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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Wiladat-e-Bibi Fatima mubarak to everyone :wub:
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    I see the video as a result of an inferiority complex to the West. We're legitimizing ourselves through their music, their dance (dancing hijabis? paradox), their goal of attaining "happiness" in this life. And we all know that most non-Muslims would cringe watching this video too. Imagine a video of Sikhs or Buddhist monks dancing to this song - they'd look foolish, not "happy". Be happy Muslims, happy with our Lord and His Messenger, but express your happiness differently.
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    Imam al-Baqir (‘a) said: "No intercessor for a woman, on the Reckoning Day, is more effective with Allah than the consent of her husband." Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 81, p. 345 Imam Abi-l-Hasan-ir-Ridha’ (‘a) narrates from Imam Amir ul Mu'mineen ‘Ali (‘a) who said: The best women among you are those who have five qualities." Amir ul Mu'mineen (‘a) was requested what those five were when he said: 1. She is easy-going, obedient, humble, and economical to her husband. 2. She is good tempered to him. 3. She is cooperative and helpful to him in difficulties. 4. Whenever her husband is angry or depressed, she does not rest until she finds him happy and pleased. 5. When her husband is absent from her, she protects his belongings in his absence. Such a woman is an agent of the agents of Allah and the agent of Allah will not be disappointed, (she gains her correct hopes)." Al-Kafi, vol. 5, p. 324 Imam as-Sadiq (‘a) said: "Any woman who spends the night while her husband is rightfully angry with her, her prayer is not accepted from her until he becomes pleased with her." Al-Kafi, vol. 5, p. 507 The Holy Prophet (S) said: "The right of a man upon (his) wife is: lighting the light, preparing food, receiving him at the threshold of the door of the house with pleasant conversation, and avoid refusing to offer herself to him except for the time there is an excuse." Makarim-ul-Akhlaq, vol. 2, p. 246 The Holy Prophet (S) said: "A woman has not performed the right of Allah, Almighty and Glorious unless she performs the right of her husband." Mustadrak-ul-Wasa'il-ush Shi'ah, vol. 14, p. 257 Imam al-Baqir (‘a) said: "Once a woman came to the Prophet (S) and said: "O' Messenger of Allah! What is the right of a husband upon his wife?" Then, he answered her: "That she obeys him and does not offend him!" Wasa'il-ush Shi'ah, vol. 10, p. 527 http://www.al-islam.org/a-bundle-of-flowers-sayyid-faqih-imani/admirable-qualities-wives ---------------------- In marital life, it is very easy to create an issue out of nothing. When there is tension in the home, spouses act in spite of each other, and are even looking to get into an argument. Sometimes, creating controversy is a spouse's way of gaining the wanted attention of his/her partner. On some days, a husband or a wife will be feeling more defensive; on some days days they'll be more needy and emotional. Allah knows that a being patient as a wife is a tough task. This is why He called it a jihad - while the jihad of men is to fight oppressors, the jihad of women is to obey their husbands. A woman who dies in childbirth is even considered [equal to] a martyr in Ja`fari fiqh. Allah did not obligate working for women, nor did He obligate fighting, nor did He obligate going to jum`a prayers, but He did obligate an undying support for their husbands. Even if he gets on her nerves sometimes, she should refrain from pushing his buttons. The Muslim man is a working man, and so home should be the "safe zone" for him - a place where he can find love, order, simplicity, support, and happiness. With regards to sexuality, yes, it is true that a wife cannot deny the conjugal rights of her husband if she does not have a legitimate excuse. There are reasons for this. The use of sex as a weapon or a tool is poisonous to a marriage. There are women who withhold sex and make unreasonable demands on their husbands for them to attain it. There are also women who try to deliberately punish their husbands by abstaining from him. Not only does this create animosity and disorder in the relationship, but it spills outside too. A man who is being deprived of sex will most likely seek it outside of the marriage. That can potentially include zina, rape, and masturbation. Sexual repression can also make men more tense, aggressive, or depressed. All of these factors can lead to the breakdown of marriages and the destruction of traditional family structures. Islam curtails this by obligating regular sex within a marriage and giving sexual recommendations to both men and women.
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    Booklets Introducing Shia Islam

    Salam. Enjoy these great booklets, books and articles. :) Islam; http://www.mediafire.com/view/?odiana6no854skk the Meaning of Islam; http://www.mediafire.com/view/?8yadlswr25s87vo Basic Teachings of Islam by Ayatollah Dr. Beheshti - 30 pages; http://www.mediafire.com/download/958w317hqqzpqp5/Basic-Teachings-of-Islam-by-Shaheed-Beheshti.pdf Invitation to Islam by Mostafa Qazwini; http://www.mediafire.com/?u0abtff6pz67asm God, Man and the Universe by Ayatollah Mutahhari; http://www.dropbox.com/s/vhe0knvwd8gw7ex/Man%20And%20Universe%20-%20Shaheed%20Mutahhari.pdf Philosophy of Islam by Ayatollah Beheshti and Dr. Bahonar; http://www.mediafire.com/?eeu9657n8ahq8oe Spiritual Discourses by Ayatollah Mutahhari; http://www.dropbox.com/s/6vzaap7odidtql7/Spirtual%20Discourses%20-%20Shaheed%20Mutahhari.pdf the Morality of Prophet Muhammad http://www.messageofthaqalayn.com/44-prophet.pdf http://www.messageofthaqalayn.com/45-Character%20traits%20of%20the%20Prophet.pdf Polarization Around the Character of Imam Ali; https://www.mediafire.com/?0anfzfr03w0o3f7 Spiritual Journey; http://www.messageofthaqalayn.com/43-Outcomes.pdf http://www.messageofthaqalayn.com/glance.pdf http://www.messageofthaqalayn.com/37-significance.pdf
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    :Sami II

    Nine Countries That Hate The Us Most

    Nine countries that hate US mostThe IRI is 8th after Slovenia , while Pakistan takes 2nd position. The so called "export of democracy" carried out by the US President, Barack Obama, resulted in a number of countries becoming dissatisfied with the Washington's policies. The image of Obama's administration, as well as that of the United States, took some serious hits because of it, according to the Spanish edition of RT. Despite the fact that the US still has many allies, a number of countries began openly opposing Barack Obama's policy. Moreover, Edward Snowden's revelations have seriously damaged the US president's reputation. According to 24/7 Wall St, there are at least nine countries in the world that "hate the US." 1. Palestinian territories. Index of dissatisfaction with US policy: 80 percent. Four out of five Palestinians do not approve of the US' policies, mostly because the United States is backing Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Furthermore, Hamas, the group that has run the Gaza Strip since 2007, was declared as a "terrorist organization" by the US and the EU. © Photo: RIA Novosti 2. Pakistan. Index of dissatisfaction with US policy: 73 percent. The US-Pakistani relations became tense in 2001 and has stayed that way, when the American manhunt after the leader of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, spilled into the country. By 2009, 59 percent of Pakistani citizens believed the US to be a force of destruction more dangerous than al-Qaeda, and recent Gallup polls show that this tendency does not abate. © Photo: ru.wikipedia.org/Al Jazeera English/cc-by-sa 3.0 3. Lebanon. Index of dissatisfaction with US policy: 71 percent. Just like some other countries that do not think highly of America, Lebanon has a long-running conflict with Israel which explains the negative attitude of many Lebanese towards the US. © Photo: flickr.com/European Commission DG ECHO/cc-by-nc-nd 4. Yemen. Index of dissatisfaction with US policy: 69 percent. Over 100 Yemeni citizens were imprisoned in Guantanamo during recent years. The relations between the two countries became so tense that the US Department of State advised American citizens not to visit Yemen due to extremely high security risks. © Photo: Flickr.com/AcnurLasAméricas/cc-by 5. Iraq. Index of dissatisfaction with US policy: 67 percent. The story of the US-Iraqi conflict starts with the Gulf War of 1991. There is also the second war in Iraq of 2003-2011 during which hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, including civilians, were killed. According to US citizens, "travel in that country is extremely dangerous due to civil disorder, threat of kidnapping and terrorist attacks." © Flickr.com/The U.S. Army /cc-by 6. Egypt. Index of dissatisfaction with US policy: 57 percent. The US Department of State also included Egypt in the list of countries "not safe to travel" to because of the "instability and violence in all of the country." © Flickr.com/Lorenz Khazaleh /cc-by-nc-sa 3.0 7. Slovenia. Index of dissatisfaction with US policy: 57 percent. Despite the US Department of State claiming that the US and Slovenia enjoy a tight and cordial relationship, over a half of Slovenian citizens have criticized Washington's policies. It is also noteworthy that Slovenia is the only NATO member among all the other countries dissatisfied with the US' policies. © Photo: ru.wikipedia.org 8. Iran. Index of dissatisfaction with US policy: 56 percent. The Iranian nuclear issue is but a most recent addition to the long history of disagreements Tehran has had with the US. In fact, these two countries have not had diplomatic relations since 1980. Moreover, political analysts have determined that sanctions imposed on Iran by the EU and the US, despite causing certain economic woes for Iran, also had negative consequences for America. © Collage: Voice of Russia 9. Tunisia. Index of dissatisfaction with US policy: 54 percent. Despite the US providing $400 million of financial aid to Tunisia to "establish democracy" there in 2011, over half of the country's population does not approve of the Washington's policies. Their hostility was amply demonstrated during the attack on the American embassy there in 2012. Recent polls confirm that this attitude among Tunisians still remains. http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_18/9-countries-that-hates-US-most-4355/
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    Lol that video is full of "swalif" indeed as the title puts it.
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    Yeah that's why the country is a complete wreck.
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    Thanks for your replies. I found it and downloaded it. :)
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    Marital Rape; A Husband's Right

    If your marriage is in good shape and there is mutual regard and trust and hopefully love – hesitancy for intimacy would not be an issue for either the husband or the wife. Forcing himself without both of them working on fixing what is wrong, is only going to lead to bigger problems. Yes, I am aware of Islamic guidelines to the wife not denying sex, but that is within the context of other Islamic guidelines, and treating your wife with compassion and esteem is one of them and the husband’s duty to fulfill her sexual needs is another. Women are not machines – vending or any other type. When you find a woman you respect and care for and who respects and cares for you – and inshallah you do, perhaps your perspective will change. _____________ Also, most women earn money (or have family money) nowadays in someway so that should not be such a big issue in marriages - or perhaps more in the future this will take off some of the pressure off men trying to financially provide for their families. This seems to cause a lot of stress. ­­­­_____________ The idea of rape has been minimized throughout some of these posts. Rape is a violent act born of blind anger and aggression, not because someone wants sexual intimacy – the two acts are polar opposites. It is because someone wants power over another. Marital rape is usually part of a domestic assault – an ugly part.
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    Marital Rape; A Husband's Right

    With respect, I am really confused as to why men, who think like this, would want to get married. If that is how you (or the poster before - cant remember who - used the metaphor of vending machines to describe a woman's role) view nikah, would it not be better off sticking to mutah. Why would you want to enter into a permanent agreement that is so lacking in compassion and love and so rife with hostility and bitterness? Get your 15 minutes in mutah, with a consenting partner, and have a peaceful life. No need to discard the vending machine (probably with kids). It is halal and more honest as to your needs and intentions. As for writing contracts - that is fine and a good idea - especially if you have doubts about intentions. But when you start adding sex expectations (beyond that as outlined in Islam) corporal punishment and housework and financial outside income expected from your wife, etc., it is not very hopeful that you are going to find love and companionship - just a consenting worker. But, maybe that is the point.
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    LOL! As in a happy Sikh is a cut sikh! ...
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Alas, where are you O Mahdi?
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    Islamic Salvation

    Rijal Al-Kashi

    حدثني حمدويه، قال، حدثني الحسن بن موسى، عن داود بن محمد، عن أحمد بن محمد، قال، : وقف على أبو الحسن (عليه السلام) في بني زريق، فقال لي و هو رافع صوته يا أحمد قلت لبيك، قال إنه لما قبض رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) جهد الناس في إطفاء نور الله فأبى الله إلا أن يتم نوره بأمير المؤمنين (عليه السلام) فلما توفي أبو الحسن (عليه السلام) جهد علي بن أبي حمزة و أصحابه في إطفاء نور الله فأبى الله إلا أن يتم نوره، و إن أهل الحق إذا دخل فيهم داخل سروا به، و إذا خرج منهم خارج لم يجزعوا عليه، و ذلك أنهم على يقين من أمرهم، و إن أهل الباطل إذا دخل فيهم داخل سروا به، و إذا خرج منهم خارج جزعوا عليه، و ذلك أنهم على شك من أمرهم، إن الله جل جلاله يقول فَمُسْتَقَرٌّ وَ مُسْتَوْدَعٌ، قال، قال أبو عبد الله (عليه السلام) المستقر الثابت و المستودع المعار 837. Narrated to me Hamdawayh who said: narrated to me al-Hasan b. Musa fom Dawud b. Muhammad fom Ahmad b. Muhammad - who said: Abu al-Hasan عليه السلام halted by me in (the locality of) Bani Zurayq and said to me whilst having raised his voice: O Ahmad! I said: at your service, he said: when the messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم was taken – the people strived in extinguishing the light of Allah, but Allah refused (anything else) except (i.e. willing only) to perfect His light through Amir al-Mu’minin عليه السلام, then, when Abu al-Hasan (al-Kadhim) عليه السلام died – Ali b. Abi Hamza and his companions strived in extinguishing the light of Allah, but Allah refused except to perfect His light, as for the people of truth, when a joiner joins them (converts to their belief) - they are pleased due to him, and if an exiter exits them (abandons their belief) - they are not distressed over him (leaving), and this is because they are certain regarding their matter (belief), as for the people of falsehood, when a joiner joins them - they are pleased due to him, and when an exiter exits them - they are distressed over him, and this is because they are in doubt regarding their matter, verily Allah جل جلاله says: ‘so settled and deposited’ (6:98) - he (al-Ridha) said: Abu Abdillah عليه السلام said: the ‘settled’ is the ‘established’ (faith) and the ‘deposited’ is the ‘transient’ (temporal faith - which being of a borrowed nature - can vanish at any time). (Mu'tabar if Dawud is al-Nahdi as is most probable) This is one of the Tafsir of this phrase in the verse according to the Aimma: علي بن ابراهيم، عن أبيه، عن اسماعيل بن مرار، عن يونس، عن بعض أصحابنا، عن أبي الحسن صلوات الله عليه قال: ان الله خلق النبيين علي النبوة فلا يكونون الا أنبياء و خلق المؤمنين علي الايمان فلا يكونون الا مؤمنين، و أعار قوما ايمانا، فان شاء تممه لهم و ان شاء سلبهم اياه، قال: و فيهم جرت: «فمستقر و مستودع» و قال لي: ان فلانا كان مستودعا ايمانه، فلما كذب علينا سلب ايمانه ذلك Ali b. Ibrahim from his father from Ismail b. Marar fom Yunus fom one of our companions fom Abi al-Hasan صلوات الله عليه that he said: verily Allah created the prophets upon prophethood - thus they do not remain but as prophets , and he created the believers upon belief - thus they do not remain but as believers, and he lent (temporarily) belief to a group, so if he wishes he completes it (belief) for them, and if he wishes he seizes it from them, and he said: and about them it was revealed - ‘so settled and deposited’, and he said to me: so and so’s faith was only deposited, so when he lied upon us - his that faith was seized from him. روي العياشي بسنده عن صفوان قال: سألني أبوالحسن عليه السلام و محمد بن الخلف جالس فقال لي: مات يحيي بن القاسم الحذاء؟ فقلت له: نعم و مات زرعة فقال: كان جعفر عليه السلام يقول فمستقر و مستودع فالمستقر قوم يعطون الايمان و يستقر في قلوبهم، و المستودع قوم يعطون الايمان ثم يسلبونه Al-Ayyashi narrated by his chain fom Safwan – he (Safwan) said: Abu al-Hasan عليه السلام asked me while Muhammad b. al-Khalaf was seated (with us), so he said to me: Yahya b. al-Qasim the shoe maker has died? I said: yes, and Zur’a has also died, so he said: Ja’far عليه السلام used to say: ‘so settled and deposited’ - the settled (are) a people given faith and it settles in their hearts, and the deposited (are) a people given faith then it is seized from them.
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    Yes, yes, yes and and more YES. Ive been imagining in my head the same video with other religious groups and its just horrendous. People who think this video is just an average video of westernized muslims don't seem to realize that many of the people in it are famous celebrities in Britain lol, some even working for counter-extremism government organizations.
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    Salam, Jebreil... You have a philosophical way of writing,it's okay to be simple. The real issue is some men not knowing how to deal with a woman. Some men only remmber their wifes when it's bed time and when they need them, the rest of the time they dont even care about them. You cant expect a woman to be in the mood for you when you want it. Let's be honest, most of the time or the majority of muslim men are not helpful and expect their wifes to do everything in the house and still demand for their right,even thou he hasnt done his part. It might be damaging for a mans ego if a woman consistently rejects him because it makes him feel unwanted. Most men like to express love throu intercourse, will woman just feel loved throu words and simple actions. You talked about the man desring her,why is it that he wants her at times and not at other times. You need to be consistent with a woman,you cant just ne rude and expect her to be mental and physically ready to be with you. You need to be nice and show actions that prove you care. It doesnt make you masculine to have forced sex,infact it only shows your a weak person. You can be affectinate by hugging,kissig,cuddling and not by have intercourse. But it seems like it's not enough for some of you. What's unhealth in a relationship, partners that dont address their problems. Their are many woman that feel like they have only been used for intercourse by their husbands. Do you think that will grow the relationship? One person is not feeling the same as the other. Do you think god will be happy about this? Oh she's doing her duty? If you want material rape to be reduced, then it's the duty of the man to make his wife happy and make her feel loved during and after intercourse and not just fir intercourse. I understand that some men feel rejected when their wifes refuse to sleep with them but that does not give them the right to force their wife into a action that shes not welling to take part in. I dont understand how some men gain pleasure from watching their wifes being in pain infront of them. That breaks the trust and love between them. The man is meant to protect you, and not make you feel scared of him. Between, just because she refused it doesnt make you less of a man and it does not mean she loves you less. Sami, you young boy need to clam it down because your adding and spicing what I stated to your liking... Am not going to respond to your comment because it adds nothing...
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    It will never be halal. No where in the quran al kareem does it say you can force your wife. Anything that's forced upon a person will damage that person... Some men need to be gentle with their woman and not act like animals. And if your wife treats it as a tool then go question yourself why. Maybe you need to act more like a human and do all your islamic chores before you demand for your rights.... It's pathitic that some people need to be told whats allowed and not allowed. You dont need a fatwa to know it's wrong.
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    It's sad that as soon as you say that you are against this video you get called 'haram police', when did that become mainstream?
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    Hijab+Dancing is self contradictory and so wrong on so many levels.
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    Thanks. It is indeed a very strange video.
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    Marital Rape; A Husband's Right

    Rape is not a marital right.
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Imam Khamenei is the most precious gift of our time Ayatullah Taqi Misbah yazdi :wub:
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    Yes she has the right to ask for so, whilst obeying him. This goes back to the understanding and respect that exists between the two.
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    What if the husband is not supporting the woman financially? And/or what if the woman is the breadwinner? Does this change the dynamic? You can be a feminist (believing in equal rights for men and women) and want to do things that please your husband and avoid things that cause him displeasure. Marriage is a two-way street, about mutual love and respect for one another. Wanting to please your spouse is just one part of it. If someone is not interested in pleasing their spouse then they are too selfish to be married. The common problem among men I see is not having enough involvement in a child's life or simply not wanting to support their wife and children financially. The problem I see most often with women is them putting their career above the needs of their children. Unfortunately, in the United States, women are expected to have double roles. They are expected to be working lady, but still they are expected to attend to children more than the father. This is not "liberation" for women; this is unfair to both women and children.
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    The Prophet (S) said, 'If I was in a position to command anyone to prostrate in front of anyone else, I would command the woman to prostrate in front of her husband.’[al-Kafi, v. 5, p. 508, no. 6]
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    Because despite the countless times that these things have been mentioned, it still doesn't seem to resonate with most of our dear sisters... That being said, I think it's a lot easier to address the problems of men than it is to address the problems of women nowadays. OP, isn't there a hadith about how if Allah were to make a woman prostrate to anyone other than Him, it would be her husband?