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    Winter is coming........
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Sometimes its really the little things that catches me off guard, it was raining and cold outside and I saw this from the window and I just had to go down into the rain and take a picture of it, its just so beautiful and perfect, look at it, subhanAllah: They say the devil is in the details but when you look closer at things you always see Allah(SWT).
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    I agree with Marbles. It's wajib once, what is this going to hajj every friggin chance you get business? That money you spend filling saudi pockets could feed a child orphan for months. It's beyond silly at this point.....
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    If the person who would marry you has family members like that, your life would be very stressful, having to visit and talk to them. Find someone who has kind and compassionate family members who would respect you for your beliefs and your accomplishments, not how much money you have.
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    Your Own Captured Photos

    Sunset - Homeee. The pic isn't so clear here
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    When so many people gather at a place, tragedies are lurking round the corner to happen, regardless of how well the whole spectacle is planned. It's been quieter in the last few years on Hajj. No major incident, but if you check 25 years of history, stampedes like this are wont to happen every other year. So whoever is managing the Hajj hasn't been able to think out a better way of doing it. It might be sheer incompetence or it might be partly due to Hajj's format, which itself is a disaster when too many people are allowed. The thing is, there is too much movement around the Hajj landmarks, and when everyone is expected to be there at about the same time, bottlenecks and overcrowdedness that lead to stampedes are a heartbeat's away. In crowd management you manage high risk contingencies only by minimising the risk; you can't eliminate them. It only takes a few people to defy recommendations, or just one delay on the part of the administration, and the rest follows. And so far as I know, Hajis aren't given proper training with respect to the health and security practicalities. All the focus is one how many duas you can recite and the prayers you can offer. Cut down the number of Hajis to safer levels. Ban repeat Hajjs, or at least ban them for 10 years whoever has done it before. Make the whole thing sane.
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    Which one is your bias?
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    Off topic posts hidden. Please refrain from spamming, especially in serious topics.
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Please do not jump to conclusions. Women could be spending less on clothing because they are looking for the best deal, while men might be spending more time shopping for clothes because they are not sure if what they are buying is appropriate. There are a lot of variables that could come into play in that study. At least it shows that the stereotype of women being shopaholics and spendthrifts is not true.
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    Haha that is like so me lol. The worst part is not even those people who cling to those cultural/tribal/social norms but there is another group of people who I would describe as wannabes. The people who are not wealthy, and not of high social status within their own communities. These people are not cultural either. But they will I guess look down upon people of their own social and economic class, and instead chase after people who have a higher social status within the community in order to be considered "good". This is not only in regards to marriages, but many other things as well. It feels as if our communities have slowly become like one big high school, where the less popular people or people of a lower status get all excited when the jocks or cheerleaders talk to them and they rush to join their cliques lol. Or the sisters chasing after a jock because he is a jock. Not generalizing all of our people but that is just the best analogy I could come up with. :) From a guys perspective, It also does hurt a lot more getting rejected by those kinds of people lol, as opposed to by someone who was never in your social/cultural class to begin with, hence you wouldn't even be hurt because you kind of expected that. I understand that we all want the best for ourselves and we want to be happy. When a parent looks for a spouse for their sons or daughters, they want them both to be happy and secure. Just as when one of us gets a good opportunity at a job or we get a good education we take that for our own benefit and have good intentions. I am not saying we should pass up opportunities which benefit us, but I think a line should be drawn and we, at the same time, should stay within ourselves? We shouldn't run away from our humble beginnings nor should we be embarrassed by them.
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    Hadith Al Qudsi?

    wa salam. Both the Holy Quran and the Qudsi Hadiths are divine sayings of God. But the difference is that the Holy Quran has unique-miraculous wording by God, whereas Qudsi Hadiths are revelations but the wording belogs to the Prophet Muhammad (s). And if you want to see Qudsi Hadiths in Shia Sources, you'll need to read them totally. But I personally suggest the parts titled "God's Confidential Talk with Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus" in the shia hadith book, Tuhaf al-Uqoul (Masterpieces of the Mind). See them here: http://www.alhassanain.com/english/book/book/al_hadith_and_its_sciences_library/various_books/tuhaf_al_uqul_the_masterpieces_of_the_mind/023.html http://www.alhassanain.com/english/book/book/al_hadith_and_its_sciences_library/various_books/tuhaf_al_uqul_the_masterpieces_of_the_mind/024.html There are more in other shia hadith books but I especially love these ones.
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    Where Is The Loyalty In Marriages?

    You can't know.
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Lolwut? If we're talking about families in middle income tier, or working class as they are called in new age vocabulary, the total value of women's clothes (and other accessories) runs far higher than what a man of the same class status might need. For instance men's loafers might be expensive than a woman's regular sandals but on average men buy far fewer shoes than women, who need a new pair for every social occasion. For the same level of social activity, women also need many more dresses than men. And let's not even talk about the beauty parlour bills. I have a pair of Clarks mahogany original leather shoes for the last four years. I still use them regularly to social events of middle-level importance. None of the females in my house have working pair of sandals more than a year old. Because EVERYONE HAS SEEN IT. HOW CAN I WEAR THIS ONE? So I think overall women are more expensive to service than men, at least in our desi circles.
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    Food And Sharing.

    There isn't any such rule.Muslims can eat food prepared by the Ahle kitab(people of the book) as long as it does not contain any haram ingredient. These people around you seem ignorant.
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    Jaafar al-Shibli

    Hadith Al Qudsi?

    السلام عليكم Brother, please be heedful about the sources some of these narrations come from, before advocating some these narrations as 'The words of Allāh'.
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    Bacha Bazi

    I said "loving" because i didn't want to be more specific. Greeks used to have "play dates" with little boys. Well, Jesus aint returning until enough people prove they are worthy. At least Moses had a stick he could fend off scum with. The peoples feet weren't even dry yet from crossing the river when they decided to worship a golden cow. Jesus comes along, they try to string him up the cross(christians believe they did) because he said be nice, don't cheat, help the poor. Then Mohammad(p.b.u.h) comes, they do everything they can to suppress him, then when he passes they torture his family for decades.
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Recency bias xD! Though I would say I'm affected by everything to xertain extent, depending on the situation.
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    - my mother, father, brother, and sister: even though they are not Muslim, I can only hope - my husband - my cat Bashira :3 - books, lots of books
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    A new report says men spend more time and money shopping for clothes than women. :P
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    They need to decrease the number of people allowed for Hajj each year. The problem is they expand the mosque to increase the capacity, say by 20% and then they allow 30-40% more people for hajj. The Saudis saying that the massive expansions are to facilitate the Hajis is a big lie. It's just to generate billions of dollars. I have long been of the opinion that there should be a limit as to how many times a person is allowed to do Hajj. Don't know about the people in the west but here people brag abut having gone for Hajj 5 times , 7 times and even more and also people who have performed Hajj once should have a limit of 10 years at least before they can apply for Hajj again. Also there should be some quota for the number of people living in Saudia who come for Hajj. If only these bedouins had some common sense and respect for humanity........
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    Knowledge. Understanding. Peace. And my people, all of them if possible.