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    Asaalaalaikum, Im glad to say that im now a SHIA! Alhamdulillah! Why did I take this decision? Because I've been reading and contemplating and reflecting about Islam and my beliefs. One thing I have especially been thinking about is Islamic history. I look at the lives of the sahaba and I realize there are many virtues in their lives, however the sahaba in general are clearly not healthy examples to follow and I believe that the Ahlulbayt is the clearest and PUREST path to the true sunnah of Rasoolullah (saw)! This is because although the sahaba such as Umar ibn al Khattab and Abu Bakr did many good things and made genuine efforts towards Islam, it is clear that they are not the best examples for me to follow. For example, Abu Bakr was the first person to do Takfir as he declared war on those not willing to pay zakat, Its clear that the sahaba have categories: I believe that many sahaba had flaws in their character but were still overall good people as they strived for Islam with everything they had. However there are some sahabas that are just very bad in character. For example Khalid Ibn al Walid was the commander of the muslim army for many years and many sunnies glorify him because of his military accomplishments, but clearly he had no morals. He killed many innocent people and even killed a muslim man and raped his wife. DISGUSTING! I cant follow someone like that! I think that If someone takes Khalid Ibn AL Walid as a role model they will end up joining ISIS, Al Qaeda or the Taliban. Another example of a despicable sahaba is Muawiya which I'm sure I don't need to talk about. ON THE FLIP SIDE..... The Ahlulbayt are cleary of a higher status,and the division of the ummah from the start is very clear. Now I'm a follower of Ali (as), Hassan (as), Hussain(as), Zain UL abadeen (as) and Zayd ibn Ali (as)!!!! By following these individuals I truly believe that I will be a follower of MUHAMMAD RASOOLULALH (saw). However one may ask the question, why do I need to be shia to love the ahlulbayt?? My answer is that yes, sunnies do also love the ahlulbayt, but the problem of sunnism is that they dont condemn sahabas who committed oppression! I will never be a supporter of ANY tyrant and oppressor! the following hadith payed a big part in me becoming Shia: "The Messenger of God sent Khalid b. al-Walid to the people of the Yemen inviting them to Islam, and I was among those who went with him. He persisted in the matter for six months, but they did not respond, so the Messenger of God sent 'Ali b. Abi Talib and ordered him that Khalid and those who were with him should return, but if any of them would like to follow him he should allow them. Al-Bara' said, "I was one who followed 'Ali, and as we reached the borders of the Yemen the people got the news. They gathered around him and 'Ali led us in the morning prayer. When he had finished [the prayer], he lined us up in one row. Then he moved before us, praised and extolled God, then read to them the letter of the Messenger of God. All of Hamdan embraced Islam in one day, and he wrote to the Messenger of God about it. When the Prophet read 'Ali's letter he fell down, prostrating himself to God. Then he sat up and said, 'Peace be upon Hamdan, Peace be upon Hamdan' [After the conversion of Hamdan] )he people of the Yemen followed in succession with their acceptance of Islam" - narrated by Tabari. alhamdulillah! Its time to take a stand, to take my own path! The iranan author Ali Shariati says: "My father chose my name, my ancestors chose my last name, thats enough. I myself choose my way!". I was born a hanafi sunni but now im a Shia. Furthermore, the Quran says: "(53:38) No soul shall bear the burden on another" (Wa La tazitru waaziratu wizra ukhra).
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    I have not denied the fact that his followers were cooperating with the government, dear brother, and perhaps under his (as) own advice. I may be mistaken, but nor do I think that all his followers were impoverished, Salman (ra), Uthman ibn Hunayf (ra) and some others were working for the government in administrative capacity, plus the Imam(as) also earned his livelihood, I can't recall them at the moment, but I have read hadiths in Sunni Sihah that mention him caring for camels and tending to palm groves as late as the reign of Uthman ibn Affan, he had grown up sons who could support him, etc etc. As it is, his needs were very few, his lifestyle very frugal, so he could make do with little money. Of course people are going to have different interpretations of history, and weigh different evidences differently; that's the reason why denominational differences exist in the first place. I admit that i don't know much about this issue, maybe someone more knowledgeable can answer your questions. Salam.
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    Would you marry her?

    I'm not sure what is meant by "abusing" mut'a . If a man and woman agree to be married for a day or more or less to fulfill their sexual desires, that is perfectly permissible. If a Muslim man contracts mut'a with a kitabi woman that's perfectly permissible as well. The difference between having a nikah contract and zina is like the difference between halal meat and haram meat.
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    More powerful: Iblees or Imams

    Quran 38:82,83 [Iblees] said, "By your might, I will surely mislead them all Except, among them, Your chosen servants."
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    More powerful: Iblees or Imams

    Ws, Powerful over who? The Imams(as) are infallible so ibliss(la) is powerless against them.
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    The totality (jumlah) of contingent existence, that is, the universe, whether it is finite or infinite is a set, cannot itself be necessary. A totality subsists through the existence of its parts. We are essentially saying a necessary existent, that for whom existence cannot not be, has its existence contingent on its parts, an obvious absurdity. Contingent existents can be thought to fail to exist as their existence is equidistant between necessity and impossibility, with nothing in their essence demanding they exist (like a necessary existent, which we would be attempting to ascertain the existence of through such an argument) or precluding their existence all together (like an impossible existent, e.g., a square circle). It is therefore conceivable that every single thing which exists in the totality of existence, that is, the universe, could fail to exist all together since it is only contingent. Since a set subsists only through the existence of its parts we would effectively have a necessarily existent universe, which is contingent on the existence of its contingent parts, not existing, since being a totality demands the presence of parts, yet somehow at the same time existing necessarily (since there cannot be a condition where a necessary existent fails to exist). As such, the totality of existence, that is, the universe, cannot be the necessary existent thought of in this argument. Refer to Jon McGinnis' "The Ultimate Why Question: Avicenna on Why God Is Absolutely Necessary" found in The Ultimate Why Question: Why There is Something At All Rather Than Absolutely Nothing (ed. John F. Wippel, pp. 65-83, for this matter specifically, refer to pages 72 and 73). Because of what seems to be other misconceptions of this type of argument, I recommend you read the rest of the work as well as the SEP and IEP articles on cosmological arguments to understand what exactly they are actually trying to do. This is also useful in clarifying the aims of the arguments.
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    I’m married!

    I got married last night to my best friend!! I’m SO happy! I can’t believe I’m officially a married woman now!!!
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    Would you marry her?

    Sister, that is exactly what I am saying too. The target of our attacks should be the abuse of the law, and not the law itself. Imagine all those youngsters for whom this is the only alternative to committing zina....and there are a good many of them, mind you; mutah is more prevalent than we think it to be. Is it right to deny them this halal outlet simply because some unscrupulous individuals are abusing it? Scrapping a law just because of fear of its abuse is first rate nonsense. Instead of whining about its misuse, people should educate the younger generation against its misuse and do their share of the duty towards the society and the deen. As good old Socrates said, good people don't need any laws, and bad people will find every possible way to bypass the laws. The exact objections you have mentioned against mutah are all applicable to permanent marriages as well. People can marry and divorce the very next moment (think of all those 'contract marriages' in the West to get citizenship), it is still a lot better than not bothering to go the whole hog and committing zina right away, and in our fiqh (since you are Imami), even witnesses aren't required for marriages, so two people can very well commit zina and claim they're married.Considering that many maraja allow permanent marriages with Ahlul Kitab, and even those who forbid them do so on the basis of ahwat wujubi, and not a mutlaqan tahreem, would a divorced Ahlul Kitab wife care for iddah? Will a non-practising Muslim girl care for iddah after divorce, and not get around with other guys jeopardizing the paternal identity of her child? So should we consequently ban marriages, and send all our sons and daughters to monasteries and nunneries to lead chaste, pious lives? These hypothetical and counter-factual accusations are a huge non-sequitur. If one is bent on abusing a law, there are countless ways in which he can do so. Once again, as good old Socrates said, good people don't need any laws, and bad people will find every possible way to bypass the laws. About the abuse of mutah, I'm on the same page as you. As far as the issue of flagrant and unrestricted scholarly sanction is concerned, I know for a fact that Ayatollah Sistani (ha) says that it is NOT ALLOWED for a permanently married Muslim man to engage in mutah with an Ahlul Kitab woman, nor is he allowed to do mutah even with a Muslim woman if his family may be affected negatively by it. In any case, the permission of the first wife is necessary for mutah. So you see, so many juridical restrictions have been placed on this practice for a reason- so that only the genuinely needy get to avail it.
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    Thank you all for your inputs, may Allah reward you all.
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    So sick about those channels playing 80s and 90s movies. Everytime I turn on the TV for other than casting YouTube videos, I end up losing my evening and going to bed late. Today was Jumanji. Lately, Lethal Weapon, Coming to America, Die hard. And other classics you just cannot ditch !
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    marriage and spouse search USA/Canada

    @zamf31 he's Shia and at that time was a recent convert from Christianity. I am also a convert, but a while back. The site was OKCupid. I took advantage of their questions and answers and ruled out, in addition to non-Muslim, anyone who was too far away or who was determined by their algorithm to be not very compatible. I almost didn't talk with my husband because he was located almost 2 hours away, but the site said he was 98% compatible so I had to take a chance. I'm older also and had children from my first marriage before I was Muslim. I also never had any success by traditional methods or Muslim matchmaking sites, though I know people who have. You have to find the right balance between setting your criteria and keeping your options open. Don't settle for someone you know isn't compatible due to loneliness. Duas for your success.
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    Haji 2003

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Had this chicken kebab salad at this street stall in Singapore recently. Only way you can tell the stall is halal is the hijabis outside. They can't display halal signs because they also sell alcohol. Singapore is a bit fundamentalist in that respect. Lol.
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    I firmly believe that Iran is what is right with ME and Putin what is right with international relations.....
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    It does not have anything to do with being shia or sunni or secular or.....guatemalan ....its about sanity and humanity....about the lives of millions and wellbeing of 100s of millions....so that super rich people take home bigger paychecks and bonuses.....while dingos and experts and anonymous sources perform their little ritualistic dances of righteousness and escape from burdens of being fools.
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    explain this @JermainTaylor
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    Salam @Mawdudi Enquiries about Shia Islam Shiainthecity revert guide BISKIT| complete Islamicpulse series
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    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    With the new site layout, stuff that doesn't come up to the top of the list on its own at the right time gets missed. I had roasted potatoes and broccoli for supper. It was even better than I expected. Roasted broccoli is delicious. I'm going to make myself a cup of coffee with milk in a few minutes. Also, I've lost a few pounds on my diet.
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    Salam the Director & his group were searching about Sira & all sources very carefully. they had a plan to make a trilogy to the time of Death of prophet (pbu) but it is currently in a vague state.
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    That's good. But be careful brother.
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    He's on my discord server actually, insha'Allah he will find the truth. He says he's not interested in sectarian debates though.
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    People try to go way too deep, and I can't blame them, but think logically. Allah created us, and put us on Earth to have a purpose, and gave us religions to follow. Serval books were sent down, and If I want to follow a book, then It has to be perfect, and the messager will be in fit to spread the truth, and Allah knows truly that we need leaders to follow on Earth, and those leaders needs to be perfect in my opinion, and me reading about ahlulbayt, I can't see another way. People tend to complicate things for ourselves, when Islam is actually easy. I don't have to explain christianity, It speaks by itself. I mean why run a race you already won? Show your religion through actions, not words. - Imam Sadiq (as)
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    How can morality be objective?

    Salaam brother, I guess one problem with my line of thought may be that I'm trying to know what I don't know. After all, Allah knows everything in the heavens and the earth and Allah knows the secrets of every individual's heart. The philosopher Frithjof Schuon says: “It is impossible to describe a landscape so validly as to exclude all other descriptions, for no one can see the landscape in all its aspects at the same time, and no single view can prevent the existence and validity of other equally possible views” Therefore we cannot see the full truth of any matter, only Allah can. However I still think its important to have empathy and I think Empathy is much more important than sympathy. Furthermore, I think a very important point was raised in this thread that as well as evil there is also mercy everywhere. Come to think of it, I've met people who grew up in desrtuctive environments and have had completely different reactions. For example, I knew this guy from Afghanistan and he used to tell me about his rough childhood and stories about being ambushed by the Taliban. When this particular individual came to england he started to get involved in crime such as drug dealing and robbing people and one day I said to him "why are you robbing people, don't you care about Islam?" He replied "Im going to Hell anyway, so there's no hope". ON THE FLIP SIDE... I also met this women who was a refugee from Syria and she also had a hard life, but she was very thankful to Allah that she was bought into safety. She said to me "My God is the god of mercy" and he said to me that she abstains from sinning only because she loves Allah and not because she fears punishment. So I guess different hearts react to their environments in different ways. Those whom Allah chooses to guide cannot be misguided. Alhamdulillah I recently read about Imam Zain Ul Abedeen (RA) who witnessed the massacre of Karabla and who witnessed his father Imam Hussain (RA) being killed. He had a hard life but he reacted to this with more compassion and love. He used to give so much to the poor and feed the hungry and he done so much for Islam and spreading knowledge through the globe. Subhanallah.
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    Wholehearted Shi'a


    God is unique and their is only one who is gracious and merciful. Do we not all remember the first commandment of the prophet Moses? "Thou shalt have no other gods but Me" As a former Christian it was easy for me to convert to Islam because as @ali_fatheroforphans has said the Muslims love and follow Jesus. Reading the Quran and early Roman imperial manipulation of Christianity was one of the many driving forces that helped me find truth in a new religion (Shi’a Islam) and made it very clear to me why Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى gave us another prophet and the twelve Imams to guide us. I certainly haven’t ignored the truth...I needed to discover it first before i could follow it.