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    Also, I would say that we can't treat 'Women in the West' or 'Jews' or 'Christians' as a block. They are all different, with different goals, personality, knowledge and levels of commitment to their religion. I was hoping you'd see the humor in my answers, but basically 'it varies' is the answer. In Christianity and Judaism, there is no such a thing as 'Mutah' or 'Temporary Marriage'. Historically (excluding the last 150 years or so), there was Polygamy practiced in both Christianity and Judaism and educated Christians and Jews are fully aware that Polygamy was a practice of the Prophets of God that they believe in (Abraham, David, Soloman, etc) and we believe in. The ones who know their religion and stick to it 'to the letter' would never do it. But as you probably already guessed, most Christians and Jews are not like that. They (and most Muslims also do this) take the 'Shopping Cart' approach to religion, they follow what they like and don't follow what they don't like, then try to find some way to justify to themselves why they aren't following the parts they know to be true. Also in Christianity, there is no 'Sharia' or religious law that carries with it penalties for violating it. So most laws that are in Islam are also in Christianity and Judaism, but these are 'recommendations', not 'requirements'. So they have a different view of religion and religious law.
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    Thoughts 2018

    Congratulations to the ShiaChat Member of the Week! @3wliya_maryam https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235035410-shiachat-member-of-the-week-chosen-every-friday/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-3180136
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    Salaam alaykom, in sha Allah you may find some benefit from it. Do share if you find any worth. Fee aman Allah Sr. Zaynab https://youtu.be/ZkE18GQuWVg https://youtu.be/SUpKBG26_lA https://youtu.be/lJ0RqtRhYMI https://youtu.be/uevlytxAg94 https://youtu.be/t5IfTJZzlpQ
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    Thank you! I will send duas for your happiness, health and good prospects!
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    Thanks again uhty. This is called "inclusiveness" which includes anybody. That is how gays got 'accepted' in the 90s. Anything to keep the money coming in. l read a couple of years ago many small churches are now closed because in the 1990s people wanted to go to the rock-bands and sing-alongs at the megachurches and these are now having trouble filing their bleachers.
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    My argument to my Iranian friend who was sure that asking imam for help gave him results was as follows: Just like Christians call upon Jesus, father, son, holy ghost, saints, mother of God, etc, for help, calling upon any other can work in the short term. We have shayteen around us who dance in happiness when we choose to partner others than God in our prayers, so they become our waly and solve whatever problem we may face. When we ask for help from an imam, how do we know it's really him who answers? There is no way to be sure of where the response is from, just like if you play wija board and call upon and imam, and I can guarantee you that there will be a response. But I can also guarantee that the person or jinn responding isn't actually and imam, Elvis, or a diseased relative. It is not a safe way, and it Arabic the word safety is amn, and a momin is literally somebody who has amn/safety upon him or her. We just want the safe way, the straight way. The way of God and his prophet. The prophet only prayed to God and God tells us clearly about only praying to Him for help and I understand and respect that some don't see it. To me it's crystal clear alhamdulilah.
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    Once an Iranian friend of mine had this discussion with me about calling upon Ali for help in times of trouble. At the end of the spoken discussion he got so frustrated that he actually said (in German) : "I hope that you get in real trouble and then are forced to call upon him". I thought that was kind of mean, but I forgave him for that. Sad that people don't find calling Allah for help as enough. It works for me alhamdulilah, and I've been in a lot of trouble in my almost 40 years of living in this body.
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    Miss Wonderful

    What Happens After Death?

    is there a guide or written document or hadiths saying what happens after death? Does the spirit stay on the earth for forty days? Or they face punishment of the grave? Or do they go directly to barzakh and wait till judgement day or does the grave become wide if they did good deeds and it becomes comfortable? also can the deceased see other family members that are deceased at barzakh.
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    I am intrigued by how many men on SC suggest that Muta is the solution to satisfying a guys "urges." On another thread someone recommended that a 16 year old boy should have a Muta and two people liked his post. How and where do men find women that are willing to undergo a Muta when the women full well know that this is a short term contract that permits a man to sleep with her in exchange for some money? This thread is not intended to start a moral debate about Muta or to bash the brothers. I'm genuinely trying to understand: - How common are Mutas in the West? - How do the guys approach a woman for a Muta? - What is the woman's reaction when you approach her? - Is it common for Muslim women to engage in Mutas too or is it mainly Christians, Jews etc? - If you approach a non muslim ahle-kitab woman what is her reaction to this arrangement? - Do people keep their Muta a secret? - How would the brothers react if someone approached them to seek their permission to have a Muta with their sisters, aunts, divorced mum or other females in their family? - Would the brothers permit females in their family to engage in Mutas with men of their choice/liking?
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    The Nature of Atheistic Doubt

    The only thing that does, can and ever will give Atheism any edge in any argument is the question of "where's your proof?" Everything else about the atheist worldview is based of it's own (depending on the individual, as Buddhists for instance tend to be atheists) epistemological dogma based on the nature of the physical world (such as the materialist world view, which considers the physical to be all there is - which is not fact, only perception). Then, everything else comes down to philosophical argument and scientific disagreement (remembering that there is no universally agreed scientific hypothesis of the nature of existence and reality - only theories based on observed conditions within specific scientific fields and speculations based off logical conclusions on prior said epistemological assumptions of said fields, which is where more abstract science comes in) Plus, atheists these days have a tendency to be lazy, when they should be reading more Nietzsche and Wittgenstein rather than watching Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris convey the same age old arrogant superiority without any valuable philosophical contributions.
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    The Nature of Atheistic Doubt

    Can I love this a billion times? Labayk ya Imam Jaffar e Sadiq(as)!!!
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    The Nature of Atheistic Doubt

    Thank you for the insight. Your cousin sounds like the class of people who needs questions answered the type of which people like us don't even understand, and so needs an even more clever scholar/person to answer. I find it really weird when people resort to saying things like "just believe", I agree it's totally disrespectful, and honestly the topic shouldn't even be opened with them (atheists) unless they expressed interest to speak about it. In regards to your cousin, feel free to write down some of his hard questions and post them here, there are some bright people on SC who might be able to answer, particularly some of the lurkers who have been lurking for a while now.
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    The Nature of Atheistic Doubt

    Firstly, I made no attempt whatsoever to convince you that there is a God and I am still not attempting to do so. I know that the very last thing you want to read is more airy-fairy abstract concepts, but hey, I will exercise my right to freedom of speech. I have grappled with various issues myself. I have come to realise that I am unlikely to ever see a real life miracle to unequivocally prove the existence of God. I understand that you probably feel that you will not believe in God unless you see physical and undisputable evidence or proof of the existence of a deity. For me, belief in God is like the feeling of pure selfless love. You can never prove it to anyone and there is no tangible evidence that can be displayed as such. Either you feel love or you don't. Either you have faith or you don't. It can't be forced. Also, it's good to know that you have at least one good habit. That was a joke BTW... albeit a bad one.
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    @Abu Hadi. Walaikum Salam. Indeed I did see the humour in your responses. Thank-you Brother for putting together such comprehensive responses. You are a fount of knowledge.
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    Haji 2003

    Parents thread

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    The Nature of Atheistic Doubt

    when ever I read such topics, All I take away is confusion. Not confusion of how great the information is, rather how much jargon and nonsensical opinion is implied with the hue of weak literature. In a previous state, it gave the impression of intelligentsia, but with improved reading, even the debates of clowns on the YT, one is left with only one conclusion. the motives of both parties is never about the existence of a deity, it is more about their own positions. To prove a deity should be simple just as to disprove it would be simple too. Neither can do it simply, thus they retort to complex idea and language. And with time, its sinks further into the abyss of complexity just to prove how much more thinking has been involved. Just a fallacy. Both belief and non-belief are based on need. Fill that stomach and the need will be associated.
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    Salam Aleykoom, - How common are Mutas in the West? Not common at all, to my knowledge. - How do the guys approach a woman for a Muta? To my opinion, the same way you naturally approach a woman: by not stating you're interested in sex firsthand, but by simply being interested in her. Then if you both want to take it further you do Muta. - What is the woman's reaction when you approach her? If the approach is organic and natural, nothing new. At the time of Muta, it depends on her beliefs, most are simply surprised and take it in a fun way. - Is it common for Muslim women to engage in Mutas too or is it mainly Christians, Jews etc? I cannot speak for women, unfortunately. - If you approach a non muslim ahle-kitab woman what is her reaction to this arrangement? Refer to the answer to your second question. - Do people keep their Muta a secret? The difference between Nikah Muta and casually going out with your boyfriend/girlfriend is subtle yet crucial: one is allowed, the other is a major sin. In western countries, people simply view your relationship as natural, since they can't tell the difference. - How would the brothers react if someone approached them to seek their permission to have a Muta with their sisters, aunts, divorced mum or other females in their family? Personal opinions shouldn't be factored in when people are doing what is lawful and allowed. Then again, there are some cases where muta is makrooh (although my memory fails me, but hadiths on the subject can easily be found on Kitab Al-Kafi, volume 4, in the chapter about marriage) - Would the brothers permit females in their family to engage in Mutas with men of their choice/liking? Refer to my answer above. There are makrooh cases, but generally, i tend not to let my personal opinions get in the way of Deen. Whatever Allah Azz wa Jall Allows is a mercy from Him. Wa Salam.
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    I am not too surprised that no attempt was made to actually prove what the first 3 caliphs achieved during the lifetime of the Prophet (saw).
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    Shahrukh K

    What Happens After Death?

    This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief
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    This is a very bad analysis of the situation. If Iran help Syrian government that is absolutely not because Assad is a "Shia".
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    This life is more scary than anything. Death is the only way out of this hell.
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    Ali(asws) Ali(asws) Haq Ali(asws)
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    What do you mean guys have no rights? Why did you agree to a dowry you cant afford in the first place? You signed away your right with your own hands.
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    There's a million reasons to be proud of Iraq. Have you been to all of our imams and holy places in Iraq? Have you ever witnessed Iraqis during the mashaya and Arbaeen and the service they offer to foreigners? How they let them into their private homes, feed them, wash their clothes, offer them everything they have for free? After all wars, poverty and thulm they are still standing and serving our imams. MashaAllah on all of them! Wallahi rafa3to rasna! I've been here almost a month now touring all of our holy sites. And I have never been prouder as an Iraqi. (As if that is even possible as proud as I already am).
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    They used to publicly Curse from the Pulpits to distract the people, now they have found a new way. Its a distraction and a from of psychological warfare, which serves their interest. All this ghuluw,(exaggeration), Independent/dependent, Shirk conversations are usually surface to disassociate people from. Amir al-Muminin(Commander of the Faithful), Imam al-Muttaqeen(Leader of the Pious), Hujjah of Allah(awj)(Proof of Allah(awj), Mawla Ali ibn Abi Talib(as). 32-30 https://www.al-islam.org/uyun-akhbar-ar-ridha-volume-2-shaykh-saduq/chapter-32-ar-ridhas-words-reasons-various-things
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    Thanks. Read tafsir by Ahlulbait (ams) and don't interpret yourself. 6Question: Is it right to say ya Ali madad? Answer: There is no objection in it. Sistani says there's no objection, no additional approval required. https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01253/
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    Write down your needs

    Knowledge. Zuhd and taqwa. Excellent akhlaq. Rock-solid iman. Thank you so much for your efforts, dear sister!
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    Write down your needs

    Here is my list: - I want to end up with a women who is pious and has similar priorities in life. - My past sins are forgiven, ones which were committed due to ignorance. - I do well at uni and inshallah secure a grad job - Everyone in my family is guided to the straight path (including me). I would be grateful if you can write these down! Thanks soo much.
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    It is not happening here at the moment amd hopefully it won't.
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    Abu Hadi

    The US Midterm Elections

    Midterms + The first Hijabi in the US Congress (already mentioned above). + First Muslim women in US Congress for Michigan, Rashida Talib BIG ++++ Mike Pence had to swear two women into Congress using the Quran, one of those women is black, the other is Palestinian (I think this is the highlight of the entire election) + For Michigan, we now have sort of a balance of power. Before the elections Republicans controlled basically everything (Govenor, Attorney General, Most Federal Congressional seats, Michigan Senate and House of Representatives). Now we have a Democrat, women for Govenor again (Gretchen Whitmer), we'll see how that goes. Her main campaign platform was fixing the 'damn' roads, something I think which everyone agrees needs to get done, and the michigan house and senate are more diverse, though Republicans still control them. Also, one US Congressional seat was flipped Bishop(R) -> Slotkin(D). We'll see how that goes too. I agree with @notme that both Parties have significantly degraded into just basically sports teams who support each other against the other 'team' not matter what. The Democrats of the Civil Rights era are not the Democrats of today. The Republicans of Lincoln or even the Regan Republicans are not the Republicans of Trump. We must recognize things for what they are.
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    A lot of times, l curse. Yeah, l know . . . not the best form.
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    Hijab and pressure

    Thats completely true. But everyones mind and views become altered when they are around specific people they hang out with or are influenced by. TBH thats why I keep to myself. I was influenced by my mum, she would take me to majalis and I got influenced as I grew up. I am very very picky with people who I hang out with or talk to, tbh the only person I talk to is @3wliya_maryam and some classmates at uni. just young minds, most times it will change once they get older. and in some cases, they are just taking baby steps to get to a place where they feel comfortable.
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    Hadith on Working

    All the relevant hadiths can be found in volume 5 of Kitab Al-Kafi, which contains a ton of hadiths on earning in lawful ways as well as unlawful ways. Let me begin by quoting some the latter categories (which are treated in chapter 40: earning in unlawful ways): As for the former category, first let me begin by citing two hadiths (of chapter 14: earning lawful sustenance) : If you work for your family, then Chapter 13 (about hard work for the family) is for you : Chapter 7 (on meticulous effort to earn your living) also has interesting hadiths: If you are a specialist, or well versed in a specialized craft, chapter 32 is for you: Generally, you might find that perusing the book of commerce (starting from H 8308 to H 9367), in Volume 5 of Al-Kafi (which can be found translated somewhere on the internet), exhaustively answers whatever question you might have on earning a living.
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    Peace be upon you oh lion of your father.
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    @Islandsandmirrors Yeah I agree with you. Even though this law is there, we have to take extreme caution and think about the consequences. I also think every that child is different, like you can't apply it objectively. This is what Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini said: A child cannot be reformed through physical punishments. Perhaps, it might have a temporary effect on the child, but will be very harmful in a longer run. For example: 1. When a child is beaten, he gets habituated of bowing down his head to torture and force. He may perhaps start thinking that force is the only key to success. He starts thinking that when one is angry, he should beat. By giving physical punishment to the children, the parents set an example for them to adopt the tyrannical laws of the jungle in their future lives. 2. The children who get beatings, develop hate and antagonism against their parents. The children never forget the harsh treatment they received at the hands of the parents. Such children might even become rebellious. 3. Repeated beatings can make a child timid and cowardly. The personality of the child can also be suppressed with physical punishment. He might later on become a victim of psychological ailments. 4. In most cases physical punishment seldom improves the child. It doesn’t create a wish in the child to correct his behavior. He might perhaps show some momentary signs of change out of fear of the rod and the beatings, but is no guarantee that he will not repeat the same act again. His basic failing will persist in his subconscious mind. It will manifest itself later on in some other form.
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    Thanks amazing effort I'm lucky we have people like u here
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    aaaaaa @aaaaaa "We all have to work together to preserve our honour"
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    What Happens After Death?

    (bismillah) Please read the book "Maad" by Ayatollah Dastaghib Shirazi. You can also listen to these lectures:
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    Electric vehicles will be boon to the world. Clean environment and less influence of oil producing nations in world politics. That will hurt Iran - Iraq as well.
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    I think 99% chance this coalition will never happen. Qatar is floating the idea to send a message to GCC that 'if you kick us out, we have other options that you might not like'. As was said above, this is realpolitik, nothing more. I think GCC got the message. Most likely, Qatar will soon be let back into the 'club', will switch around and will start spewing anti Iran, anti Shia garbage again.
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    Umar's statement of shirk

    Yeah, brother. We all know that. The joke is on the neo- Kharijites who say, "Anybody who invokes the help of someone other than Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى is a mushrik!! Read the ayah 'Iyyaka nasta'een', ya mushrik!! May He guide you or break your back, ya mushrik!!"
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    I agree on a certain level brother. However in today's realpolitik, a country cannot survive on its own. Sovereignty is only reachable by big countries like Russia China or the US. I think the idea of a coalition comprising shia and sunni countries might be a solution to sectarianism and zionist occupation. This almost was the case when Iraqi and Lebanese shia mujtahid sided with Jordanian arab forces for jihad against the Brits and the French after WWI.
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    What criteria do you use to determine if something does not exist? Because maybe I am standing behind you right now but you do not perceive me and when you turn around, maybe I have moved, but you did not notice is. How can you tell if I was there or not?
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    The Nature of Atheistic Doubt

    My self, whoever that is
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