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    (salam) Sorry this happened to you brother. This may end up bad -but it will be a good lesson for the future either way. The first thing - don't take advice from young women on what to do with women. If you are going to take advice take it from guys who have soem experiance with women or take it from married/older women. Young women have no idea what htey want them selves- and hardly know what other women want. They change their mind ALL the time, and are very fickle. You gave her too much attention, she lost interest. THis happens. She thinks you are desperate, and don't have other options. Here is how women actually think - they value you - as a guy - based on how society values you. If you are trying too hard with her, in her mind she thinks (sub conciously) its because you don't have other options - and thus you are not valued by other women/society. Other wise if you were a valuable person - she would have to be trying harder to convince you. This is how young women think. Here is what you need to do - please follow this advice. DO NOT - I repeat DO NOT - try too hard to convince her, be very straight forward, do not beg/cry or say any thing like that. Talk to her very calmly and explain to her why you think what she is doing is a bad idea, and why you value her as a potential mariage partner. Do your best to not be overly emotional, do not use words that sound too clingly - don't make it sound like your world revolves around her or any thing like that. This will cause it to get worse. Most probably she will not be convinced - thats to be expected, here is what you do at that point. Walk away. Dont text her/email her/ call her - etc leave her alone for some time, give her space for a few days, thats what she really wants. In fact it may take longer than a few days. Just don't contact her, and go about your life. If she is a decent person she will contact you soon enough, then from then on, have an attitude adjustment. Respect her - but don't shower her with too much attention. Live your own life, and keep her as a part of it - dont make her your whole life. That type of behavior is what they brainwash young women with in stupid romance novels, but its actually very un actractive - really to any one - men or women. And once the initial thrill of a relationship wears off - that type of behavior will throw a person off (which is what is happening here). Again you have to basically look at it from what women do. Women marry a man based on his social prestigue. If you are spending all of your time with her, all of your attention on her etc it shows to her that you dont have other thigns to do, you dont have other choices - you are desperate and so on. Its possible this relationship will not work out - so be prepared for that. But if you want it to work out, please follow the advice i gave you. And if she does come back, try to cement the actual marriage asap and dont let these things linger.
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    Daily Mail has another Islamophobic article about how halal is taking over the UK. Anyway in the months/years it takes for them to whip up enough support to deport Muslims from the UK, at least we can make some positive use of the info. People may want to check the claims for themselves where necessary. Enjoy: Supermarkets:
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    Your Own Captured Photos

    Meanwhile in iran
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    Not Sure How To Keep Her Interested?

    It is true that if you back off a little she will grow more interest in you, but really, who the hell wants to keep playing such games for the inevitable misery-bound following 60 odd years of your life? Find someone decent, who genuinely is interested in you (in case this one isn't), as in values the genuine qualities in you, and she won't drift off for good or switch off even in a marriage. I don't feel just quickly sealing the deal with a seemingly uninterested or perhaps immature person is always the best solution, I know people who have grown to regret such rash decisions.
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    Do You Approve This?

    Yeah I’m sure they’re happy when 276 Nigerian girls are missing, the butchering of Syrians, stolen lands and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, oppression and imprisonment of the Bahrainis, killing and bombing of Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakis etc… not to mention the starving Somalian babies; that were all caused by the rich western white men whom they seem so happy to please and appease. So I ask, where are the videos of Muslims outraging against these acts? As to answer the OP, there's something wrong with a hijabi and a bearded guy dancing. Why do we have to dance and degrade our religion to make others feel all warm and fuzzy inside?
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    I see guys like the one above ag the gym all the time - all ways has me shaking my head (but good for a laugh lol)
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    Why would it bother him if shias in pakistan get killed for his comments? hes in a safe place. Ive always had a theory those with the biggest mouths are the biggest cowards.
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    Free Books Right At Your Door

    (bismillah) (salam) Fancy a free book delivered right to your door? Guess what, The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS) offers various free books for Muslims and Non- Muslims around the world. Just pick a topic and email iro@imamrezashrine.com or imamrezashrine.8@gmail.com with your postal information and wait for their response. Spread the word because this offer is open for both Muslims and Non muslims throughout the world. A large variety of hard back books in various language are available. (wasalam)
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    A Debate With Abuhanifa

    It is narrated that in the time of Imam Abu Hanifa two shias were passing near a big gathering of people. The two people asked: what are these people doing here? They replied: it's time for Imam Abu Hanifa's class. The narrator (one of the two shias) says: my friend (Fadhl ibn Hasan) who was a learned man told me: “I want to attend this majlis and then discuss with their Imam”. I told him: he's a great scholar, you can't debate with him. He replied: I believe in the right belief which can't be defeated. We entered the majlis and sat there and at the right time Fadhl stood up and told Abu Hanifa: O' sheikh, I have a brother who is a Shia and anytime I try to convince him that Abu Bakr after the holy prophet was the greatest person in Islam and rightfully the caliph, he disagrees and says Ali ibn Abi talib is the right successor. Now you teach me an answer so that I can convince him. Abu Hanifa replied : tell your brother that the best reason is that the holy prophet in the time of wars used to keep Abu Bakr and Omar next to himself and send Ali to the battlefield and this shows that they were the favorite people for the holy prophet since He had planned for them (Abu bakr and Omar) to become his successors, and because he didn’t like Ali as much, he used to send him to the battlefield so that he would be killed and this is the best reason for Abu Bakr and Omar to be better than him. Fadhl replied: Yes sheikh, I’ve already told my brother this reason but he replied from Quran: “Allah has preferred the mujahideen over those who remain [behind] with a great reward “ according to this verse since Ali was the Mujahid (the one who fights) he is preferred over Abu Bakr and Omar who remained behind. Abu Hanifa replied: Any better reason than the issue that Abu Bakr and Omar are buried next to the holy prophet’s grave, while Ali’s grave is in Iraq? Fadhl replied: I’ve told him the same, but he replied to me that they have been buried without holy prophet’s permission because in Quran God says that: “O’ believers do not enter the houses of the Prophet except when you are permitted” (33:53) and we know the holy prophet is buried in his house and Abu Bakr and Omar are buried in his house too, but without his permission and they usurped the place of their grave. Abu Hanifa who was now annoyed thought a bit and then replied: tell your stupid brother that they’ve not been buried without permission, since Aisha and Hafsa, the daughters of those two great people and the wives of holy prophet were owed their Mahr (dowry) by holy prophet and therefore they buried their fathers as their expected dowry. Fadhl replied: I’ve already said this, and my brother replied from Quran that: “O Prophet, indeed We have made lawful to you your wives to whom you have given their dowries” (33:50) according to this verse, the holy prophet had paid the dowry of his wives to them and when he passed away, he was not owing any of his wives. Abu Hanifa replied: Tell your brother, although his wives were not owed their dowries, they had a right in the holy prophet’s inheritance, so what was left from him after his demise was his house and according to jurisprudence, they had right to inherit from that house, and since Aisha and Hafsa were his heritor, they buried their fathers using their heritage from that house. So there was no usurping in between. Fadl replied: Yes I also said this, but he replied: You sunnis say “Prophets are not inherited” and you quote from the holy prophet that: “we prophets are not inherited and anything remains from us is sadaqah (charity)” so according to yourselves, Aisha and Hafsa cannot inherit. For the same reason you banned Lady Fatimah from her Fadak land and said prophets are not inherited, Aisha and Hafsa also have no right in the inheritance. A daughter has no right to inherit, but his wives have this right?! Plus assuming they had the right to inherit, the rule is that if the dead person has a child, the quota of his wives is one eighth, here the holy prophet had only one room, which if we divide it in to eight parts, one part of that is for all his wives who were 9 in number. So the quota of Aisha and Hafsa is less than a foot! So how could Abu Bakr and Omar fit in a few centimeter space?! Abu Hanifa got angry and shouted: kick this man out, he is a Shia and has no shia brother!!!
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    Make This Summer A Good Summer

    As-salaam mulaikum. For those wondering on how can they make this summer a good summer, here are a few tips. If you don't find the motivation and energy to complete your daily tasks such as job, studies, exercise, then one thing which you can implement is the reading of the tafsir of Quran. Reading it will give you the motivation and energy required in your day to day tasks. Try reading Tafsir al Mizan Another tip is to eat when hungry and eating healthy food, avoiding unhealthy food. If you do feel like eating unhealthy, then proceed towards healthy food, so once your hunger goes away, you will not feel like eating unhealthy food. Physical exercise will keep you in shape, will keep you active and alert throughout the day. And it will even help you with regards to healthy food. Yes, those asking how to motivate myself to eat healthy, well try exercising Recreation: if you can, then have some recreation in the form of sports, games, documentaries,. Contemplation: contemplate and exercise this power of yours for your own benefit. According to one tradition, one hour of contemplation is better than a year of worship. It really helps relax ones mind and improves your thinking and alertness I will update this by adding more tips as days pass by so if you have anything share, please do so. You can post verses of the Quran or hadith, or general tips.
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    I'm undergraduate mechanical engineering student from Pakistan. I'm in my 6th semester and we(me and my group mates) are looking forward to start our work on the project after the end of this semester (semester is almost ending). So far in our course of study we have found the subjects of thermodynamics and heat transfer to be most interesting of all subjects. So we want our project to be related to these fields. Apart from this i have also watched a lot of documentaries and stuff on IC engines and im quite fascinated by engines as well. We want to make a project that is not totally researched based i.e. it shouldn't be like all work is done on softwares with no touch on the practical side. Neither do we want to invent something completely new or something like that. We want to make the type of project that is appreciated by industry so that if any of us tries to enter industry right after bachelors degree without a masters degree, he doesn't face any problem. I would like some guidance on final year project along with suggestions (title of project with some info etc.) Thankyou.
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    Salam I would help you, but I don't know much about Mech since I'm in electrical. I think it's best if you go on stack exchange and the mech members there might provide you with some useful resources. It's a good forum overall.
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    With all due respect brother, this is a very naive proposition. The reality is that many people do not 'manage' if they feel discontent with the partner's looks. While there are exceptions to this, where someone is not initially attracted but later on falls in love with him/her based on the personality (which is often rooted in religiosity), they are rare and risky to rely on in terms of it happening to yourself. And so consequently, many times marriages deteriorate and families become ruined from actions that might be done (i.e. bad akhlaq, ignoring the partner/not wanting to spend time with them/the guilt that comes from being much more attracted to other women and not your wife/flirting with other women in everyday activities/doing mutah with another woman/and anything in between). Attractiveness is absolutely important, and I base this not just on practical wisdom but from our ahadith as well. As told by Imam as-Sadiq (as) (please correct if I'm wrong, I think it was our 6th Imam), religiosity is the first factor to take into consideration, followed by none other than attractiveness. The family of the girl comes next, and finally the wealth of the girl (my own opinion so take with a grain of salt but 'status' may fall in this category as well). One must weigh these out in accordance to one's expectations of a wife, which should be based upon 1) knowledge of the self (i.e. imaan, certain attributes that a partner must have and certain ones that are negotiable, etc) and 2) one's own unique circumstance (i.e. job, looks, family, etc).
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    "imam Mahdi Has Powers Like Allah Swt"

    I was addressing other posts pertaining to the topic of my post. Whether you think the true colors of my faith have been exposed or not, I could care less. Only those of ignorance see ignorance, even in truth. (Wasalam)
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    (salam) King - If you think of it as a game, it will become one. The reality is that almost all young women are like what the OP has described – and it is as they should be. Women are in defense mode, this is how Allah has created them, they are looking for anything to doubt a man in terms of mating with him (marriage). Which is good – they have a lot to lose if things go bad, where as the guy doesn’t have that much to lose. When a man smothers a woman with too much attention, he comes off as having weak character – because in fact he DOES have weak character. It’s a character flaw – its not a game. Its because a man has to realize that he doesn’t need to pursue a woman really hard. If he is pursuing her really hard its because he is lacking in some confidence. There are tons and tons of women out there, and no one needs to lower their self respect to get one. That’s the whole point. Backing off a woman doesn’t always make her come back – but it does stop things from getting worse. If the girl comes back and apologizes for being rude- great, shes a decent person, and may be they can have a good relationship afterwords. If she never comes back, still good – the man has been able to save a lot of his dignity, hes learned some things, and he can move on to the next relationship with more confidence and a better understanding. The reason I said to seal the deal quickly is because – long engagements have lots and lots of problems, and usually end badly. If a person has spoken to some oen else for several months, and has done adequate research in to their character and are satisfied with the persons looks and personality, they should seal the deal. Letting it linger will invite a mess of problems, because couples ALWAYS have arguments and fights – and when people are not married, they are more likely to just end their relationship over petty issues, however when people are married – they will rarely do that because they realize there are serious consequences (divorce), and will thus be more apt to solving their problems and working through them, instead of just giving up. Every couple will and always does have issues – its inevitable. Its just a matter of dealing with them properly.
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    Getting involved in Syria? Brother, they are in there to make sure no alqaeda tafkiri group get into power. HAMAS are the ones fighting for palestine. Sigh, we shia's need to be united, HOLD onto the rope of Allah and do not disunite.
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    My cousins who lives in Palestin/Israel has said the exact same.
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    Thank you, Now I am gonna bribe my mother with a Samsung galaxy for forgiveness.
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    Shiachat Memes! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    No, I don't blame the kid but the parents, the society and the system; I blame the inferiority complex. If I were not born 30 years ago and were a product of a contemporary education, I believe I'd still be as good in Urdu (and Punjabi, and Saraiki which is my native tongue) as I am now. That's because even today if you choose your school carefully and parents pay attention to their child's learning, it is as easy to pick good language skills as it was 20/30 years ago. We needed Urdu as much back then as we need it now, and English was as important back then as it's now, and all the administrative work at high level businesses and in government departments was carried out in English back then, as it is now. So what's changed? As for the argument that you don't really need to have Urdu reading/writing ability to function, as I said before, this is only true for a closely-knit and small social circle of elite people living in metropolises like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Go any place else in the country and you can't survive without basic working knowledge of Urdu script. Take, for instance, the practice of law. All of that is done in Urdu, from applications to affidavits and court summons. How a lawyer educated in Pakistan who can't write/read Urdu is going to practice law, even in those big cities? Another example is the exploding media. You don't know Urdu, you are as good as useless, since most newspapers remain in Urdu and there is not a single full time English language Pakistani channel (There were two but they both closed due to lack of demand, which tells you Urdu is still strong). There are other practical reasons for which one has to know Urdu to function. Actually, those who have lived abroad for long periods of time and work abroad most of their year will not need Urdu to function, like yourself, but the example of such people is not a good one for those who live, work and function in Pakistan on a permanent basis. If not knowing English puts you at a disadvantage in Pakistan, not knowing how to write/read Urdu also puts you at a disadvantage albeit in a different way.
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    I think that, perhaps, a more important facet to this discussion should be about need, I suppose. Even though Englightened's post may have been sarcastic, it does allude to a particularly important problem. If the reason we are boycotting Israel is that they are an oppressive state and we don't want our money to be used in the funding of their crimes, isn't Saudi Arabic also a similar entity that uses the money we pay for Hajj to undermine Shias, both within their country and outside - such as through funding Bahrain's regime and, allegedly at least, extremist organisations that are antagonistic to Shias? Shouldn't we also be boycotting them? Perhaps, the answer lies in the fact that I need to perform Hajj but I don't need a Coffee from Starbucks. I can make my own or buy it from another chain or shop. I can't make my own Ka'ba. And, in today's world, you do need a computer for some of the most basic tasks. So, perhaps, we should continue with this tradition, even if it does not make a significant impact on the oppressor, only so that it is seen that we are taking a stance? As for Agora's line of though, I think your logic is inherently flawed in that you claim that boycotting such companies is useless as you do not keep any significant amount of money from them and would only be willing to partake in such a campaign if a significant amount of people did so, too. In doing so, aren't you forgetting that every movement starts with one person. Sure, today you may only keep $0.08 from them but you, first of all, inform those who may not know about the situation about the problems the Palestinians are facing and, two, might just inspire one or two other guys, starting a chain effect that may, very well, bring about the downfall of the current Israeli state, even if it be a hundred years after your death. Otherwise, everyone makes the same excuse and we never have any change.
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    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    ^And a jug of unadulterated lassi to boot.
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    Haji 2003

    Tatbir - Okay Or Not?

    People can choose whether or not to take part in the discussion. If they do, they have to remain polite regardless of how frustrating or ignorant they find someone else's position to be. You can't change someone's opinions on a bulletin board, all you can do is to state your own and once should be enough.
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    Abdul Zahra

    Daily Amal

    (bismillah) (salam) (wasalam) brother Yes you are right, jazakAllah khayr al jaza for correcting me. I do apologise for my mistake May Allah bless you Today (laylatul tasiaa): Whoever prays a 2 rakat salah with Al Fatiha once and Al Takathur five times will not get up from their position but Allah has forgiven them, and they will get the reward of 100 haja and 100 umrah and a thousand thousand mercies will be brought down on them and they will be protected from hell and if they die within 80 days they die the death of a shaheed. Dua for Thursday: Ziyarat of Imam al Hasan al askari (as): http://www.duas.org/WeeklyZiyarat/thursday_z.htm Salat on Thursday: Salaat 1 for Thursday evening The prayer for this eve is six rakats. In every rakat after Surah Hamd recite Ayatul Kursi and Surah Kafiroon once each and Surah Tawheed thrice. After the prayers recite Ayatul Kursi thrice. For one who recites this prayer the Almighty Allah appoints an angel to purify his sins who purifies his sins and in their place writes good fortune and bestows him whatever he desires. Salaat 2 for Thursday It is two rakats. In every rakat after Surah Hamd recite Surah Nasr and Surah Kauther five times each and after Asr recite Surah Tawheed 40 times and Isteghfar 40 times. There is inestimable reward for this. Salaat 3 for Thursday It is narrated from the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) that one who recites ten rakats prayer on Thursday and in each rakat recites Surah Hamd and Surah Tawheed ten times each the angels will tell him: Ask whatever you want and it shall be fulfilled (Duas.org) It is also recommended to recite surat yasin, surat al insaan, ziyarat warith and of course, dua kumayl. (wasalam)
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    Do You Approve This?

    This is called: western individualism, which results in a secular, godless society. Definitely against Qur'an.Such attitude (individual religion) is even worse than dancing itself, because dancing is one single sin, but this mindset (it doesn't hurt, so it's ok) is the door to countless social sins. How do you difine "Hurt"? Only physical hurt? only when someone stabs a nife into your body? What about sprtual hurt? What about if someone tries to hurt the divine spirits of those lovedones of yours? To lead them astray? That doesn't hurt? You don't care for your children upbringing? We have in our ahaadeeth if you guide someone it's as if you have saved his life, and if you lead anybody astray, it's as if you have killed him. I won't let anyone kill the divine spirit of my lovedones with such activities, I and my children want to live in this society and we have every right to have a modest society.
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    Shiachat Memes! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Very. Even Spanish-speaking colonies of English-speaking nations have kept their mother tongue. Take Puerto Rico, for example. Everyone knows Spanish despite the fact that it belongs to the English-speaking USA.
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    Personally I wish all new couples all the best, however, if I wagered a dollar for each new couple that their marriage would go horribly wrong then I would become a billionaire. But then, who would be interested in booking such a wager.
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    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Today after a long time I am going to add a few pounds with a hearty breakfast of paratha anda, the same as in pic twice.
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    This is one man they shouldnt dare to touch, for if they even cause a little bit of harm to him they will know who the Shia of Ali really are. Wallah, it will be hard to keep our emotions intact if anything were to happen to this great Muslim scholar.
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    I though at first you were cursing the first caliph Abu Bakr....LoL.
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    A Debate With Abuhanifa

    In debates, source is not an issue, the reasons they've used is important which is from Quran, but still here I mention some sources: 1.Ihtijaj- sheikh Tabrasi, vol.2, page 149 2.Al-fosoul al mukhtarah- sharif Murtaza, page 74 3.Kanzul fawaed, page 135 The reason he mentioned from his brother's side, it's a common way of starting a debate indirectly, but still in fiqh we call it Tawriah, you mean yourself as your brother or your logic can be your brother!
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    (bismillah) (salam) The other headlines should have given it away, I think. India Seriously Considering Banning RapeNASA Finds Message From God on MarsNorth Korea Successfully Launches 50,000 Kilos of Rice Into SpaceGovernment Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Neighborhoods Yeah... (wasalam)
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    If you care for a sister's opinion.....I don't approve it on Muslim men, doesn't look right if you want to look modest. Just my opinion.
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    Shiachat Memes! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    I also went to an English medium school, so did many of the great poets and writers of Urdu language in the past. But it's not really about going to an English medium school that makes you bad at Urdu. Many English medium schools have popped up in the last couple of decades which treat Urdu like a plague and have imposed spoken English at the premises, so much so that if pupils are found talking in Urdu they are given 'punishments' (like ban on recess or a run of the main ground, silly things like that). And in their missionary zeal to improve kids' English they pay no attention to their Urdu. So you have these high school kids fluent in street Urdu but crashing like a house of cards when you put them to a test of reading an Urdu text of medium level difficulty. American and British run schools in big cities were known for this but now even locally owned schools have the same policies. Schools like Bloomfield and Beaconhouse, which have large networks all over Pakistan, pay little or no attention to Urdu as a subject and as a language that they should properly teach their pupils. My sister teaches at Beacon, and I'm shocked to see the 6-grader Urdu notebooks that she brings home for inspection. It's pathetic, the level of pupils' Urdu; I was writing ghazals in Urdu when I was in 6th grade. Some Pakis with inferiority complex think knowing English and speaking like a gringo makes you an educated person. So they are willing to sacrifice the national and/or native languages just so their kids can become brown sahibs.
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    Clarification About Hijab

    I usually wear an abaya, not out of modesty but out of laziness. They're great because you can walk around in sweat pants that you slept in and no one knows.
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    Grengo has gone on gardening leave for a week.
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    Walaykumsalam, thank you for your response. The Quran is pretty crystal clear that Allah swt can not be seen. Let us look at your first verse: 1. Addressing "Faces will be radiant, looking at their lord" Other translations: Shakir: Looking to their Lord. Muhammad Sarwar: and look forward to receiving mercy from their Lord. Tafsir(examining the arabic word used): "According to Arabic Lexicon, the word Nadhira that is used in the above verse does not neccesarily imply 'seeing'. The imams (AS) have used other vereses of the Quran to support the definition of the word "Nadhira" in this verse a similar to the meaning of "Mntadhira" which means expecting, waiting, or looking forward to. On the commentary of this verse, Imam Ali a.s said: "The verse means looking forward to what Allah, the mighty and the majestic has promised them. And the word 'Nadhira' sometimes means 'Expecting/waiting/looking forward'('al'Muntadhira'). Haven't you heard the saying of Allah '(But i am doing to send him a present) and i am looking forward(Nadhira) to what (answer) the ambassadors will return (27:35) This means i am waiting (Al Muntadhira) for what the ambassadors will return..." Bihar Al-Anwar, V90/93, p101, Hadith#1 2. Addressing 'evil doers will be veiled from their lord' Translations: Sahih International: No! Indeed, from their Lord, that Day, they will be partitioned. Pickthall: Nay, but surely on that day they will be covered from (the mercy of) their Lord. Yusuf Ali: Verily, from (the Light of) their Lord, that Day, will they be veiled. Shakir: Nay! most surely they shall on that day be debarred from their Lord. Muhammad Sarwar: On the Day of Judgment, they will certainly be barred from the mercy of their Lord. Even if we take this translations, the above five don't mention any seeing at all. The evil-doers will be veiled from the mercy of Allah swt. In conclusion, the verses do not make sense if they refer to seeing Allah swt, and the Quran does not in any way support this. Let us look at cases where the Quran is crystal clear: QURAN: When Musa came to the place appointed by Us, and his Lord addressed him, he said, ‘O Lord! Show Yourself to me so that I may look upon You.’ Allah said, ‘By no means can you see Me, but look at the mountain—if it abides in its place then you shall see Me.’ When his Lord manifested His glory to the mountain, He made it like dust, and Musa fell in a swoon. When he recovered his senses, he said, ‘Glory be to You. To You do I turn in repentance and I am the first to believe. You see, people back then wanted to make 'God' in their image or into a form. They couldn't handle that Allah swt by his nature couldn't be seen. Allah swt could have allowed Musa a.s to see him, but he says by no means can you see me. There isn't a verse saying 'in this life'. Musa a.s knowing the majesty of Allah swt says: "Glory be to you, to you do i turn in repentance" Infact, let us look at a clearer verse of the Quran: Quran“No vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is over all vision.” Allegorical verses of the Quran which must not be taken literally: 1. Quran: "And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah. Indeed, Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing." 2. Quran: And do not invoke with Allah another deity. There is no deity except Him. Everything will be destroyed except His Face. His is the judgement, and to Him you will be returned. Do the verses mean Allah swt's face is everywhere, or that even Allah swt's (god forbid) limbs will perish and only his face remains? Not at all, it's allegory used in both verses. To conclude, it limits Allah swt and goes against the Holy Quran to believe he has a form,can move, has a shape , etc. This is the most important concept in my view a-long with tawheed , i would say it is a part of tawheed to never limit Allah swt, never define him nor his form, nor limit him to place or distance. He is the giver of forms, and is not limited to a form humans can comprehend. Can Allah swt create a mountain he can't destroy? You see, when we start putting limitations to Allah swt we fall into a slippery slope. Because if he can't destroy the mountain, he isn't an all-powerful God. If Allah swt is defined to a form, is limited, can be comprehended, he is no longer Allah swt and he is his creation.
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    Haji 2003

    Your Own Captured Photos

    Asian Civilisation Museum, Singapore
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    I love Imam Ali (A.S), because I feel like he is a long lost friend of mine. Allah SWT is my first friend, and the Imam Ali and Prophet Pbuh and their family are my human companions of this world. The Imam Ali (A.S) is a figure I can run to spiritually when I feel distressed or feel deep sadness in my heart. My heart is put to ease, refreshed, and strengthened when I read Nahjul Balagha; my Imam understands the depth of the human heart and sums it up ever so beautifully and eloquently. He knows me better than I know myself, and I'm ever so grateful for the treasures he has left us behind. My love. My Imam.
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    The Antibiotics Crisis

    The focus should be more on probiotics, thus aiding the immune system to more efficiently fight off ailments.
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    Not Sure How To Keep Her Interested?

    I meant that it seems that there is no Islamic way to do that except after establishing marriage - temporary or permanent -. But everyone has to refer to his/her Marja's view. :rolleyes:
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    (salam) (bismillah) I've been receiving books from them for over 2 years now. Every month they send you one book, and a nice card-like thing that has calligraphy and a hadith inside. Also, they've recently started sending out their own publication called "The Profundity of Razavi Sun", it is a conglomeration of articles written by various authors. (salam)
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    He is a clown, a fraud and an agent for CIA/MI6 and he has been condemned by most well known Shia ulema and leaders. He should be condemned more publically and more often so that the Takfiris can't make the claim that 'most Shia support him'
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    I am wanting to revert to Shia Islam I live in UK and I am a sister
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    salam sister, i am in the process of embaracing islam and am becoming a shia
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