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    Thoughts 2016-2017 (Archives)

    Look again! The new ShiaChat logo is installed at the top of the homepage now!
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    Thoughts 2016-2017 (Archives)

    Just noticed the new ad banner at the top of the ShiaChat homepage. Virtual Reality Karbala. Support VR Karbala at TahaFunder.com
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    Sisters-Choose The God-Fearing Man

    Ya Amir al-Mu'mineen ...
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    Salam bro Begin to reflect over Quran. Don't take you first impressions of a Surah or a verse as the meaning, but rather reflect over it, till you are certain of the meaning. It has a clarification of everything regarding the proofs of the religion and it's path.
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    Although we always see Prophethood and then branch off with Imammate, the reality shows that Tawheed is the basis, Imammate is the means of Tawheed, and Prophethood serves the purpose of establhsing Imammate, and it happens before Mohammad almost all if not all Imams were Prophets. That is because there was no wisdom and reason to seal Prophethood at that point, as in the case of Islam, in which it benefited humanity more so seal revelations with Mohammad as opposed to us arguing and bickering among ourselves what is a true revelation that is on par with Quran in which humanity would never agree and our intellectuals would not be able to present the Quran miracles as well as they to do today. Messengerhood is a mercy to humanity, but Imammate is a necessary part of God's justice. There is no way to God except through his door, no path but his path, and no way for us to know that path without him proving and manifesting it at each stage. It's not possible a single human not have an Imam, but in times and places, the message of God and book was lost....this doesn't mean there was no Guide or way to God or rope of God. It just that it was "hidden" deep within the depth of every soul and required independent thinking. Even in times where Quran hadn't reached others, the spiritual Guide was accessible, we are awaiting the time when the sign for him and proof for him becomes manifest to the whole world, as opposed to it being hidden now to many humans. The prediction that the proofs of the guide will become manifest is predicted in Quran clearly. One thing that was a huge mercy however was the issue of succession. That is different then both Prophethood and Imammate. That means with every founding Prophet, he is followed up by either Prophets or chosen successors that are not Prophets, the latter being the case for our Prophet, but probably in the past it was all Prophets, and this succession is a grace from God. Without this grace, we would not be helpless, but submission to God (Islam) would not be the religion, and it would rather be everyone relying on themselves with no axis of authority and trying to connect to the Guide of time and guidance on their own. This would not be submission to God and his guidance, because, there is no binding interpretation or river to drink from, rather, it's all about striving on one's own, which may seem like submission but it's not. When God calls the religion submission, it's because, there is a easy means of accessing the truth, it becoming manifest, the true interpretation and then submission is just accepting what has become clear. Or it's saying "I don't know, therefore I will ask the family of the reminder....then they will show me, and then it's about reflectng and seeing it myself which is just a matter of submitting to the obvious light manifested and reasoning and proof". Bani-Israel could of been left to themsleves in the desert forever, it would not be injustice on God, but it's a grace that he appointed Imams that succeed Musa. The issue of succession therefore is a grace, the issue of Prophethood and Messenger is a mercy, and the issue of Imammate in the sense Abraham became an Imam is an act of justice. Therefore every human has had an Imam, not every human has been aware of the books of God and his revelations, and a founding Prophet and his successors (which are usually Prophets). I would say Imammate has always been the purpose of both manifesting revelations that are brought down unseen to all intellects, to revelations that compliment the message (Prophethood witthout Messengerhood), and succession (successors following up a founding Prophet). Imammate however is something humanity can never do without. You can't be expected to follow the truth without God manifesting it at each stage inwardly, and that you have some way to walk the path by it been lit.
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    High School Is A Prison

    Your post led me to amazing Ted Talks! Jack Ma founder of Ali Baba: " Where there is complain, there is opportunity! "
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    @Ali Thank you Ali, good job! May Allah(SWT) reward you and the brother who made the logo.
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    For the concept of Imamah in the Qur'an, I would point to something like this: If they start asking about the twelve Imams being specifically named, then I would ask on what basis they think that is necessary.
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    Verbally Abusive Husband

    Salamu Alaikum! Hugs! Many people jump and say, the woman is not innocent. She is not pure. Putting the blame of abuse on the victim isn't appropriate and it doesn't help. Most Muslim women that I know of, the abuse gets worse over time. You can try and get elders involved, anger management, etc. But if he's not willing to change, then all the advice in the world isn't going to help. If you feel unsafe, creating a safe house for yourself, and a healthy plan to get away are in order. I know many Muslims mention Divorce as a last action, but it sounds like your husband has had abusive behavior from the very beginning. I know many women, Muslim and not, and it can end in death. So please be careful. Pray and plan carefully ukhti.
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    Thoughts 2016-2017 (Archives)

    Wow bro, people can go low. Saddens me how the believers insult and hurt each other over some differences that may not even affect your salvation in the Afterlife. Very sad indeed.
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    Haydar Husayn

    Pie explains why Trump won

    I pretty much agree with what he said (although obviously not in the way he said it; why do those on the left always feel the need to swear as much as possible?). Political correctness really has gone mad, and those on the left are acting like totalitarians in trying to tell people what they can and cannot think. Like all totalitarians, they themselves think they are doing good, and that their opponents are evil.
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    Contention one: Can we see Allah swt, comprehend him or limit him in our knowledge? Bukhari 9.530: The Prophet said, "You will definitely see your Lord with your own eyes." 9.531: Allah’s Apostle came out to us on the night of the full moon and said, "You will see your Lord on the Day of Resurrection as you see this (full moon) and you will have no difficulty in seeing Him." Al Kafi H 261, Ch. 9, h 10- Graded SAHIH by Alama Majlisi "I asked Imam abul Hassan al-Rida (a.s.), about Allah if He can be described (defined in words). The Imam (a.s.) said, "Have you not read the Quran?" I replied, "Yes, I do read the Quran." He then said, "Have you not read the words of Allah, the Most High, "No mortal eyes can see Him, but He can see all eyes. He is All-kind and All-aware." (6:103) I replied, "Yes, I have read them." The Imam (a.s.) said, "Do they know the meaning of the eyes?" I replied, "Yes, they do." The Imam (a.s.) said, "What is it?" I replied, " It means seeing with the eyes." Then the Imam said, the Awham(mentioned above) of the heart is far greater comprehensive in knowledge than eye-witnessing. It is not able to comprehend Him but He comprehends all things. (One paragraph taken from the hadith) H 253, Ch. 9, h 2 Graded SAHIH by Alama Majlisi The Imam said, "How can a person who brought such messages to all creatures and told them that he has brought such messages from Allah and called them to Allah by His commands and said, "The eyes can not comprehend Him." (6:103) "They can not limit Him through their knowledge." (20:110) "There is nothing similar to Him." (42:11), then he would say, "I saw Him with my own eyes? I did limit Him in my knowledge and that He is similar to a man? Should you not be ashamed of yourselves? Even the atheist have not said that the Prophet first brought one thing from Allah and then announced from Him other things contrary to the first." Contention two- Does Allah change states, or undergo change? Bukhari: "...What keeps you here when all the people have gone?' They will say, 'We parted with them (in the world) when we were in greater need of them than we are today, we heard the call of one proclaiming, 'Let every nation follow what they used to worship,' and now we are waiting for our Lord.' Then the Almighty will come to them in a shape other than the one which they saw the first time, and He will say, 'I am your Lord,' and they will say, 'You are not our Lord.' And none will speak: to Him then but the Prophets, and then it will be said to them, 'Do you know any sign by which you can recognize Him?' They will say. 'The Shin,' and so Allah will then uncover His Shin whereupon every believer will prostrate before Him and there will remain those who used to prostrate before Him just for showing off and for gaining good reputation..." Al Kafi H 313, Ch. 16, h 4 – Graded Sahih by Alama Majlisi The Imam said, "There is nothing in the universe, but that is subject to annihilation, alteration, change, decay, transition from one color to another, from one shape to another and from one quality to another.They increase, decrease and change from decrease to increase, except He, Who is the Lord of the worlds. He alone is eternal and in one state. He is the first, before every thing and the last eternally. His attributes and names do not change as they do in the case of others. A man at one time is dust, at other time flesh and blood, then turns into decaying bones and finally becomes dust. A piece of date at one time is raw, at another time ripe, mature and then it dries up. With every change, the names and attributes also change. Allah, the Majestic, the Glorious is different from all such things." Contention three: Does Allah swt have a form? Bukhari: "...What keeps you here when all the people have gone?' They will say, 'We parted with them (in the world) when we were in greater need of them than we are today, we heard the call of one proclaiming, 'Let every nation follow what they used to worship,' and now we are waiting for our Lord.' Then the Almighty will come to them in a shape other than the one which they saw the first time, and He will say, 'I am your Lord,' and they will say, 'You are not our Lord.' And none will speak: to Him then but the Prophets, and then it will be said to them, 'Do you know any sign by which you can recognize Him?' They will say. 'The Shin,' and so Allah will then uncover His Shin whereupon every believer will prostrate before Him and there will remain those who used to prostrate before Him just for showing off and for gaining good reputation..." Al Kafi: Graded Muwathaq He said: I said to Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام: I heard Hisham b. al-Hakam narrate from you that Allah has a body, supported by light, His recognition is necessary and He bestows this [knowledge] upon whom He wills from the creation. So he عليه السلام said: Glorified be He, whom no one knows how He is except Himself. There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the Hearing, the Seeing. He cannot be limited, nor can He be felt, nor can He be moved, nor can He be comprehended [by sight, nor by] the senses, nor can He be contained in anything, nor does He have a body, nor does He have a form, nor a figure, nor a confine. (al-Kafi, Volume 1, hadith 278) Contention : Does Allah swt move position? Bukhari: 1145( Abu Hurairah) “The Lord (Allah swt) descends every night to the lowest heaven when one-third of the night remains and says: ‘Who will call upon Me, that I may answer Him? Who will ask of Me, that I may give him? Who will seek My forgiveness, that I may forgive him?’” Man Lā Yaḥḍuruh al-Faqīh, Graded sahih by alama majlisi ‘O son of the Messenger of Allāh, what do you say about the ḥadīth which the people narrate from the Messenger of Allāh, that he said: ‘Allāh descends in every night of Friday (i.e. Thursday night) to the earth’s heavens’’. He said: ‘May Allāh curse (la`na) those who distort the words from its place, by Allāh, the Messenger of Allāh has not said that! Verily, he said: ‘Allāh) sends down an angel to the earth’s heavens in the last third of every night, and the first part of the night of Friday (i.e. Thursday night). And He commands him to call, ‘Are there any (who) asks, so that I can grant him?’; ‘Are there any repenters that I should forgive him?’;..." I conclude with the following excerpt of a hadith: He said: A man came to Abu’l Hasan ar-Rida عليه السلام from beyond the Balkh river and said: I will ask you a question, if your answer to me is the same as that which is with me [i will accept your cause]. So Abu’l Hasan عليه السلام said: Ask whatever you wish. So he said: Inform me about your Lord, when did He come into being? And how is His state? And upon what thing does He rely? So Abu’l Hasan عليه السلام said: Allah تبارك وتعالى was there before there was a “there”, and He was being before there was a “how”, and His reliance is upon His power. So the man rose to him and kissed his head, and said: I bear witness that there is no god except Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and that `Ali is the deputy of the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وآله and the succeeding upholder of what the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وآله established, and that you are the righteous Imams and the successors after them. (al-Kafi, Volume 1, hadith 233) Graded SAHIH by Alama Majlisi
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    Does Allah have a throne?

    Our Sunni brothers and sisters differ in terms of their beliefs on this issue. However, there is a dominant belief by those in the west, and in saudi-arabia and some gulf states, that Allah azwj has a throne, but it isn't like a grand throne a queen sits on. However, they believe he is literally above his throne, and so, he has direction. They also believe he has two feet, which are below the throne, and above the qursi [foot-stool], but the two feet are not like our own two feet. You can read this here: https://islamqa.info/en/166843 We, the shia', say, Allah azwj does not have two feet, hands, fingers, a shin. Allah is one, in his absolute unity and oneness, and can not be divided into constituent components, nor does he require 'hands' - even if you affirm they are not like ours. We, the ones accused sometimes of having no concept of Tawheed, believe Allah existed before a 'where', and so, you can not describe him by means of direction, or claim he is 'above' or ' below ' anything. All praise be to Allah, who has made the path of Muhammed wa ale Muhammed asws so clear on the issue of Tawheed. We only need to press the issue of Tawheed again and again and in my eyes, very few can handle such a discussion. The truth and piercing light of our madhab is so clear, i have myself noticed many going out of their way to avoid a debate on this issue. Check out some of these threads:
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    Bloodletting: United We Stand

    What we don't recognize at times is that these Saints were well educated in religious knowledge and had had proper schooling. Lal Shahbaz Qalander had written a few books too.
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    Bloodletting: United We Stand

    Condolences all around, It seems they targeted Shia' brothers too in the attack. Might be worth researching into Shah Noorani/Dai's of that region. Apparently the Shrine is 500 years old (@reisiger, we had a convo about Ismaili's under Sufi Guise, hiding their faith). " The Islamic State group’s statement on the ISIS-affiliated Aamaq news agency said the suicide attack had targeted “Shiites.” The shrine is frequented by both Pakistan’s Sunni Muslim majority and Shiite minority. ISIS considers all Shiite Muslims heretics. "
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    The Quranic and ahadith view is that every outward 'curse' is a blessing in disguise, and every 'outward' blessing is a 'curse' in disguise. The double edge nature is what makes it all in a true sense all blessings, and so it is all good, while how we react to it may make an evil we receive. When God loves a servant, he will try him without outward curses more then outward blessings, and when he wishes to perish a servant, he tries him with outward blessings rather then outward curses. You can even see this clearly in Quran where it states where it not that humanity was one nation, the disbelievers would of been given all mansions, etc... And else where he says "warn them for my plan (against them) is subtle". Trust me I've seen people care so much about their social standing and how they interact with others, they long ago lost themselves, and their light, and think they are the mask they have taken outwardly to show people. Autistic people may not be able to present themselves to others as well, but perhaps, at least they have a better chance of knowing who they are. Perhaps they may miss social cues, so what? I would take every curse, and look at the hidden blessings in it. Miss the social cues and perhaps miss the Satanic uncleanness we all relate to and unite upon in our social gatherings which has become the basis of almost every friendship.
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    Do we Belive that we can see Allah?

    It's impossible to physically see Allah. Our existence is made up of time, space and matter but Allah is not from the essence of our existence to be bound by such principles. However he is still everywhere amongst us and one can indirectly see him through his beautiful creations in this world.
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    Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Yeah, the petition won't work and the electoral college will follow their state rules. But this is a start to let him know that rampant abuse won't be tolerated. Biggest problem is all the closet bigots and racists are coming out of the closet. Even cousin's BFF in Minneapolis was harassed on the bus on Wed. Trump has empowered and emboldened them.
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    Don't use such ideas plz what if she notice u and feel irritated Like most of the girls dosnt like such thing and being a girl am sure about this Go straight to her and talk to her in spite to spy or stalk her Try to get some job which can let u study as well and give it a chance
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    ShiaChat.com is upgraded!

    Salams All, ShiaChat.com has been upgraded to the latest version. Please post below any bugs/issues and we'll address as soon as we can. Know issues: - Search not working - Emoticons not working - Some permission issues where Guests can Post - Offtopic forum is inaccessible - Site can only be accessed through http://www.shiachat.com/forum/ and not http://www.shiachat.com/ - Ads are offline Salams,
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    Thoughts 2016-2017 (Archives)

    I looked at that. Very interesting.
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    @Ra'sheed The Tashahhud is shown after the 2nd rakat (as if you are praying the Fajr prayer) so they don't repeat it after the 3rd or 4th rakat (as if you are praying a 3 or 4 rakat prayer). Tashahhud: After the second prostration resume the kneeling position, and recite: Ash hadu al laa ilaaha illallaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lah, I bear witness that there is no god apart from Allah, Who is unique and without partners. wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan `abduhu wa rasuluh I also bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Prophet Allaahumma salli `alaa Muhammadin wa Aali Muhammad O God, bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad.
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    Thoughts 2016-2017 (Archives)

    I think my line of thought is as follows - please correct me so i can learn [if i am wrong in my understanding] 1. Akhbari's are against as a whole, ilm al rijal, at least for our main four books. 2. You can be heavy on ilm al rijal, but not an usooli 3. But you can not be heavy on ilm al rijal, and an akhbari 4. Usooli's place importance on ilm al rijal I would rather keep quiet if i am a fan, or not. People who hate me may hate him if i claim to like him. I do not want him to be associated with me, if it taints him in anyway. [Sadly this had happened before]
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    @Hasan50 Should Brother Asrar really be using such divisive language like that, referring to us as rafidha's and nasibi's ? Furthermore, what he is saying is also factually incorrect: 1. We absolutely love and adore Abdullah ibn Abbas (radiyallahu anhu). In fact, Ibn Abbas (r.a) was one of the close companions of Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s 2. We do not loathe and despite Muhammed ibn Hanafiyya. His post is just full of errors. I am very disappointed Brother Asrar used this tone, and erroneous facts like this. Brother, do not take my words out of their place. The people who have tried to distort my statements on Nahjul Balagha, with the fullest of respects, do not seem to understand anything i stated on the issue, nor are even willing to read what i have written. Brother, while it is an excellent book, it is not 'saheeh' nahjul Balagha. While many of the things within it can be corroborated and chains found from other sources, not everything in it can be said for certain to originate from the mouth of Amirul mumineen a.s. It is not even one of our four cannocial works. Sunni brothers/sisters seem to think it is our greatest work after the Quran, whereas actually, our main sources of knowledge after the Quran are our four cannocial books, and the best of which being Kitab Al Kafi. So actually, i was defending nahjul balagha, not attacking it.
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    I love Nahjul Balagha, and i was not raising a question on or of its general authenticity. In islam , and in shia islam as well, we have a concept called ilm al rijal. For instance, if someone claims an Imam said or did something, then they need to prove that the Imam actually had done or said what they claim. This is how books of ahadith are compiled. In shia islam, our main four books of ahadith - our most reliable being Al Kafi, work like this: Thiqat al islam, shayk al kulayni, heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone who heard from the Imam a.s. We therefore have an unconnected chain of narrators from the compiler of the hadith book, to the Imam a.s. As we have this chain, we can use the sciences of hadith, i.e what is known about every single individual in the chain - debates on whether or not they were trustworthy, honest, had good memory, shia's or sunni's etc to judge whether a chain is reliable or not. Furthermore, we also look at the Matn -i.e actual text, because chain is not everything. What the sunni brother was stating is as follows: How do you even know any of what Nahjul Balagha is authentic, if no chains of narrators are given? In reply, i wanted the brother to understand firstly, the main four books of ahadiths for we, the shia, all contain isnads. Furthermore, although Nahjul Balagha does not contain the chains, if you perform research, you will be able to cite many of the primary sources the author used to compile nahjulbalagha. I.E a number of the sayings and narrations can be found with their chains in Al Kafi -which is our real, true and authoritative source of hadith. Furthermore, much of what nahjul balagha contains in terms of the matn is corroborated. However, Nahjul Balagha is not 'saheeh'. Not everything in it can be attributed reliably to Imam Ali a.s, and it is likely some of the material in it may never have originated from Imam Ali a.s. Similarly, even in Al Kafi, an actual compilation of hadith, it is not 'saheeh al kafi' as there are many reports in there we do not rely on either. As we are on the topic of Nahjul Balagha, i would like to share a sermon on the Tawheed of Allah azwj that is so profoundly beautiful:
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    You have depersonalization disorder. Seek help. There is a video "depersonalization disorder frequency' on youtube. Listen and watch this
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    Everybody calm down please. I dont understand, some random dude throws out a challenge to another dude and now everybody is riled up, just calm down.
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    @uponthesunnah The Source of the Doubts It is surprising that for almost 250 years, no voice was raised to question the authenticity of Nahjul Balaghah. Indeed, many sunni scholars wrote commentaries on it. For example: Abul Hasan al-Baihaqi d. 565 AH, Ibn Abi al-Hahdid d. 655AH and Taftazani and others. It may be that because of the above commentaries, Nahjul Balaghah became known throughout the Islamic world. However, since its contents cover the issue of Khilafah it drew extreme reaction from followers of the School of Khilafah. They, determined to deter general readership, did all they could to cast doubt of its authenticity. Thus, it was that Ibn Khallakan d. 681AH, who made the first attempt to question its authorship. When we look into Ibn Khallakan’s actions, it is clear that he was fond of Yazid ibn Muawiyah. He admits this, ‘In the year 633, when I was in Damascus, I memorised the whole collection of Yazid’s poems because I was extremely fond of him. I was thus able to recognise his authentic poems from those of fabricators.’ See Wafayat al-Ayan Vol 1 pp. 507. It is apparently due to this fondness that Ibn Khallakan felt he should attack all those whom Yazid had disliked. Yazid is notable for being the worst ever enemy of Ahl al-Bayt. https://www.al-islam.org/articles/authenticity-nahjul-balaghah-sayyid-fadhil-milani The first person to cast doubts on the authencity of nahjul balagha was a yazid lover.........
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    Khuda-hafez or Allah-hafez?

    I say khuda hafiz,so does everyone else in my family. Allah hafiz sounds so wahabbi to me.
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    The 3 year release minuscule capsules with intestinal clingers. On a serious note then it is our brothers books that the Holy Prophet(sawws) was poisoned and passed away because of it.
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    Bloodletting: United We Stand

    Hm so we disagree in this regard of beliving all men are created equal with regard to Imam Hussein AS/prophets and other men, and whether If we treat them differently in regard to the sand consumption for blessing or /blood letting for honor/grief topic. I think I understand, so iIdont think there's anything further to add from my perspective. This is an impasse Thank you for the discussion We simply interpreted differently. Though I don't have a problem with the idea of belief our prophets were prophets since birth.
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    Abu Nur

    Operation Mosul

    This is very very horrible thing.
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    Soldiers and Saffron

    Thoughts 2016-2017 (Archives)

    Welcome back Ruq this is for you: Also, did you make this gif?? I found it while looking for the above, it looks like your style of drawings: @Ruq
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    Marriage to older Muslimah.....

    He could use my technique? Go to wherever she is, stand a few metres from her, remain standing still and stare at her silently? Yet to work but I am hopeful
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    And what's so moral about voting for her? Why is voting for her more moral than voting for him?
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    Abu Hadi

    Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    I don't think they accept or excuse his behaviours, but I think the media and most other people underestimated how much most people hate career politicians and the Washington elite establishment. Clinton is seen as the prototype of a career politician and the establishment. Also, the media constantly attacking him (whether those attacks were based on real facts or speculation) worked the opposite way than most people expected. It actually pushed more people over to his side as he was seen as a victim of media bias.
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    Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    It's not because of her gender. It's because of her known criminal activity which will never be prosecuted and all the suspicious deaths surrounding her. There was no possible positive outcome to this election.
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    Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    It's time to jail the crooked Hillary. Yay!
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    Mushkil Kusha

    Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Please stay away!
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    Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Hillary was a much weaker candidate who didn't run her campaign well at all. Plain and simple.
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    Sheikh Asrar is one of the more moderate sunni's. The sort we shia's need to unite with, against the salafi's. Allahyari, the one who abuses our ulema, and reviles ayatullah khomeini, and khamanei, a fitnah mongerer, similar to the ilk of yasser habib, is the worst possible person i could have imagined meeting his challenge.
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    Thoughts 2016-2017 (Archives)

    "We?" You're very new to the assembly of the mods. So I don't count you among the "we," at least not for another two years :P The mods have warned and threatened to close the Thoughts thread throughout its six years history. The first threat came right away when the thread was started back in '10. On the first page a member of the team threatened to "trash it" but on second thoughts let it stay (remember the Trash Pit we used to have in the previous versions where pointless threads were sent to be deleted?) Further down, an ex-mod, who was against the idea of Thoughts, went into a fit. He opined that SC should be a place of serious thought and contemplation where people from around the world came to learn about Islam. His revolutionary idea was to turn SC into a model mirthless theocratic forum and not a social site frequented by fellow Shias (a position that has gain ground in a mild way among some senior members of administration too). He said a thread like Thoughts distracted us from the "pursuit of knowledge" but the irony is that the same SC could not distract him from other transgressions he's found guilty of. Come 2016 and a mod that wants to make SC great again like Trump who wants to make America great again starts Thoughts 2.0. A few weeks later the original thread is closed. The new one will be sold as a better organised and more civil version with the creator of the thread taking the credit for "making SC great again." These are links of the same invisible chain, the conspiracy against Thoughts is old and have always existed, as if our thoughts are thought crimes and our mods thought police! #justjoking #butnotreally #whoknowswhatishappening
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    The Battle of Aleppo

    this whole war is about hizbullah... the Israelis are too scared to invade Lebanon again.. so they use proxies. Syria is the only supply route between Iran and hizbullah and they are trying to cut off this route. At the same time they are nurturing wahabi and salafi hate for shias to fight hizbullah for them too
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    Salaam Sister @Christianlady, Yes, shias agree that Abu Bakr was not selected for the caliphate by the Prophet. I believe Caliph Abu Bakr had 3 sons and 3 daughters. Not sure about 2 of his sons but the third son (Muhammad bin Abi Bakr) was raised my Imam Ali and very closely devoted to him. Imam Ali made him the governor of Egypt but he was killed by Muawiya's men en route. We agree with what brother @Bukhari8k has stated but what you may not have realized is that he is being sarcastic because we say some of things his is rejecting. To clarify: Abu Bakr was not appointed as Caliph by the prophet (saw) Ali was selected as successor to the Prophet Abu Bakr was not as knowledgeable as Prophet (saw) Ali is the gate to the city of knowledge. Shias do not say Ali was as knowledgeable as the Prophet; Ali learned from the Prophet. Abu Bakr's sons were not the leaders of Ummah Hasan and Hussain are the leaders of the youths of Paradise. Abu Bakr or his family did not receive Divine revelations through Jibril after Prophet (saw) The implication here is that Ali received divine revelations. However, revelations stopped after the Prophet Abu Bakr will not return from grave to complete some unfinished business. The shia concept of rajat - the return of the Imams. Abu Bakr was not above any prophets Ali and the Imams are above all Prophets except Prophet Muhammad (saw) Abu Bakr was not infallible Ali and the Imams are infallible Abu Bakr's name is not included in Shahada/Adhan/Tashhud Ali's name is in the call to prayer (Shahada & Adhan). Brother is wrong about tashahud. Abu Bakr will not distribute heaven or hell Authentic narrations from the Prophet state that Ali will distribute heaven or hell per the Will of Allah. The Brother used the lost art of sarcasm very well.
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    Ali Dashti

    He was connected to the monarchial regime (I believe he was a senator in the puppet parliament for 20 or so years), supposedly went to the Hawzah in his young age and wrote anti-islamic books after the Revolution.
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