cubans endured under the dictator Batista. Even President Kennedy admitted that there was no country on earth that was in a worse situation than Cuba and the US had a lot to do with that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulgencio_Batista
  45. 7 points

    My feelings on why I am proud to be a Muslim.

    MashAllah brother. I keep forgetting how old you are but I know you are young. I'm proud of you for having such an insight about Islam. Remember there will come tough times in everyones lives and those are the so called tests that Allah swt sends us to strenghten our souls and no matter how difficult something seems to be, Allah is the all-powerful, the ever-merciful. I'm also very proud of being a Muslim for all those reasons you mentioned. May Allah swt always protect you.
  46. 7 points

    For Those Who Are Deliberately Delaying Marriage..

    People are being pretty harsh here. This is just one story, a single anecdote to support a basic Islamic point. Obviously this isn't everyone's story.
  47. 7 points

    For Those Who Are Deliberately Delaying Marriage..

    The passage in isolation is utter nonsense and seems like propaganda, I can't think of any other explanation. I hope the author had the decency to at least include some qualifiers or exceptions as to not make older single individuals feel more miserable than they already do, or to delude others who are otherwise happy. Painting these one sided pictures is never a good idea.
  48. 7 points

    Allah's Hijab

    Imam ar-Rida [a] said, "He is veiled with a barrier that does not cover Him, and He is cloaked without a cloak sheltering Him." ( احتجب بغير حجاب محجوب واستتر بغير ستر مستور ) Meaning, Allah's hijab does not limit Him in any way, nor does He have any physical properties for it to encompass Him. His veils, which are the Ahl al-Bayt and His divine light, are all created things with a special function: they represent and reflect God whilst protecting His mystery. Imam as-Sadiq [a] said, “The Sun is one seventieth of the light of the Seat (kursi), and the Seat is one seventieth of the light of the Throne (`arsh), and the Throne is one seventieth of the light of the Veil (al-hijab), and the Veil is one seventieth of the light of the Cloak (al-sitr). So if they were truthful, let them fill their eyes with the unclouded Sun.” ( الشمس جزء من سبعين جزءا من نور الكرسي والكرسي جزء من سبعين جزءا من نور العرش والعرش جزء من سبعين جزءا من نور الحجاب والحجاب جزء من سبعين جزءا من نور الستر فإن كانوا صادقين فليملاوا أعينهم من الشمس ليس دونها سحاب. ) This narration teaches us several things. The first is that Allah cannot be seen due to His great and limitless essence. As humans, we can barely look to the Sun, so to suggest that we will be able to see God's essence with our eyes is void of any reality. We do not even share a "setting" with God for us to see Him, and even then, there are many objects that share our world that we cannot see. To say that we will be able to see God would mean that God would be in our third dimension, subject to time and space. Secondly, the metaphysical structures are greater in magnitude and brighter in illumination than the Sun. The Seat is a representation of God's authority over the heavens and the Earth. The Throne, which is far more vast and more bright than the Seat, represents God's religion and the knowledge He has shared. The Veil is that Muhammadan Light, the Light of Guidance, which encompasses the authority of creation and the knowledge of Islam. It is for Muhammad's sake that the universe was created, and it is from His light that the other lights were created. The last object is the Cloak - we know that the knowledge and status of the Prophet is insignificant next to Allah - the Prophet is His slave. Although the Prophet is closer to Him than any other thing, less than two bow lengths away (53:29), there is still knowledge and power that Allah has that has been kept from the Prophet. Allah has no partners, and His essence is beyond even the sight of the Holy Prophet, and thus there must be this space in between the Hijab of Allah and the divine essence. Imam al-Baqir [a] said, "Through us, Allah is worshiped. Through us, Allah is recognized. Through us, Allah is considered One. And Muhammad is the veil (hijab) of Allah." ( بنا عبد الله، وبنا عرف الله، وبنا وحد الله تبارك وتعالى، ومحمد حجاب الله تبارك وتعالى (3) ) The Ahl al-Bayt's recognition is necessary for Allah's recognition. Not only do they transmit the correct knowledge of God, but they reflect His truth, His power, His wisdom, His mercy, His justice, etc. In understanding Ahl al-Bayt, we develop a more personal relationship with Allah. Not just a recognition of His cosmological role, but actually understanding the attributes of His essence. Furthermore, it is subservience to the Guide that constitutes worship in Islam - such as the prostration to Adam. He who does not recognize the Imam of his time dies the death of jahiliyya - i.e., Imamate is tied directly to monotheism, and he who does not recognize his Imam has followed Satan, even if he believes in one God. In the time of the Prophet, those who blindly took the authority of the rabbis and priests over the Prophet were considered polytheists, not because they believed in multiple gods, but because their allegiance is to other than God. Keep in mind, also, that the Ahl al-Bayt were the first to worship God. When the angels were created, they simply emulated the actions of the Ahl al-Bayt.
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