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    Haydar Husayn

    Question about hell

    Why do people assume that people who do things deserving of Hell in this life will suddenly repent and become good in the next life? If Iblees could show defiance to Allah, then why can't humans? It seems to me that this is an underlying assumption of many people who have a problem with Hell. For example Christopher Hitchens has said that even if he believed in heaven, he wouldn't want to go there to live in a 'celestial North Korea'. Isn't it possible that he may maintain this attitude in the afterlife?
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    Haydar Husayn


    I wish...
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    Salam Aleikum. Since our ultimate goal in this life is to establish truth and eradicate injustice, we should all long for the reappearance of our Savior Imam Al-Mahdi ÚÌøá Çááøå ÝÑÌå ÇáÔÑíÝ. But the Imam does not appear unless his truthful 313 companions are ready... What are the significant attributes of these 313 and how could we be a part of them. Are these 313 chosen by Allah or does every one of us have the potential to be among them? If anyone could refer some narrations from the Ahlulbayt(as) concerning this i would be grateful. Jazakallah khair jaz'a.
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    am i hard hearted?

    Have you tried just speaking honestly to Allah? Often a bit of heart felt sincerity can go a long way.
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    Question about hell

    I would assume a stronger, overwhelming sense of truth and reality would be realized as the curtain of obscurity in this world is lifted, and things are seen in the raw, unfiltered form they are. Some people of strong faith can see things in this world and "feel" the essence of heaven or hell in them, while others lack this sense completely. I assume in the next world, all bets are off.
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    Haydar Husayn

    Question about hell

    I wonder if in the future artificial intelligence machines will ask why they should do what we've asked them to? And no doubt pulling the plug on them if they are disobedient will be considered cruel.
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    Over 100 shias killed during evacuation

    فان حزب الله هم الغالبون
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    Salamualaykum my dear brother, While i never contemplated atheism, i used to have these questions and embarked on a long search to find answers. I hope i can assist somewhat with the approach required to engage in this discussion with her. For the question of evil: I also used to think this. For example, if we are all sitting an exam, but some of us have access to the best teachers, while others were in a home where our parents were alcoholics, where we were influenced by very bad people, it is no surprise to find one person performing better in that exam relative to the other. Our upbringings, biases we are fed from a young age, and unique contextual circumstances are indeed, very different. However, it is important to understand that when we say Allah [azwj] is the all knowing, this means he knows not only what you do, but what you would do if circumstances were different. He knows every possibility of what may have happened and what could have happened. He knows full well the circumstances surrounding influence upon us, as well as sources of misguidance. On the day of judgement, no-one will be judged unjustly in the least - as he mentions in the Quran not even the weight of a mustard seed. Having said that, we find the son of Yazid was a good individual [Muawiyah the second] , and far better than his father and respected the Ahlulbayt asws. We find Asiya [as] the wife of Pharoh, despite having a tyrant husband, was a pious woman. We also find the inverse - the son of Nuh [as], despite having one of the most highly-ranked prophets as his father, still chose the wrong path. The same with the wives of Nuh and Lut, as the Quran even attests, having a Prophet [asws] as their husbands was of no avail to them. We must understand that in Allah azwj is the best of judges and that no-one will be wronged in the least. Doing good deeds for the sake of Allah: She should take a look at this hadith from our Aimmah [asws]: Imam Ali (as) had said: "O God, I do not worship You out of fear of the hell-fire because this would be the worship of a slave. Nor do I worship You out of desire for the pleasures of paradise because this would be the worship of a merchant (tujjar). Rather I worship You because You are worthy of worship!" [i will get the reference later inshAllah] Although we must understand that as human beings, granted with the faculties of intellect, reason, and understanding, we must do all we can to avoid the consequences of actions that will mandate hell upon us. Additionally, we must understand that God almighty wants to reward us for properly exercising thse faculties with Jannah, through his mercy. This point must be emphasized because by our own deeds, we will never deserve paradise, but it is by his mercy. However, for one who has truly understand how liberating it is to know when we die, we won't decompose and our existence nullified. For one to understand what meaning our lives our given, knowing that matter and energy are not the creators, but there is an ultimate necessary existence above all, who by his power, has given we humans - who can self reflect, are concious, aware, have hopes and dreams and potential- the abiility through our own actions influence our ultimate destiny and live forever, is beyond description. Thus when one reflects on the existence of Allah [azwj] and how great the necessary existence must be and how far removed he is from the changable, decayable matter we see around us, and the potential we have and the enormous blessings he has bestowed upon us to know him, exist, and decide our destiny, we come to understand that while hell does make us fear and we want to avoid it, and while we yearn heaven, the ultimate reward is being human and being given the chance to know and recognize Allah, because through him, we are elavated and given real meaning. Heaven and Hell We must understand that the justice of Allah [azwj] is absolute, and no-one will be wronged in the least. Furthermore, let us take the example of one who shoots a baby in the head. If you do that, the shooting may take a second or two seconds. But the time you will face in jail is for your whole life [hopefully], and you may even be sentenced to death. Hence for one second of crime [shooting] you may be in jail for 70,80,90 years [depending on how old you live to]. Spiritually, the consequence of sins also mandate a certain kind of punishment. Not everyone will be in hell forever, some may go in for some time, and then be removed. Really, going into hell or heaven is a choice - and we decide if we want to by our actions. Despite that, we know Allah [azwj] has given us so many instances where we may obtain his mercy, again and agan, giving us opportunity after opportunity to reform and change. If that was not enough we also have the potential of having intercession on the day of judgement. Just as a judge on earth may decide a baby-killer deserves life in prision, Allah azwj in his infinite wisdom and knowledge, may know something we do not, and may know the true value of certain spiritual abominations and crimes that may truly enable one to develop the existential capability of being worthy of hell for ever.
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    Heart attack Dua

    This dua is very powerful and has always worked for me. Inshallah your uncle will have speedy recovery.
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    My sister is an athiest...

    1) Allah isn't unfair. Even if someone had a bad environment while growing up, Allah still sends people and opportunities their way to guide them towards the right path. 2)There is nothing wrong per se in doing good deeds for people. Does she believe Allah is her creator? If she does ask her how would she be able to perform good deeds without a sound mind and body given to her by Allah. 3) -Man A killed man B, man B being the sole provider for his family. -A person bribed his way into getting a job(that was rightfully another person's) that he would do for the next twenty years of his life. -A man was the caretaker of an orphan's property which he squandered away and as a result there was no money left when it was time to pay the child's college fees or the rent for his home etc. All of the above sins have effects that last an individual or a family's whole life, totally change the course of action for them. For the oppressor or bystanders it's easy to say that the act of oppression lasted a few hours so what's the big deal.Ask a mother who does not have the money to pay the doctors fees or buy medicines for a sick child or a father whose children will go to bed hungry...Every second seems like a eternity.
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    My sister is an athiest...

    (1) Your sister is right that the character of people does conform to their environment. But that is only partly so. It is possible for a person to be born in an environment that does not nurture good qualities and yet be a good man. There are lots of people in the world who did not have a fruitful upbringing but have turned out to be good people. So her argument is not valid. 2a) Once again, she is right that doing good in the hope of heaven iis selfish. But she is wrong that doing good for the sake of Allah is selfish. There is no substance in her argument. Ask her how that is selfish. 2b) As for doing good to people, it is certainly a good idea. No one denies that. 2c) But it does not undermine the fact that if God is deserving of obedience, then doing good for His sake is not selfishness at all. 3) Allah claims that He is the Most Merciful of the merciful ones. And He is also the most Just of the Just. So if she doesn't believe that, it is no use arguing with her about hell or heaven. * * * The first thing you can do to help her is to prove to her from her own life that God is the most merciful of the merciful. If you can convince her of that, the rest becomes easy.
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    There are rules for such operations. In Islam one is permitted to have such an operation if they are born with both organs. There are also people with hormonal issues but drugs may be the better option nowadays to solve such problems. In Iran, not all the sex change operations that are being done are justified from a fiqhi perspective. Being born with both organs or with a hormonal imbalance is not the same as having some selfish whim to be the opposite sex. The latter should not be encouraged: it is harmful for society and for the individual as well.
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    Kefriya and Fu'ah are both Hezbollah towns. These rats know they have no chance against the Shia forces, so they target civilians instead like the cowards they are. Soon inchallah Hezbollah will exterminate these rats the same way Imam Ali (as) did in Jamal and Siffin.
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    Churches and synagogues in the middle east

    Wonderful work, thank you for these excerpts. One point that I like to make is that there are plenty of ancient Christian communities across the Middle East, such as the Copts, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and other Arab Christian communities. However, there are no ancient Muslim communities in Christendom. The Muslims of Spain and Portugal were forced out, and even their converted descendants were kicked out. The Sicilian Muslims were also removed. The Muslim civilization has a far better track record with minorities than Christendom, even in spite of modern secular acceptance of multiculturalism, which is now becoming increasingly less tolerant.
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    Thoughts 2016-2017 (Archives)

    In Toronto, Canada right now. Interesting place, but still can't beat 'Murica.
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    Ali Mahdi

    I want to study in a hawza

    This isn't a correct and acceptable reason to enter the holy Islamic Seminary. It isn't a place for games. You should intend on applying and entering the seminary with the intention of gaining closeness to God and to learn Islamic sciences not just because you can't find something else to do with your life.
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    There are standard books per say, because different schools may choose different books based on their own discretion. For Arabic grammar just get the two-volume set of Jami' al-Muqaddamat (it has various Sarf and Nahw texts in it) - otherwise you can just get Hidayah al-Nahw for Nahw and for Sarf I'm not sure what introductory books there are in Arabic (we do Sarf Sadeh which is half-Farsi, half-Arabic). For Logic, you can get Mantiq al-Muzaffar, but there are a lot of better texts out there now (in Farsi primarily - I don't know if you can read Farsi?). For Usul: Either Usul al-Muzaffar or Halaqa Ula of Shaheed Sadr (volume 1 which is an introduction). For Fiqh: Most schools will do all of Sharh al-Lum'ah of Shaheed Thani (it is a couple of volumes), but you can probably opt for the three-volume Fiqh al-Istidlali of Baqir Irwani. For Philosophy: Probably better to get Philosophical Instructions of Ayt. Misbah Yazdi (it has been translated into Arabic). Wasalam
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    Allahumma sallay ala Muhammad wa Aalay Muhammad wa ajjil farajahum. Allahumma aghfirlil mo'mineena wal mo'minaat wal muslimeena wal muslimaat, behaqqe Muhammadin wa Aalayhe attayyabeen attahireen, wa be rehmateka Ya Arham-ar-Rahimeen.
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    Thoughts 2016-2017 (Archives)

    Thanks SC it's team and other members for everything.
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    The Sunni excuse is: Mashallah. Abu Bakr and Umar had such amazing foresight and wisdom. If only the Prophet (saww) had as much foresight as the shaykhayn. He could have appointed a successor himself and prevented any possible disaster... So my dear Sunni brothers and sisters, why were Abu Bakr and Umar absent from the Prophet's (saww) burial? Either The Prophet (saww) did not realize he left the ummah on the verge of fitnah. Abu Bakr and Umar were absent from the Prophet's (saww) burial to save the ummah from fitnah. The Prophet (saww) left the ummah as Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì commanded. Abu Bakr and Umar did not have to be absent from the Prophet's (saww) burial, so they were absent for personal reasons.
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    Just when you thought he couldn't sink any lower.
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    This will destroy checks and balances in Turkey and prevent it from joining the EU.
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    @von Lohengramm This was a while back , but you had recommended the YouTube documentary series on the great Allamah Tabatabai's life. I only just (almost) managed to finish it - got about two more parts left. It's beyond amazing, thank you for sharing and recommending it!
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    It's permitted, but only texts you'd be willing to show your parents. In fact, your parents have a right to read them, though they might not choose to.
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    Allah Humma Salle Ala Muhammadin Wa Aal-e-Muhammad, Wa Aj'jil Farajahum اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد وعجل فرجهم Peace and blessings be upon Muhammad SA and his pure progeny AS and may Allah SWT hasten his AS reappearance.
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    Ali Mahdi

    study in Qom

    Email me your SAMPA reference number and password and I'll look into it for you. My email is ali dot almahdi2 at gmail dot com
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    How dare you! This masterpiece is the most intelligent and sophisticated piece of visual fiction ever created.. Yeah, it's overrated hot garbage. It was like a continuous non-sequitur...some of the logic was just kjslkdajkladadlkj;asf... I haven't even added it to my 'completed' list because I couldn't be bothered. I'm actually boggled as to how this became the highest grossing anime movie ever. Hardly surprising considering to modern anime fans (a.k.a. plebs) pretty colours = 10/10. I'm gonna watch some Miyazaki to cheer myself up.
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    I have great respect for Chomsky, he has a great mind.
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    As you all know, i am using the Madina Series arabic, combined with Anki flashcards from the free Anki software online [see my signature] in my quest to learn Arabic. I'm currently half way through book 2 [which i am going through again], and feel i can start to pick up phrases and words in cartoons and think they are actually an enormously beneficial supplement to learning the language. I say this because cartoons enable a language we may not entirely feel natural in using in a conversational manner [despite being muslim] and bridges the gap between making words that we memorise and learn into ones our mind can associate with responses, feelings, emotions, descriptions - the way we have learned our mother tounge. I really hope these cartoons are in FUSAH. I strongly suspect they are but can't be totally sure. From this channel: JZK for the response, and if proven the above is FUSAH, it would be an invaluable resource for learning arabic as there are roughly 100 of these cartoons!
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    My sister is an athiest...

    Who told her that the rest will be punished for their upbringing? They will be punished for not using their brains to filter out the evil from their upbringing. They will be punished for supporting the bad lessons they learnt in their upbringing and not trying to learn better. As I told you in my last post, try to look into facts of her life to see if you can find examples of God's kindness on her - personally. And try to work through the topic of God's mercy. Thank you brother. I am just an ordinary person. Thank you for your kind words.
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    Thoughts 2016-2017 (Archives)

    I never knew one could get rich by selling a pair of sneakers!
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    وَاحِدٌ لاَ بِعَدَد، وَدَائِمٌ لاَ بِأَمَد، وَقَائِمٌ لاَ بَعَمَد، تَتَلَقَّاهُ الاْذْهَانُ لاَ بِمُشَاعَرَة، وَتَشْهَدُ لَهُ الْمَرَائِي لاَ بِمُحَاضَرَة، لَمْ تُحِطْ بِهِ الاَْوْهَامُ، بَلْ تَجَلَّى لَهَا بِهَا، وَبِهَا امْتَنَعَ مِنهَا، وَإِلَيْهَا حَاكَمَهَا، لَيْسَ بِذِي كِبَر امْتَدَّتْ بِهِ النِّهَايَاتُ فَكَبَّرَتْهُ تَجْسِيماً، وَلاَ بِذِي عِظَم تَنَاهَتْ بِهِ الْغَايَاتُ فَعَظَّمَتْهُ تَجْسِيداً بَلْ كَبُرَ شَأْناً، وَعَظُمَ سُلْطَاناً. He(God) is One, but not by counting. He is everlasting without any limit. He is existent without any support. Minds admit of Him without (any activity of the) senses. Things which can be seen stand witness to Him without confronting Him. Imagination cannot encompass Him. He manifests Himself to the imagination with his help for the imagination, and refuses to be imagined by the imagination. He has made imagination the arbiter (in this matter). He is not great in the sense that volume is vast and so His body is also great. Nor is He mighty in the sense that His limits should extend to the utmost and so His frame be extensive. But He is great in position and mighty in authority. ~Imam Ali (as) Nahjul Balagha sermon 185
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    Pakistan is a corrupt country and it is sickening when instances like this happens. These murderers should be hanged to death. In Pakistani society, there is no trial or anything. Since when is any random person in the street allowed to take such orders in their own hands??? I expect stuff like this happen when people like Mumtaz Qadri are considered as heros. This is height of injustice of killing someone in the name of Allah. I see no difference between taliban/ISIS and these cruel animals.
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    North Korea

    In all honesty, your name should be AmericanForeignPolicy2526.
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    Abu Nur

    Iraq war and shia

    Good thing is that we got rid of Saddam regime, bad thing is that we have been increased with corruption.
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    What is National Socialist Party of Iran

    God, you guys find some weird stuff.
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    Salat Al Walidayn is a 2 rakat mustahab prayer for both parents. Pray it like the Fajr salat. Make niyyat of salat for hadiya of walidayn. In the first Rak’at, after the recitation of al Fatihah, recite this 10 times: رَبَّنَا اغْفِرْ لِي وَلِوَالِدَيَّ وَلِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ يَوْمَ يَقُومُ الْحِسَابُ In the second Rak’at, after the recitation of al Fatihah, recite this 10 times: رَبِّ اغْفِرْ لِي وَلِوَالِدَيَّ وَلِمَن دَخَلَ بَيْتِيَ مُؤْمِنًا وَلِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ وَلَا تَزِدِ الظَّالِمِينَ إِلَّا تَبَارًا After the salam, recite this 10 times: رَّبِّ ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيرًا
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    Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa ali Muhammadin wa ajjil faraja hum. Astaghfirillah.
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    Food then and now.

    My cooking is better than my mother's and my mother's cooking is by far better than my grandmother's. My mom makes a few things really well, but I have mastered them all, added more, and improved some. My grandma is a dreadful cook. I don't know, maybe tastes have changed over the years. Maybe my grandma thinks she's a great cook and my food is much too seasoned and textured. We don't eat a lot of hot dogs or hamburgers, but I make a fine pizza. I learned it from my mom and improved it. My oldest son insists that my mom's deviled eggs are better than mine. My mom made more desserts, cookies, and candies when I was a child than I make, delicious things with weird names, like potato candy and cream cheese cookies.
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    If only Assad stepping down would solve anything. They won't stop until their puppet is installed and the country ruined and submitted. We have examples of Egypt and Libya and of malicious puppets installed in all Sunni countries. In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi, every Islamic country except Iran and Syria. We have so-called democracy in Pakistan since the late 80s and it only took the country more and more backwards due to the malicious criminal foreign nationals getting elected every time and taking turns to destroy the back of the nation.
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    guys natural selection is not what you are describing. its not saying one day there were single cell organisms which became fish which became monkeys and they became human you do not have to choose between believing in natural selection and being a Muslim you know. the theory is pretty cool and while far from perfect, is a "good enough" theory for the time being based on our current understanding of biology.
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    Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Animals are animals. Even if they are livestock. New joke: A guy fails takes a driving test. After he takes it, his friend asks him how it went. He says: "I failed, the guy who tested me was religious." His friend asks: "what does being religious have to do with it? How do you even know he was religious?" He replies: "Every time I made a turn he would say 'Ya Abalfazl!'"
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    When a person adopts a new philosophy, as is the case with Wilayat al-Faqih in Pakistan (most who believe in it come to do so of their own accord, rather than being born into it), it's not uncommon for them to fall into the extreme end of the spectrum and become dogmatic. This is accentuated by the fact that this is a religious matter, and religious extremism has become somewhat of a trend in our world. In short, there will always be individuals who believe in exclusionism in matters of religion. This is nothing new. What is surprising however, is that you seem to truly believe that takfir is a tenet of belief of most WF-supporting Muslims.
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    other: That's why i made him moderator
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    12 Princes Of Ishmael

    (salam) (bismillah) "O People of the Scripture, why do you argue about Abraham while the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed until after him? Then will you not reason?" - Qur'an 3:65 The Bible is not 100% accurate, that same verse you're quoting also says that Ishmael (as) lived to be 135 years old and doesn't mention him and Ibrahim (as) constructing the Ka'aba together as the Qur'an says: "And when Ibrahim and Ismail raised the foundations of the House: Our Lord! accept from us; surely Thou art the Hearing, the Knowing:" 2:127 The Qur'an doesn't mention some of the things the Bible mentions, and vis-a-vis. We know from Qur'an and Bible that the scholars of the Bible changed the scripture. It could be that the Jews of old wanted Isaac (as) to be the sacrifice instead of Ishmael (as), and they couldn't explain the prophecy of the 12 Imams so they wanted to make up these 12 children and do away with the prophecy and say that Ibrahim (as) sent Ishmael (as) to a far away land and left him. If this is the case, then how can the Bible claim to say how many children Ishmael (as) had when the Bible says that he was sent away from Ibrahim (as) ? lol contradiction and conjecture What do you think about this possibility?
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