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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    What Comes Before Proposal?

    You don't have to treat this as a job interview, just avoid dressing loud and dress tidy, be respectful and comfortable in your skin. They should give you a reasonable shot, what you end up discussing with your potential spouse is far more important and you should definitely focus on the kinds of questions you want to ask and the general nature of the discussion.
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    Abu Tufayl

    Imami Literature

    (bismillah) صلى الله على محمد وآله This topic is dedicated to having a simple reference list of main sources of Hadith and all related subjects. If there are works one thinks should be added to the opening post, please post them below along with the a brief description. The Four Canonical Books :: الكتب الأربعة al-Kāfī fī `Ilm al-Dīn by Muḥammad b. Ya`qūb Abū Ja`far al-Kulaynī رحمه الله The first of the Four Canonical Books consisting of 8 vols: vols. 1 & 2 Usūl dealing with topics of belief and history, vols. 3 - 7 Furū`dealing with the divine laws, vol. 8 al-Rawạda dealing with misc. topics from the letters, speeches, and stories regarding the Imams عليهم السلام Man Lā Yaḥḍarahu al-Faqīh by Muḥammad b. `Alī b. al-Ḥusayn b. Bābuwayh Abū Ja`far al-Qummī رحمه الله The second of the Four Canonical Books consisting of 4 vols dealing with issues of law. It is actually a book on jurisprudence by al-Sadūq where he presents his legal opinions with the narration he believes authentic. He has truncated the chains of narrations, leaving out his ṭuruq of ijāza and appending them at the end of vol. 4 in order to make the book easier to read. al-Istibṣār by Muḥammad b. al-Ḥasan Abū Ja`far al-Ṭūsī رحمه الله The third of the Four Canonical books by Shaykh al-Ṭā’ifa. It is a jurisprudential work where the author sought to solve apparent contradictions in narrations in regards to law. Tahdhīb al-Aḥkām by Shaykh al-Ṭā’ifa al-Ṭūsī The fourth of the Four Canonical Books by the same author as the previous one. It is a commentary on a jurisprudential work by his teacher the famous al-Shaykh al-Mufīd. The author brings forward the various narrations on the topics of law that are discussed in the treatise of his teacher. Other Ancient Works Books by Ra’īs al-Muḥaddithīn al-Sadūq al-Tawhīd - A single volume work where the author seek to teach the reader proper beliefs about Allah عز وجل through the narrations of Ahl al-Bayt عليهم السلام `Ilal al-Sharā’i` (2 vols) - A two volume work where the author presents narrations that explain the wisdoms and/or reasons behind certain practices, events, etc. `Uyūn Akhbār al-Ridā عليه السلام - A two volume compilation of narrations from the 8th Imam عليه السلام and regarding him Ma`āni al-Akhbār - a single volume work where al-Sadūq narrates regarding the meaning of words, phrase, other narrations, etc. Kamāl al-Dīn wa Tamām al-Ni`ma - A two vol. compilation where the author clarifies Imamah and the Ghayba with the use of traditions Thawāb al-A`māl wa `Aqāb al-A`māl - a two vol compilation of narrations regarding meritorious actions and their benefits then evil actions and their punishments al-Khiṣāl - a single volume work where the traditions are organized by number discussing misc. topics of akhlāq, manners, belief, history, etc. al-I`tiqādāt - a book on Shi`a theology al-Muqni`- a book of laws extracted from traditions al-Hidāya - a simple summary of the authors views on the basic points of doctrine and practice Shaykh al-Ṭā’ifa: al-Ghayba - a comprehensive book analyzing the theme of occultation —————— al-Ghayba by al-Nu`mānī رحمه الله— a collection of narrations clarifying the Ghayba and the Qa’imiyya of the 12th Imam عجل الله تعالى فرجه by a contemporary of Sh. al-Saduq, a student of Ibn `Uqda, al-Kulayni, and Saduq’s father Ibn Babuwayh رحمهم الله Masā’l `Alī b. Ja`far رحمه الله وسلام الله على آبائه - a collection of narrations by a son of the Sixth Imam al-Ṣādiq عليه السلام where he seeks answers from his brother, the Seventh Imam al-Kāẓim عليه السلام Qurb al-Isnād by `Abdullāh b. Ja`far al-Ḥimyarī رحمه الله - a collection by one of the heads of the religious center of Qum two generations prior to al-Saduq, one generation prior to al-Kulayni, this book as we have it now is incomplete and much of it seems to have been lost. The intent of the book appears to be have been to lay out the author’s strong narrations with the shortest chains to each of the Imams عليهم السلام. The book covers various topics from supplications to some history and a large amount of law al-Maḥāsin - by Aḥmad b. Muḥammad b. Khālid al-Barqī رحمه الله - a once monstrous compilation from a famous scholar of Qum from the generation prior to al-Ḥimyarī. This work is quoted in the many other ancient works such as al-Kafi and al-Faqih. The work as we have it today seems to mostly deal with topics of recommended practice of reward and benefit in this life and the hereafter. Kifāya al-Athar - by `Alī b. Muḥammad b. `Alī al-Khazzāz al-Qummī رحمه الله a jurist and scholar of hadith and theology contemporary to al-Shaykh al-Mufid رحمه الله. In this work he presents the narrations on the appointment of the Imams عليه السلام in order to prove the known, famous doctrines of the Twelver Imami Inshā’ Allah, this will be updated later to incorporate works dealing with rijal as well as works of Hadith from the post-Classical scholars. في أمان الله
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    Arbaeen In Huffington Post

    World's Biggest Pilgrimage Now Underway, And Why You've Never Heard of it! | Sayed Mahdi al-Modarresi http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/sayed-mahdi-almodarresi/arbaeen-pilgrimage_b_6203756.html
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    I'm A New Shia! :d

    Salam, everyone! I hope Allah swt has kept all of you safe and happy. Hello, my name is Shahreem and I'm 18 years old. I had been researching Shia Islam since last year and I wanted nothing more than to declare allegiance to Imam Ali(as). However, i was still in doubt and so I took the best thing on the table. I joined a sufi order--the Ottoman Naksibendi Sufi Order. However, I was deeply distressed. I did not feel spiritually connected at all. A few days ago i finally made the decision. I declared the true Shahada and embraced Shia Islam. I have never been happier in my entire life. Shia Islam has provided me with a solution to all of my problems. It is as if I can feel the blessings of Aal Muhammad pouring down on me. There were two instances during which I asked for help from Imam Reza(as) and it immediately came, Subhanallah! However, my parents are not aware of this reversion. My father--despite living in another country--would disown me if he ever found out. My mother is sympathetic towards the Shias but is unsure of converting( I dont think she ever will, unfortunately). I am unsure how to go about this whole situation if my dad ever calls me to lead the prayer when he visits( he's somewhat of a Zakir Naik follower, however he started disliking him since he learned that Mr.Naik praised Yazid). I'd love to know how i can handle this situation from you guys. Overall, I am just so happy now to be part of the Shia family. I'm nothing less than excited to learn of all the rituals part of Shi'sm--Ashura, Hajj, Arbaeen, Mutah, and so much more! I've finally found the role models I can look to for any thing in my life, Alhamdulillah. I'd love to get to know all of you--this is the first time I'll be interacting with other Shia Muslims, as there no other Shias in my city. Salam!
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    Marriage Because Of Sex

    I don't think any of the sisters would disagree with you (based on my understanding of your somewhat scattered thoughts, that is). The way I see it, and like other members mentioned, sex is one of the factors. There are others. Balance is key: don't turn sex (within the bounds of Sharia) into a taboo, but don't give it more importance over other, more/equally important things, in the case of a marriage those things being compatibility and piety, for example. And I say this without limiting it to either gender. I will not go into an argument of which one of them it is a more important factor for; the fact remains that both sides view it in significant terms. As for the 'why', I guess you can add it to all those other questions, like Why do people have unIslamic weddings and Why is money so high on the list of spouse requirements.
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    Marriage Because Of Sex

    Bismillah. Salaam friend. "Sex" is a holy instinct granted in human nature by his Wise Lord. This instinct is considered as the most powerful instinct through which we can get close to Allah (s); we only have to use this power religiously and we have to admit that sex is one of the most - and maybe the most - powerful reason for getting married. Of course there are other reasons like taking comfort in spouse (the Qur'an 30:21) in different dimensions (physically and mentally) but all those comforts can be easily accessible through this holy instinct. Shortly, through this particular instinct we can reach to perfection and salvation. With Duas. Narsis.
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    Darth Vader

    Marriage Because Of Sex

    "Marry for sex"? You're sick. :p Men marry to happily embrace bankruptcy. To get nagged till their hair drop off and they are stricken with a lot of long term diseases other than the wife. We marry only because we hate to have money in our pockets and just love to feed groceries and buy shoes and pay the bills and build new houses and all. God made man for that purpose alone. Admit it. We love it. Sex is filthy. It is shameful. Why do you even mention it on a social forum.
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    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    I ate plenty of Walnut-stuffed dates from Yahoodi Arabia, before the pack was forcibly taken away from me.
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    This is not true. Nasr al-Din Tusi did not collaborate with the Ismaili assassins or the Mongols. For one, Hulagu Khan had already decided to sack Baghdad because the caliph was a retard. Secondly, the Mongols were absolutely ruthless and killed many Shi'a in Persia and Aleppo for resisting them. If any Shi'a collaborated with them, it was likely out of fear of being slaughtered. Most of the accusations against Nasr. al-Din Tusi come from men like Ibn Taymiyyah, who want to portray the Shi'a as responsible for Baghdad's fall. Most other historians mention nothing of Nasr al-Din Tusi being involved while the few historians who do mention his being consulted by Hulagu Khan about what might befall him when he sacked Baghdad, but this is not evidence of collaboration between Shi'a or al-Din Tusi since the Mongols killed many Shi'a and destroyed the shrine of Musa al-Kadhim (as). The events of this consultation are related as thus: Source: http://www.al-islam.org/al-tawhid/vol8-n2/alleged-role-khawajah-nasir-al-din-al-tusi-fall-baghdad Nasr al-Din Tusi was later kidnapped by the Assassins and forced to live under them for a time Nasr al-Din Tusi was one of our greatest thinkers and is unfairly blamed for the actions of the Mongols simply because he chose to speak the truth when faced with the prospect of death and supporting falsehood if he didn't. And since Hulagu Khan was determined to take Baghdad, even if he had chosen to support lies and superstition rather than uphold his integrity as a Shi'a and a scientist, it wouldn't have made a difference.
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    Muhammed Ali

    What Comes Before Proposal?

    Brother, look at what they do in their culture. If you follow the advise of people who are not familiar with the culture, then you could get things very wrong in the eyes of the family. Some of the advise given above may be completely unsuitable in certain cultures.
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    Incense Making Me High :)

    Either is isn't just incense, or you are breathing too much of it and need air. Please, for your own health and safety, open a window.
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    Nasir al din Tusi
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    To The Admin "repenter".

    Hitler had no redeeming qualities except in the eyes of the fellow Nazis. I think we Shias in our acrimony towards the Zionists (or even Jews) should not succumb to the temptation of equivocating Hitlerite worldview just to appear contrarian, only out of spite for the dominant Jews. Saying Jews deserved what they got is a very dangerous line which can be applied to any community to victimise them anywhere in the world. In fact, if you notice, the neo-Nazi fascist line in Europe is currently in the process of creating a new narrative of scapegoating. The difference is: this time it's going to be Muslims/immigrants in the gas chambers. A better intellectual approach is to discuss the predilection of Europeans for orchestrating pogroms and large scale extermination of populations they don't like. And this phenomenon has been imported to British mandate Palestine in the form of "Jewish homeland", where the same mentality of ethnic cleansing and extermination is at work, whose last vestige on European soil we saw in Bosnia not so long ago.
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    Mahmoud Farshchian And Islamic Art

    Farshchian is a master of Persian painting and miniatures. he has so many famous Islamic paintings and his masterpieces have been hosted by several museums and exhibitions worldwide. one of his famous paintings is:The Evening Of Ashura I will send some of his paintings related to Islamic stories and Imams: The Evening Of Ashura: The Guarantor of The Gazelle:based on story of Imam Reza (as) and a hunter who was about to hunt a Gazelle Born in KAba: based on the story of Imam Ali(as)'s mother bearer-of-truth: HAzrat Abbas (as) in day of Ashura the shelter: Imam Ali (as) and orphans Birth Of Hope: Imam Zaman (aj) Oh. God: Worship: you will be able to find more paintings in his website:http://www.farshchianworld.ir/
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    I am interested in knowing how women manipulate men, I can imagine how but I don't exactly know the method by which a women would/could manipulate a man and also how often do women try to use their gender specific ability to manipulate men? and How can a man be wary of this, what are the signs when a women tries to manipulate someone?
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    Salam, I recently found this site with many of the Speeches of Imam Khomeni(ra), Imam Khameni(ha), Shaheed Muhammad Baqr Sadr(ra), and Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah with English subs. the site is http://islamicideology.net/
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    Haydar Husayn

    Arbaeen In Huffington Post

    Could have done with an editor to fix the grammar and sentence structure.
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    I've told my Sunni friend quite a bit about SC and all the stuff on it, so we've just been perusing through all the funny threads. I've shown her Ahmed Angel and everything :shifty:
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    This is actually a good tactic. I've found that nothing dissipates anger faster than a reminder of one's place in this world, and humility. Inspiration from Ma'soomeen (as) - who forgave despite having the power to move mountains - is all the anger management methods I've ever needed.
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    Do you even read threads before posting?
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    I won't pretend to be knowledgeable about what other religions' history has to say about cousin marriages, but depending on what exactly the objection against cousin marriages is, I might be able to help with a logical repondre. The majority of objections lean towards the incest argument, and in many cases that could be countered with the other teachings of Islam that complement, and thus make possible, cousin marriages. I refer namely to the prescribed countenance with a non-mahram; technically the difference in dealing between cousins and other non mahrams is to be very little (if at all). I know families where cousins treat each other like any non mahram with minimum interaction after a certain age, (usually a while before bulooghat), and this makes marriage acceptable, socially speaking. It would be interesting to see what their response would be if you asked them what happens when you marry someone and later discover he is your cousin (families may lose touch for a variety of reasons). Does the original objection persist? I suspect against it.
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    What exactly are Aaraab? Do you mean the diacritical marks (harakat), Fatha, Dhamma and Kasra?
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Nooo, just refined surely =D As our resident polyglot, i think its high time you had a language class on here Marbs. You could teach us an idiom from a different language each day, or how to say the same phrase in different languages, or something equally fun
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Middle English, "although it be". I still use albeit, but I'm very old, perhaps even obsolete. :)
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    I dont know it ll be useful.it s just I try to do.when u become angry,just remember Imam Kazem A.S. when a man insulted to him and his dear family,he didnt say anything to that man.he called Kazem(it means a person who can control his anger)
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    Not necessarily, there are welcoming people as well as close-minded people within each sect. I once went with a friend of mine to a majlis that was held in an open house on the day of shahadat Imam Ali (as), it was also Ramadan and this was from 12 am until fajr. After the lecture, I wanted to ask the sheikh something, so my friend joined me to the sheikh. The sheikh answered my question then asked us to sit with them as they were having a discussion. I later pointed out that my friend was Sunni, after which my friend sat and said (salam). The men sitting around the sheikh welcomed him and said (wasalam), but the sheikh got grumpy and only said "wa alaikom". However, the sheikh later left and we had sohoor with the organizers there; they even put out the food 10 minutes earlier than they usually would because they know that the Sunni adhan starts around 10 minutes before ours and they wanted my friend to join us.
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    Imam al-Rida (AS) said: ‘Whoever does not thank the one who does him a favor from among Allah’s creatures has not thanked Allah either.’ Uyoun Akhbar Al-Ridha (As), V. 2, P. 24, No. 2
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    Ali Musaaa :)

    Hadith Bukhari And Muslim

    Akhi, your time would be much better spent learning about our hadith tradition. Reading and reserching for polemical reasons are a waste of time. Getting involved in polemics without a good understanding of ones own tradition will do much more harm than good.
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    ^ The homeless man has no shoes and he seems to shiver from the cold, but shares the food he has. Very touching video. Thank you for sharing that.
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    What Comes Before Proposal?

    Dress to impress, but maintain your own style. For example, if you usually wear khakis and a buttoned shirt, keep the same style, but choose your nicest looking and be sure it is neatly ironed. If you usually dress like a slob, dress like a job interview instead of following my first advice.
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    The secret lies in his name. ;)
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    The Mongols Attack On Baghdad In 1257

    Those Hulagu Khan type are actually not humans they were all animals. When someone become so wild that if he was thirsty he just hit the knife on back of his own horse and drink the blood .. what you can expect from that kind of manly looking animal ? They are main cause for destruction of Islamic historical books, they burned most of the history specially written by scholars of old time. They burned Libraries. I don't think any body will support them. What if all those books which got burned was available at this time ? .. Shia and Sunni will not get so much differences. One map i got in google search
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    Marriage Because Of Sex

    This problem is a relatively new development in Islamic history. A lot of it has to do with culture. In countries that were colonized by the British, the missionaries did their best to instill this Satanic idea that sexuality is a bad thing, and the people bought it. For instance, my people authored the Karma Sutra, and we used to view sex as one of the highest forms of worship, but now...you'd be lucky not to be called a degenerate if you bring up the topic of sex. Arnold J. Toynbee said that when the elite become vulgarized, that civilization is on its way out. This implies that the elite have an immense effect on the social norms of a society. In the Indian subcontinent--India, Pakistan and Bangladesh--the British colonialists got to work by setting up their own schools, whose syllabus was far more advanced than those of the religious institutions. These missionary schools soon became the place where the local elite would send their children. Now what happens when you attend a school run by Catholic NUNS and Catholic Priests? Twelve years into such an education system, and you'd have created an entire generation of cold and hard--yet "proper"--individuals. They had come to believe that celibacy was far cleaner than a healthy conjugal life with their spouse. These individuals, the elite, would go on to shape the society's view on such topics. My own mother attended a missionary school, and she still frowns upon the topic of marriage being discussed. There are many among the elite who actually admire Prophet Jesus more than the Prophet Muhammad(phun&hf)! That's how much damage these missionary schools did to the Muslims. So of course, you're gonna have people who view the idea of marrying for sex as filthy. They've been subconsciously indoctrinated into believing this. The Indian subcontinent and the Arab world suffered the most on account of this. Sex is--and should be--one of the main reasons behind marriage. A healthy sexual life is important for two people to be able to live well together. In the Eastern Wisdom traditions, sexual intercourse is believed to release the essential energy to sustain the entire cosmos. By partaking in this act, we become more in-tune with our primordial self, i.e. closer to our origin--God. It is seen as one of the most powerful ways to become more human, not more animal-like. If only our parents would take the time to read quality literature on the subject. They've turned themselves into "classical Westerners in Eastern bodies." I hope this helped :) Salam.
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    Aggression is Aggression doesn't matter who it is from. Islam does not belong to Sunnis or Shias or to any people. All humans are beneath Islam and why should Shias support any Sunni expeditions? Nice signature btw, honestly I agree with it.
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    Nader Zaveri

    Nakshawani Speaks About Marjas

    (salam) (Bismillah) Where did you read that at? In my copy of Tafsir al-Qummi at home it says no such thing. Please bring the Arabic text and translation of this. (salam)
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    Looking For Pro Isil Sources

    wow interesting points funny thing is Al Hayat and Al jazeeraa has look a like logo LOL
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    Beautiful, thanks for sharing.
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    Lol! That's funny :P As for me, I don't tell anyone I'm a Shia. I just support Shias which makes others, including my parents, angry. But who cares? What's the least they're gonna do? Kill me if they find out? Haha! Sure, they can go ahead & do it, if it makes them feel any better. :P
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    ali mousavi

    General Qasem Soleimani

    May Allah protect him from dangers, but it's not the only man in Iranian military and troops.we have thousands of such people among us and we'll show our real power to every enemy if they are curious to know. so, take a step forward and taste the hell!
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    Ali Musaaa :)

    I'm A New Shia! :d

    Thank you, Wouldn't it make sense for Allah whilst comdenming the Mushriks, He makes an exception or clarifies that they are using the wrong intercessors and we can call upon other than Him but they have to be x, y, z? Why isnt there an exception given? Doesn't it seem that it's consistant condemnation of calling on other than Him? I cant say I agree with the latter argument. If x was a teaching of Islam, shouldn't it be expected that the Teachers and Upholders [as] of this religion atleast discuss and, more importantly, teach this to their companions?
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    Darth Vader

    What Food Do You Hate?

    I dislike pizza. It tastes great but I dislike it for health reasons. It thickens the blood. Most women can't cook it at home. Its Italian. Italians let Germans down in WWII. Then its cousin, Lasagna or however its spelled. Why do they like to smother and cover all their foods with cheese. Perhaps if they ate lots of meat instead and drank blood as children like Germans they would do better in the war. And liver, brain or other spare parts mentioned above are simply, yes, disgusting.
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    Post Various Pics Here

    Either that, or Messi's skin is really wrinkly :wacko:
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    Akhī don't accept anything this guy says. Take it from somebody with credible sources and has a good understanding of what he's talking about.
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    How Do You Prevent Jahovahs Witnesses...

    You could do what my gran used to do: get yourself a pair of net curtains and when you spy a JW knocking on your door, tell everyone to shut up and hide, then watch them furtively through the nets until they go
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    Why Do Shia Hate Hafsa (Ra)?

    She was a liar that hurt the Holy Prophet (sawa). Plus, her own father said that she was unfaithful to her husband. Either she was unfaithful OR `Umar is a horrible lying father. Your choice ;)
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    habib e najjaar

    Boohooo Love Story

    From Here Let me tell you a love story unlike any you have heard According to modern standards the tale seems absurd It's about a boy who held a girl in very high regard Her modesty and shyness made him fall really hard The story didn't begin at prom or any other school dance It took place after the first and only legal glance He caught glimpse of the girl after his math class But he lowered his gaze whenever she walked past Everyone around him encouraged him to flirt But he didn't want to drag her reputation through the mud It's by short skirts and makeup that most boys get impressed But the reason he fell for the girl was how modestly she dressed He had the urge to talk to her, but all the urges he ignored Instead he turned to prayer and asked help from his Lord He thought of her voice and recalled the soft-spoken sound How she was focused and mature unlike the other girls around One day when going home he saw what he had most feared And he couldn't help the flow of a few tears onto his beard He saw the girl with a boy, them walking hand in hand And the sadness in his heart he felt he couldn't understand In his aching and dreary mood he drove to the mosque that day He realized there was nothing he could do except to just pray The Imam spoke about the marriage of Ali and the Prophet's daughter Then he ended his speech about how Hussain was denied water The boy felt comfort in what he had heard So, he dedicated his time to God and His immaculate words From that day on it was the love of Allah he would seek He grew into the man who would recite Dua Kumayl every week One day his mother told of a girl to whom he should get married He felt he was ready, because old feelings were long buried To his astonishment it was the girl with whom he once fell in love What a pleasant surprise he had received from above When talking he asked who the guy was with her that he had seen She told him her older brother took her trick-or-treating for Halloween She told him how she noticed his humility whenever he walked by She thought about him for years when she moved away that July She said she liked him for the proper akhlaq that he observed And how he treated her like a lady, with the respect a girl deserves When she was listening to Du'a Kumayl one day she recognized the voice Then she went to her father and told him of her choice Her father said taking the proposal would make him very glad Because he heard of the reputation the great reciter had So, the boy and girl finally chose each other as their spouse And this story ends with their nikah in God's house
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    Sufi Comics

    Sufi Comics: Positive Thinking http://www.vakil.org/2009/05/17/sufi-comic...itive-thinking/
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    Sufi Comics

    BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE ARE AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR DOWN BROTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MASHALLAH SUBHANALLAH ALHAMDULILLAH INSHALLAH THEY'RE REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD MAN .....................IT'S CUZ WHEN I'M TALKIN TO NON-MUSLIM PEOPLE I TEND TO MENTION A LOT OF THOSE HADEETHS ESPECIALLY THAT ONE ABOUT LOOKING INTO THE SUN AND TURNING AWAY ETC I'LL BE ABLE TO EMAIL THEM THESE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GENIUS WELL DONE
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